Small Dog Warnings in Boulder County

Now that is some wind!

Okay. I’ll admit it. I am a weather chaser. No, I am not a lunatic that races across the country with a million pieces of crazy equipment trying to find the center of a tornado, nor do I go out of my way to drive in snowstorms although I love winter driving. However, I do find myself out on the porch (way too long) during thunderstorms and I keep an eye on the sky for tornadoes for I have seen several since moving to Colorado.

My husband took this photo from his office

Boulder may seem like a quaint and quiet community for some, but after living here for almost 25 years, I know otherwise. Being situated in a valley while kissing the toes of the Rocky Mountain foothills, can make for some amazing weather. Some may think that the Windy City is located in Chicago, but that, my friends, only refers to the political wind bags. Boulder truly is the Windy City. Temperatures have heated up in the Front Range this week while a cold front coming in from the west continued to dump snow in the mountains so I expected wind. It did not surprise me when they surpassed hurricane force.

There have been high-profile vehicle warnings all day! On my way home from an appointment, I saw a huge semi that had flipped over. I snapped a photo while stopped in traffic. When I got home, I took some video on the deck then noticed smoke rising from the valley. It is scary enough to hear my house being pummeled by gusts, but watching a fire being fought in 90 mph wind gusts can be especially terrifying when they are coming from only 3 miles away.

Knowing the accessibility of the fire and the fact that it would have to skip over a highway to reach our house, I went back to my computer. Then I heard a big “BOOM!” I raced to look out the window and our antique iron glider had been pitched against the railing. While it banged away, I tried to slide open the door, but the westerly wind blasted into the room and threatened to level everything inside my house. I went to a door on the leeward side to see what had crashed. After stepping back outside while leaning into the wind to move forward, I found several big heavy concrete roofing tiles that had fallen right where I stepped moments ago. It had officially become hard hat weather.

Years ago, I watched our 250 pound trampoline skitter through our backyard and disappear in high velocity winds clocked at over 120 MPH in Niwot. I raced outside and found it lodged in tree at the top of the block, threatening to flip into our neighbor’s picture window. I ran home and got a knife to cut the center of the tramp which deflated its sail. That day many car doors caught the wind and bent backwards. Light fixtures were sheared off houses. Patio sets were scattered and glass shattered as they were lifted up in the wind and thrown like paper plates. Anything that wasn’t nailed down blew to Kansas.

The wind is blowing water on the reservoir

I turned on the TV and the fire is 100% contained, but 80 MPH winds will continue through tonight and tomorrow. It could be a long night, but lots of snow is falling in the mountains. God, how I love Colorado! It’s always a Wild Ride!

Do you ever get wild weather where you live?

All photos and video by Susie Lindau

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66 responses to “Small Dog Warnings in Boulder County

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  2. Wow, that was quite a blast of air to turn that rig over…looks like it parted the clouds overhead as well. I am a lot like you, something about the negative Ions in a storm maybe…Just makes me feel alive.
    After losing two homes to hurricanes, I can recall viewing most of several hurricanes since,..from my front porch.

  3. Forget the dogs. That wind damn near blew me away. I stopped on a dirt road near our house that night and got out to look at the stars. I quickly grabbed the door frame of the car to keep from being blown over. It was a chore to keep the door from slamming on my shins getting in and out, too. It was amazing.

    Thanks for the pics and the blog, Susie. :)

    • You have to be especially careful of car doors. They are so dangerous with the wind. It was so warm outside yesterday when we skied at Beaver Creek. We stayed and relaxed in the late afternoon sunshine. Now I think we are supposed to get snow again. You gotta love Colorado weather!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Holy cats! That is crazy weather. You are one brave woman, Susie. Definitely be safe and don’t do anything too crazy in the name of adventure. Fires terrify me, probably because we get so many devastating ones – those men and women who had to fight that one in 80 mile an hour winds? Totally heroes.

    • There were a couple of fires that day from fallen power lines. I had never been afraid to go out in the wind until I saw those tiles. Whew! It wasn’t my time yet……….Thanks Tameri!

  5. I live in the midwest near Chicago. Hot air from the politicians is not the only thing that blows around here. Tornado season ends when the cold winds of November blow in. This winter we had Thunder Snow, lightning and thunder during snow storms.

