What’s In Your Future?

When I discovered that the Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Whoa! Another new year, another chance for a do-over!” The second was, “We should go out for a Chinese dinner Monday night.” The third was, “Oh wow! I should check out my Chinese horoscope!” Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t even checked my astrological horoscope for 2012.

My fascination with astrology started in the 7th grade when a group of my friends and I walked from school to the neighborhood drug store. The glass display case we dashed to was filled with penny candy. After gazing at the myriad of choices, we each selected our favorite sweets. Then we discovered a cup on top of the counter filled with colored scrolls printed with astrological signs and horoscopes. They prophesied the future for the whole month! One of my friends knew all about them and we deciphered which sign we were. As an Aries, I was pretty excited about being a ram and a leader, but I wasn’t so crazy about the whole head-butting thing.

I began flipping through the Wisconsin State Journal for my daily fix of fate. There was something so thrilling about checking to see if today would be that very special day when something wonderful would happen. Most of the time, they were warnings or totally irrelevant since I was twelve years old. I would roll my eyes and disregard most of those messages from the great beyond.

For years I relied on magazines for my monthly prognostication. One time, I read a Mademoiselle magazine during the month of my birthday which forecast a year full of changes. It said something like, “Be ready to relocate and take a leap of faith.” Well I did both a few months later when my husband Danny and I began dating which only lasted a short time. By October we were married and I found myself towing a U-haul trailer out to Colorado. I always regretted not keeping that horoscope. It was the first one in 29 years that was dead on!

Later, my interest in horoscopes waned. My husband and two children became the focal point of my life. To be honest, I was really happy and didn’t see a reason for any prophecies.

A couple of years ago while getting my hair colored, the stylist told me I should check out Chinese horoscopes. She found that many of her prophesies came true. I looked up my sign and realized I was born during the year of the dog. Ha! Now I knew why I was so loyal. Even when a relationship wasn’t healthy, I would still find myself wagging my tail, anxious to be included. Loyalty can be a good thing too.

Now that my kids are in college, I have finally found time for myself and have begun writing. Once again I am wondering about my future. I decided to check both astrological and Chinese horoscopes to see how they compared.

After Googling Aries prediction 2012, a list of forecasters appeared. The top horoscope provider seemed to be the most reliable since it was first on the list and had the name Ask Ganesha. I just knew with a name like Ganesha, I would be in very good hands.

I was sold by the first line of my forecast: “Aries is the first zodiac sign and the year 2012 is coming up to be an exceptional year for personal growth.” Yes! I knew Ganesha would come through for me! My year will be golden! After doing a happy dance around my kitchen, I sat down to see what else she had to say.

- It will be a year of learning and idea exchange. Procrastination should be avoided. I’ll try to get around to that one.

- My profit is supposed to multiply. Note to self – Work on making a profit this year so it can multiply.

- Be tactful when dealing with loved ones. I can do that once in a while.

- My love life is supposed to rock! I am already married so all those relationships I am supposed to have from July to September are not going to happen. My husband concurs.

I am sure the rest of the predictions are accurate! Thanks Ganesha!

Next I checked my Chinese horoscope. I Googled Chinese Horoscope 2012 and the top provider was Fengshuidiy. The site seemed pretty legit to me so I clicked on Dog.

What a downer; a doggie downer to be exact! The opening line was, “The 2012 Chinese zodiac horoscope predictions for Dog are not so good.” What? Did I have the right creature? Yes, unfortunately I did.

“Due to a few bad stars, you have obstacles in the working place.” Dang stars! “You also may lose money in the speculative market and have some big expenditures.” Well that is the total opposite of my astrological forecast! The prophecy went downhill from there and included warnings such as, “beware when using sharp tools,” and “mind your personal hygiene.” Geez!

That left me with no alternative. I will only focus on my astrological horoscope this year…

Happy Chinese New Year anyway!


Do you believe in horoscopes?

Have you ever gone to a psychic?

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  1. Black magic spells will not be normally thought to all sorts of people, as people may misuse it in wrong way. Black magic can be thought only to the people, who are good enough and who not have that much desires with him and who lives simple life

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  5. I don’t put too much into astrology or fortune telling. I prefer to make my destiny as I see fit. Every day’s different. Those scrolls always seemed to limit me; it’s so much more fun to just step out and see where I land!

  6. I agree. They all interpret the stars and planets differently

  7. It was through astrology that I get to know how to deal with the girl I really admire…..After all, we are all under one universe with varied forces conspiring ;)

  8. Great article and i really like it and i believe in Astrology.somehow it deals with star of our life…isn’t it………..

  9. tenue parfaite! très mignonne!

  10. Bex

    horoscopes have always been a big part of my life! theyre always spot on!

    • Hi Bex! That must be so great. You probably really stay on top of them then. I only look at them pretty rarely, however there was a site mentioned in this comment section that I checked out and may again next month. You never really know how this ever expanding universe works!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. i love astrology and have a strong faith in it but along with hard work. Really an amazing and lovable post.

  12. I come to know about my future.nice post

  13. Great article, if you’d also like some astrology/psychic advice, maybe you’d like to read my Tarot Horoscopes for this week. I do a tarot card reading for all the Zodiac Signs.

    Many Blessings, Sita

  14. susanben

    Loved reading this. Such fun to just read about what is predicted for the year. I dont like to take it seriously but just read the predictions being the inquisitive person that I am. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad you could relate. I am curious, although I wrote this 10 days ago and still haven’t checked out any of the links that commenters left! I guess they are supposed to be more accurate, but I kind of like being surprised by life, like seeing moose on the bottom of Peak 7 at Breckenridge today! Hahaha!
      Thanks Susan.

  15. I truly enjoy astrology and consult the same psychic a couple times a year. Fun fact about this Chinese Year, Year of the Dragon– it is the year of the Water Dragon to be precise… Which comes only every SIXTY years and is thought to be a very lucky sign. So babies born during this Year of the Water Dragon are considered very lucky– you maybe have until May 2012 to conceive one :P

  16. Ran across your blog and love it!

  17. Hoe

    Do you read Chinese? If yes, the best site for free prediction is in horo.idv.tw but you need your birthday, and time

  18. “My future’s so bright I have to wear shades.” lol
    Seriously, I don’t look up horoscope this way I’m surprised by the day’s event.

    Btw, I’m psychic. I know you sometimes visit a land that is “open” and there is a big saloon in it or is it “salon”. Do you know me?

  19. Ed Voyles CDJR

    wonderful post congrats on being fresh pressed

  20. great……………………

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  22. LOL, great post!
    My wife is due in a couple of weeks so I already know what my future holds – No sleep and an abundant amount of dirty diapers :-)

  23. Lotto

    Wow ! What a brilliant post and more brilliant comments. And it seems like I am winning the EuroMillions tonight!

  24. KC

    Nice Blog congrats. Me too i read and check my Zodiac sign and the link you gave helps me to know what will happen maybe in my future.

  25. chinese’s Lunar New Year is very magical

  26. Thanks for this post! I usually don’t pay attention to horoscope and whatnot, but today you reminded me to look at it! I’m an Aries and a Goat and I like how both fortunes are similar to each other. Thanks for sharing those links, I really never would have bothered to check.

    Here’s to a good year for us Arians!

  27. love this :) can’t wait to see what my future holds….

  28. I found it to be a great thing.

  29. I really enjoyed this post. I find horoscopes really interesting and my aunt do tarot reading, It’s really fun when the prediction is dead on.

