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Wild Hair Wednesday – The Truth in False Advertising

When does providing false information cross the line from slight exaggeration to an outright lie? Before heading to the mountains, I check out the snow totals from the ski resorts. Sometimes the differences are negligible and other times it is … Continue reading

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Eyeing the Charts

It feels like I have a huge test hanging over my head every time I think about my annual eye exam. I begin the countdown by avoiding my reading glasses thus making typos in all of my writing projects. Then … Continue reading

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100 Word Flash Fiction – Jagged Edge

Becky scanned the strange surroundings, but had no memory of how she had arrived. A raven sailed overhead. She stood on an outcropping of rock and tried to shout for help above the din of the pounding water thundering from … Continue reading

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Small Dog Warnings in Boulder County

Okay. I’ll admit it. I am a weather chaser. No, I am not a lunatic that races across the country with a million pieces of crazy equipment trying to find the center of a tornado, nor do I go out … Continue reading

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What’s Your Mantra?

You must have a mantra which is a self-affirmation that causes transformation. Hey! That should be in a song. Anyway, I have had many of them through the years. I stole one from my college friend Dean who was dared to ride … Continue reading

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Slipped Away – 125 Word Flash Fiction

What began as a random thought soon became an obsession. Even the under-painting of the affair seemed like more than Christine could bear. She allowed her soul to suck into the madness of it knowing that she lost a little … Continue reading

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The Stormy Recess of Broken Hearts

I remember my worst Valentine’s Day ever in Madison, Wisconsin as cold, damp and wintery. The night before, I decorated my shoe box with construction paper hearts, rick rack, and sequins much like the other girls in my 5th grade … Continue reading

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An Evening Swim – 100 Word Flash Fiction

She dipped her toe into the placid lake, then stepped in and submerged herself. Her body slid through the water like oil. The cold penetrated her bones the farther out she swam. Storm clouds gathered overhead and rain began to … Continue reading

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Reflected Addiction – Blogfest

When I read that August McLaughlin would be hosting Beauty of a Woman Blogfest on Friday, I just knew I had to join the party. Last September, I wrote a very personal account about my sick relationship with a magnifying … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill You… Helicopter Skiing in Canada

In the shelter of a Quonset hut in Kootenay, British Columbia, our guide John instructed my husband Danny, myself and 8 others on the fundamentals of helicopter skiing and how to stay alive over the next three days. I had … Continue reading

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