I Dream of Dreaming…

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night, bolting upright as the cold air hit your sweat-drenched body and realized you just had a nightmare? I have. In one of my recurring dreams, I am late for a final exam, only I never attended class the whole semester. The location is always very sketchy and my transportation usually includes an unreliable, wrecked car which I steer from the back seat. The road ends in a construction site complete with huge orange netting and striped cones of the same vibrant color.  The problem is that from my awkward position, I cannot hit the brakes!  While attempting to climb into the front seat, I gaze in horror beyond the ripped up road at a perilous cliff and then the car speeds up. Just as I am about to take a dive off the precipice, I wake up.

Once, I manipulated the test anxiety dream and miraculously got there on time complete with notes in my pocket which the professor let me use. The nightmares ended for years, but they are back!

Other Dreaded Nightmares:

Neglect Dreams –

A monstrous aquarium was left in my care, but I hadn’t fed the fish in months. While examining the green algae-filled tank, I discovered there was just one giant fish left!

One night I dreamt that I had a newborn, but no previous memory of it. I became frantic while sprinting from room to room trying to find baby bottles and diapers. Finally after locating them, I couldn’t remember where I left the baby!

Dreams of Horror –

My teeth began to fall out. They were like round stones rolling around inside my mouth that I spat into the palm of my hand.

Running from Imminent Death –

I tried to escape from a madman in what seemed like the thickest of black mud while the knife-wielding pursuer closed in. As he pounced on me from behind, I woke up with a pounding heart.

Inappropriate Attire Dreams –

The discovery that I was walking around naked in the grocery store was so embarrassing. I dashed through the frozen food section and yanked red pizza boxes from the glass case to cover myself! Then I looked around to see if anyone noticed.

Where does all this craziness come from?

While pouring my first cup of coffee the next morning, I remembered the stress dream from the night before.

I said to my husband Danny, “What a waste of a time! Why can’t I dream about something amazing?”

My Favorite Dreams:


Have you ever dreamed you could soar above everyone? I have flitted through puffy white clouds with the bluebirds and cardinals until realizing where I was. Then I gradually lost altitude and was grounded. I flapped my arms and willed myself to rise again to no avail, but it sure was great while it lasted.

Breathing Underwater!

While on my ocean voyage, rainbow-colored fish swam beside me.

Being a Super Hero!

Why couldn’t I be the heroine in a great spy dream where I have super powers complete with super body? One night I dreamt that I attacked a gnarly gang of kidnappers. First, I broke into their ramshackle villa which was perched on a mountaintop. A few kicks and karate chops later, I released the hostages.  It was so easy and the rescued group was so thankful. I smiled and said, “Aw, it was nothing. Really!”

Sex Dreams!

Better yet, why am I wasting my time on any of those when I could be having a perfectly good sex dream? And if I am going to have imaginary sex, why not have it with a movie star? I have watched enough Jude Law, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt movies for them to seep into my subconscious. Danny has remarked in the morning that I must have had a pretty hot dream since I was moaning in the middle of the night. But do I remember? NO!

“Well, why didn’t you wake me up when I stopped? Maybe I would recall that dream instead of the stupid one about a final exam!” I roll my eyes remembering a flash of the orange cones from the night before. “Ugh!”

Do you have recurring dreams?

What is your favorite dream?

All photos by S. Lindau

100 thoughts on “I Dream of Dreaming…

  1. I loved this blog. Makes me feel less crazy. I have recurring dreams where I’m enrolled in a class and never go or never do the homework. Another is where there are things on my tasklist than I haven’t done and worse don’t know how to access the list. Frequently, I am, ahem, inappropriately attired if attired at all. The worst are the ones where I don’t remember the details but I think they involve family and I wake up incredibly sad.

    I’ve had dreams where I feel like I’m flying or swimming with dolphins and a few, of those sex dreams you mention. Those make it worthwhile.


  2. Wouldn’t it be great to remember the good ones? I think we have several a night.
    It would be even better to be able to manipulate them. I always wake up soon after trying.
    Thanks so much Sharon!


  3. I am afraid of my dreams as I am always enclosed in something. Yes it probably means something but there is nothing worse than waking up in a fright. I used to have flying dreams but not anymore. The Dream Company must know I’m old..:)


  4. That dream about forgetting the baby is frightful! As is the teeth falling out.
    I don’t dream very often, but the recurring dream I have had is I am running away, walking along a grassy ditch when I turn and see a witch chasing me. She catches me, and the next thing I know she’s cutting me up for her potions. Yoiks!