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  32. Hello. I was trying to navigate wordpress when my eye caught a glimpse of my favorite science and subject;Astrology! I decided that I would see what you had to say about this subject as it is near and dear to my heart. I was expecting an Astrological analysis but was surprised to see that you were merely making a correlation between your life events and Astrolological prognostication. I enjoyed reading it nontheless.
    Reading the comments has compelled me to add my two cents. I hope that you do not mind.
    First, and foremost, I would like to state that Astrology is a valid Science and Art and takes years of studying to understand ( it has nothing to do with a system of “belief” ) as so many people…well, “believe”.
    This is a fundamental problem here on Earth as it blocks the pathways for understanding. Mainstream Astrological sites do not do this branch of Science any favors by touching on the superficial ( mainly physical ) aspects of a person’s/soul’s current life.
    Some of the commenters have implied that Astrology is a “dark force” but this is also incorrect and stems from a lack of understanding. My mother was a closet Astrologer and was extremely talented in reading the mathematics of Astrology and interpreting these factors, but, she was a damaged soul in need of spiritual and psychological help. Needless to say, in her present unevolved condition, she used this Science for her benefit as well as using it against others. Information ( which is what Astrology provides ) can be used against another if it is the desire and intention of the soul.
    I could go into depth and detail about the veracity and relevancy of an Astrological reading but I do not want to bore you.
    If you would like to understand Astrology…and perhaps help others to understand this Science as well I would be happy to volunteer my time and service. Using Astrology is profoundly life altering and could cause immense healing and growth.
    Thanks for mentioning this subject . Every opportunity to open the hearts and minds of mankind is an evolutionary leap!
    Jamie S

    • kjamison91

      i enjoy reading this peace about how future is predicted. The parallel message between two elements was used in a good way the explain.

    • Thank you so much for the input. I have found the wide array of comments really fascinating. I too am glad that I wrote this since it opened up such an interesting discussion!
      Thank you!

  33. Oh my! Now I want to check mine too…

  34. Hi Susie,first up-nice post! might be a coincidence-just read one of the comments about how a fellow Arian has begun blogging recently. I am an Arian and I have just begun blogging myself -haha,blame it on the star sign! I am one of those people who like to believe all the positive things written and ignore all the negatives , take what I want to believe and leave the rest out..convenient huh?! :-) I remember reading on some astrology site about how I should be ready for someone special to walk into my life btw July-Sept this year,,I’m single so lets see..should be fun! ;-)
    All the luck and happiness to you this year!

  35. winning the mega millions?Hope so!

  36. This is almost scary, I too am an Aries and I just started a blog due to my recent mood improvement and need to exchange ideas. I’ve also started working out again and concentrating more on my health again. I take it back, this IS scary– thanks for the post/links.

  37. The Chinese and the Indian horoscopes predict opposite things, eh? Naturally, given the way the two countries stand, profit for one would mean loss for the other. Makes sense? No? :D (I’m a non-believer btw)

  38. Nice post n thx for the links! :D

  39. Nice post…. n congrats on being freshly pressed…

  40. I believe that horoscopes can be accurate some of the time, however I think it depends how one does it and interprets them. I wouldn’t say I believe full on horoscopes, but I keep an open mind and like to learn new things. I have not looked into much about Astrology and Horoscopes, but who knows I may do so one day. I have been to about 4 psychics, each experience was worth it. About 2 of the psychics were fantastic in my eyes, as they answered my questions or told me what I needed to hear, but didn’t want to hear. I am a believer in psychics and also have had my own experiences.

    • I agree about the horoscopes. They can be pretty broad. Someone in the comments made a good point about how they are really about timing and not predictions….
      Going to a psychic can be pretty intense. I went once and that was enough for me to digest for a lifetime! Hahaha!
      Thank for coming to my blog to hang out for a while!

  41. Great read. I am also a Dog too :) and frankly from what I’ve been told that the year of the Dragon is a ‘challenging’ year for us Dogs. Nonetheless, wag our tails, be happy and stay positive! :)

  42. dou dou

    Hmm, think I’ll pass in the Chinese one too!

  43. Hi Susie,
    I can understand the world’s fascination with wanting to know the future but it’s actually a lot more than just “harmless fun”. I know because my mom was a “white witch” and did tarot cards, palm readings and crystal ball sessions with countless people before she became a Christian many years later and there were very dark forces at work in the different houses we lived in. I wrote about this on my blog and thought you might want to take a look at it. The reason I suggest this is only because I noticed that you mentioned that you believe in God and that you have had personal paranormal experiences. http://andyinoman.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/horoscopes-tarot-cards-more-than-just-harmless-entertainment/
    Just something for you to consider. God bless! :-)

    • Thanks Andy! That’s why I don’t delve into it too far….I have heard that Ouija boards are the worst!!

      • Yes, we have some very scary experiences talking with spirits (which I now believe were demons) and the ouija board is like inviting them in. Spooky stuff indeed! Take care & congrats on being freshly pressed. You are SO good with getting back to all the commenters! :-)

        • Thanks again!
          I read A LOT of blogs and usually comment so I know how important it is to feel like you have been heard. Otherwise I feel like “one hand clapping,” or “testing, testing, is this mike on?” or “Helloooooooooooo is anybody home?”
          Give me another minute, I am sure I can think of some more analogies….Hahaha!

  44. Sorry, not a believer in Star Signs as there’s no basis to it, there has been many moons and stars found by Science since Astrology was made up. I also think of twins! does their life end up on the same path as one another being they are of the same star sign? Nope!

    • Twins??? How about 1/12 of the population!!! It is still fun to check out once in a while….Actually now that I think about it, there was a great show called, “Nature vs. Nurture where twins had been divided at birth. When they were reunited, it was freakin’ amazing how many similarities there were!

      • Yes a bit of fun is how I see it, with the twins we all can look and find evidence for what we believe in, it’s cherry picking as our brains connect the dots, check out confirmation bias. Thanks for your reply and i respect your opinion, you sound like a positive person.

  45. I don’t necessary believe but i do love to see what my horoscope says! its fun and over in china if you say the animal of the year you where born they instantly know how old you are, and in fact I think thats how they actually tell each other how old they are or it could be in the old days but anyway im year of the snake and a libra!

  46. Thank you for a very entertaining post! I got into astrology probably in the fifth grade or so when my sister gave me a massive book about it. I’ve never been into horoscopes, though; the predictions always seem so shallow, they’re hard to believe. However, I am a firm believer that–somehow–astrology describes us well.

    I’ll definitely take a look at the sites you linked to. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year I finally believe my horoscopes!

  47. reinaldobanh

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    Ways to Get out Something.

  48. Hello, Susie. Great entry! Have you read Suzanne White’s book The New Astrology? It includes 144 character readings of the western and eastern astrological signs combined. Give it a read if you haven’t – I think you might like her book.

  49. This blog made me curious to check my own horoscope.

  50. I like it very much!!!
    Nice pice of work.

    I invite you to take this challenge: ;)

  51. I am still smiling… all your reactions were mine too! Yes, I am a Dog too. Oh no, that does not sound right. Oh well. Thanks for giving me the option of going to the astrological forecast and disregarding the Chinese one. :)

  52. I loved your post and clicked on the link to ask Ganesha about my life …. !!!! Not much for my relationships this year :(, still it’s a good thing that on the career front it is going to be a good period. I am relieved. :))))

    Keep up posting, I enjoy your blog.

