My Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

Do you have some ridiculous habits that no matter how hard you try to break, you just can’t? You are not alone. My list is long and time is short so I have gathered my top ten. They are in no particular order.

If you look closely, you will find two of these plastic ties

#1. Saying “um, ah, or like,” as I tell a story

Is there some reason why I must keep vocalizing while visualizing? And why “like?” I like hate that expression! I am not like 16 years old anymore. Am I like going into my second childhood?

#2. Forgetting to cut off the plastic tie that holds the price tag of a purchased item

Sometimes the plastic is really strong and if I can’t break it with my bare hands, it stays on the item for eternity or until my husband clips it off. He informed me that he found one on a decorative basket yesterday. I purchased it over 10 years ago. I know. Now do you feel my pain? Tennis shoes are notorious for these kryptonite-strength ties and I own a few pair of shoes that still sport them.

#3.  Procrastinating appointments

How hard is it to pick up the phone and dial? I am not sure why I don’t do it right away. I wait until my hair looks like I put my finger in an electrical socket or my car’s check oil light has been on for weeks before I make a phone call. I feel tremendous relief after finally scheduling so I can’t believe it takes such a long time!

#4. Not redeeming gift cards

I have a couple massages, a facial, and one for downloading books to my Nook. I love all of these activities so why not use them. Duh!

#5. Not finishing projects

I tend to be very enthusiastic and have a lot of energy. Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t wait to start. The problem arises when one tiny decision gets in my way. I brought up several family photos to hang in the hallway and then I thought, “Do I really want them up here?” So here they are after almost a year!

#6. The elephant in the room

Do you ever get so used to seeing something you meant to put away a long time ago that it becomes part of the décor? I am a neat and tidy person, but my Christmas card project is still on my desk. I wonder if the box will stay on it until spring or summer.

#7. Chewing the inside of my mouth when I am nervous

I have no idea where this habit came from. It is not pretty when I have noticed others exhibiting the same behavior. That is usually when I realize I am doing the same thing! Why not just buy gum?

#8. Crossing my legs

I am crossing them now. In Catholic grade school one of my teachers insisted that all 7th grade girls cross their legs because it was ladylike. I can’t think of a worse thing for my leg circulation since I sometimes sit for hours. I think it has contributed to my left knee problem as well. Thanks Sister Mary Whatever-your-name-was!

#9. Forgetting names

And speaking of remembering my teacher’s name, it is such a bummer when I run into someone I have met before, but can’t introduce them to my friend or family member. This is especially embarrassing when I recall asking their name the last time I saw them. Many times it is because they have a version of my name. Why can’t I remember other Susies, Susans, or Sues?

#10. Not purchasing everything I need at the grocery store

I stroll in and just like a shot has rung out, I begin racing down the aisles. It always seems like I can’t get out of there fast enough. If I am sprinting out and remember a forgotten item, I say to myself, “I’ll pick it up next time.” What’s up with that?  There isn’t a record to break for fastest time in and out of a grocery store, so why not just go back inside and buy the tin of cinnamon for God’s sake!

On a side note, I often lose my list between my house and the store. Then I usually forget to buy the critical ingredient I originally went there for.  The list always miraculously appears at the bottom of my purse later in the week. WHY?

When I think about it, now that I have written about these ridiculous peculiarities, maybe this will be the end of them. That would be like so awesome!


Can you relate to any of my quirky conduct? 

Do you have any weird habits you would like to break?

I challenge you to come up with your own list!

104 thoughts on “My Inexplicable Idiosyncrasies

  1. Oh Susie, yes, I can identify 2, 3, 8, and 9. I don’t cross my legs, I fold them up underneath me, which means circulation problems and sore legs. I pick my cuticles and I forget not only names but faces – so I can never tell if I’ve met anyone or not.


  2. Great Post. I do believe that writing about your quirky habits will work to end some of them. But don’t worry you will have a chance to add new ones. Hahaha!


  3. #2 is really funny and I have seen that people do that #3 is funny the way you described, it cracks me up. #6. There’s this yearly task at work we do every year-end. I had the folder lying on my desk from prior Dec. A least last month I saved time finding it. #9. Not much about names, but not at all good remembering faces after casual meeting. I fear the day they’ll ask me identify someone from the line-up and pity the sketch artist who’d be left at my memory’s mercy.


