Life Interrupted – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Sunlight flickered through the leaves of the maple tree creating moving patterns on the sidewalk. The swish of leaves seemed like ancient melodic music filtering down from above. While looking up at its canopy, she heard the warning call of a robin protecting its nest. She continued her work with urgency.

As she struggled with her heavy load, a vibration rippled through her. A thunderous deafening sound exploded overhead. It was too late.

“Die suckers die!” After Jimmy stomped on the hill, hundreds of ants poured out to defend their home and clan.


I wrote about my battle with these creatures on Monday and thought I would take a walk in their 6 shoes.

Do you ever feel guilty when killing pests?


Check out this mash up of epic battle scenes!

Photo by Susie Lindau

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94 responses to “Life Interrupted – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. Ms. Lindau,
    I was injured severly a year ago and have been sitting around doing nothing but trying to walk correctly again. In a moment of inspiration, I wrote a story so I am a newbee if you will. I have been reading various blogs on the big WP and find your writing interesting, colorful and wonderful. You have a wonderful gift and I can only hope you keep writing for the next 50 years. Thank You for the ride,
    Wayne Baker

    • Wow Wayne thank you so much!
      I am so sorry to hear about your injury. We never know what life has in store for us. I am glad that you have begun to write. You will find that WP is an amazing community full of wonderful people from all over the world!

      I host a Use Me and Abuse Me party for my friends once a month where you can drop a link into my comment section. I hope you will come back on July 11th and join in the fun! It is a great way for bloggers to meet new writers and maybe get a few new followers!
      Enjoy your Sunday and thanks again!

      • I do have a question Ms. Lindau,
        You have a “copyright” Statement in the left hand colum of your blog. Is that for real or is it there as a joke (I am not kidding) ? And, If it is real, how does one go about placing a copyright on their written and printed material? I am very curious as well as slightly paranoid because I have some one of a kind pics I would like to caption and post and I was told to be careful with them. Posting them freely means anyone can use them and I was also told that I may very well be able to realize some money from them. I am literally in “kindregarten mode” out in the blogosphere and would appreciate any info I can get so as to make my learning and mistake curve as easy as possible to negotiate. Thank You Very Much Ms. Lindau,
        Wayne Baker

        • Hi Wayne! Once our material is “blogged” it really is protected by the time date stamp and we can prove that it is ours.
          I know what you mean about being ripped off. I would look into putting a “signature” on your photos. You can use a program like photoshop to type in your blog url or name on the bottom corner of your photo. That really would turn off would be “thieves.”

          I am not as worried about my stories being stolen. Even without the copyright mumbo jumbo on my site, I can prove I own it.
          If you are really worried, I was told that you can compile everything you have blogged and send it to yourself snail mail and keep it sealed. Then you have the postage date on the envelope to bring to court as proof. I don’t think you have to go that far.

          I hope that helps! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Beautifully written, Susie.

  3. Who really wants ants crawling through their kitchen? *shudder* but if they’re outside, doing what ants do, I don’t mind them and this boy just appears unnecessarily cruel! Effective use of the ant’s POV though. A great build up and a violent change in perspective in the final section which worked very effectively.

    My entry for the prompt is over here:

    • Thanks Joanna! I had recently found them in my kitchen where war was declared. I wrote a funny post about it earlier in the week. I continued the theme on Friday.
      I will be over to check it out!

  4. Anonymous

    Of “buggy things”–I find ants the least offensive. Prefer them outside than in, though. As long as they’re outside, they’re safe from me. Enjoyed your story from their perspective. Good job!

  5. This photo is one of the best I have seen this week (and I read tons of photo blogs) Ants need a good war!

  6. John Hardy Bell

    I didn’t feel sorry for them until I read this story! :(

    That said, I thought the writing was brillant! The problem is you’ve ruined me for ants now. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to kill one again. The Pixar movie didn’t even do that for me! :)

  7. Madison Woods

    yes, I do feel guilty. but today a red wasp stung me and I might have killed it if my thoughts hadn’t been redirected toward my injury. it was hidden when i went back to seek revenge. usually though I try not to kill things if i can help it.