  53. I’m certainly dont beleive that some mystical power has mapped out and pre-designed my destiny.

    However I love the way these mystical people present their information, it’s so well written and full of hope.

    If more people had such empathy instead of anger the world would be a much nicer place to live.

    Great blog you have here!

  54. I’m not sure I believe in it but I like to read horoscopes for myself and my friends, and I was interested to discover that almost all of my friends are Libras (supposedly highly compatible with Gemini). Most who aren’t are Aquarius (also compatible. Found some hilarious books about the “bad” side of every sign called Born on a Rotten Day and Love on a Rotten Day.

    • Isn’t that so interesting. I have never kept track of what signs I get along with or the compatibility of Aries…I guess I should look it up sometime. Love the title of the book! Hahaha!
      Thanks for reading!

  55. I really enjoyed your blog! At one point I too would check my horoscope every morning looking for something great to happen. When there was a not so good horoscope for that day I would think they were talking about the “other” Scorpio’s, not me.

  56. Hi, Fret not as not everyone born in the year of dog will have a rough year. It depends on your gender, time of birth, year of birth etc. If you are worried, you can go and pray to “Tai Sui” to ensure that your bad year won’t be that bad. :)

  57. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Destiny and Fate are what we make of them. Have fun.

  58. A few days ago at my school cantine I bought a fortune cookie, I opened it and it said “Everything happens for a reason”. This is not a fortune, it’s a statement! That’s why I no longer trust “Statement” cookies! I’m an Aries too by the way!

    • At the same time, that statement is a really great way to look at life. I think that if you are on the right path, it may be reeeeaaaally hard work, but do doors open up for you. -Aries Rocks!
      Thanks for reading!

  59. I’ve always had mixed feelings about fixed futures and destiny, I outwardly shout about how I don’t believe in it, but secretly in lay in hope.


  60. I was always interested in astrology and have to admit I was a bit skeptical until I had a few readings with a reputable astrologer. (I go to Debra Clement http://anchoredinastrology.com/ ). You would not believe the information you can obtain with an in-depth look at your chart from details about your personality to knowledge about past lives to precise predictions of the future. I totally do not look at generic forecasts. I’m a Pisces but that’s just my sun sign, and the sun sign is a very small part of the entire chart. I think if you go beyond popular astrology and delve a little deeper into the subject, you will be pleasantly surprised. Great post BTW! Interesting topic!

    • That is so interesting! I am sure that anything I have ever read was pretty generic, and yet that is as far as I’ve gone. It has been eye-opening to see how many do place a lot of trust in the predictions.
      Either way, I really hope that 2012 ROCKS for everyone!!!
      Thank you so much.

  61. That is an interesting article. I don’t believe in the so generic website based astrology, but yes, i do believe them some extent. It is all based on personal experiences people have trust on it.


    • Thanks! I agree that we have free will and yet it is soooooo tempting to take a peek and see if today will be that lucky day!!! Unfortunately, right after reading a daily horoscope, I promptly forget everything I read!

  62. fate, often think it is wrong

  63. I read the horoscope only for amusement. I don’t realy belive in it. I don’t thing that if it says that the Sagetarius will get some unexpected money all of them will..

  64. Mariane

    Reblogged this on Mariane's Journal and commented:
    I like astrology and I love this post. I find horoscopes interesting but I’d never go to a psychic.

    • Cool! Thank you so much!
      I went to a psychic once only because I won a free reading. I know it is all about the interpretation, but wow, it was really eye opening. I think once in a lifetime is enough for me!

  65. I have better luck with looking up my capricorn horoscope than looking up my ox horoscope. I am a goat and an ox. Fun… Anyway, astrologyzone and astrologycom are realyl good and I feel like they are actually looking at the stars and energy rather than pulling adjectives out of a hat. I haven’t had the same luck with Chinese astrology.

  66. I used to be so crazy reading my horoscopes as well that my friends used to send me my horoscope for the day to cheer me up and show me some love but I long stopped consulting it. It still feels so tempting to check out on the stars and find out what they have lined up for us once in a while, though :p

    • That’s what I think. It is like opening up a fortune cookie. I just hope that it predicts something wonderful and if it doesn’t, then I just crumple it up and throw it away….
      Thanks for stopping by!

  67. fah

    Do you think future is written?
    i don’t think that.

  68. I’m not really a fan of all these horoscopes and predictions and stuff, but I won’t deny that reading through them is quite interesting. I read them out of curiosity, but I never take them too seriously. Unlike you, I’m not exactly a fan of Ganesha.

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    I like this blog..

  70. Hi

    I am born in the year of Dog too. And Yes according to the chinese zodiac sign because “dog zodiac” offended the “taishui”.

    Who is taishui…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tai_Sui

  71. I love this post–and can certainly relate! As it happens, I am also an Aries–I was born in the year of the Horse, and my element is fire. But I don’t know my blood type (a point made in the “Astrology” segment of Showtimes’ “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!”).

    I especially am amused at your references to predictions that aren’t even applicable, in your life. I find the same: “Your love live…” I have no love life! “Your job…” I have no job!

    I truly wish astrology were reliable–life would be so much simpler!

  72. Have a great 2012.All the best:)

  73. We do not believe with all forms of divination, but we do not deny sometimes make our predictions more cautious and wiser in the face of life. We further believe in God, and our belief is that God will provide what is best for us even though sometimes not in accordance with what we expected.

  74. My pal was born in the year of the dragon and was paranoid about getting her house cleaned before the Chinese New Year (she’s not Chinese, just superstitious). Turns out I’m a rabbit and last year was my good year. I won’t disagree, as I got a number of short stories accepted for publication in 2011, but I had to remind my friend that I certainly did not get my house spotless at the beginning of the year to garner such luck. I’ve managed to get another tale accepted in 2012, so I will stick with the “write my own fate” theory rather than accepting that it’s all over for me.

    I’m off to read your drabbles now. I dabble in drabble on occasion as well. Aren’t they fun?

    Good writing luck to you, Susie!

    • Mine wasn’t spotless ether. I am so glad to know that I may have garnered some luck in my haste to leave town!
      Congrats on your publications and good luck to you too in 2012!

  75. I don’t believe in astrology, but my personality strangely fits all too closely to my star sign: Taurus.

    • Isn’t that so weird? When the news hit that some prof. in MN. said that there was a 13th sign and I would be a Pisces, I looked up the profile. It was nothing like me at all!!! I am glad he was wrong!
      Thanks for stopping by to read~

  76. Finally! The recognition you deserve, Susie! Good for you

  77. Fun read and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  78. I love astrology and I really enjoyed reading your article. I do believe that the future is written but I do believe as well that we have the power to change it in some way!

  79. Yes, Mademoiselle used to be The Place to go for your astrological forecast! Haven’t viewed it in years though…too busy…I bet that’s what it said…every year :)

  80. I am a lion on the cusp of being a virgin monkey! :) ha ha ha! never put it all together before….thank you!

  81. At least you have a nicer sounding astrological sign. My sign is Cancer, which is kinda a depressing thing, though some of the horoscopes have been pretty positive. I hope that even though the stars are predicting an opposite state, you can still look forward to celebrating the new year.

    Your post made me smile, and I’m thinking of looking up my horoscopes now. :)

  82. Oh snap! I knew this one was really great! Weird how they are a little delayed. But yay you! ;-)

    • Thanks Renee!!! I looked right at the page and was going to start checking out who got “Pressed,” when the notifications started coming in. I didn’t recognize it! Hahaha!

