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A Second Chance for a First Impression at Winter X Games

When I heard that Winter X Games would be held again in Aspen, Colorado I thought, “I missed the Dew Tour this year in Breckenridge. I could get a second chance at redeeming myself.” I cringed at the memory of the last … Continue reading

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Just Another Day – 100 Word Flash Fiction

He felt as if he’d been frozen in time. ~~ “I’ve always had feelings for you Alfred, but…” Sophie pulled her soft hand from his. Her long blue skirt swished as she turned and strode away. He stood from bended … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Future?

When I discovered that the Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Whoa! Another new year, another chance for a do-over!” The second was, “We should go out for a Chinese … Continue reading

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So Close and Yet – 100 Word Flash Fiction

For the beginning of Traxin’s adventures read Into the Vortex. His second adventure is Crashing. ~~~ “What’s that crazy-looking thing?” Tom plucked the insect-like space ship out of Josiah’s dreads and then flicked it away. Traxin, still rattled from the impact, regained … Continue reading

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Photo Prompt for 100 Word Flash Friday Fictioneers!

This is the photo prompt for Friday’s Flash Fiction

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My Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

Do you have some ridiculous habits that no matter how hard you try to break, you just can’t? You are not alone. My list is long and time is short so I have gathered my top ten. They are in … Continue reading

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Defying Temptation – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Jason veered off the narrow path through the frozen forest while calculating the many risks involved. Fresh air cleared his aching head. “I can do it.”

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I Dream of Dreaming…

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night, bolting upright as the cold air hit your sweat-drenched body and realized you just had a nightmare? I have. In one of my recurring dreams, I am late for a … Continue reading

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Crashing – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Traxin retracted his periscopic neck and braced himself for impact as his insect-like ship spiraled through the atmosphere. He strained his yellow eye while staring through the portal desperate to stabilize the shaking craft. It rose to the peak of … Continue reading

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Trimming Time

With the advent of a New Year, it is always a good idea to make changes on the inside such as: #1. Do not get sucked into the vortex of the internet every stinkin’ day in 2012! Waste less time … Continue reading

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