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Until He Rides Again!

The first time I heard Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, my sister Patty and I listened to my dad in stunned silence as he told the frightening tale from memory. Poor Ichabod Crane. He seemed like such an … Continue reading

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Vanished – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Tricia had wasted time choosing a costume and now darkness swallowed the winding country road. The party ended long ago while she lost her way. Fog enshrouded cornfields came to life as aged stalks resembled zombies.

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First Snowstorm – Trick or a Treat? – A Photo Essay

The weather forecasters had predicted  “The Big One” all week. But did I believe them? NO! Not until I woke up this morning, earlier than usual, to a bright shaft of light penetrating a window covered in snow. Where I live … Continue reading

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Unnerved at the Winchester House

The Winchester House has fascinated me since I learned of its mistress Sarah’s obsession with the occult, the number 13, and her frantic need for redemption. Her husband William invented the rifle responsible for countless deaths during the Civil War. … Continue reading

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Is Anybody Home? 100 Word Flash Fiction

Justine pulled into Mr. Hanson’s driveway as the rain fell down in sheets. She retrieved the casserole from the passenger seat and then splashed through puddles to the door. She turned the knob and let herself in. “Mr. Hanson? I … Continue reading

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Haunted at the Stanley Hotel

Everything you are about to read is absolutely true. We celebrated my sister Patty’s birthday on Friday the 13th at The Stanley Hotel. Two enthusiastic friends, Connie and Donna, flew out from Madison for the occasion. After meeting at my house in … Continue reading

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Mischief and Madness – Flash Fiction

The wind had slammed into the old Gothic Revival all evening. Camille Hastings shivered from a draft she couldn’t escape and she zipped up her velour jacket. Her grandmother had been taken in for observation and Camille had offered to take care … Continue reading

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Channeling Granny

After sprinting several laps around my kitchen while screaming with my Bichon Roxy trotting behind agitated and barking, I finally settled back down to the computer. Had my eyes played tricks on me? No. There it was. The post with … Continue reading

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Taking Jillian – 100 Word Flash Fiction in 3 Parts

I. The moon, cloaked in a veil of wispy clouds, cast an unearthly glow on the wooded neighborhood park. A chill crept through Jillian’s thin costume and she picked up the pace. “Hey! Wait up!” Her older brothers had let … Continue reading

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Getting into Character

I anticipate Halloween more than any other holiday because I can be a kid again. As a child, I loved playing dress-up and remember the lovely gowns in our costume box. When trying on these voluptuous dresses with the crinoline … Continue reading

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