  83. Happy belated Chinese New Year! I too have a fascination with horoscopes. but find these to be most accurate: http://www.thepowerpath.com/ (more of a shamanistic mindset)

    Also, I’m a Coloradoan too :) Nice to “meet” you!

  84. Great post – and congrats on being freshly pressed!

    Matthew Wright

  85. I love astrology, but haven’t had the time to study it as I would like. Great post, Susie, loved the links too! Happy Chinese New Year, and my your favorable horoscopes be true!

  86. Hey…. look who’s Freshly Pressed!

    Congrats, my friend. Well deserved.

  87. That is a great story, I don’t follow horoscope religiously but I like a look. As a positive person, I believe it if it’s positive and not if its negative! I am a Pisces born in the year of the tiger, a fish with teeth!

  88. Thanks for the smiles, Susie!

    I really like your humourous look on life. Who cares what the horoscopes say just make 2012 the best year EVER!

    Congratulations on being FP’ed and good luck with your book!

  89. Dangit.

    My horoscope and my chinese horoscope completely disagree with each other based off of the links you gave. (Capricorn and dragon, respectively)

    One says I’m facing injury, the other says I’ll be robust and healthy. One says my finances are screwed, the other one says I’ll make lots of money. One talks about my kids…..

    Wait a sec. I don’t have kids. Does this mean I’m going to have kids in 2012?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Ganesha is the god of good luck and wealth. So may he bless you!!!

  91. Cool post! I would suggest the Old Moores Horoscope Daily Diary, I’ve been getting a gemini one for about 5 years in a row now and I love it (though if it says im going to have a bad day – i ignore it :-))…Thanks for the links they were really interesting!

  92. I confess I never believed in Astrology either actually.

    Even when my parents went to the Astrologers, I would tell them

    “you’re wasting soo many things in a go
    – your time
    – your money
    – my time by dragging me into this”

  93. Donna Amis Davis

    Susie, did you get Freshly Pressed AGAIN? Wow, girl! Congratulations!

  94. Susie,
    Spoken like a true Aries woman (I’m one too); when the horoscope says something I don’t agree with…I totally dismiss it and as I got to the end of your post, I just knew you would chose to accept the Astro predictions over the Chinese version; after all, Aries people are optimists at heart. LOL
    Never been to a psychic; not sure if I believe in horoscopes, but do enjoy reading them ocassionally. sometimes they are accurate most times not.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed, well deserved!

    • Thanks Marcia!
      It’s the only way to roll through life. Why focus on the negative. I just set my eye on the prize and then go for it!
      I notice that your coffee cup is half full too!

  95. am taurus..

    i ddnt know what can i say..

  96. thewalrusman

    Good post and happy new year! (the chinese year, of course. Our year… Also, ok).

    And if you understand spanish, visit my blog. I will not disappoint (https://theothergod.wordpress.com).

  97. Your website is actually unique. Thank you for that.

  98. I read the last link mine and my husbands what a downer. They were both pretty negitve.Myabe I’ll try the horoscope maybe will give me better news. Congratulations on being freshly pressed there had to be some good fortune some where in your chart.

  99. my my

    i follow my horoscope monthly…the absolute BEST scopes that i’ve ever read are on http://www.astrologyzone.com Susan Miller is the cat’s meow!

  100. I have gone to a psychic. Some of the thing she said could have been said to anyone, but some were specific enough to impress me. I hate that my chinese astrological sign is the rat. I don’t want to be a rat!

    • I think that all of the Chinese signs have good qualities…
      The psychic idea is interesting. I guess there is a lot we don’t know about the universe and how it works.
      Thanks for reading!

  101. OK fellow Freshly Pressed person, strap on your skis (or in my case, a snowboard). I crafted this response from your “about” profile, so don’t get creeped out and lock all your doors or send me a note about copyright infringement when it sounds alarmingly familiar. =p

    “I’m a Castle Pines, Colorado transplant which is home to the second most active people in the country (behind Boulder). My passions include family, snowboarding, tennis, writing, not cleaning the house, not cooking, and anything that takes me outside to enjoy our 300 sunny days! I love writing about all kinds of random subjects both real and imagined, but I don’t really love anything more than taking naps. I blog two times a week. I write about life on Monday and whatever random subject pops into my head that you probably don’t care about on Thursday.

    I am currently writing a YA contemporary novel. I started my blog about a month ago so I could have an excuse not to work on my novel. My cup of tea (love the Boulder Teahouse!) is always half full because that’s just how I roll. My life is never dull. It’s always a wild ride, (or at least it is in my mind when I’m doing laundry and matching endless pairs of mateless socks).

    Sorry for the long-winded comment, but I couldn’t help myself. I like to hear myself talk and the whole fam is asleep. I’m in Boulder a lot in part because my husband has a CU Buff tattooed on his calf but also because my bestie from college lives there. It’s a great town. Totally enjoyed your article. I’m a Gemini, and my Gemininess is something that works itself into my blog on a regular basis. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! You seem to know exactly how you got here, I on the other hand, have no idea why the Freshly Pressed genies chose me. Enjoy!

    • I LOVE this! Too funny. Dushanbe Teahouse is a beautiful place to visit in Boulder. Can you believe how much snow fell this weekend? Nice!

      Thank you so much and congrats to you as well!

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  103. okay, you don’t have to follow the whole thing, but maybe the “mind your personal hygiene” thing :-)

    Congrats on being FP!

  104. Your chinese new year also depends on the date of your birth… for example, my boyfriend and I were born in the same year but his chinese zodiac is tiger and mine is rabbit.. so make sure you got the right one O_O

    Nice post btw! horoscopes can be pretty tricky!

  105. Hi Susie
    Loved your post – the roller coaster of prophecy – if real life was not enough to deal with! Hope all the good things happen (I tend to ignore all the unfavourable aspects) best wishes

    • Thank you Charmaine!
      I guess we must be kindred spirits. I really only like to focus on the positive and blow by all the negative. I don’t have time for that when my coffee cup is always half full!

  106. Hey was an interesting post I guess even those who believe or dont they give at least some attention to the horoscopes :)
    Well My take on them will be Yes i believe them but when i see them in general and mZ etc then what they are doing is a) Dividing the entire world population in 12 parts so my special stuff will be lost. Similarly when i talk about the Chinese ones they also say same stuff for a huge set of population so how could all set well on us ;)
    Well according to me the ones which take most details about you like your entire birth date ,time & place of birth will be most accurate to trust on.
    But still we can have fun in the ones which are just there :)

  107. I enjoyed this post, it’s light and fun, and shows how constrasting different types of readings can be. Interesting stuff, and fun to play with. :)

    When I was a teen I developed an interest, but didn’t much care for the magazine predictions, so I learned to create astrological charts using birthdate, time, lattitude and longitude, and a bunch of calculations that are these days done by computer. The results were much more accurate, and you could look at the current sky, find the planet positions, see how they affect you by their position in relation to where they were when you were born, etc. Fascinating study, but I haven’t done it in years, alas. I think I was more looking for an understanding of myself rather than any kind of predictions of the future.