  5. I love this stuff. Wish I had a good dream dictionary. I’ve always heard that teeth falling out means stressed over money and that flying dreams meant sexual repression. But the only recurring dream I’ve had is where I’m tied behind a horse being drug to death. Weird, huh?


    • Thanks so much for reading!
      Maybe that is why I stopped having flying dreams when I was married.. Hahaha!
      I am surprised I haven’t had more dreams about my teeth falling out!

      What a horrible nightmare! Maybe it is from a past life, if you believe in that sort of thing….


  6. I’ve also had recurring strange dreams and one of them is that I am back again living with my parents and they want to control my every move. I usually wake up angry or agitated because they won’t let me go back to my house! :-)


  7. LOL great post!!! It’s amazing how wacky our dreams are and how we attempt to try and make sense of them. Btw – I had a dream I made out with Johnny Depp (as Captain Jack Sparrow) LOL it was awesome! :D hehehehe Sharing this post now ;)


  8. Great post Susie! I fell out with my sister when I was very young and I remember going into the kitchen, I was on my own and it was dark outside. That night I dreamt that mum had locked me outside and a wolf came and then more wolves came standing up on their hind legs and talking. They circled me and then I woke up. But during the waking up when I was half-asleep (and I swear this happened) I turned to my bright orange curtains and there was a wolf’s head in the middle like a shadow. I was so freaked out and I had that dream a few times, and each time I would look to see if the wolf was in the window. Creepy! I used to always dream about being chased by the mafia too.


  9. You can train yourself to remember more of your dreams. I used to do that; I’d keep a notebook and pen beside the bed. Just before you go to sleep, tell yourself over and over “I will remember my dream tonight”. When you wake, have the notebook and pen within easy reach and start writing out what you remember. Try not to open your eyes while you’re doing it. The further you wake up the less you’ll remember. It takes a few days for this to settle in and work well, but eventually you’ll be remembering a lot more of your dreams. Maybe even the sexy ones ;-)

    My next WIP was inspired by a dream I had. I tend to have movie-type ones, complete with plot, some heroine being chased (usually not me), an antagonist…everything. I also used to have a lot of dreams of me being chased by some type of wild animal like a tiger. According to Freud, that means I wanted to be taken sexually. Then again, Freud thought ALL dreams related to sex in some way. I think he had issues lol.


  10. The dream about flying strikes a chord with me. I flew some years ago and the experience was profound. The act of flying an aircraft (especially the small trainers) is physics 101. After a few flights you begin to be able to feel (or imagine) the airflow over the control surfaces. It would make Sir Isaac Newton shout eureka. Oh wait, he did do that didn’t he.
    There was a flight school at the Gunnison airport that I flew with a couple of times that had the Introductory Flight that is sponsered by the General Aviation Industry. A certified flight instructor will take you up and let you get a feel of what flying is like for a very modest cost. I’m sure there is one in Boulder also but there will probably be less air traffic in Gunnison than at Boulder.


  11. Have you ever thought “my dreams would make great movies!” You get those dreams that are so twisted and involved and think that would be a great blockbuster! …If I could just remember how it went.


    • All the time!! You are right. Remembering is the hard part and the plot always makes sense until I wake up…
      I am actually writing a book that includes similar paranormal experiences I have had while dreaming!


  12. I usually get vivid dreams, nightmares are rare for me, but whenever I undergo nightmare in sleep it’s always broken along with my sleep & then I can’t shed it off easily or even go back to sleep. My most frequent dreams are about monetary gains. I see myself as a beneficiary of a financial reward but the actual gain never materializes not in dreams (or in reality either). I do see myself wining but never actual get to hold the prize, the dream jumps on to some unexplained chapter. My most annoying dream is missing a train. I was a commuter a long time ago but haven’t taken a train in a while but still the horror of missing one won’t escape my dreams. Anyways, no matter how dreaded your dreams might be, they sound interesting the way you described it! Fun read.


  13. I have that exam dream now and then, but I also can’t find the classroom since I never attended the class.

    So far as the sex dream, it might actually be to your husband’s benefit to wake you – but we won’t go into detail on that.


    • That actually happened to me since I didn’t go to the last class and they changed the location of the final. OMG a living nightmare. I missed half the test!
      Danny will be happy to take that advice! Hahaha!!!


