High Hopes – 150 Word Flash Fiction

“Hello boys! I’m Minnie Taylor and I’m the proud new owner of Potts Acres.”

Justin gave Collin a look and reached out his hand to shake hers. “Hello Ma’am.”

“I just love it out here in the country. I reckon it’ll be perfect for my Bible camp. Starts this Sunday. You boys should come on by. I know there’s a lot of work to be done. Lord knows them hooligans been using poor old Aunt Mildred’s property for the work of the devil. See you on Sunday!” The chubby pink-faced lady turned and strutted out of the corner drug store as the two boys stood with their mouths agape.

“Bible camp?”

“You should’ve told her.”

“You should’ve!”

“Well she’ll find out on 4/20 when every kid from the county rolls in to roll up a joint. I always thought it was pretty ironic, the name and all.”

“What’s ironic mean?”

Would you tell her or avoid confrontation?

Chapter II – What the?

Awesome Friday the 13th video – Higher and Higher!

For other Friday Fictioneer’s Flash Fiction check out Madison Woods blog.

Photo by Madison Woods

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104 responses to “High Hopes – 150 Word Flash Fiction

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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those boys had seen the devil. Along with Elvis, a cadre of Smurfs, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    This one made me chuckle quite heartily! That doesn’t happen to me often. Like the title, too!

  3. Hmmm…I commented here Friday but it’s gone! Ug…I said that I thought Aunt Mildred knew exactly what the kids did on her property and that she was planning a little bit of reform during Bible camp!

    • That is so weird Susan! I wasn’t in my spam file either! I found 2 other Fictioneers in there. Next time tweet me and I will check right away! \
      I love your idea that she would one up them and is prepared for the onslot this coming Friday! Hahaha!

  4. I’m laughing so hard… I .. can’t.. type!
    Great work, Susie!

  5. Someone is going to have lots of ‘splaining to do.

  6. Madison Woods

    Haha, a little story full of double meanings. I’d probably try to tell the lady, but I know she wouldn’t listen. So then I’d sure like to be the fly on the wall when it all began to make sense to her…but I suspect it’ll take some explaining on someone’s behalf, haha.

  7. This is hilarious!
    Lol! Love the title of your post too. Those are some high hopes indeed!


  8. Noooo.. don’t tell her.. because then you have the next part of your story!! :)

  9. i’m a goodie two shoes, so I’d tell her

  10. In answer to the question: “How much action can you fit into 150 words?” … a complete scene.

    Tell the tale or avoid confrontation? I have to answer twice: as a writer, of course, I’d be choosing whatever option made the most trouble; in real life — duck and cover. Plot is defined as the stuff we take long detours to avoid in real life.

    • I am not sure that I asked the question of how much action will fit into 150 words, but I like your answer in confronting the character to make trouble. That is what we should always do to create drama.Thanks for stopping by. Not sure if you liked or hated it or anything else I have written….. :)

      • Found your blog for the first time today! You left a comment on my flash fiction … and led me to the original photo-prompt. (Love it, by the way. I’m a long-form writer who reads flash fiction in a spirit of admiration and envy–like watching gymnasts at the Olympics.)

  11. lynnkelleyauthor

    This is a great piece, Susie! I don’t know how you’re able to write 100 and 150 word flash fiction. So challenging! I took up Debra Kristi’s challenge to write a flash fiction story based on one of her photos from last Friday’s post and 300 words is what I came up with (cut it down from over 400). I really admire you for writing these.

    Let’s see, would I tell the lady? Part of me would want to, and the other part would think, hey, she’ll preach to a bunch of pot heads and they’ll be trippin’ on her words and she won’t even realize they’re all stoned! She might convert a few of them, or she might get a contact high! Uh-oh!

    • Thanks Lynn! She might! Hahaha! I could see expanding on this one just because the characters are so comical and I would love to explore her reactions to all of the kids. Maybe I should do part II on April 20th next Friday! That would be so funny! We’ll see!

      I will definitely be over to read yours. They are a lot of fun and are a great lesson in editing!

  12. She seems pretty naive, wonder if she’ll get the connection!

    Here’s mine: http://postcardfiction.com/2012/04/13/the-incident/

  13. A very popular one this week, Susie! Deservedly so, if you ask me. Great dialogue, great characters…just great. Really enjoyed the humour.

    As for the question: I’m really not sure! I pride myself on being a good person so I guess I’d tell her. Although the alternative does appeal to my mischievous side… :D

    Mine is this-a-way:

  14. Loving your post – ha! I probably would let her figure it out and make her own conclusion. Have a Great Weekend!

  15. Ha ha! Poor Minnie.

    Reference the video: Great fun, but in reality if he was trying to catch he truck don’t you think some of those crazy flips were slowing down his progress? Ha ha. I want to be able to move like that.

    • Pretty good show although I have seen better parkour. I loved the song!