    • I am interested in this post most especially b/c I too was brought up on the “mystical information” of astrology and horoscopes. I bought the Pisces Monthly forecast for years when I was a teenager.
      I have spent most of my life time figuring out about this “horoscope” thing and how it is accurate like the weather. Sometimes, things do not happen to me that the “horoscope” says, and that is b/x I am, we are Human and Being and there is more than just our Sun sign at work in making us who we are.
      I am honored and amazed that after so many years of study, today I have a chance to share this understanding that has come to me through study and living on such a large forum.
      This post is perfect b/c it hits home at the general observation that most of the time horoscopes…unless they are inclusive of a cast of different aspects of your life….are never “Spot On”.
      That is the case b/c we are all each an individual entity that is experiencing the Universe from an angel angle that NO ONE else can ever duplicate. Unless a person knows LOTS about you and has known you for a long time, PLUS studied astrology and the energetic qualities that correspond with the planetary placement of the solar system, no horoscope will be 100% accurate to you. Kind of like the weather…it depends on where you are.
      I have been writing an Energy Flow Report for almost ten years now. It gives an overview of how the “mood” of people and state of luck, accidents, romance, good business days, important dream times, etc. are, without all of the mystical “well b/c this, this and that are in your X, Y and Z houses, you should experience this..” you get a simple to read, easy to understand idea of what to expect out of life. And there are times when life is gonna sneak up on us…just like the weather. Seems Mother Nature and the Universe may be related (to us all).
      I want to thank you Susie and Freshly Pressed for the opportunity to make this concept an available for others to get a chance to see it as a tool they can use, not a rule to live by!
      Congrats on FP!!! Great blog of probing questions! AmberLena:)(:

      • Wow. Thanks AmberLena!
        I love your analogy to the weather. My daughter took a class on meteorology last semester and she learned that it can’t be predicted more than 24 hours in advance and even then it can be a crap shoot!

    • Thanks!
      That sounds so intense. I never learned any of the astronomy behind it.
      Do you remember biorhythms? Those were fun to chart….

  108. Hi,
    this is very interesting. I also do believe in astrology and such things, but also I believe in myself :).
    I tryed the ask ganesha site and I think the prediction is the same like those that i saw in other sites so I will wait and see…

    P.S I was born also in the year of the dog and my zodiac is virgo

  109. Sandeep Yadav

    great wrk I am a Libra :)

  110. showbizinside

    If you’re interested in knowing more about your future base on the Chinese Animal Zodiac, I suggest you read http://sanaakosirickly.wordpress.com

  111. I am a pisces but am a fellow dog. Hopefully Fengshuidiy is wrong. :) Great article.

  112. Anonymous

    It is a very good new!!) visit http://24ra.ru

  113. More than ever I am trying to find out “what is in-store for me, with my world potentially crumbling into the abyss. Thank U for reminding me about the stars of astrology, and kudos on getting Pressed like a freshly flashing comet!

    • A freshly flashing comet is such a great analogy! Flashing brightly for a little while anyway…
      I am sure you will make it through all of the crumbling…we just have to keep motoring forward and believe that everything will improve! More than anything, I believe in the power of positive thinking….

      Thank you so much Achilliad!

  114. horoscopes are either a hit or a miss. or whichever way you wanna see it. Nice post! Very Witty.

  115. Happy Chinese new year :)

  116. rollingbearings

    I still remember when I first read my 2012 predictions and it was in a bold arial font.

  117. I find the Chinese Horoscopes to be so true to people’s personalities. I am a snake and it describes me so well. I don’t believe the daily horoscopes that come in newspapers and magazines because they are often made up by people sitting around in an office (my conclusion since the horoscopes never turn out to be true). I do believe that you react to situations based on the personality trait outlined in the horoscopes.

  118. In India, given the multitude of different religions and cultural groups, we have a new year being celebrated almost every month!! Horoscopes are drawn up the minute a child is born. Important ceremonies, celebrations are all dictated by dates and at the exact time as dictated by the almanac. Now if it really helps or not – well that is a totally different story. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  119. Clearly Ganesha was right on…You got Freshly Pressed. Congratulations!!! Have a super year. Instead of making predictions, I make a wish and send it away to the universe through of one of the elements – fire, air, water, earth… try it. Throw a pebble in the ocean… or since you are just an hour north of me, I should say, throw a snowball in the air ;-))

  120. I totally believe in astrology. I used to live with a vedic astrologer and he told me that I was paralyzed at birth. I didn’t believe him, told him he was wrong and was sure about it. Then I call my mother and she confesses that I was indeed paralyzed at birth on the entire left side of my face. Craziness.

    Unfortunately, no amount of astrology in the universe is going to reduce my prison sentence.

    I’ll see all you on the other side! Word up.

  121. A few years back I consulted every one who claimed himself/ herself as an astrologer. I met coffee readers, face readers, palmists and probably would have shown every part of my body to know the future. Now I maintain a “safe” distance from them. Ironically, a few of the astrologers now come to consult me for all their investment decisions !!!!

  122. i dont belive in astrology but i checked out mine(just in case) i am well i was dorn in the year of tiger…r they emotional or sentimental for i cound just blame them for i being so but i guess im not in luck…. hey a very good read and congrats :)

  123. Your wit is outstanding. That is the prediction of GJ. Great piece.

  124. A lot of growth is code for a lot of pain. Hopefully nothing serious though, but it sounds as if your regular horoscope is indicating that the status quo is going to change for you this year. So, my unasked for advice is to minimize stress as much as possible. Make sure you’re eating right and getting enough sleep. The best way to handle an year long growth curve is to keep your energy levels up, and your chi in tact. Happy New Year!

  125. Mine is the Rabbit, the year that just left. It was a mixed up year, but overall a good one. Hope you enjoy this year of the dragon (my husband’s).

  126. Astro.com for the best horoscopes. For anything else…me. I practice cartomancy-which is actually reading cards. I’m pretty good at it.

    • That’s pretty cool! Playing solitaire would take on a whole new meaning!

      • Actually the original purpose of playing cards that we play solitaire and the likes on was that of divination (reading or fortune telling). I do read some types of cards, but not those as they seem very complicated. Readings are great, but remember no one can absolutely tell you your future, as the future is completely changeable. When I do readings for people I read for them the areas where they can or could work on, and the possible outcomes if they do such work or not.

        I went to the two sites you had gone to for predictions, and I have to say I liked the Astrology reading a lot better! As a Taurus, I am going to have a great year, and per the prediction could be married by summer :O Okay, that could be interesting because I am not even dating or know of anyone I would like to date. The end of the year is also a good time for me in the matters of Matrimony… The whole career thing is supposed to be really good too.

        Well here is some food for thought or cards for thought! Next time you play solitaire, look at the cards and what they might be telling you about your future, our own intuition is often better than others!

        Peace and Harmony, Sj

  127. Very interesting blog and post. I’m an Aries/Dragon. Does this mean my year will be doubly fantastic? :)

    • Aries rocks this year! I am not sure about Dragon. Check the link up above. “Fengshuidiy.” One commenter said that all the outlooks looked pretty grim so take it with a grain of salt or just blow it off like I will and just stick to the Aries forecast! Hahaha!

