Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

Growing up alongside the river, she had never tired of the sweet music it provided as she danced along its bank. At times it mimicked a rhythmic lullaby, bubbling over rocks as smooth as silk and she would sway in time to its steady beat. When torrential rain caused it to swell, the bursting water became violent, threatening to overflow its banks and she could be found dancing wildly in the wind.

As the years passed, her roots grew deep along the shoreline where her branches would continue to reach out and keep time for years to come.


Are you putting down roots or are you still looking for the right spot?

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108 responses to “Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. That was well written and evocative. I found your site via one of your tweets.

    • Thanks so much!
      Oh cool! I am so glad to know that Twitter works!
      I also write a lot of humor posts and will be blogging one on Monday about my recent war with ants! I hope you will stop by again soon!

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  3. Still looking for the right spot and itching to start in a new place and hopefully soon!

  4. As I read along the image coming to mind was that of a willowy figure, that of a female, dancing among the trees and along the river bank, in tune with the wild winds and the torrential rain. You can imagine my pleasant shock at realising at the end that the subject matter is a tree, with entrenched roots. Powerful and breautiful metaphor.

  5. A refreshing perspective! Good work!

  6. I love this story. Feels like we all search for those roots to put down. Home is where the heart is I guess!

  7. Deidre

    You have mastered beautiful, anthropomorphic writing Susie! I really enjoyed this.

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  9. Reblogged this on Veronica The Pajama Thief and commented:
    I have to reblog this and share… a beautiful little 100 word slice of flash fiction.

  10. This is beautiful, Susie… I love the rhythm and flow… the wonderful imagery you create with such a small handful of words. :)

  11. Madison Woods

    That was beautiful, Susie. I loved the way you personified the tree. As for your question, I’d love to put down roots but life circumstances are making it impossible right now. Soon, though!

  12. giuliasfootprints

    Fantastic writing! Don’t know why, but I sometimes imagine I am living by a small river, and this little gem spoke directly to my imagination!

  13. Beautiful piece – so much in so few words. I would love to see other vignettes along the river.
    My roots are wherever my wife is. Place doesn’t matter as much.

  14. Wow, what a prophetic question, Susie, my Buff friend!

    We are in the process of making a move to So Cal as I write this. In fact, I should be packing and not commenting on blogs. See how important you are, Susie!!

    We hope to put some deep roots down, down there.

  15. I loved this story and the imagery it left in my mind. For me, it was very much the tale of a dryad: first a free spirited young nature sprite, then, as the years pass, eventually settling into tree form. But that’s just my take. Lovely writing and a wonderful story. Enjoy your brithday, may it bring you every happiness. :-)

    Here’s my story this week:

  16. You have a lot of poetic elements here. It is beautiful. Here’s mime:

  17. Beautiful post, Susie. I especially loved that last passage.

  18. I LOVE the opening, Susie!
    You have a sweet gift, young woman.

  19. Roots down! But not too deep, planning on transplanting later.

  20. Corey

    I just mowed the lawn today. I wonder if the pulsing vibrations of the blades was as rhythmic for the grass as the water was to the trees? You know, before they got chopped.

    Really liked this one as usual WT (that’s an initialism for Wild Thang)

  21. As usual a neatly done piece of originality…congratulations on your coming birthday…when is it btw, i hope to read something special here on the day…have a blast!!!

  22. You have such a writing talent, Susie. Lovely images, just the thing I needed to read this morning.

  23. Lovely images! You did an amazing job with only 100 words!

  24. You struck a chord today with the WP World. Nice success on a lovely piece of writing. That made me want to sit along the banks and roll a fatty :-)

  25. Hi,
    What a beautiful way to describe the life of a tree beside a river, very nice. :)

  26. After all the monsters and killers that have been frequenting the river today… such a fresh and welcome diversion. Very poetic in my mind.

  27. Dancing and water go perfectly together, Susie. The sound of water is one of my favorites, and I heard it throughout your story. Very nice!


  28. Yay! Loved the tree anthropomorphization (that word’s a beast to type!) of the tree. Great writing too–I don’t see any obvious way to improve on it. Check out my own tree-story here:

  29. Brandon Scott

    What can I say other than I loved it. I feel bad about wanting to cut a tree down in my yard now. lol

    My attempt:

  30. miq

    I absolutely loved this. I can’t even describe why, but I thought it was a perfect piece for this prompt. Thanks for sharing.

    Mine is here:

  31. Tom Poet

    As soon as I realized you were talking about the tree a big smile came to my face. Very well done!
    Here is mine

  32. I like this one lots, and was right there, reading under the shade of her. :-)

  33. Beautiful! A tree…I never thought of that even though the outdoors is my my life. PS – we just spent a few days at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Each night I was rocked to sleep by its roar…so, I love the elements of sound in your story as well.

    ~Susan (here’s mine:

  34. Lovely, Susie! I think I’ll always have roots, but moveable ones. ;)

  35. Love! I was feeling the tree before the twist. Not sure if it was the words or picture that gave it away though.

  36. lynnkelleyauthor

    Susie, you are so gifted with flash fiction! I love the twists at the end. I bet your novels rock, too!

  37. Susie, this was an excellent post/story. Of those you’ve submitted, this is my favorite. Wonderful plug for environmental awareness without being preach-y AND a delightful read. Well done!!


  38. I visioned a young woman along the river, then a tree aging. Well done!

  39. Hello Susie,

    I find this very inspiring. At first, I thought you’re referring to a real person. Maybe because we live near the riverbanks that’s why I thought of her as a person and not a tree. Reminds me that our native language, Tagalog, literally means river-dweller.

    Have a great weekend.


  40. You’re right. Great minds think alike!

  41. Such an amazing story of the tree, giving it a life I would never have seen. Love it!

    Mine is this-a-way:

  42. you are such a good writer – creating easily visualized scenes with words is an art form. and you’re good at it.

  43. John Hardy Bell

    Great writing, Susie – as usual. Makes me look at that tree in a whole new way!

  44. My response seems to have vanished into thin air! Loved this, a nice touch of nature.

  45. Really nice this. A touching analogy. On the Canal du Midi the roots of the plane trees are the reinforcement for the banks, though sadly chancre colore is decimating the number of trees along the waterway.

  46. So true Catherine!
    Happy Easter to you~

  47. “Dance With Me” late 70’s – don’t remember group

    • Abba? -But that was Dancing Queen. I went with the heavy metal band that had a crazy video that went with my story. Pretty ridiculous! I always wonder how they come up with some of these videos~

  48. This was just so clever Susie..
    So damn clever.. when I die I want my ashes to be buried in my old rose garden and a tree planted on top of me so I can dance too:)

  49. I seem to be rooted.. albeit a tad reluctantly:) I love where I am and my life is full.. but I wouldn’t mind living in Provence for a year… Loved this thought-provoking story today.. and a very cool video that goes along with it just perfectly!! xo

  50. That’s beautiful, Susie. I hope we are staying in Canada, so yes we are rooted. A dog and a swimming pool surely nails that one. And we’re always rooted in words, right? Happy Easter!

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