What’s Up with Susie?

"Susie is such a nice Christmas name. Did you know it was originally Hebrew?"

As I perused today’s newspaper, it occurred to me that I have one of the most cliché names for Christmas. According to Wikipedia, “A cliché or cliche is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.” The name “Susie” is cropping up in holiday advertising everywhere! “A toy for Susie” was on Santa’s list in a print ad along with “an iPod for Timmy.” What could be causing the sudden overuse of my name?

Is it because Miracle on 34th Street has been shown on every television channel and has played continuously on some this year? Susie is one of the main characters; a little girl taught by her jaded mother that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Susie steals the scene in the end - spoiler alert if you are one of three people over the age of 10 who hasn’t seen it - when she sees the house she wished for Christmas. That girl rocked! Now that I think about it what kind of message is that? I could come up with an amazing list for Santa…

Is it because we are waxing nostalgic because of the frightening economy? Is everyone harkening back to simpler times? Susie was the most popular name in the late 1950’s. Not that I am going to admit that I am that old for God’s sake! I was named after my Great Grandma Susie Cain. Now she was old!

Is it because of the song, “Here Comes Suzy Snowflake?”

Is it because this Disney cartoon made the name Susie famous?

Is it because of this tribute to my name? But what’s up with another car reference? Eddie Cantor seemed to be hitting on Susie’s chassis!

Is it because the name Susie is becoming popular again? According to my research the name Susie has continued to drop in popularity while Isabelle is #1.

Then I remembered this ad for Verizon. She is the best Susie ever!

Move over Isabelle, the cliché name Susie is revving up for a comeback!

Do you like your name?

What name would you rather have?

Photo by lac.laconservancy.org

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54 responses to “What’s Up with Susie?

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  4. SinghStyleStudio

    Nice, Best Wishes…

  5. haha great post- work that cliche name, girl! :)

  6. Thanks! I hope you did too! You had the little ones which must be so much fun! My little ones (20 tomorrow and 22) are still sleeping!

  7. I hope you and your family had an extra-special Christmas, Susie!

  8. Love that Verizon commercial…..thanks for the fun post and entertaining share.

  9. I had no idea the name Susie was so popular but of course someone with the name Susie would be much more likely to tally the references. Now I’ll probably hear the name everywhere.

    • It really isn’t popular except at Christmas. It will be another year before I start hearing it again, unless they continue with the Verizon commercials. Hahaha!
      Thanks for stopping by to read!!

  10. I would say the name Susie is popular for songs, but not so much for movies in the last 2 decades. But boy at Christmas, I see and hear the name Susie every time there’s a little girl in an advertisement!! Some day maybe it will be the names Isabelle and Jacob that will be used at Christmas…
    I am glad that my name is thought of as lively! I would say that I have a lot of energy too!

  11. Often, the best names are cliche, Susie-jacuzzi — though, for the record, “cliche” is not the word I’d use for it. I prefer “popular.” The reason for this is that any word or figure of speech that’s lively, brilliant, beautiful, apposite, or effective is almost guaranteed to be loved, remembered, and repeated.

  12. My Susie is 22 now, and we only knew one other little girl named Susie when she was little. She didn’t like her name, but I LOVE the name. I’m glad it’s making a comeback! I hadn’t seen that Verizon commercial, but, yep, it’s a good one! Merry Christmas, Susie!

  13. Instead of name sisters we can be Soul sista’s!!!!

  14. Just so you know, my mother always wanted to be named Susie! She is 70 and she is still bitter! ;-)

  15. EllieAnn

    This was fun! I’ve only met incredibly great ladies named Susie, so I love the name.

  16. Move over Isabelle… that’s hilarious! I’ve never thought about it, but you’re name is totally famous. The weird part is, I don’t think I’ve ever known a Susie until you. How fun.

    Happy Christmas, Susie!

  17. Loved the blog and completely understand the name thing. I hate my first name. It seems anytime there is a handicapped child they name him Tim or Timmy. During the holidays I am constantly reminded by the name typecast while watching “A Christmas Carol” or Scrooge. I don’t know if that movie started it all but Tiny Tim sure doesn’t help things!

