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Sit on It and Spin!

 Haystack in a view from my neighborhood Earlier this summer, I teetered on top of a step-ladder and reached above my head to unhook my dusty road bike from a hook on the ceiling. Strong impulsive tendencies still course through … Continue reading

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Get Out While You Still Can! Videos and Photo

  If you are reading this then you are neither boarding up your windows, running to higher ground, nor driving inland. Please listen to me, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! Don’t hide under the bed like Dorothy.   Don’t take picture … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Friday – The Hunter and The Hunted

The cool night struck my energized body with force, electrifying my hair follicles. The full moon cast long dappled shadows across the trodden path. A pungent scent of vermin and nervous perspiration mixed with death filled the heavy night air. … Continue reading

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I Am Going Straight to Hell or Household Confessional

Being a product of Catholic upbringing, I carry around my fair share of guilt. As a child, the night before making my Confession at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, I would lie awake trying to recall all of my … Continue reading

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Facing Cliff Flash Fiction

In a response to Madison Woods‘ Friday Flash Fiction prompt, I have written two 100 word flash fiction stories inspired by this rock formation. Madison took this photograph and if double clicked, 4 faces can be seen peeking out from … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in VS Angels?

The first time I was in a Victoria’s Secret, I purchased a “gift” for my husband. At that time the store appealed to adult women and the lingerie could be quite bawdy.  I chose a see-thru push-up bra “teddy” with a killer … Continue reading

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10 Things You Can Do Before It’s Too Late!

August is the only month out of the year that makes my stomach tighten. Each day shortens by 2 minutes towards the fall equinox as the sunlight streaks at a slightly lower angle turning the sky a deeper shade of … Continue reading

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In Defense of Rankings, Yoga Pants, and Just Going Naked

Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall on a Friday night  GQ Magazine recently ranked Boulder as the 40th worst dressed city in America. On face value that sounded pretty bad until I read 40th meant that 39 other cities were worse. As I clicked … Continue reading

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Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…

Red Skelton and fellow whistlers  There is a memory that resonates from my childhood. It is a sound so delightful in its simplicity and one that I personally strived for hours to produce. It is a magical sound that could … Continue reading

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