    • Thanks Yatin for relating! I got busted at a party last summer when I didn’t remember that I had met someone before. When I am introduced to a sea of new faces, I drown. How’s that for a Monday morning metaphor? Hahaha!


  4. Wow Susie! It seems we have many idiosyncrasies on common. :) Finally another human being that shares my freakish ways.. *butt wiggle happy dance*
    I am absolutely going to do my own list and be sure I mention this post in my post. It was a lot of fun to read this.


  5. I can relate to a lot of those, especially the gift card one! I have a stack of them that I have yet to use. They did a study on that once; I seem to remember it being like millions of gift cards floating around out there that never get used. Free money to the businesses! They must love the invention of the gift card.

    Can’t relate to the crossed leg thing, my legs are too short and chubby ;-)


    • I am determined to use them this month. How many days do I have??/ Hahaha! We’ll see…
      It is a very good thing you don’t cross your legs. It has to be the unhealthiest for blood flow!
      I am still crossing mine!


  6. From #6 on, I can relate to all of them, except that now I don’t cross my legs that much since my desk allows me to sit like a truck driver if I want to, hahahaha!


  7. Oh Geez…. Im like you in a sense. I have a list as long as the state of California, even my husband gets urked on a regular basis.

    1. Snacking on my lips for no apparent reason other then idk…
    2. Putting of laundry as long as possible, i just hate doing it and dont have time for it, so it sits in the basket till i sit down one day and get it all folded. This bugs my hubby cause he hates wearing wrinkled clothes.
    3. When im working at my desk, i leave my papers scattered every where. My hubby is big on being organized and i tell him i am, just in my own way, i know where all my things are…he then gives me the eye roll. Ill come into my office the next day and the desks all cleaned and then i cant find a thing…
    4. Making the grocery list, and yes it does get lost or, i still end up forgetting something. Last night went and got groceries and was being rushes cause everyone was hungry and yeah i forgot the shortcake for the strawberry shortcake….
    5. Im the worst when it comes to sending mail out… I dont even send out Christmas Cards cause i just hate sending mail out. Thankfully, i can pay all my bills online.

    So yeah i have some of my own things too…. So glad im not alone in this…it feels like it sometimes.


    • A – You have a great list too! Glad you could relate! I am bad about sending things out sometimes. Thank you notes sit on my desk until the end of the second week. Why? it is already written!


  8. I would like to make my own list but I think you just nailed mine! I started smiling as I read the list and it just got bigger and bigger the more I read. Except I tend to suck in my cheeks between my teeth instead chewing on them. Can’t remember names to save my life but always remember faces. One of my Idiosyncrasies would be that when I see people they always remind me of someone else I know. My wife gets so tired of this…


  9. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has a bad habit of using the word “like.” I like, haven’t the slightest clue as to like, when I started saying it or like, why I started to begin with! Totally must be something left over from like the 80s or maybe my kids? IDK. ;)
    Though I don’t have the “sprint-to-the-door” syndrome in the grocery store that you do, I tend to have the opposite. I go slowly down each isle to look – just in case I forgot to put something on my list. But it never fails, I end up with a bunch of things not on the list and at least one that might have been on the list (or not and should have been because it was the reason I went shopping to begin with) that I didn’t pick up. Sigh.
    Loved the post!


  10. ROFL. I can totally relate to a lot of your idiosyncrasies. I procrastinate on making appts and phone calls. And I am queen of starting projects and then leaving them out. *blush* I often forget things at the grocery store…even when I make a list. I have to remind myself not to cross my legs…except if feels so much more comfortable. LOL.

    Also, I have a thing for emoticons. :D ;) I just love ’em. I’m tempted to add them to everything I write. Even business emails. I have to hold myself back. I think it relates to the fact that I talk with my hands a lot. I mean a lot. I probably look like a mime…or like I’m having some sort of spasm. LOL (okay…I might be hooked on writing LOL and ROFL too. :D)


    • I had to look up spoonerisms. That is a great way to get the brain going! I would really have to think about them. Your brain must be a lot more nimble than mine!

      Minnie Pearl – I love it! Luckily, I do pull off the price tag!


  11. Oh man, I am laughing so hard right now! Funny!
    I can never remember names either, Susie, and someone told me this trick; After someone tells you their name, repeat it to them three times before they walk away. It gets better, Susie, you see after they leave, you snag a pen, dig up the grocery list from the bottom of your purse and write their name on it. Three times and a visual, it really works. You gonna try it Susie? hee hee.


