An Invitation to Promote and Party!

My one year blogiversary is this Friday and I have been trying to come up with a way to celebrate. If you have been following my blog, you know how much I LOVE to party, so this will be a week-long celebration! I may have to buy a new dress!

I came up with a few ideas to mark the occasion.

I could throw a big party and invite all of my friends, but most still don’t know what a “blog” is and may mistake it for “dog” and wonder if I have lost my mind.

I could climb up to the top of Mt. Sanitas here in Boulder and scream from the summit, “Happy Blogaversary to me!” but I am not sure that anyone having a quiet Zen moment of meditation (this is Boulder), would appreciate my own personal shout-out.

I could make a list of my favorite bloggers, but I might miss someone and could start my first flame war. I would really like to celebrate in a positive non-combative way without flame throwers and word grenades.

I could link twenty (or forty), of my early blog posts that had 12 views or less, but others may see this as nothing more than shameless self-promotion and who wants to read I am Going Straight to Hell or My Household Confessional or The Mother of Invention anyway?

I could write a poem, transform it into a rap song and VLOG it, but I don’t want to give anyone indigestion or cause permanent hearing damage. Continue reading

Life Interrupted – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Sunlight flickered through the leaves of the maple tree creating moving patterns on the sidewalk. The swish of leaves seemed like ancient melodic music filtering down from above. While looking up at its canopy, she heard the warning call of a robin protecting its nest. She continued her work with urgency. Continue reading

A Heatwave Cometh Early – A Photo Essay

April 13th, 2011

A lot has been written about global warming and it has become a hot political issue. Pun intended. Regardless of your stand on whether it exists, it has been a warm spring here in Boulder, Colorado. Last year there was so much snow in the mountains, we worried about flooding. This year it was warm and dry. Snow totals are 39% to 49% of normal.

March 23, 2012

This is the first year that the Wisteria has bloomed so profusely. It only had about 8 blooms last year. I am amazed that it has survived our harsh winters here over the last 10 years. It is Colorado not California for God’s sake! I love it! Continue reading

How I Became a Mass Murderer

When I was a little girl, ants mesmerized me. While outside in the hot summer sun, I watched as they carried crumbs, leaves, and small twigs back to their coffee ground-like hills. I imagined the tunnels underneath like catacombs spread out under the crack in the sidewalk. Okay. We didn’t have cable.

Flash forward about a hundred years. A colony of large aggressive red ants moved into our back patio just after we installed an arbor. I had always loved these interesting little creatures while admiring their determination and strength. The movie Antz became one of my favorites when my kids were little. All it took was one nasty bite and the lovefest was over. Continue reading

What the? 150 Word Flash Fiction

Chapter 1  – High Hopes

“Now, let me see. Wash the windows.” Minnie’s list-making was interrupted by a low rumble. “Is it the end of days? On April 20th?” She shuffled over to the window in her pink fluffy slippers and peered out at the dust storm rising up over the hill.

“Oh my, oh my!” With her hair in curlers and still dressed in a housecoat, she grabbed her shotgun. Continue reading

Roxy’s Ghetto Mittens – My First Video!

A couple of weeks ago, my son Kelly showed me a Youtube video called Kitten Mittens. It was hilarious! I have wanted to learn how to video edit and after watching it, I recited one of my mantras. “I can do this!”

I took a photo of a gorgeous dog sporting proper little booties and enjoying après ski in Breckenridge last Sunday. I smiled as I visualized my first vlog.

When we arrived back in Boulder, I glanced over at my lazy Bichon Roxy.  I knew her obedience could be bought. “How would you like some biscuits?” She was a natural actress for my first film. Continue reading

KO’d by Karma

As most people know, karma can be a rude evil witch that blindsides us when we least expect it. To me, karma is the reaction to our actions in the universe. Sometimes it is negative and causes the boomerang to hit us in the face. Recently, I found this to be a fact.

I talked my husband Danny into having some freckles, (skin damage) burned off his face. The dermatologist seemed a little over-zealous and he came home with several dime-sized brown spots where the doctor had frozen them with liquid nitrogen.

“Look at what you did to me!” he said half-joking. Continue reading

High Hopes – 150 Word Flash Fiction

“Hello boys! I’m Minnie Taylor and I’m the proud new owner of Potts Acres.”

Justin gave Collin a look and reached out his hand to shake hers. “Hello Ma’am.”

“I just love it out here in the country. I reckon it’ll be perfect for my Bible camp. Starts this Sunday. You boys should come on by. I know there’s a lot of work to be done. Lord knows them hooligans been using poor old Aunt Mildred’s property for the work of the devil. See you on Sunday!” The chubby pink-faced lady turned and strutted out of the corner drug store as the two boys stood with their mouths agape. Continue reading

Birthdays are for Celebrating!

Woohoo! It’s my birthday and I am celebrating another year of life. I know a lot of women my age bum out at the enormous amount of candles on their cake. They may rush to the plastic surgeon at the first sign of wrinkles, but I’m different. I look at wrinkles as a reminder of the wonderful life I’ve had. It is one that has been full of all kinds of high and low points culminating one crazy Wild Ride. If my face reflects some of that ride, then bring it on life. I can take it! – Tilts chin up to imaginary ageing monster called life – Just don’t hit me too hard… Most of mine are smile lines anyway. Of course they couldn’t be symmetrical; life although precious and tenuous at times is rarely fair. Disclaimer – if I become as wrinkled as a Shar-pei or have to use Q-tips in order to clean in between the deep crevices, then I may consider doing something like using clothes pins to pull back the skin and hide the excess under a wig. Continue reading

Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

Growing up alongside the river, she had never tired of the sweet music it provided as she danced along its bank. At times it mimicked a rhythmic lullaby, bubbling over rocks as smooth as silk and she would sway in time to its steady beat. Continue reading

Why April?

I LOVE the month of April:

Because of the fever! You know what I am talking about. Spring fever. It’s the amazing feeling I get when inhaling that fresh sweet scent after opening the doors and windows to air out the house after a long winter.  But then I start sneezing and quickly run around shutting all of them and have to turn on the air purifier. No. That can’t be the reason.

Because it’s mating season! The animals are frisky and even my neutered Bichon has more energy with all the good musky scents in the air. Birds do their twirling dance along with the squirrels. Soon the toads in our backyard will croak for a mate at night, sounding similar to a cow with its head stuck in the fence which is another reason to keep the windows shut. Nope, that’s not it either. Continue reading

Telltale Signs that You Need a Break…

This is my 101st post and it’s already April. When the notification and the gold star accompanying my 100th popped up on my screen, I thought, “Wow! It seems like November was just yesterday. I have been writing since last May. I should go outside.”

Blogging has become an integral part of my life and sometimes I forget to take a break. Breaks are important. They keep you sane. Sanity is good.

Here are some warning signs that you may be spending too many hours in front of your computer.

It’s time to take a break:

When you get up from your chair and your body refuses to unfold into an upright position. Continue reading