A New Friend for Christmas – 100 Word Flash

The enormous wet snowflakes fell like confetti as she hurried along the crowded sidewalk. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the rich scent of chocolate and then saw the vendor spray whipped cream on top of a cup while young children waited patiently in line. The warm lights emanating from nearby shops and dazzling holiday displays lifted her small heart and spurred her along.

She swung her head towards the bell ringing man.

“You’re back!” he said. The man drew a white package from his sack.

He reached down and stroked her thick fur as she gulped down the tasty leftovers.

Do you plan to buy your pet a treat for Christmas?

If you don’t have a pet, what would you love to buy or adopt?

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About susielindau

I am a Boulder, Colorado writer and artist who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride!
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58 Responses to A New Friend for Christmas – 100 Word Flash

  1. Love your flash fiction and thanks so much for the doggy funnies. Me and 3 yr old were cracking up watching it.


  2. I just love this.. Amazing. I really enjoyed this post.. can’t wait to read more of your post


  3. Lynn Kelley says:

    Delightful! I really love it. And the video, hysterical! thanks!


  4. Arindam says:

    Beautiful story. Great job.


  5. Julia Indigo says:

    I’m a sucker for anything with a dog in it! Very sweet. :D


  6. dtringale says:

    I can see it happening! Thanks for bringing it to words.


  7. Loved it….fantastic 100 word story and I did not see the ending coming at all. Love surprises!


  8. justlyd says:

    Okay I was completely fooled until the warm fur part- Love this. Once you read it again knowing it’s from a dog’s point of view it’s even sweeter. Perfect for Christmas. :)


  9. journalpulp says:

    You really threw me a bone with that one, Susie.

    Just incidentally, did you hear about the dyslexic atheist?

    He didn’t believe there was a Dog.


  10. Ooh, so much fun. Love that transition and surprise. Go dogs!


  11. timlobrien says:

    We just hung a stocking for our new dog so I suppose I now have to buy him treats to put in it. Loved the story!


  12. Madison Woods says:

    Aw, that was a sweet story, but the picture was kinda creepy! My pups will get a treat for christmas this year. I have 3 – two large and one small. But then the cats and horses will feel left out, so I’ll have to do something nice for them, too.


  13. Siobhan Muir says:

    Sweet story, Susie. :)


  14. Aww….I like that! I have two adopted dogs (one is now five and one we just adopted – she’s eleven). I am a sucker for animals and animal stories. Thank you for this week’s story!


  15. Caught me off guard. Lovely story.


  16. Shannon Esposito says:

    Cute flash & the video cracked me up! My dogs would have dove head first into the bowls…lol. Yep, they will get presents. We put a cookie inside their wrapped package so they can “open” it.


  17. kbnelson says:

    Great twist at the end! Thanks!

    Here’s my Friday Flash after a bit of an absence last month…



  18. Susie! You trickster you :D

    Enjoyed it and thanks for your comment earlier today~


  19. Great little piece!


  20. Russell says:

    The anonymous comment above from me, Susie. Had some trouble getting my name and email in the box and must have hit “post”

    Stop by my blog today if you get a minute



  21. susielindau says:

    One year we bought our dog a huge bone for Christmas. She has such a great nose, we had trouble hiding it!!
    Thanks for reading!


  22. Anonymous says:

    I could smell the chocolate & taste the whipped cream. It made me want one–bad!

    And yes, I think my wife, Connie, has already selected Buster’s Christmas present. I don’t know if she’s going to wrap it for him or not, but I’m sure he’ll be pleasantly surprised either way.


  23. susielindau says:

    Thanks Julie! I will have to check it out~


  24. Julie says:

    Aww! So cute. I’d seen that other video of the dogs eating too.


  25. You do these things so well. I have yet to meet one of your 100 word essays I did not like..
    This was great..


  26. susielindau says:

    I am glad it surprised you!
    I think I am going to make some hot chocolate instead of coffee this morning too! i still have some whipped cream from Thanksgiving~


  27. Coleen Patrick says:

    Great surprise ending :)
    Now I’m craving hot chocolate too, yum!


  28. The Hook says:



  29. Lovely story, Susie. Made me crave hot chocolate! My pets will definitely get their Christmas treats… Bird and dog even have their own stockings. (Yep, total pet-mom-nerd. ;))


  30. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Susie,

    Loved your story. In my mind it was a cat, but I’m thinking now it was a dog. Your happy missive struck the perfect chord for the holidays.




  31. susielindau says:

    Thanks Jan! I had to go with a different photo prompt for Christmas.


  32. Jan Morrill says:

    Aw! I love this, especially the surprise ending. It made the scene even sweeter!


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