  14. You’re taxing my diminishing brainpower. ;-) I’ve a few recurring dreams, the most notable is in fact a missed class one – and I was in college from 72-76, so you can see the length time this has plagued me. Now what I find a tad weird is how it has been a few years since the last – until last night. So at the beginning of your post, smile…

    I suspect mine was triggered by the imminent approach of school, perhaps starting in February. Realising I’ve missed a semester’s worth of class inevitably queases up my stomach, but it has roots in the final exam I slept through 36 years ago, which required me to remain at school an extra three days before heading home.

    Discovery of new home space is my favourite. Somehow, never before seen space lurks in an attic or above a garage, and once let loose in there… is like a child in Toys R Us. ;-)


  15. That is so ironic that you dreamt that last night!
    I do have that reoccurring dream as well. It is usually a vast space in my house I never knew was there. I wonder what that means? I hope that it is a premonition of a wonderful future!!!
    Thanks for your comment!


  16. The ones I don’t like usually are about huge disasters–like tsunamis. My favorite is when I’m flying or running (not from something) b/c I feel strong and powerful. :)


  17. I often have the school one. You know where I wander around and can’t find my classroom?

    Except that’s my real life.

    Los I have the imminent death thing. Everyone I love is dead -except me. That dream sucks. I think I have some abandonment issues.

    Sex dreams? Yeah. More of those in 2012! ;-)


  18. Not so long ago I had my first ever lucid dream. To begin with I dreamt the old-school English comedy writer/actor Eric Sykes was filming something outside my apartment, so I went down to get his autograph for my mum. As I made my way along the corridor to the front door events slowed to a crawl and I worried I’d miss him. Being too slow or obstructed from doing something is a recurring motif in my dreams, and within the dream I recognized this and realized I was dreaming. Predictably, things then got sexy (NOT with Eric Sykes). Unfortunately I woke up soon afterwards and I haven’t had another lucid dream since. But here’s hoping!

    By the way, one of my New Years Resolutions is to read this blog more often. I don’t have a great track record with resolutions (barring my six year success with “I’ll never make another New Years Resolution!”) but this year I’m optimistically aiming for a 75% success rate!


    • You are so cool to say that! I will look forward to your comments!
      I have had lucid dreams as well and yours sounds amazing!
      Here’s to a successful 2012 and may all your dreams be happy!


  19. Fantastic post, Susie! I don’t have reoccurring dreams, that I know of. I had a dream during my teens that Oprah was stalking me…lurking around my yard in a trench coat. LOL Sorta wish that one would visit again!


  20. I always have wierd dreams. In fact, I have one in particular that won’t leave me, I can’t talk about it, and every time it comes to mind, I have to push it back to the nether regions. Hold on a sec while I do some pushing and shoving. The best dream I ever had was the full plot for a book. Heaven! :)

    Thanks for a great post, Susie!


  21. I think I’ve had all of these at one time or another. When I was a kid, I dreamed I had to go to the principal’s office but the tiled hallway started to tilt upwards, eventually ending upright. I was clawing at the cracks between the tiles to get there because “I had to”. but that was long ago.

    now I don’t remember any of my dreams. thanks for a good post


    • It’s surprising that I am still having that test anxiety dream after all these years. The last time I had it, I was in college with my kids!!! I am sure they would love that!


  22. When I am in the middle of an unpleasant dream, I force myself awake, think of something pleasant, change the outcome (movie ending?) and go back to sleep. I have no idea what that means. LOL


  23. I have the teeth falling out dream too….could it be we are grinding out teeth? My other one is that I am driving on a highway and stop at a rest stop and forget one of my children as I speed away. My boys are 30 and 27 now…….it still happens :)


    • MGMillerBooks said that the teeth falling out dream means that we are worried about money.
      I think that we will probably always be plagued with those “neglecting our children” dreams. I would like to think that it is because we miss them!


  24. I have regular nightmares about my teeth falling out, but I think that’s because I once actually did have my front tooth fall out, and it took six months and a painful surgery before I had a tooth again.


  25. My husband has the crazy dreams like you, but I usually have the fun dreams. Or, I’ll dream a scene in my book. That’s only frustrating when I wake up and can’t remember any of it, but usually I can recall enough to jot down some ideas. The only dreams I have that are scary to me are when I’m trying to reach my kids and I can’t speak, or use my magic. I tend to use a lot of magic in my dreams. I hope you get to remember the good ones instead of the awful dreams!


    • Wow! That is so great. I don’t think I have ever dreamt about magic! How cool is that~
      I keep hoping that I will be able to use something I dream in my book!
      Thanks and I wish the same to you.


