100 Word Flash Fiction – Jagged Edge

Becky scanned the strange surroundings, but had no memory of how she had arrived. A raven sailed overhead. She stood on an outcropping of rock and tried to shout for help above the din of the pounding water thundering from the rushing river below. Her small platform began to shoot skyward as it began to shrink. There was nothing to hold on to. Her heart raced. She lost her balance and fell. Down through the air, she plummeted towards the jagged rocks and raging river while she screamed.

“What the?” Splash! She fell from the raft into the swimming pool.


You may have missed this thriller from a couple of months ago… Is Anybody Home? – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Photo by Susie Lindau

For more flash fiction stop by Madison Wood’s blog and check out the comment section

Have you ever had a fear of heights in reality or in a nightmare? 

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88 responses to “100 Word Flash Fiction – Jagged Edge

  1. I’m going along with the dream theory as well, I think. It’s a hell of a rude awakening, that’s for sure! Still, coulda been worse – she could’ve actually landed on the rocks.

    At the risk of publicly embarrassing myself, I must admit the first thing to come to mind on reading this was the following clip from a 2001 episode of… Monday Night Raw. Some background – the previous week the bald guy (former hero-turned-villain Stone Cold Steve Austin), stole the guy in red (former villain-turned-good guy Kurt Angle)’s Olympic gold medals (genuine in case you wondered) and threw them into the river. So the Olympic Hero did the natural thing – he kidnapped Austin, tied him up, blindfolded him and threatened to throw him into the river. The video’s quite long and contains a fair amount of Stephanie McMahon’s screeching, so I’d recommend skipping to the end here.

    Ah, good times. The WWE’s crap these days.

  2. Great story…I love heights myself, though, now that I am older, I admit I don’t put the same amount of trust in my equilibrium, nor will I be looking to take any of the chances I did when younger.

    I did have a series of dreams back many years ago of being able to flap my arms and fly…That was awesome…But, I’ve since learned those are supposed to indicate sub-conscience desire to escape our physical situation at the time.

    Well, now I know why I never have those dreams anymore…and why I was so reluctantly brought back to earth every time my X-wife awakened me from one…
    Dang…wouldn’t it be cool if we could just flap our arms and fly…what a feeling those dreams gave me.
    Anyway…time for me to wake up again…

  3. Haha — I’m glad it took that turn at the end! Swimming pools aren’t nearly so scary as what I was imagining.

    Mine’s here for this week: http://thecolorlime.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/to-starve-98/

  4. You take fiction to new heights! i am sure everyone enjoys that! :)

  5. EmmaMc

    This is like a lot of dreams I have haha, loved it.

  6. Wow, I was tense there for a while. I used to be a white water raft guide in ocoee TN and this sounded very familiar at first!

  7. Loved the ending. Didn’t see that coming.

  8. Lora Mitchell

    Suspenseful. Great, surprise ending. Didn’t expect it.
    Question: Did we get the same photo prompt?
    Here’s mine based on Madison’s photo titled: Remnants.

    • Thank you so much Lora!
      I usually use my own photo. There aren’t any real rules with this group except that it should be short fiction and I always include how many words it is. 100, 125…
      No problem with the extra comments. I will delete the dups.
      Have a great weekend!

  9. Madison Woods

    Well Becky sure has a vivid imagination! Better to be falling off the raft into the pool than from the platform to the river below, though ;) Now I hope I don’t have falling dreams tonight!

  10. Susie this is just so awesome..you write amazing flash friction..
    what a wet awakening :lol:
    hugs :)

  11. It takes skill to entrap my attention instantly, Susie…
    Well done!

    • It’s a cinch Hook! I just take my hands and place them on either side of your face and say, “Read this Hook!” Hahaha!
      (I woke up on the funny side of the bed today….)
      Seriously, thank you so much!

