Roxy’s Ghetto Mittens – My First Video!

A couple of weeks ago, my son Kelly showed me a Youtube video called Kitten Mittens. It was hilarious! I have wanted to learn how to video edit and after watching it, I recited one of my mantras. “I can do this!”

I took a photo of a gorgeous dog sporting proper little booties and enjoying après ski in Breckenridge last Sunday. I smiled as I visualized my first vlog.

When we arrived back in Boulder, I glanced over at my lazy Bichon Roxy.  I knew her obedience could be bought. “How would you like some biscuits?” She was a natural actress for my first film.

After recording a couple of videos, I sat down at my computer and learned how to cut and splice them. In a few hours, I was a Window’s Live Movie Maker pro! It was really easy to use and I never looked at the instructions. My husband would believe that.

Here is my first attempt at moving making. It was pretty low budget. I should probably keep my day job, blogging, although it doesn’t pay well.

Here is the famous Kitten Mittens. Check out those views! Do you think mine will go viral? I know. Highly doubtful.

Maybe sometime in the future, I will appear in a vlog. I hope you’ll be ready for this Wild Rider!

Have you ever edited a video or created a vlog?

Photo by Susie Lindau

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81 responses to “Roxy’s Ghetto Mittens – My First Video!

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  4. Good video. I like it. Thanks you so much for your good video. Congrat n sucsesfull for you are…

    Obyektif Cyber Magazine

  5. Oh, that was too funny! I just have to share this with my Facebook friends!

    “Don’t forget who your friends are, Roxy… now that you’re a star!” :)

  6. Madison Woods

    That was so cute! I’d like to learn how to do that one day too :)

  7. Roxy is super cute :) I’m glad you took the plunge. I’ve been wanting to try some video making myself (I think it’s still a little ways off), and so it’s encouraging to see someone else’s first attempt. Does Movie Maker have the ability to add a voice over?

  8. Hilarious!! I swear your dog and mine must be related, they look and act identical!! Loved it, keep on vlogging!!

  9. Nice job on the vlog!! Love the Roxy ghetto mittens. If I call right now will you send me a second pair, absolutely free, just pay shipping?

    Too cute!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  10. lynnkelleyauthor

    You did a great job on this, Susie! Very cool. Yes, I’ve made a few vlogs and trailers o iMovie. Had lots of meltdowns trying to figure it out, and every time I go to do another one, I have to relearn parts of it. But I have a blast making them and have a Youtube channel – LynnKelleyAuthor. Hey, it’s free advertising! Haha! I have more in the works, but no time to work on them. A couple weeks ago, we got our 9 year old chihuahua to climb over the dog pen for a treat! I’m going to make a sign that says something like, “Will work/climb for a good story” and show him climbing out. I need to film him going to our children’s book for the treat hidden behind it. I’m not sure how it will turn out. And another one is for promoting literacy. I’ll let you know when I get it done. I’m wearing my Funny Bones (skeleton) makeup. I just wish I’d taken drama in high school! And photography. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun anyway! Can’t wait to see your vlog. And your dog is adorable. Make more with Roxy!

    • Thanks Lynn! I think that is such a good idea! I didn’t take either of those in school either.
      We do need to advertise…Definitely let me know when you finish your video. I am sure it will go viral.. :)

      • lynnkelleyauthor

        Very unlikely my videos will go viral! They’re fun anyway!

      • lynnkelleyauthor

        Hi Susie. Last week I was without internet for two days. You inspired me to get back to working on my videos. Well, lo and behold I discovered the special effects window in iMovie and I had a ball with it. I used the x-ray effect! Turned out cool. I did a post with it last Wed. and added your video of Roxy, and a friends first shot using Movie Maker. I’m itching to finish a couple other videos now that I found those special effects! So cool.

  11. I need your skils to promote my book with a video commercial, Susie!

  12. While I have used the Windows Movie Make, I have not made a vlog. I suspect my cat would not appreciate a video of him attacking the living room chair as much as the rest of the internet.

    • I would think that you would prefer him not to attack either! LOL! It was a fun process and I am always up for learning something new!
      Thanks for stopping by and watching the silliness SF!

  13. Very cute! You did a great job, Susie. That window movie maker is so much fun, a little too much…once you start, you can’t stop (as you know) As for vlogs…I’m done doing those for awhile. My last few everyone kept ridiculing my giant shoes in the background!

  14. Dug the funky music – kinda blacksploitation movie vibe and what a lovely floor! The dog’s a star! Will dig out the Gfb video in the future – but it won’t compare to your dog. Damn!