  128. ***The LensMaster

    2011 was the year of the Tiger…and I am a Tiger by sign. It says great things about fortune but forewarned of dangers in the 2nd half of the year. I didn’t take caution and the fortune I accumulated during the 1st half all got lost in the 2nd…I’m hoping that my dear friend Water Dragon will drenched me in prosperity this year…

  129. wow thats great
    thank your to your horoscope :)

  130. wow!
    thank you for your horoscope,,,,,,,, :)

  131. wow that site you left for the chinese new year seems pretty grim for everyone. I thought the stars were only meant to tell you good things. And i went to a psychic really recently, so not sure if what she said will come true yet. But the things she said about my life made a bit of sense. I am still on the fence

  132. Great post, you’ve inspired me to have a nosey at my own 2012 predictions!

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  134. Gong Xi Fat Choi. I also have a posting about Chinese New Year. http://priajelita.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/gong-xi-fat-choi-sin-nien-kuai-le-2563/ Please check it if you have time. Thank you

  135. What a lovely, lovely, lovely text! I’m a horoscope-eater, and, guess what! This year I’m supposed to have ‘zillions of changes’. I still remember when I first read my 2012 predictions and it was in a bold arial font: CANCER PEOPLE, BE READY FOR A 180º TURN.
    Now, reading that, I identified myself in your predictions! Too bad your chinese horoscope wasn’t great, but I’m pretty sure it will be a a year full of learning and happiness, which, we have to say, is all that matters.
    So glad to read it!
    Have a wonderful year, dear. And I now have a prediction for you:
    ‘Susie, you’ll have a 2012 full of comments on your blog!’ hahahaha, kisses!

  136. Modern Funk

    Crazy. Pisces. Chick.

  137. Veronica Morriss

    Thanks for your post! I love astrology but it’s hard to find a good astrologist these days. My favorite place to browse my monthly horoscope is at: http://www.chronogram.com/issue/2012/2/Horoscopes
    It is usually pretty accurate and always cheerful!

  138. http://www.astrologyzone.com (Susan Miller) and Daniel Whelland Dowd both awesome… also I have gone to a medium not a psychic and she was unbelievable, Melanie May in Upstate New York. Astrology is about timing not predictions, using energy in the optimal way. I did enjoy your post :)

  139. kelslifestrength

    Love your insights! thank you for sharing! :)

  140. Ooh, downward dog for me too! Wish I were Aries, I would take the men off of your hands for you! LOL!

  141. Really enjoyed your post. Clicked on the Fengshuidiy site and I must say you and I are a bit screwed, hahaha. Over the years I’ve found that my horoscope’s right about 50% of the time, but when it’s right, whoa boy, is it right! Hopefully yours and mine aren’t that accurate, at least until a better comes along. :)


  143. I used to read my horoscope everyday, but I have let that fall by the wayside. I also went to a psychic in college and while I don’t remember very much of her prediction, she did predict my husband and we are really happy together.

  144. I’m not one for psychics and horoscopes, but I do find the whole thing very interesting to regard. Thanks for sharing your story! Oh- and congrats on joining the FP’d club :D

  145. alice pngen .....

    Reblogged this on http://www.blogjelex.tk.

  146. Great post! I’m very interested in astrology but more so just in spiritual aspects of life. I wish I knew more about astrology and lunar things than I do right now. :)

  147. This is great. I posted about Chinese New Year last week and admit I have have a facination with it too. I’m a Leo and Horse.

  148. I believe in the positive forecasts. =P

  149. Funny stuff! You know you’re going to have to recap at about this time in 2013 (you know, if we all still exist then), so we can find out which horoscope was right.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! (How do you do that?)

  150. I enjoyed reading your story. What a sudden turn of events in your last few paragraphs lol.

    Anyways, yeah, thank goodness for Chinese New Year–the “other” New Year lol….gives ppl a chance to start anew once again. It’s a great occasion though, as most “resolutions” are probably broken after just month!

    As to your question, I am not sure if I believe in horoscopes. However, I do believe in hidden human potential. The Chinese use a term, qi–pronounced “Chee”, to refer to all the energy of the universe. In a nutshell, people who are able to tap into this energy have more control over their lives and, in essence, make their own luck. Similarly, these people also seem to use their sixth sense–intuition–wisely.

    But yeah, I think believing in yourself and in your innate abilities works best give you the life you want. Said in another way, the life you want is the life you create:)

    • Great response! I completely agree. We all have the potential to create our own destiny and relying on horoscopes and predictions may prevent us from listening to our inner voice, the part of us that can see the obstacles and how to go beyond them!

    • I totally agree with you and the line, “the life you want is the life you create.” So much of that has to do with finding your passion and then going for it. I think it also has to do with positive visualization.
      Thank you!

  151. I see my future as setting up my own company of web start-up.

  152. Constance V. Walden

    I used to dabble in this stuff until I met Jesus Christ. Connie

  153. I love your post! So refreshingly honest! I am a closet horoscope reader (well not to those who know me well, but I don’t openly talk about it, due to my programming, “Smart people don’t believe in that.”)

    I do follow western astrology. Though it’s been said over and over again that you need to check your rising AND your sun sign in horoscopes, the two best sun sign astrologers out there that I have found are Rob Breszny http://www.realastrology.com and Nadiya Shah http://www.nadiyashah.com.

    I don’t follow Chinese Astrology so much. I’ve just never really resonated with it. However, they say I’m set to have a pretty good year.

    I have found that the most important thing to remember when looking at this stuff is just find what speaks to your heart and look into it. There are so many astrologers and types of astrology that I have found, just like religion, it is so important to understand that there is not just one truth or one way of doing things… it’s not fair to discount anything as right or wrong and to just follow what feels good to your soul.

    Thanks again and have a happy day. :)

  154. I also remember those little scrolls! Too funny, thanks for reminding me of them! Congratulations.

  155. Congratulations on being freshly pressed. Again!

    • Thanks Yatin! You are the best~

      • Hi
        This is the first time i have visited your blog. I really appreciate your awesome style of writing. But i believe that there is no truth in astrological or chinese or any kind of horo as such. Its our mind that plays the game. Thats pretty much shown in your writing nothing but your confidence. Believe in yourself and become leader of this world

  156. Congrats on FP! I’m an earth dog, and a Scorpio. Nice blog and fun post.

  157. I absolutely believe in both, in fact, I went to see three of the most famous psychics: Sylvia Brown, John Edward, and John Edward’s mentor, Shelly Peck, who since has passed.
    Everything Shelly Peck told me came to pass; with the exception of one which I happen to be working on now. So, I’m with you, but I also believe in free will, which changes the complexity of the reading.


  158. AWESOME post, and I agree you should just stick to the astrological predictions. Those seem right to me. :-)

  159. What people should just understand already is NEW YEAR’s DAY is just another day put by us HUMANS on the calendar to BE LAZY AND NOT WORK OR BE PRODUCTIVE.

    Might sound a bit extreme, but it’s true isn’t it?

  160. Astrology is always fun to explore! There is a saying which goes ‘70% destiny, 30% on your own’ hence we have the ability to make a difference in our lives! Happy Dragon New Year to you too!

  161. A very good post. I currently have a post about astrology on my blog SpiritualThemes. I would highly encourage you to go to a reputable astrologer and have a horoscope chart done for you. That’s where you’ll find some real magic above and beyond the newspapers. It’s actually comparable to psychology of the personality. Thanks. Keep Writing. Keep Blogging.

  162. Great post! And OMG! You made Freshly Pressed!!! Happy Chinese New Year! I am an OX. Phshh..

  163. Anonymous

    It even gets better…

  164. I AM a psychic, and I believe in intuitive astrology – very much! I think our birth chart is a high level glance at our soul contracts. :)

  165. its soo fun and at times anazingly amazing…hehe thanks for your blog

  166. Yes, I believe in Horoscope – because I like you got hooked on them at a young age. Everything I’ve ever read about Capricorns (my sign) has been dead on accurate. It describes my personality, and I find that I know good amount about a persons temperament from their Zodiac sign. (Yeah, I got obsessive and studied them all).

