For Your Viewing Pleasure – Flash Fiction Friday

“Stop garfrumpting. He’ll hear you.”

“I can’t help it. Look at her.”

“Oh my God! What happened to everything? Where is everyone? Bobby? Sally? Billy?” The woman ran up and down the deserted road where her house once stood. The new truck Bobby had bought her last week was old and rusty.

The two Forlucks looked through the kamkrit and watched the Earthling’s reaction to her first time travel experience as they both broke into garfrumpter which eventually turned into loud snorting through their long bulbous snouts.

“I wish Earth people weren’t so boring.”


“That is sarcasm. It is a type of Earthling humor.”

From an overhead speaker the commander shouted, “Hey you two Forlucks, get back to work!”


For more sarcasm check out Nothing But the Sound of Crickets

Did you find yourself laughing along with the aliens?

For more flash fiction from the Fictioneers check out Madison Wood’s blog

Photo by Madison Woods

This is my 100th post. Woo Hoo!

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93 responses to “For Your Viewing Pleasure – Flash Fiction Friday

  1. Congratulations on 100, Susie!! Love this one.. I’m slow it took me a minute to figure out what was going on:) Hilarious!!

  2. Great post Susie! LMAO! Good job.

  3. Dear Susie,

    Humor from a Coloradan earthling? Well done. (Now get back to work!)



  4. lynnkelleyauthor

    Congrats on your 100th post, Susie! Woo hoo! Yes, I found myself laughing with the aliens. And I also found myself admiring your writing. Awesome!

    • Thanks so much Lynn! I am blogging about my 101st tomorrow. It includes just a little bit of humor about writing that I am sure you will be able to relate to…. Hahaha!

  5. Madison Woods

    that DID bring a smile and some chuckles, Susie. Loved your made-up words, haha! Great story :)

  6. Love it. I think I’m gonna do some flash fiction.

  7. I always enjoy your tales, and this one sticks out superbly! I love the idea of two bored aliens at work (almost like a watercooler idea), attempting to mimic human humour.

  8. Very cool – and Otherworldly!
    This had a nice, smooth flow as well.

  9. I’m adding ‘garfrumpting’ and ‘Forlucks’ to the words my kids aren’t allowed to say.

  10. Brandon Scott

    Funny stuff. Reminds me of some of the people I work with!

    My story:

  11. What the Hell! That was hilarious with the time travel… and, I loved the last line!

  12. TheOthers1

    Haha. Couple of bored aliens at work. Nothing big. Very funny.

    My attempt:

  13. Wow! A sci-fi from the prompt. Is she forced to time-travel? Is she abducted? What are the aliens doing there? What are their “work”? I smell an alien invasion and my imagination is running wild now. Very interesting. Here’s mine:

    Cheers from the Philippines,


  14. You may start a career as a professional raconteur, you are thus certified on the occasion of you 100th post…i can’t get enough!

  15. I would have loved to know more about the aliens’ jobs and why the woman was time travelling. Creative interpretation of the prompt.
    Here is the link to mine:

  16. Hi,
    I loved your alien fiction, that is a good one, and a great video to go with it, and congrats as well 100 posts well done. :D

  17. Loving your post – ha:) Have a Great Weekend!

  18. This song rocks! Susie you are very quickly becoming my favorite blogger! You have got a wicked sense of humor.

  19. I love the made up language and thhe picture you paint of two sniggering aliens laughing at a girl in shock, too funny!

  20. Very cool and great way to play with your words. Even the ones you’ve made up.

  21. John Hardy Bell

    Yours is usually my favorite stop on the fictioneers Friday tour! Once again Susie, you don’t disappoint! Stories like this make me kick myself for staying away so long! :)

    Here is the link to mine:

  22. siobhanmuir

    How cruelly funny. She never knew what hit her. Nicely done, Susie. :)

    Here’s mine:


  23. Russell

    Oh, Susie, you tickled my funny bone today. I’ll be garfumpting the rest of the weekend over this one, unless of course the boss comes by and catches this Forluck not working.

    here’s mine

    • Hahaha! Great comment Russell! I am glad to see that you are using the new alien words. I am expecting them to be added to Webster’s New addition!
      Thanks so much!

  24. Another great Flash Fiction Friday…Congrats on blog #100!!

  25. He he! Love it! I had visions of Dr. Who or something.

  26. Very cool post and congratulations on #100!

  27. Ohhhhh, Susie–This was wonderful! Loved the humor, the unusual “term”–Just EVERYTHING about it. Great job!


  28. More likely they are laughing at me! But then again… I’d laugh with them then!

  29. Big time congrats, Susie! One hundred post is nothing to laugh at. (Though some are your posts are! In awesome ways. :))

  30. Congrats on 100 posts. that’s awesome. well done. and yes, I was LOL good piece.

  31. Congrats Susie..
    Sounds like they worked at an Apple plant..:)

  32. Congratulations on your 100th post, and what an awesome one at that!

  33. What a fun post for number 100! Congratulations. Here’s mine:

  34. Coleen Patrick

    Boring! That is funny, love it :)

  35. Congrats on 100th post…awesome. See ya after Spring Break!

  36. Congrats on your 100th post. I am posting my 99th this Monday. And it’s gonna be big. Epic. But just shy of 100.

    • I didn’t even realize that this one was the big one until I checked this morning! I am a bit bleary eyed when I post in the mornings…
      Thanks so much and I will look forward to reading your 99th!

  37. “Stop garfrumpting.” Love it! Sounds like the Yiddish my grandmother used to ferblunge me with! (see Mine’s here:

  38. Hooray for science fiction! Loved this story, thank you for sharing it.

    Here’s mine:

  39. I hate when kamkrit gets up my bulbous snout. ;-)

  40. Oh, aliens, time travel. That just stacks up with vampires, zombies, a goblin and an end-of-the-world story based on this prompt.

    PS The vampire story’s mine.

  41. Made me smile :). Congrats on your 100th post!

  42. I love your posts – more please!!!
    100 posts – congrats.
    This flash if a gem!

  43. Congrats on your 100th. And yes, I was laughing along with the aliens before I even knew what was going on!

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