  6. That weather is quite strange and scary! Where I currently live, the weather is not anything extreme like the weather you spoke off, more annoying in terms of temperature mood swings than anything serious.
    But the motto is that it’s ”The only place where you experience the four seasons in one hour.’

    • They say that here too! Boulder County has a record of snow in all months out of the year except for July…
      I am glad that it is calm once again. I love your reference to temperature mood swings – excellent!

  7. Susie, I totally understand wind gusts coming off the mountain. We used to live a the tip of the Sierra Nevadas and literally we kept a spare square of roofing shingles in our garage because the winds would get so bad they would flap in the wind and you could hear them rip off the roof. It drove my husband nuts. And no hair spray worked against that force of nature! But the upside is snow. And you’ve been having a great time lately girl. I’m glad the fires out. But we call them wind of war! LOL! I can’t say that we miss it. The winds that is. Take care Susie! :)

  8. Wow! That is quite the weather you have out there! I’d love to visit Boulder, spent some time in the Denver area last summer and fell in love with the rock climbing. I lived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska for 4 years growing up and we get these winter blizzards called “williwaws” that are basically hurricanes sweeping through the Bering Sea – it was wild!

  9. Extreme weather… here, things have been quite tepid, what with a non-winter. Four years ago, 120 inches of snow, this year, ten. Crazy.

    Stay safe.

  10. Crazy weather! I’m a long way from you, but even here we’ve had tornadoes and you can tell they are coming by the trees, so weird. Having said that NZ had its windy moments when our neighbours trampoline crashed into their house. We all had tramps and I had just rung round a couple of people to say pin them down, and she must have been the odd one out, i did feel a bit guilty :0) Glad you survived the tiles dropping, yikes!

  11. Whew, I am still trying to straighten my hair! Leaving work yesterday I treated my car door as though it was a potential side-angled guillotine, got my legs in pronto. Nice to meet you — we’re FB ‘friends’ but I think it’s because we’re both on OS — all very deep right. So Hi from the real windy city. I’m sadly infrequent on OS these days and I miss it terribly. Maybe I’ll see you down those halls.

    • Hello neighbor! I know what you are talking about with the car door. It could really cause some leg damage! I am so glad for the calmer day today.
      I am really enjoying my WordPress site and am spending most of my time here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come again soon!

  12. What a beautiful place you live, Susie! Certain parts of Colorado are lovely.

    Didn’t realize you had so many weather issues though. I figures there’s be snow issues in the winter, but never really considered wind to be a huge factor.

    I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, about an hour from Lake Tahoe. We get our share of wacky weather, but usually the winds don’t get that high except over the summits. I’m lucky to live where we get 4 distinct seasons. Spring is usually too short because things heat up pretty fast, but still, four seasons to enjoy.

    Unlike you, I hate driving in the snow. Fortunately I only have to deal with a couple of times every winter (except this one because we’ve had zero snow).

    I hope you got your roof put back together.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I still need to go out and check to see how many tiles got blown away! I bet your location is fabulous! I love Lake Tahoe and would love to ski there some day.
      It has been relatively dry here considering the mountains got about 5 times over average last year. We skiers got spoiled…..
      Thanks for coming by to read!

  13. I live in Puerto Rico, we’re in the line of fire when Africa starts shooting storms our way. However, we’re lucky most storms turn around and go up North when they’re about to hit us. But, there are times when we’ve been hit and hurricanes are a scary thing! Winds are fierce, true, but most houses here are made of brick and mortar and can withstand the blow. What really causes a lot of damage is the heavy rainfall. Floods are horrible.

  14. I live in Florida…land-o-the-hurricane! It’s amazing to see wind like that, it just doesn’t seem possible…until you see cars on their sides. It’s very eerie going to someplace where a hurricane has blown through because the first thing to go, are the street signs. It’s incredibly disorienting!

    • Oh I bet! You have the added effect of flooding. Colorado towns are built with high winds in mind and everything sways. You could swear that the traffic lights are going to be blown away, but they are flexible enough to keep from breaking off. Thank the Lord!