    Now as far as predictions – that’s another thing. I just think that’s entertainment. They are always really vauge and really could be talking about anything and anybody, at least on any given day.

    A reading, have been at least once. A little scarier – I try to stay away. lol
    Enjoyed your post, from a fellow Zodiac lover from a by gone era.

  167. Maybe you and your husband will have a wildly romantic July through September!

    I usually check them just for fun and to keep an eye out for Mercury going retrograde, but last year was so off the mark that I haven’t bothered this year. Maybe my sudden craving for Chinese food last night was a sign that I should check the Chinese zodiac instead.

  168. Awesome! very informative, i am always want to know about me, maybe you can tell me?

  169. Loved your post Susie! I went to a tea leaf reader once. She said that someone with feminine energy would stab me in the back in the coming months. We were friends, and we discussed who this could possibly be, and came to the conclusion that it was going to be a room mate of mine, that swine! Turned out it was the tea leaf reader herself. LOL I wonder if she knew at the time. Since then I have just stuck to the more general daily horoscopes in the newspapers. :D

  170. lol awesome post. I love this part hahaha “My love life is supposed to rock! I am already married so all those relationships I am supposed to have from July to September are not going to happen. My husband concurs.” Very funny. :)

  171. Hi Susie. I am Aries, and Chinese horoscope is the Boar. Excitement and new ideas are always in my chart even on a down day, lol. :) Great post.

  172. lynnkelleyauthor

    No, I don’t believe in astrology. Too general, for the most part. And I’m pretty gullible about a lot of things. I went to a psychic once. The things she said could have been applied to most people, but I was super gullible back then. She predicted I’d have a boy, girl, boy, girl, no matter how many kids I had (which were none at the time). Lo and behold I had a boy, then a girl. She was right so far, so I knew the third baby was a boy. Wrong. It was a girl. The fourth baby was another girl. She also predicted we’d live in 5 houses, with each one being larger than the previous one. She was right about that, and now that we’re losing that 5th house, we’ll be living in an apartment. That prediction could apply to many people, though, so I shrug it off as a ‘maybe.’

    I was born in the year of the Monkey. That fitting for me since I’m always clowning/monkeying around and trying to dodge monkey wrenches! I think fortune cookies are fun.

    Happy Chinese New Year! Fun post!

  173. Don’t forget to look at which element you are too!!! Your element has a strong strong influence on your character!!!!!

    I find horoscopes to be interesting and fun. But never put much stake in them as they are so vague they are practically true enough for everyone. And I pulled a week long job stint as an phone-in physic… so I know this one pretty good!!


  174. I have been afraid to go back. Something tells me that it would be dead on and I’m not sure I want to know….I love surprises especially when they are good!

  175. I think it’s fun. I don’t know how much stock I put in it though. I did go with a friend to see a psychic once. She was pretty amazing. She told me things even though we weren’t there for me. She nailed it. I have a friend that does that fairly often as well.

  176. Funny, I’m the guy who usually gets 3 or 4 of the same fortunes stuck together in the same “Chinese Fortune Cooky” I think the machine slips now and then in the same area of the paper…just above where it says: Made in Chicago
    Bless You

  177. myfriendmissmiller

    LOVE LOVE horoscopes. Have you ever done your birth chart reading? If you google “Ask Oracle” and put int your birth info, it gives you a giant report….. it was insanely DEAD on in every single way. I’ve never been to a psychic, although I’ve really thought it over. We’ll see…As an Aquarius I’m pretty in-tune with the spiritual side of myself and others and I have rarely NOT matched up closely with my horoscopes and readings.

    Funny you wished you had saved the horoscope, I am the person who always gets the very beautiful and very true Chinese fortunes in my cookie. I have saved every single one, and look at them from time to time. My favorite one that I received when I was having internal doubts about breaking up with my 3-year live-in boyfriend was: “The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one.” (I broke up with him two days later, best decision thus far in my life… I keep that one on top of all of the others in my wallet). :)

  178. As a Gemini, i’m generally game. Or a complete skeptic. It depends on who’s driving on any particular day! Thanks for stopping by The Trailer Park! Cheers!

  179. I read horoscopes, and–since I’m on the cusp, I get to choose which I want to be, or (for some perverse reason) which came closest to being true when I clear away yesterday’s papers. (Yes. We sill get papers delivered to the house. My husband loves them.)

    I went to a psychic once in California. Old house, Incense. Long, scary, witch-like hair. Eyes that made swiss cheese of me; the looks were that intense. I was apparently a princess a gazillion years ago on Venus. She also said some blahdy, blah stuff about good karma. Or, that’s the best I recall. Which, is VERY little because it was a long time ago, and…

    we went directly to the bar after the visit with the psycho-doodle-do.

  180. Tameri – Hahaha! I think that may be a good idea for this year.
    I agree!

  181. That is so awesome! I’m an Aries and my husband is the Dog. Too funny that I’ll be raking in the cash and he’ll be losing it buy speculation. Hmmm, I might need to put him on an allowance.

    Thanks for sharing this fun post. I love astrology, but take it for what it is: mass marketed to one trait of myself. Like you found out, there are different predictions for different aspects of our astrological make up. It’s a crapshoot, basically. ; )

  182. Funny, I used to read my horoscope every month or so and I used to get a reading quite regularly. haven’t done either in a few years. I checked the links and I think I’ll try for a reading while I’m on vacation. Happy Chinese New Year, Susie.

    • I am so glad Louise! You’ll have to let me know if it seems accurate. I am sure it will paint bright future.
      Hahaha! It just occurred to me that I would be the worst psychic. I would try to see the good in every reading!
      Thank you Louise! Happy New Year to you too!

  183. I love horoscopes, but know that the ones in newspapers and magazines are way too general to be accurate. I do love reading about the characteristics of signs, though. Those are usually right on. Fun post.

  184. I love astrology and did a thing on it back in November. I’m a Scorpio/Sheep. Sounds like I’ve got some travel coming up this year! Whoo hoo!

  185. I always get astrology and astromony mixed up – and I’m a nerd, so I have no excuse. I never read horoscopes because I fear the exact result you got. I have this image of the astrologer pointing at me and laughing.

    Have to say, not a big believer in psychics. I used to be into the whole supernatural scene back in my teens and early twenties, but even then I was dubious about them – I was more into UFOs and cryptozoology. Nowadays I’m a die hard sceptic. I’m naturally facetious, so that suits me better.

    PS: I hope it’s not culturally insensitive to note that my first thought at the mention of the word Ganesha was of Homer Simpson running away from Apu’s family wearing the head of an elephant. “Stop chasing Ganesha!”

    • Hahaha! The Master you are too funny! Still laughing at the visual of the astrologist pointing and laughing and your imaginary Simpson’s episode. I do want to know if you were tempted to peek at your fortune…..I bet you did!

      • OK, let’s see. Checks ganesha.com for Scorpio…

        Wow, that was scarily similar to my own mental plans for the year. Last year I did indeed “make my ambitions and desires well known”, and there have been some “hitches, delays and the like” so far this year. And I do have “lot of ideas will be running through my head” regarding where to take my comic. If this means my “wealth is going to bring prosperity and considerable increase in income” and “an option of long term monetary stability”, that would be awesome.