  12. Wonderful writing – fantastic ‘punchline’!

  13. This really is like what falling feels like in a dream. An excellent job! My link is right here: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/let-flow-what-is-left/

  14. Always a good story. And I loved the Vertigo trailer!

  15. I used to have the dream of falling regularly, but somehow I guess I got past some issues and my dreams are now about other things. Excellent description and your words flow trippingly (accidental pun). Anyway, I think it’s a fairly common dream and I’m guessing a good portion of the writers who read it will be able to relate. You really captured the way a dream feels, the not knowing how you got there scenario. But I am wondering what Traxen is doing these days!
    Here’s mine: http://bridgesareforburning.wordpress.com/

  16. Russell

    I can relate to your character. I went to sleep in a lawn chair by the river once and awoke to find that my so-called friend had tossed me into the river, chair and all. A rather rude awakening, but better than sharp rocks.

    here’s mine http://russellgayer.blogspot.com/

  17. Hi,
    I loved the ending to your story, well done. :)
    Great photos, and what a great video you chose as well, I remember watching the movie Vertigo, the things that can be found on You Tube. :)

  18. Susie, this is great piece…is it perhaps a scene from your adventures? In Africa, we believe you live your life in the dream, again. Like I play football and finds me playing in my dreams, even kicking out in real life…god bless you if you shared a bed with me! hahaha!!!

    Here’s mine:

  19. The pool…I didn’t see that one coming…

  20. Har… excellent. Now about the pool…

  21. Finally, a fear you mention thatI don’t have. LOL That “splash” bit, however… Yipes! ;) Intriguing story, Susie.

    • I haven’t had it too often, but when I did, it freaked me out!! i probably had good reason though. In every case there was no place for hand holds and I could have fallen!
      Thanks August!

  22. Anonymous

    What a wake-up from her daydreaming–I’m certain she was plotting the next big scene of her WIP. :-) Great job–I love the humor.

    Mine: http://vsta.pr/zxAJ1y

  23. TheOthers1

    Nice little twist. Nightmares like this are disturbing. Great job.

  24. You are so good at those twists, super story. That vertigo looks like a mad film!

  25. oh my gosh – i love this! Great flash fiction piece, Susie. :)

  26. I love your idea of posting flash fiction every Friday….I may have to do something similar on my blog!

  27. Hey Susie,

    I really liked the tense beginning. Some great imagery, got a little confused at “Her small platform began to shoot skyward as it began to shrink.”

    Also, maybe it’s just my mood today, but I’m having a hard time with these “punchline” type stories. Something about them is setting me off. Personal opinion, though, so take that as you will.

    • If you were confused maybe you didn’t realize that she was having a nightmare.
      Sorry Craig, but just a heads up – Mine will always be a bit of a riddle and will always include a twist which just may not be your cup tea.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Nightmare eh? I thought it might have been a roller-coaster ride… hahahah, I was way off.

        I think the twists just aren’t working for me today, because I don’t remember having the same reaction before. Different strokes, is all, I suppose.

  28. Adventure dreams – the best kind. Nice twist there – enjoyed the flash.

  29. I am not a big fan of heights, especially ladders. I once went up into a Fire Station Lookup and my dad had to bring me back down because my legs were shaking so badly I could not climb down the ladder. Thanks for sharing & Have a Great Weekend:)

  30. The last line had me pause for a moment and then I had the ah-ha moment. Great twist. Here’s mine : http://postcardfiction.com/2012/02/24/forgotten/

  31. Feels like one of those dreams where you jerk awake with that strange feeling of falling – only this time she really did fall!

    Great writing!

  32. That was terrifying and the last sentence made do a little head shake. It brought me back tot he games my brother and I would play. Your words did a great job of bringing me into the story!

  33. Yes, my fear of heights has gotten me into trouble more than once!! Wow, yes.

  34. miq

    Definitely not how I expected that to end. But once I read the final sentence I was immediately brought back to my childhood and all the games of wonder and danger I used to play. Well done.

    Mine’s here:

  35. Hello! Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. I think it’s normal to fear falling. Sometimes, people dream of falling or losing balance so they wake up with sudden jerk then realize that they are just sleeping.

  37. In a dream I had a fear of dreaming but then I started dreaming inside my dream which compounded my fear and suddenly DiCaprio and JGL showed up and started shooting people

  38. This was nice, I was thinking it might be a dream when the platform shot skyward, Fun finish.

  39. You are great at the twist ending!

  40. I am petrified of heights and water..
    My knees go weak as I type this.

  41. Not the ending I expected. But a nice one… :)

  42. Loved this as always! I used to rock climb and after having kids I have a weird vertigo that I didn’t have before. Even climbing the first platform of the Eiffel Tower freaked me out!

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