  15. You have an adventurous spirit, Susie. Good for you!
    The soul of poet and the heart of a lion!

  16. Ray

    My son graduated from UC, there, and was working for NOAA for a while. One day a co-worker popped into his office and asked if he had a camper cap on his truck. I do, he replied. Not anymore, his friend said. The wind had ripped it off. Fortunately, it didn’t damage anything else…we love Colorado, too!

  17. That was some wind indeed. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, even though I’ve been here for 6+ years now. Yesterday I literally got blown off my feet going to the mailbox! I honestly thought windows might break. Luckily we’re safe and sound.

  18. We finally got our snow. But those fires? And the wind? Are you kidding me? Be careful bugaboo!

  19. wow, this is interesting and scary, please be safe…

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  21. Susie…stay inside! We don’t want you getting knocked out by falling roof tiles! Glad you’re safe from the fire, and I hope your weather settles down a little soon. Although I love a windy day, I don’t know that I’d care for what’s going on in Boulder. :)

    • It did occur to me that my husband might not have found me on the deck if I had been knocked out.
      Today it is nice and calm now that the temperature has dropped,
      Thank you Kristy!

  22. Yes, Susie, Colorado is a wild ride, and the Independent Republic of Boulder is a very special place. Not sure if I could live there, but all my women friends remind me that it’s the place where all the “awesome babes” live, too! Good reason to be there. Keep safe out of the wind and fire.

  23. I remember watching T-storms when I lived in FoCo… absolutely amazing. Frightening at times, but just marvelous.
    The fire would have been a bit scarier than I would care to deal with though.
    There was wind here today in the Great Basin, but nothing like what you got.

    • Thunderstorms are the best. I caught a couple of lightning strikes on film last summer. I think the weather is more fun to watch when you have wide open spaces like here in the West. In Wisconsin, it was hard to see anything with all the trees!
      Thank you Cowgirliz!

  24. It was wild out there today!

  25. mommywritervkent

    Reblogged this on TRUnique News & Matters.

  26. Hi,
    OMG that is very scary. I really hope it dies down a bit so you can get at least some sleep. I know with some of our vicious storms, you just can’t sleep, the nerves will not allow it.
    Very good video’s, you can hear the wind howling in the background. I really feel sorry for whoever was driving that truck, he must of wondered what on earth hit him.
    Stay safe.

    • There was a truck driving right ahead of me into Boulder that I thought was going to flip. It swung back and forth. it was insane!
      I am sure the guy in the truck just tipped over and luckily he didn’t tip on top of anyone!
      It has died down some. I am pretty used to windy nights…
      I am so glad you watched the videos!
      Thank you!

  27. Boulder sounds like Calgary – I had a similar post a couple of months ago. when you live nestled into the rockies, anything can happen. wind included. Glad you’re okay

  28. hmcmullin

    Wow! I knew areas around Grand Junction got high winds, but didn’t realize they got that high around Boulder. This storm must be rather widespread – we live in Idaho Falls, ID and have had sustained winds of 40-50 mph all day and gusts of 68 mph – nothing like your 80 mph variety, but enough there have been semis overturned, buildings damaged, and lots of errant garbage cans rolling down the streets. I expected to see a few small dogs go sailing by – love your Small Dog Warning title!

    • Hahaha! I tested it out, but Roxy dug in her claws and survived. I am sure that her low center of gravity helped! Hahaha! Because I live on a hill across from the foothills, and the winds are downsloping, we have been hit with up to 120 MPH winds. I will be curious to see what they say the highest sustained wind was in tomorrow’s report. I will update if the gusts were higher than 85.

  29. I watched these short videos a couple of times, Holy cow.. be safe my friend.

    • With all the fires we have had since I moved here, that is the closest it has been. Our house is filled with sprinkler system heads so I would be afraid of water damage more than anything else, but I think the danger has passed. Thanks Linda!

  30. Hope you guys are okay – we are experiencing a heat wave!

  31. Geesh, I thought we got the winds here in southern Michigan. Small dogs warning indeed! Keep that hard-hat handy…

  32. Ooh some days you do get crazy choices…want to fly with house or car. :lol:
    That was scary..hope weather behaves

  33. I felt really safe until I saw those tiles broken on the deck. I realized how lucky my dog and I were! Whew!
    Thanks Darlene!

  34. Wow! This sounds absolutely crazy! Be safe.. please!

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