  18. I loved reading this today:) I’m almost afraid to admit when I first started teaching we would order “films” like these small ones above and show them to our kindergarten classroom (before the advent of beta, vhs and finally DVD’s). We had to spool the reels!! AND, my name is Barb, which pretty much gives my age away, lol! Guess what name I wanted when I was a little girl? Yup, Susan!

    • Thank you!
      That is so ironic!! I have a few friends named Barb! That’s a nice name too!
      My kids grew up with the old cartoons they used to play on Nickelodeon so they remembered Susie the Car!

  19. Very fun post; I dont know of any songs about my name “janet”, but in the 80′s i had Janet Jackson; and of course the Rocky Horror Picture Show so that’s good!

  20. Hahaha! Yatin you crack me up! Susie the Ridin’ Writer I hope!

  21. Add homophones to the mix & the list gets even bigger.
    With due respect to Mr. Shakespeare, I must say exceptions are always there and there is no exception to that. I think there’s something in the name. Is it the legacy of the name Susie? We’ll see who takes it to the apex; Susie the rider or Susie the writer!!

  22. You forgot to add this one to the list:

    LOL! :-D
    And, to answer your question, yes, I do like my name. It’s not common, not even in Spanish, and I find some people have a hard time remembering it, so most call me Marie.

  23. I love this Verizon ad. I actually DVR’d so my wife could watch it. “Is she expecting you?” is priceless.
    Now, don’t get me started on my name…

  24. Love this post! I actually changed my first and middle names legally right after college–i basically regret it, but now at least I’m writing/blogging under the name I was born with!! :)

  25. At least Lindau is fairly rare. There’s over a page of David Walkers in the Fort Worth phone directory. And your smile separates you from all the other Susies. Every time I see that name I think of your sweet smile.

    • Aww! Thank you so much David! You made my day!
      There aren’t many Lindaus here, but the city of Lindau is in Germany and I have heard the name is common there!
      Have a very Merry Christmas!

  26. Kind of funny how names seem to go through a cycle of popularity like that. I’ve found some name websites that even track popular names over the course of the last century! My name is Audrey and my namesake was Audrey Hepburn. It doesn’t seem to be that common so its a bit of a conversation piece whenever I meet someone with my name. Fun post and great videos!

  27. The Verizon ad is a keeper. My grandmother was a Susie and my sister was a suzanne (the french version of Susie). I didn’t like my name growing up – now it’s just my name. and no one shortens it…except one sister.

  28. Don’t forget “A dolly for Sue..” in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. :-)

    Not exactly the same I know. Great post! :-)

    • That totally counts! That’s what I’m talking about!
      In It’s a Wonderful Life, the little girl in the end of the movie that says, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings,” is named Zuzu. Close enough? Hahaha!
      Thanks Julie!

  29. Great shares and awesome text – a winning combination! You’ve done it again, Susie!

  30. Loved this and the Verizon commercial….

  31. Well I was linda a in school because there were 4 others in school. There is nothing cookie cutter about you my dear.
    I have been worried about you with those storms.

    • Thanks Linda! I have been told that they “broke the mold” after I was born. Thank the Lord! Hahaha! There were 7 Sue’s in one of my classes at the UW! The teacher would say, “Do you agree Sue?” and we would all answer!
      The snow is awesome! We have about a foot and it is still snowing. I am used to driving in it since I grew up in Wisconsin (and having snow tires helps!)

  32. Susie, it might be true that your first name is cliché. I’ll counter by saying, your writing is Never cliché.

    Madison Avenue advertisers, screenwriters and producers probably use ‘Susie’ because it has a nice ring to it. Either that or they have survey or focus group results that prove it resonates with the masses.

    Take you bow or should that be curtsie? Susie!

  33. What a great post! And I love that Verizon commercial. :)
    I hated my name when I was growing up.. these days I love it because it is not thaaaat popular. And when I run into another Darlene the conversation goes:
    “What’s your name?”
    “oh my God! Me too!”
    No way! e-n-e or e-e-n?”
    “e-n-e of course.”

    Thanks for the great videos too! :D

    • You are so funny! Hahaha! I am surprised I have never had that conversation about spelling with anyone over the name Susie. When anyone asks me how I spell Susie I say, “However you want since it isn’t my real name. It is Susan.” They always stare at me!
      Thank you so much!

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