Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

Growing up alongside the river, she had never tired of the sweet music it provided as she danced along its bank. At times it mimicked a rhythmic lullaby, bubbling over rocks as smooth as silk and she would sway in time to its steady beat. When torrential rain caused it to swell, the bursting water became violent, threatening to overflow its banks and she could be found dancing wildly in the wind.

As the years passed, her roots grew deep along the shoreline where her branches would continue to reach out and keep time for years to come.


Are you putting down roots or are you still looking for the right spot?

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108 thoughts on “Dance with Me! 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. That’s beautiful, Susie. I hope we are staying in Canada, so yes we are rooted. A dog and a swimming pool surely nails that one. And we’re always rooted in words, right? Happy Easter!


  2. I seem to be rooted.. albeit a tad reluctantly:) I love where I am and my life is full.. but I wouldn’t mind living in Provence for a year… Loved this thought-provoking story today.. and a very cool video that goes along with it just perfectly!! xo


    • Abba? -But that was Dancing Queen. I went with the heavy metal band that had a crazy video that went with my story. Pretty ridiculous! I always wonder how they come up with some of these videos~


  3. Hello Susie,

    I find this very inspiring. At first, I thought you’re referring to a real person. Maybe because we live near the riverbanks that’s why I thought of her as a person and not a tree. Reminds me that our native language, Tagalog, literally means river-dweller.

    Have a great weekend.



  4. I just mowed the lawn today. I wonder if the pulsing vibrations of the blades was as rhythmic for the grass as the water was to the trees? You know, before they got chopped.

    Really liked this one as usual WT (that’s an initialism for Wild Thang)


  5. Wow, what a prophetic question, Susie, my Buff friend!

    We are in the process of making a move to So Cal as I write this. In fact, I should be packing and not commenting on blogs. See how important you are, Susie!!

    We hope to put some deep roots down, down there.


  6. Beautiful piece – so much in so few words. I would love to see other vignettes along the river.
    My roots are wherever my wife is. Place doesn’t matter as much.


  7. Fantastic writing! Don’t know why, but I sometimes imagine I am living by a small river, and this little gem spoke directly to my imagination!


  8. That was beautiful, Susie. I loved the way you personified the tree. As for your question, I’d love to put down roots but life circumstances are making it impossible right now. Soon, though!


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  10. As I read along the image coming to mind was that of a willowy figure, that of a female, dancing among the trees and along the river bank, in tune with the wild winds and the torrential rain. You can imagine my pleasant shock at realising at the end that the subject matter is a tree, with entrenched roots. Powerful and breautiful metaphor.


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    • Thanks so much!
      Oh cool! I am so glad to know that Twitter works!
      I also write a lot of humor posts and will be blogging one on Monday about my recent war with ants! I hope you will stop by again soon!


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