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For Your Viewing Pleasure – Flash Fiction Friday

“Stop garfrumpting. He’ll hear you.” “I can’t help it. Look at her.” “Oh my God! What happened to everything? Where is everyone? Bobby? Sally? Billy?” The woman ran up and down the deserted road where her house once stood. The … Continue reading

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Nothing But the Sound of Crickets

Striking up conversation with random people is something I love to do especially when I am running errands. It makes a boring trip to the store much more pleasurable. Sometimes I throw in a bit of humor to add levity … Continue reading

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A Very Strange Appointment or Where is My Crown?

I recently went to my annual dental check-up. Yes, annual and not 6 month since I rarely have a problem with my teeth. When I was young, I looked forward to the cherry flavored polish and a whiter smile. If … Continue reading

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The Salon Confessional – Friday Flash Fiction

The woman had been coming to the salon for years. Michelle had listened to her drone on with the fortitude of a saint. As time progressed, so did the gossip and out of her mouth came snakes, toads, and lizards. … Continue reading

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Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Do you remember the last time someone said to you, “Don’t tell anybody, but…” I would be willing to bet that if you were hooked up to a monitor, your heart rate increased along with your blood pressure. I bet … Continue reading

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Compassion to Concussions

I picked Trinity from The Matrix to go to battle for me in Clay Morgan’s March Movie Madness because she had it all: explosive strength, courage, intelligence, speed, beauty, and she rode a motorcycle like it was an extension of … Continue reading

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An Irish Haunting and Some Bailey’s

Lilly had waited in line to kiss the popular and probably germ infected, Blarney Stone. It had been two years since her husband Phillip died and she hoped that taking a trip to Ireland would give her a new perspective … Continue reading

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Wild Hair Wednesday – My Most Mortifying Moments, Just for You!

I decided to share my most embarrassing moments. They are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. We have all had those times when our cheeks burned and we wanted to use an invisibility cloak or move to another … Continue reading

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Growing Up with Leprechauns

I was nothing but a wee babe the first time I dragged my sister out of bed on a magical March 17th morn. “Patty! Wake up!” With thoughts of Irish jigs and golden treasure, I shook my little sister who … Continue reading

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A Sexercise for My Book – 125 Word “Flash” Fiction

The sun slanted at a lower angle through the dirty windshield and he knew he should leave. “Just one more minute.” Alexa’s afternoon of window shopping had been fruitful. She had purchased the sheer lavender cocktail dress that clung to … Continue reading

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Frozen Dead Guy Days

With Sunday afternoon all to myself, I decided to attend an unusual festival commemorating a man in Boulder County.  He is not celebrated for how he lived or even for how he died. He is extraordinary because of his last … Continue reading

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Down and Dirty – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Megan glanced out the window pane at a wren struggling against the blustery wind. Over-burdened clouds would soon spill their contents onto the parched landscape. A rumble of thunder rolled across the valley. Its vibration could be felt deep inside … Continue reading

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