Get Out While You Still Can! Videos and Photo

  If you are reading this then you are neither boarding up your windows, running to higher ground, nor driving inland.

Please listen to me, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

Don’t hide under the bed like Dorothy.
Don’t take picture of lightning. (One of my favorite pastimes.)
Don’t go jet skiing like these fools!
Don’t set up your lawn chairs to watch the storm come in while raising your fist in the air and shouting, “BRING IT ON MOTHR NATURE!
Good luck my friends and take care of yourselves.
Photo by S. Lindau

11 thoughts on “Get Out While You Still Can! Videos and Photo

  1. CNN: A hurricane warning has been issued from north of Sandy Hook to Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts, including New York, Long Island, Long Island Sound, coastal Connecticut and Rhode Island, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.
    Authorities are worried about the storm surge and resulting flooding in the subways of NYC.


  2. I don’t ever remember a hurricane striking NYC before – has it happened in the past? Hope everyone in the area prepares and evacuates.


  3. Hi Madison! No they have never had a hurricane warning like this let alone evacuations.The storm surge is going to be fierce unless there is a miracle between now and tomorrow. They are closing 5 airports in and around NYC not allowing any flights in after noon tomorrow!!! The storm makes landfall between 5-6 in NC and will hit NY sometime Saturday night. What a storm!


  4. There are 100 mph sustained winds with gust up to 120 mph.
    Irene is expected to strike the Outer Banks and the NC coast between 7 and 8 am and will begin to roll up the coast.
    Meteorologists are predicting 40 million people will be effected by winds of at least 50 mph.


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