  12. Hi,
    I can certainly relate to grocery shopping. I’m not a shopper and I like to get in and get out again, but it is inevitable, I usually forget something, sometimes I do go back in, but usually it’s the old “I’ll pick it up next time”.

    I hardly ever cross my legs, although like you was told at school this is how a Lady should sit. My legs are either swinging, tucked up under the chair, or when I’m at home most of the time, I am sitting on them. :D


    • I am feeling better about my fly-through at the grocery store. No wonder it seems like a race to get to the check-outs! Haha!
      That is so great that you don’t cross them. Every time I have written about them in the comments today, I have caught myself crossing them again~


  13. I am, like, so glad I’m not alone. I make up grocery lists but routinely forget items I’ve written down, and it’s a drag to make appointments. Ahem, not to sound superior or anything, but I don’t fail to finish a lot of projects–chiefly because I don’t start them in the first place.


  14. Susie, I do all on your list apart from 7 and 8! I do 9 very frequently, only on occasions it’s the whole person I forget, not only their name. The worst case was my work colleague who I’d worked with for over a year (on the same team – actually on the same bank of desks!)… someone mentioned her name, and I hadn’t a clue who she was. They described her looks, personality, everything, but she had gone from my memory. When I finally remembered who she was, I had to tell her… I don’t think she was very impressed… Great post! :D


  15. It is so good that you don’t do 7 and 8 since they are the unhealthiest…

    How embarrassing to not remember your colleague! I sometimes don’t put the right name with the face so someone will be talking about someone and I will be thinking of someone else. Life can be so complicated!!


  16. I feel like we have a lot in common! Are you a pices by any chance? I think that’s why I procrastinate so much, whether it be putting things away or making a needed phone call. And I HATE grocery shopping. There is nothing that will make me go back in until the next week.


    • Thanks Emma for reading!
      I am an Aries! Go figure! I am proud of how much I got done today… This is the first time I am commenting and not crossing my legs! Hey there may be hope for me after all!


  17. #8…ladies cross legs at ankles only? (My grandmother warned don’t cross legs across knees or you’ll break all your veins in the backs of your legs and it’s ugly!…oddly she grew up in the era with long sleeved, long legged wool swim suits)


  18. Susie, great post. I often leave my shopping list and my bags in the car at the grocery store. Instead of returning to the car to get them, I try to remember everything on the list and tell the bagger to fill the plastic bags as full as possible at the check out. By the time I get back to the car, I am so aggravated I don’t go back in to get the items I have forgotten.


  19. Oh boy, I am SO guilty of abusing “like” and “um” and “you know what I mean?” It’s really embarrassing, and when I start teaching I am going to have to break myself of the habit big time. And I also have the tendency to forget everything that I need at the store, which usually stems from the fact that I go shopping when I’m really tired and/or hungry, and I can’t wait to get out of there. :P


    • I am trying to use The Secret in believing that one day I will have to stand up in front of strangers and promote my book. I better be over that habit by then! I had heard that Caroline Kennedy was afflicted with the same “like” habit so that makes me feel better!
      Thanks for relating!


  20. I have pictures propped and stacked on the floor just like that! We never sent our wedding pictures out so we sent them in Christmas cards a year later…except I never got around to looking up all the addresses and getting the special postage, so they were actually sent out *this* year. It’s the first time in 2 years they haven’t been on my desk.


  21. I do most of these! As far as grocery shopping goes, I almost never make a written list, so I wind up doing things like buying dishwasher detergent three times in a row when what I needed all along was laundry detergent.


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  23. Susie, you are a kindred spirit. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think that we stuff so much information into our heads everyday that some of it leaks out.

    I had a high school English teacher that pretty much cured the “um” when we did oral reports. Everytime we said the word he would ask us, “Did you know that is Yugoslavian for navel?” So now everytime I use the word I think, “bellybutton”.

    I’m horrible with names. I don’t forget faces, usually though I have reintroduced myself to the same person six times. I just tell people when I meet them that it will probably happen because I have the memory of a dead gnat and that with six children I’m lucky to get the right name with the right child on any given day. I’m working on it though. Like Tanya above I do the 3x’s thing with names and it does make it a lot better as long as I don’t forget their name while I’m talking to them, LOL.