      I think Minnie may have her blinders on for a little while anyway…I think she probably wears a little hat. :)

  16. siobhanmuir

    I don’t think she gave them time to tell her. And I’d love to be there to watch the fireworks go down. Great tale, Susie. I grinned the whole time.

    Here’s mine:


  17. Did I miss the fun? I think not. But I do pity Minnie Taylor. Did the name Potts Acre not strike a chord when she was buying the property? BTW, I think the pun over there is great for literary device. All said and done, a
    lesson from the Bible will not harm the boys, and the ‘hooligans.’ At best, they would only laugh in poor Minnie’s face.
    Could you maybe develop it for a YA short story or novel?
    Here is mine: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/flash-fiction-story-eloped/

  18. Do tell, do. Avoiding confrontation’s for sissies!

  19. That’s pretty funny! And, no killer waiting in the underpass…

  20. What a fun story, I’d love to see the look on her face…

    Here’s mine:http://teschoenborn.com/2012/04/13/friday-fictioneers-3/

  21. Too funny. Loved the irony and the name Potts Acres. Great job and don’t tell her!

    My story, “Shell Shocked” is here: http://www.banterwithbeth.blogspot.com/

  22. help me out. i know the connection between 420 and the joint, but i don’t know what the one kid meant when he referred to the name as being “ironic.” and i loved the last line, with the other kid asking what ironic means.

  23. It sounds terrible, but I wouldn’t tell her, and then laugh behind her back because I think that whole Bible Camp thing and her whole attitude towards it all is stupid. (“It’s the work of the devil!”)

    But great dialogue, and I like the boys; good characterisation. (Yes, even with the bible thumper.)


  24. Now I know why Minnie bought the Potts Acres. This is the first time I’ve read about the 4/20. It’s funny and disturbing at the same time. Perfect for Friday the 13th.

    Here’s mine: http://allenjambalaya.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/the-tunnel-a-poem

    • I think she bought it thinking that she could save some lost souls and they will all show up on her doorstep next Friday! 4/20 is mainly a college campus smoke out. As far as I know it is only in the US. They are determined to shut it down here in Boulder. . My daughter goes to school there and said that it is mostly people from out of town that come to party, but it has given CU a party school reputation that the school is trying to get rid of. It will be interesting to see how it goes

  25. Very clever! I didn’t even notice the lingo until the end, awesome!

  26. As the kids say these days: Rofl.

  27. Ha! Love it, Susie. As a writer or reader, I’d let the plot unfold with as much upheaval as possible. ;) By the end, I’d hope that everyone, or at least someone, learned a lesson.

  28. Pretty darn funny…a surprise coming soon…cool play on words…your comments are as funny as your writing.
    Sharing mine: http://wp.me/p1aAEA-tz

    • Thanks Kris! I am glad you stopped by for a giggle!
      I think poor Miss Minnie will get the surprise of a lifetime, but I don’t think it will dawn on her right away that they are there for another reason other than her very own Bible camp! Hahaha!

  29. Potts Acres? That was pretty clever.. I think she will find out on her very own like Taking Woodstock.:)

  30. Loved it Susie – espeically the last line. Now, where’s me Ganja?

  31. Hi,
    I just loved the name of the property, and no I wouldn’t tell her I would want to see the reaction and the aftermath. :lol:
    I clicked onto your link, OMG, the students, so many all you could see were heads, I wonder how many kids will show up at “Potts Acres”? I think Minnie may have brought more than she bargained for. :D

  32. Best to tell her to not go there alone until the smoke clears…

  33. Oh, that’s good smiling ear to ear! Don’t poop on her party, let her believe what she will.She’s so happy she won’t know any better. Some things should be left unsaid.

  34. Liked this one. Hope the hooligans aren’t too out of control when she kicks them out. Wonder if she’ll get a few new students…

  35. Russell

    I love the title, the name of the property, the whole damn thing. Wonderful piece. It left me grinning from ear to ear. Hope you find mine entertaining too.


  36. Wow… now that’s a new one on me. Cool story.

    Truth matters. If one is ashamed of the truth, start taking a closer look.

  37. Now she’s going to have her work cut out for her on the 20th! Nice take on the prompt, well done. (And thanks for the link too).

    Mine’s at: http://castelsarrasin.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/a-place-to-die-for-friday-fictioneers-13-april-2012/

  38. Always impressed with how much you can pack into 150 words. I think the honorable thing to do is tell her.

    • Thanks Rich! I think someone should or she will be in for a real shock! When I looked up 4/20 in Wikipedia, there is a photo of the one held on campus here in Boulder! They are really trying to shut it down this year, but it is hard to turn away thousands… Have a great weekend Rich!

  39. Hahahahaha! I wouldn’t tell her because she strikes me as someone who needs a big ole surprise in her life to loosen her up a little. Bring on the hooligans!

  40. “Potts acres” is a nice touch. i would go to bible camp stoned and free all of thier minds.

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