The Girl on the Page


Self portrait by S. Lindau 

The girl on the page was sullen.
She had so much to give
And so much to do.

She followed the whims of the author,
Who took her to task,
Forced her to go through,

The fantasies that surrounded
The world in her head;
The dreams that she knew.

But the girl planned a way to confound her.
She imbedded a thought
That created the truth.

She broke through the chains that confined her.
No longer was held
As the author’s keys fell.

So she took control of the author
And told her that she
Would rather be free.

To live her life out in the open
Where she could be heard.
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Traditions in Transition

While unpacking Christmas decorations  the day after Thanksgiving, I received calls from my grown children. This year they “stopped by” for left-overs. It occurred to me how some of our family’s traditions had changed while some had lasted through the years.  Continue reading

Madness in the Middle of the Night – 100 Words

The MoonTimmy came up with the plan while his cousins slept in sleeping bags on the carpeted floor of the basement. A gusty breeze buffeted the old ranch-style home. Timmy listened to the clock chime from the living room. Continue reading

Who’s in Your Corner?

Do you have a super fan? Someone who encourages you when you want to quit because you feel like a no-talent nobody? Someone who is always in your corner to support you when you have been punched and are down for the count? Someone who will ask you, “How many fingers do you see?” and then will tell you, “You’re fine! Get back in the ring and fight!” Someone who can see that you are down, but not completely out as they hand you an ice pack and rub your sore shoulders?  Someone who can point you back in the direction of your dream when your eyes have swollen shut causing momentary blindness?

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It Ain’t the Easy Way… 100 Word Flash

Jacob knew he should destroy the photograph as he grasped it in his trembling hand. Her gold spun hair seemed to radiate with intensity. Her soft blue eyes that had dazzled him had changed to grey flint. The soft curves he had clung to had become taut muscle. Continue reading

Anger, Fear, or Joy?

There have been nights when my poor husband Danny has come home from work and found me in the same position as when he left; still stooped over my keyboard. After promising to finish in a few more minutes, I have often typed for another hour. Giving up on being served a home cooked meal, he sauntered across the kitchen and opened the empty refrigerator.

“Were you planning on eating tonight?” he asked politely while staring at the empty shelves. What he really means is, “When are you planning to go to the grocery store so we can have a proper meal?”

I get so absorbed with writing that I forget to check the time and the day slips away. Continue reading

A Warm Welcome – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Jane’s special day had come again and she bounced through the house with renewed vigor.  It seemed like a lifetime had passed since she felt this strong. Her illness had dissipated. An old memory skittered back to her like flipping to a page in her blue velvet album. Continue reading

Back on the Boards!

Come along with me for the first run of the season!

My husband Danny and I hit the slopes at Arapahoe Basin last Sunday.  It was another one of the 300 sunny days in Colorado!

Arapahoe Basin first opened with a single rope tow in December of 1946. The founding fathers included Frederick Schauffler, a medalist from the Olympic Ski Team and Laurence Jump,  a soldier from the 10th Mountain Division. It has come a long way since then. With its high elevation and above tree-line peaks, this ski area is usually one of the first to open and the last to close. Danny broke his leg jumping cornices at Spring Splash on May 16th, 1987! I asked him how he still remembers the date and he replied, “It hurt.” Continue reading

Lingering Soul – 150 Word Flash Fiction

The snow struck the paned windows in continuous blows. Lizbeth planned to finish her novel before the holidays and would stay the week.

“I’d like to rent the Hartman cottage.” The agent had gawked at her choice. Continue reading

Prevent Beer Belly Fat – Watch Sports this Way!

My husband Danny had been on the edge of his seat for hours. “Get him! Get him! Ohhh…” First he watched the CU Football team go down in flames against Stanford 7-48. Later he watched the Avalanche season opener. Surely our Colorado hockey team could pull off a win, but they were skunked by the Detroit Redwings 0-3.


The next day I could hear him cheering from the other room when the Broncos put in Tim Tebow and they began catching up to the San Diego Chargers. “Woohoo!”

I sat down with him for a few minutes while he writhed on the couch in agony as we watched the nail-biter together. My own heart quickened and my gut clenched thinking we could win this one.

But a Bronco personal foul, a San Diego field goal, and an incomplete pass to the end zone squelched our victory. Afterward, I looked at him as he caught his breath, with his shoulders sagging in response to yet another loss.

“I hate this feeling. This can’t be good for you,” I said, “You are so stressed out after watching 3 losses this weekend. ‘Stress kills’ you know.”

“Oh, I’m okay,” Danny replied, “I just can’t believe they blew it like that!” Continue reading