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An Invitation to Promote and Party!

My one year blogiversary is this Friday and I have been trying to come up with a way to celebrate. If you have been following my blog, you know how much I LOVE to party, so this will be a … Continue reading

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Life Interrupted – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Sunlight flickered through the leaves of the maple tree creating moving patterns on the sidewalk. The swish of leaves seemed like ancient melodic music filtering down from above. While looking up at its canopy, she heard the warning call of … Continue reading

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A Heatwave Cometh Early – A Photo Essay

April 13th, 2011 A lot has been written about global warming and it has become a hot political issue. Pun intended. Regardless of your stand on whether it exists, it has been a warm spring here in Boulder, Colorado. Last … Continue reading

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How I Became a Mass Murderer

When I was a little girl, ants mesmerized me. While outside in the hot summer sun, I watched as they carried crumbs, leaves, and small twigs back to their coffee ground-like hills. I imagined the tunnels underneath like catacombs spread … Continue reading

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What the? 150 Word Flash Fiction

Chapter 1  – High Hopes “Now, let me see. Wash the windows.” Minnie’s list-making was interrupted by a low rumble. “Is it the end of days? On April 20th?” She shuffled over to the window in her pink fluffy slippers … Continue reading

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Roxy’s Ghetto Mittens – My First Video!

A couple of weeks ago, my son Kelly showed me a Youtube video called Kitten Mittens. It was hilarious! I have wanted to learn how to video edit and after watching it, I recited one of my mantras. “I can … Continue reading

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KO’d by Karma

As most people know, karma can be a rude evil witch that blindsides us when we least expect it. To me, karma is the reaction to our actions in the universe. Sometimes it is negative and causes the boomerang to … Continue reading

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High Hopes – 150 Word Flash Fiction

“Hello boys! I’m Minnie Taylor and I’m the proud new owner of Potts Acres.” Justin gave Collin a look and reached out his hand to shake hers. “Hello Ma’am.” “I just love it out here in the country. I reckon … Continue reading

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Birthdays are for Celebrating!

Woohoo! It’s my birthday and I am celebrating another year of life. I know a lot of women my age bum out at the enormous amount of candles on their cake. They may rush to the plastic surgeon at the … Continue reading

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Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

Growing up alongside the river, she had never tired of the sweet music it provided as she danced along its bank. At times it mimicked a rhythmic lullaby, bubbling over rocks as smooth as silk and she would sway in … Continue reading

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Why April?

I LOVE the month of April: Because of the fever! You know what I am talking about. Spring fever. It’s the amazing feeling I get when inhaling that fresh sweet scent after opening the doors and windows to air out … Continue reading

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Telltale Signs that You Need a Break…

This is my 101st post and it’s already April. When the notification and the gold star accompanying my 100th popped up on my screen, I thought, “Wow! It seems like November was just yesterday. I have been writing since last May. I … Continue reading

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