    As for the grociery store, I’ve gone four times in a single day for the same thing that I needed for dinner only to send someone for it at the last minute. I even keep a list on my smart phone so I don’t have the excuse of leaving my list anywhere.


    • OMG! I laughed all the way through! I am so glad you are a kindred spirit. I can never have enough!
      I will remember belly button from now on….um….
      Your grocery store story makes me feel ever so much better!!
      Thank you!


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  25. You come up with the best blog topics, things we can all relate to, and you write with lots of humor. I have lots of weird habits, but can’t remember them all right now, which is one of my problems. Ask me what my favorite whatever is, and I’ll draw a blank. I think one of my worst habits is trying to write a list of things to do to help me get organized, but I always lose the lists. Go figure!


  26. Definitely appointments, #3. I’m so bad for this one my wife has to make all of my appointments and cancel them because I’m “too” busy. She does the whole fingers in the air for quotations when the discussion comes up. Great post! I’m not sure why I don’t do them I just rely on her because she works from home and I have to drive into work, that’s my reasoning anyway.


  27. Ooh… I’m TERRIBLE at remembering names and consistently forget the primary thing I was seeking at the grocery store. Perhaps we reserve our brain power for other things?? ;) I love learning of people’s quirks – makes even the most intelligent, successful and talented seem human.


    • We all are flawed! It has sure made me feel better to read all of these comments. : D
      I have to admit that I have begun to correct some of the behavior. I did cut off the rest of the plastic ties – Yeah! And most of the elephants have been put away. Baby steps….


  28. lol as always – great blog post! I can so sympathize with you on #3 – really why does it take me forevvvver to make an appointment. And I feel the same way as you when I finally set the appointment – completely utterly relieved. :P


  29. Susie, this will sound strange, but I do all 10 of them! Yep, cannot make an appt to save my life. Not scared, just keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow. I still have my end of year dental appt to schedule that started on my to do list in October! Ridiculous, huh??


    • No, it is not ridiculous. I have some that I have put off for a loooong time! Maybe it is because we hate those waiting rooms or having my body poked and prodded!
      Thanks for stopping by MJ!


  30. My version of such a list was called, “Peeves I Like to Pet,” and was mostly a rant about the idiosyncrasies of others. It’s a two-part series under the archives (Dec 5 & Dec 13) of my blog.
    I loved your list, and could see myself in almost all of them. It sure brought out the comments :)


    • Well, I avoid facilities where the toilet tissue pulls from the bottom instead of the top, and I would not accept the Nobel Prize for Literature if I had to wear a tie. Is that odd enough?


      • Okay! Now you’re talkin’!!
        Those are great examples. No tie no matter what? Wow! I can’t stand anything tight around my neck either. Just talking about it makes my throat close up! Hahaha!

        Thanks so much for stopping back!!


        • I have no idea who “JJ” is. I will wear a tie to a wedding or funeral. When my wants to go to a formal event I put on whatever she sets out for me and it always includes a tie.

          I’ve been to places with no toilet paper so I don’t get excited about how it rolls I’m just grateful to not be in a place without it.

          My wife reports the following odd behaviors that I supposedly engage in:

          When I am hungry and distracted at the same time I chew far too loudly.
          I supposedly forget to return things to the refrigerator but I don’t remember doing that. She doesn’t lie so I assume it’s true. When I am concentrating I might look right at her when she asks me a question, then without answering return to what i was doing.


  31. I can help you with some of this. When your husband next walks by look him in the eyes seductively (he’s a man so all eye contact is seductive) and uncross your legs. As you are napping laugh at the nuns. Give your husband your gift cards. Tell your spouse to please do all the shopping from now on because you have suddenly developed a buying compulsion and you don’t want to bankrupt the family. Tell him to please bring back some chewing gum from the store. After a warm loving morning together even though he knows that your story is absurd he will gladly comply. Having a sweetheart to share stuff with makes it all much easier.

    Take two jelly beans and don’t call me in the morning because I intend to sleep late.

    I’m not licensed so no charge.


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  34. I crossed my legs from ages eight to twenty-five–I had to stop when it gave me back problems! I couldn’t figure out what was causing me so much pain, and then my chiropractor caught me crossing my legs. When he said that was the problem, I couldn’t believe it! But I gave it up and the pain went away.

    Of course, I’ve gotten so…ah…”voluptuous” (cackle)…that now I couldn’t cross my legs if I tried!


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