  26. Wow Susie, you’ve been busy today! lol

    That was a great post! Seriously!

    Unfortunately, I never remember my dreams. I think I dream. We’re all supposed to dream when we sleep right? But I dont’ know. I never remember anything.

    Borrriinggg! (Yawns) :)


  27. This is a funny post! I always get the dream where I have an exam for a math (always math) class that I never attended and haven’t studied for. I also have the teeth falling out dreams. And yes, I get good sex dreams. My best friend is very jealous of me. :-)


    • You know it is funny. I don’t recall what class it is in!! Hahaha!
      You lucky thing! I am working on remembering those sex dreams Danny is convinced I have!
      Thanks for stopping by to read!


  28. I have had the flying dream, I dream that a lot. I have driven a car in the back seat, how stupid is that. I have fell from a cliff and it hurt a lot in the dream. I woke up ok. I dream a lot that I am in school looking for my locker and then I don’t know the combination. I have not gone to school for many years and I don’t remember in real life not knowing where my locker was. I dream all the time that I have to find a restroom and when I do they are always full and they are not empty. Then I wake up, I don’t like that dream at all.


    • Ouch that is amazing that you felt pain when you fell off the cliff!
      I forgot about the locker dream. I used to have that one and couldn’t remember the combo or was that in real life….Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your dreams and nightmares. After reading all these comments, I look forward to dreaming at night!


  29. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I am so glad to meet with you. You have a wonderful blog, I loved it. There are some unforgetable dreams in the past that I saw… Some of them were nice and some of them were a message of the bad things… sadness… so I usually don’t like to talk about dreams… Once again Thank you dear Susie, with my love, nia


    • And thank you!
      I tried a technique passed along in a comment which said to repeat the words, “I will remember my dreams” several times before going to sleep. Boy does that work! I was up after every dream last night! Hahaha!


  30. My wife and I both have the recurring dream of being late for an exam. It’s always close to the end of school and the lack of preparation for the exam makes me worry that graduation might be in jeopardy.

    My wife and I have both done a fair amount of acting and another common theme is that we have to go on stage and we don’t know any of our lines.


    • I could swear I responded to this! I must have been dreaming….

      Now that would be a nightmare! I once organized a backyard play for the neighborhood only in real life all the kids came and none of us could remember our lines. I am surprised I don’t have nightmares about that!


  31. That is an added twist!
    The nightmare about the play and forgetting lines would terrify me.

    My sister and I put on a play in the backyard when we were little. All the neighborhood kids came and then……We couldn’t remember our lines because we had never practiced them. That happened in real life so now that you mention it, I am surprised that isn’t my reoccurring dream too!

    Thanks for stopping by to read!


  32. What a great post, Susie. I’ve had dreams where I was driving and couldn’t get the brakes to work. I remember reading about the meaning of that dream, and it means that you’re too busy, need to slow down.
    I’ve had dreams where my teeth were falling out, too. Such an awful dream. I don’t know the meaning of that one.

    I’ve also dreamed that I have an aquarium that I forgot I had and freak that I haven’t fed my fish in a while. When I look in the tank, there are some ugly, bizarre creatures.

    I have so many strange dreams that I can’t take the time to list them. I think the best, most peaceful dream I ever had was when I was walking through a beautiful park with perfect green lawns and gorgeous trees. Then I turned around, like in slow motion, and everything was covered with a fresh blanket of snow and it was awesome. Not cold either. It was the neatest dream.

    I never had one of those embarrassing dreams about being in my underwear or naked until someone asked me if I ever had those dreams. And then I had them. So uncomfortable!

    Oh, and sometimes I dream that a person I knew that died is alive again, and it feels so strange and uncomfortable because I want to tell them that they died, but I don’t want to freak them out either!

    Dreams are weird and strange, huh?


  33. Your dream about the park sounds wonderful! I can believe that the dream about driving means I am busy!
    It is funny how once a thought pops into our head, we dream about it.
    I really am enjoying everyone’s different responses to this post!
    Thanks Lynn!


  34. I have recurring dreams that I can fly. In my dreams, the mechanism by which I’m able to fly (which is not always the same but which is always powered in some way by my own body and not an external source) is invariably a bit of a struggle, and yet many times I can make it all the way into the stratosphere or beyond. Once in a while, these flying dreams, which are in the main positive, turn into ominous dreams. I’ve looked into matter. It seems that dreams of flight are often associated with optimism, ambition, belief in oneself, and flight dreams do often diminish with age.