  15. Anyone who knows ‘Sunny’ and puts Charley Day on their blog, is okay by be!

    Nice job on your video… I’m impressed.

  16. Hilarious! Your sweet Roxy is just too much. She looks adorable in her ghetto mittens! You totally rocked that video.

  17. Corey

    Loved it Susie. I’m also a huge fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Kitten Mittens always cracks me up.

    You should set up bowling pins on the hardwood and fake throw a treat and try to get a strike with Roxy sliding. It MAY get PETA pissed, but it’ll be worth it.

  18. Wow – how cool that you just decided to DO something instead of just wishing you could. Roxy is adorable in those Ghetto Mittens! :-)

  19. Hi,
    I loved the video, and Roxy is a little cutie. Good on you for doing your video, I haven’t tried to put a video on You Tube yet, one day I will have to play around and see how I go. :)

  20. I love the music and the way it juxtaposes that dog…cute!

  21. OMG Susie i loved your vlog..its cute and funny and warms the heart…it will go viral keep it posted in you tube..I have something for our star Roxy :)

  22. That is awesome for a first go and not shaky or anything. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

  23. I’ve wanted to try my hand at vlogging, but I need a better camera first. So many things. Sigh. Your little pup is adorable! How you torture him with mittens. LOL One of these days you’ll find the right mix to make him a STAR! :D Personally, I think you have what it takes.

  24. LOOOOL! I love the end credits where it says the video sucks! Hahahahahahaaaa. And poor dog, although she doesn’t mind wearing the gloves and the fact that they’re ghetto, LOL!

    • Thanks M! It does suck!
      Our dog likes dressing up. She really is a ham and didn’t mind the mittens/gloves one bit even though I rubber banded them on!
      Thanks for watching~

  25. EllieAnn

    cute video! your pup has a lot of charm and swagger all mixed into one adorable white fluff. I think we’d be good friends.
    I think you have a future. Can’t wait to see what you video next!

  26. HAH!!! Roxy should do a guest post on how she felt with those on her paws.
    Great video, too funny!

  27. Windows Movie Maker sounds awesome! Anything simple & visual sign me up. I haven’t ventured into making my own videos yet–without help that is! I probably will soon. :)

  28. Keep it up, Susie – I produced corporated trade show videos, training programs and commercials in another life. The technology has changes so, a new learning experience for me.
    Keep it up!

  29. I used to do videos all the time but they began to take up too much room on my hard drive hahaha
    Well done !!

  30. This is great in several ways! First: you did good, music, words and action. Second: my son has been telling me he can not do videos and editing without tons of equipment(expensive). Lastly: do you really get paid to blog from your home and how did you get the job(I’m nosy but interested)?
    I have just started to work on a blog/wordpress as a volunteer and am in the learning process :)

  31. Ha! I love that Kittens Mittens video, and yours is also SO adorable (though I had to watch with the sound off) – Roxy is the cutest!!! Nicely done first video (it really does not suck. At all)!

    I am totally obsessed with making videos, although I’ve only done a few so far. If I could get away with it, and I think it’s all I would do ;)

    • Thanks so much Jules!
      The sound was one of three samples that came with the program. Catchy little tune. Hahaha! I have just found another awesome time suck, but it was really fun to make!

      • I just realized I shoud clarify that I didn’t hear the sound and turn it off because it was so bad, LOL, just that I can’t have my computer’s sound on right now ;)

        It is SUCH a time suck – I’ve spent DAYS editing silly videos for my blog!

        • Oh Hahaha!
          I started on it at about 2:30 yesterday and dinked around with it until 7:00. Not bad for learning in the process. I am usually a perfectionist, but I looked at this as an exercise. I will put a little more time into the next one since it was so much fun!

  32. Love cute animal videos, Roxy is a natural born actress! Adorable video, do more.

  33. Very nice! I’m a sucker for cute animal videos every time. Never tried a video…kinda scared too!

  34. A terrific first try, Susie! Really cute. Your dog is a good sport! I’ve never tried Movie Maker, maybe I should!

  35. Well done, and cute! I wouldn’t even begin to try messing with video, I’ll stick to words and leave it to you.

  36. I still haven’t done any vlogs, which is weird because I do so much video work.

  37. had me lol. what a lovely start to my day. thanks susie

  38. I am on the floor!! “Kitten Mittens”, please anyone can rhyme..the title “Ghetto Mittens” alone is Oscar worthy in my mind. I’m going to watch it again…right now!

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