        Not so keen on the romantic predictions. Apparently I “may feel a need for solitude.” In other words, no change there. After that I couldn’t help but wonder if “you will learn more about yourself during this year” was some kind of euphemism. The travel predictions seem way off, too. “There are also probabilities of journey by air.” As I’m terrified of flying (and barring any unfortunate accidents involving cannons) I’d call that a bust. I didn’t check the Chinese one. Yours was alarmingly blunt, and as I’m feeling relatively optimistic now I’ve decided not the risk it.

        PS: That Simpsons episode was real! I checked the tubes of You for proof, and the best I could find was this grainy German dub. Still, there is Ganesh Homer 0:38.

        • First of all I am so proud of your bravery! I am glad that most of the prediction was good!

          A picture says a 1000 words…too funny!
          I would have to know which Chinese animal you are in order to check for you….I agree to quit while you are ahead. Hahaha!

  186. Take special heed of that ‘beware of sharp tools’ one!

  187. Happy Chinise New Year Susie, I do believe in horoscope and astrology … I am Aries…

  188. Hi. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was recently nominated (http://thebeachwriter.com/2012/01/23/a-word-about-an-award/) and have chosen you as one of my 15. Congratulations!

    The rules of this nomination are as follows.

    1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
    2. Share 7 things about yourself.
    3. Pass this award along to 15 others.
    4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award

  189. I love that you’re into astrology, Susie! I think horoscopes are fun, though I’ve never known much about my sign. I’m a cusp, on the border between capricorn and sagittarius, so if I read them, I choose the one I like best. ;)

    Hope you really max out on that personal growth. Seems like you’re on the right track!

    • Thanks August! I would do the same thing if I was born on the cusp. It has always been more of a curiosity than anything else. Who knows? This could be my year and I hope you have a great one too!

  190. Hi,
    I used to read my horoscope every week at one stage, and always checked out what the year may have in store. But as I got older this became less and less. I haven’t actually gone out of my way to read my horoscope for a long time now. :D

    • I know! I am the same way and yet when this idea came to me when writing appts. on my calendar I just had to look mine up as part of the post. I had no idea until the story was half written yesterday, that they would be so opposing! So ironic!!

      I hope you took advantage of these reliable sources!! ; )

  191. Do you believe in horoscopes? No, I’m afraid not!
    Do you believe in horoscopes? VampireLover has, but she doesn’t really put too much stock in such things.
    Great post, though Susie!

  192. Coleen Patrick

    I haven’t checked it out in a long time, but in college I remember reading books about it and even buying those zodiac scrolls at the cash register. :)

  193. Oh you are so brave going to a psychic, though I too love astrology. I’m checking my year out as soon I finish typing this, thanks :)

    • I only went to a psychic once and only because I won a free session. It was pretty creepy how much of it was true and continues to unfold so to speak…
      I hope your year rocks Catherine!

  194. By all means, forego the downer and go for the exceptional :-)

  195. Okay–I checked out both sites and definitely prefer the predictions from the astrological one for my sign, which is Cancer. It seems that I may have a good year ahead of me with lots of opportunities for prosperity and good fortune. Yay!!! That’s what I like to read! I wonder if it will begin today?

    Great post–really enjoyed reading it, even if I take all predictions with a grain of salt. Good for entertainment value, if nothing else.

  196. Julie Catherine

    I’m a Pisces / Monkey – and what conflicting predictions for both for 2012, lol. I think I might check out some other sources to see if I can find some I like better … hehehe. I haven’t done this for a long time, but I do know that I am a piscean through and through. I also remember years ago attending psychic fairs, and still have some tapes from readings. It’s amazing how close some of the things I was told actually came to my reality. Cool post, Susie, I enjoyed reading it! ~ Julie :)

    • Thanks Julie!
      I reluctantly had a reading done once too. It was very revealing although 10 years later it seems it is all in the interpretation which has evolved. It was still dead on in a lot of aspects…
      Thank you! I am glad you had fun with it!

  197. I am Libra & Scorpio based on which calendar I follow. By Julian I am Libra, by Vikram (followed in western India) I am a Scorpio. I read both and follow the one that’s most accommodating to my needs. Anyone predicting me moving long distance is discounted for the year. About a decade almost all predictors said the same about Libra & Scorpio. “It’s a tricky year for you, watch your move through out the year, it will have long term repercussions” I got married that year.
    To answer your second question; my wife is a half shrink (long story), so I don’t need to go to anyone else. Her wife & half-shrink persona controls my mind, my peace and my activity both normal and paranormal.

  198. No to both. I do not believe that celestial bodies have anything to do with the course of my life any more than I believe that God is up there directing every single event that happens on this planet.

    If believing in something gives you the strength to endure, then you do what’s best for you and keep believing. I, however, look at everything logically and I find no logic in astrology.

  199. My star sign is Aries and Ganesha always predicts the opposite for me…I like a prediction that always says good things…doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out

    • Subhaker – So do I that’s why I couldn’t believe my luck yesterday when I looked up my horoscope for the first time in years! I always disregard them if they are not favorable…I am a coffee cup half full girl after all!
      Thanks for reading!

  200. I’m Aquarius, but none of those horrorscopes seem to nail it for me… :-(

  201. I’ve always been skeptical of astrology. Most of the ones I’ve read are so vague or subject to interpretation they could be true for anyone. Of course I was reading the free ones in the newspaper so maybe I was getting what I paid for. I had my palm read once, just for fun. She told me I would meet a significant other that year, I would be out with a friend when I met him, and my guy would be wearing glasses (I like guys with glasses, but I hadn’t told the psychic). Later that year I did indeed meet the guy who’d become my husband, I was out with a friend when I met him, and yes he wears glasses. So maybe there’s something to this stuff!

    • That just totally gave me shivers! (Sorry, I write the way I talk and sometimes that is like a 16-year-old! Hahaha!) I think there is something to all of it, but like you said, it is all in the interpretation.

  202. By the way who do you fancy will the Australian Open tennis finals? Can Roger do one more GS?

  203. I thought CNY started on the 23rd, but have been told, by some Chinese friends, it was actually yesterday. Dragon or water dragon?

  204. Madison Woods

    Usually I love to read my horoscope, but I hadn’t looked at it in years. Earlier I found out that this is a year of the Dragon and I was born in a year of the dragon so I might take a look to see how mine compare. Sure hope they’re BOTH good though!

  205. I am born right on the very edge of Leo and was born in the year of the rabbit. I used to read horoscopes every single day but now if I can get up in the morning I figure it;s going to be a good day..:)


  206. Anonymous

    Very nice. Enjoyed the post!

  207. thomag1

    Happy Chinese NewYear, Susie! Great article. Best to you.

  208. Happy Chinese new year! I kind of believe the personality profiles as I seem to match pisces but I don’t really believe the future predictions. There’s too many different one out there, they can’t all be right :)

  209. Hey I do although just for fun ..I am Taurean
    and according to Ganesha… During the months of February to March 2012, someone special may catch my attention..i didnt read the rest ;)
    as for Chinese calendar I am Ox …eee haaa Ox and Bull wow isnt it..Now if this doesn’t call for new love life what will :lol:

    • Wow! I am so glad you checked out the links! It is fun to see what the future may hold…Keep a look out for that special someone Soma. You never know!

      • journalpulp

        I must confess, I’ve never been into astrology, and I don’t believe the future is written, but I do believe, Susie, that YOUR future is so bright, I’ve got to wear shades.

        P.S. I’m a Leo.

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