    Dreams about decaying teeth, crumbling teeth, teeth falling out and so on, are common, and most psychologists agree that this dream indicates a fear of losing one’s vitality. I emphasize “fear” because it’s usually not actual but just that: a worry.

    Raw meat and roses — now that’s a sexy dream.


    • I agree with your meanings of those dreams. I would love to have one of those flying dreams again!

      Only in YOUR refrigerator could those two things coexist.
      It would be a great name of a book! It would definitely get my attention…


  35. I would offer to interpret all your dreams for you…but, to do that I would have to stop the car, which I can’t reach the brakes in…move Shaniah Twain off the dashboard,..swim through black mud to retrieve my false teeth from the fish aquarium,..(so I could eat three “Red Baron” pizzas of course ), and wow…Now I Dream of Dreams…I dream of having YOUR dreams…heh, I’d never be short an idea for a blog post.
    Bless You


  36. I often have very vivid dreams. I know I am dreaming and yet it is real. It’s like being in my “other” life. I usually know that I am in “universe B” when I am dreaming and I am comfortable with it. Things go well there. The colors are very bright and balanced the weather is ideal and people are civilized. I carry no pistol there and don’t need one. I like walking there. I find new neighborhoods, nice meadows, beaches etc. the population is always low there but there are only good people there.

    If I care to do the work I can direct my dreams prior to going to sleep. I can start them in the place and circumstances of my choosing but I can not prepare and then experience an entire script. After I land in the dream I go where I go. I can dream about very powerful satisfying emotional intimacy but not sex itself. Dreaming about sex does me no good. I wake up before anything useful can happen and there I am awake in bed with my wife asleep. I never wanted to wake my wife at night once we had our first child. Moms don’t sleep enough when the kids are young.

    When they were preschoolers I got my sons accustomed to the fact that they should take the time to prepare dreams of their choosing. This seemed to work well for them until they hit their teens. I assume that when they are older they will take the time to do it again.


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  38. This has been a great read. Fascinating that, at times, we have similar dreams. I hate the classroom dream because it seems wrong to have stess in your life and your dreams. As for teeth, when I was younger, I had a dream about my teeth and I read somewhere it was related to gossip. I was a bit of a gossiper then, I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t have it anymore.


    • There are so many interpretations of them. It is hard to know what to believe. I agree about stressing. I just wish I would have amazing dreams instead!! Either flying, sex, shopping, spy, adventure or all of them in one dream would be fine with me!


  39. Yay! This is the most fun thing I read on Freshly Pressed since the crayons! Even though it wasn’t actually pressed. I’m going to go a little long, but in fairness, you did ask questions at the bottom. :)

    There are some dreams we all have… flying, falling, finding ourselves naked in someplace appalling (usually school for me). You can see from the other comments how many of us spit out our teeth (I grow all new ones)!

    Before I go on, my whole blog is mostly dedicated to short stories that either are dreams or are based on dreams that I have. I even wrote one about daily horoscopes. I started it as a journal but it quickly evolved.

    I think most of the dream analysis stuff I’ve read is crap. Anyone who thinks they have answers hasn’t been inside my head at night. I dream I am other people all the time, in other times, other places other languages. I’m not analyzing that!

    Neglect – I find it kind of freaky that we share the neighbor’s aquarium dream. Right? Because I basically don’t know anyone with an aquarium. But I had that dream.

    Running – I run from dogs a lot, one giant one in particular. Once I was running down a winding mountain road with a wheat harvester chasing me (possible I got this from Cars) and I jumped off a cliff to escape only to be confronted by the dogs. Whatever.

    Super Hero – I have a weird power where I run but it’s like running on the moon where there is almost no gravity. I can will myself to glide almost indefinitely before taking another step, and sometimes I use it to rescue people or animals.

    Sex – I wish. I’m totally with you on this. I was moaning? Why didn’t you wake me up so I could remember? I to get to kiss sometimes.

    So thanks for sharing this. Absolutely my favorite subject and shared the way I like it. Fun!!


    • Thank you so much Anne! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Since writing this, I am still amazed at the crazy dreams I have had. Dogs usually can talk, but are very well behaved in my dreams.
      Thanks for stopping by! There are more wild blogs to come…


    • Thanks Jai! After writing that post, I really try hard to remember my dreams. They can be so weird and wonderful or completely terrifying!
      I hope you will stop back and check out some of my other wild adventures…


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