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Into the Vortex – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Traxin applied more pressure to the steering column as the ship’s vibration increased to an incessant shuddering which made his gray head rattle on the end of his long ringed neck.

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Winter Driving Tips from a Wild Rider!

I love winter driving, especially in snowstorms! The snow makes beautiful patterns as it streaks across the windshield and the challenge of keeping the car on the road gets my adrenaline pumping similar to skiing down a mountain. I learned … Continue reading

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What’s Up with Susie?

As I perused today’s newspaper, it occurred to me that I have one of the most cliché names for Christmas. According to Wikipedia, “A cliché or cliche is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing … Continue reading

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Cutting Up at Christmas

One of my favorite  holiday traditions is illustrating a family Christmas card. Over the years it has often included skiing and snowboarding off cliffs and roof tops. Some represented traditional themes like baking cookies together as a family and others … Continue reading

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The Christmas Wish – 250 Word Flash Fiction

As Carol scrawled her signature inside the Thomas Kincade Christmas card, a chill sent a shiver like the touch of a cold fingertip along her spine. She buttoned her cardigan and folded the greeting card. While studying the picture of … Continue reading

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If You Tried to Find Today’s Post – Here is the Link

Here is the link to today’s blog, How Patsy Ramsey Ruined My Life!  It’s a true story and I hope you will stop by for a giggle.

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How Patsy Ramsey Ruined My Life!

It all started when I decided to attend the Historic Boulder Homes for the Holidays Tour. Up until then, my required holiday decorations consisted of one fresh poinsettia and one Christmas tree. Little did I know that purchasing a ticket … Continue reading

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A New Friend for Christmas – 100 Word Flash

The enormous wet snowflakes fell like confetti as she hurried along the crowded sidewalk. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the rich scent of chocolate and then saw the vendor spray whipped cream on top of a cup while young children … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tail

Our Bichon Frise, Avalanche, had not been well for months. Her incessantly wagging tail now lay motionless on the floor. I took our eleven-year-old dog to a compassionate veterinarian who diagnosed her with malignant tumors. “You’ll know when it’s time,” … Continue reading

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Into the Light – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Katrina didn’t have much time before the doctor returned. Finding the secret had changed her life forever.  She crept out of the darkness into the shaft of light risking everything. He had hidden it in a drawer of his black … Continue reading

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