    • Stinkin’ thing! I hate wasps! One time my dad was taking out a window air conditioner and removed a hornets nest with it! I have never heard my dad swear like that!
      Thanks for reading Madison!

  8. You managed to make me feel sorry for the ants, Susie. No mean achievement. Well done.

  9. Love it. Great picture to help sell the ant pov as well!

  10. I’m also in Colorado (CO Springs) and currently weathering the moth storm. I’ll hold out as long as I can, with your story as my inspiration!
    Thanks for an awesome piece.

    Here’s mine:

  11. Love the moment of realization of who the protaganist is.
    Good one!

  12. I love how you took that real life dilemma and made it sing. Nicely done, Colorado.

  13. Hi,
    Loved the story and the twist at the end. :D
    Anything inside the house is a goner outside is a different story. :)
    We have a lot of deadly little creatures here in OZ and I just won’t take the chance especially with the dog being inside as well. :)

  14. Good one, Susie! I have felt guilty squashing bugs, so I try to gently shovel them outside. Oh, except cockroaches. Never felt much guilt over those!

  15. Nah, never feel bad about knocking off a few varmints!

  16. The ants go marching two by two. Hurrah! Hurrah!

  17. Ooh, cool story, Susie. I do feel bad about killing anything. I have a severe fear of spiders so I will trap them in a cup, hyperventilate, then make my husband take them outside (of course they end up coming back in, usually with their friends…)

    • I can just see you! My sister is like that and flew off a chair once when a spider jumped out from the wall at her! I am the opposite. Not very lady-like I know!
      Thanks Darla for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend~ :)

  18. siobhanmuir

    I only like ants in the garden. In the house, they’re fair game for death! :D I liked the perspective in your piece, though. :)

    Here’s mine:


  19. Hmm. I wonder what inspired this piece really. Was it the picture prompt or something else that inspired this piece? :) You got me though. I wa thinking she was up in the tree, not on the ground.

    • I know you are being factitious! :) I wan’t planning on continuing the theme, but it just came to me like those dang ants!
      There were a lot of ups and downs in this so I can see how you could get confused; dizzy even!
      Thanks Debra!

  20. Oh, Jimmy! You little twit! This was very To Kill a…well…Ant, of you this week. Uggg…I will never understand wanton destruction. Well played, Susie!

    ~Susan (here’s mine:

    • Thanks Susan!
      I think I remember crushing an anthill or two with my PF Flyers. Or maybe they were my Red Ball Jets! Thanks for reading Susan. This time WordPress didn’t hijack your comment. I never did find it…
      I will be over to read yours too!

  21. Wonderful tension and great twist at the end.

  22. lynnkelleyauthor

    Hi Susie! You write the coolest flash fiction. This is great! Goes perfectly with your other post about fighting ants. No, I don’t feel guilty about killing insects. Well, not usually. Sometimes I do, though, especially if it’s a cricket, but our house was being taken over by them for a while there!

    • Thanks Lynn!
      My kids had lizards for a while and we had a cricket attack in our basement after a couple escaped. I never could catch any, but eventually they went to the great cricket heaven in the sky!

  23. Beautiful twist; I actually thought I was reading about a human being. Ants also feel, apparently. Mine is here:

  24. Loving your post! Not really especially if they have invaded my home (the worst were mice one time – ewww). Have a Great Weekend!

  25. You didn’t include in the 100 words but I am sure the cry of the moment (at the kingdom under attack) would be “God Save the Queen” …
    I like the title, Life Interrupted. (Well in my case usually it’s the Queen responsible for the interruption)

  26. The Ants… again! When will it stop?

    Oh, I liked your story… very clever… hope you escaped to write again.

  27. TheOthers1

    Lol. I do occasionally feel bad, but more with mice not with bugs. Nice story.

    My attempt:

  28. Well, you’re getting all sappy about ants, having a little guilt after killing so many, lol! Fun perspective switch up today!!

    • Actually I almost used my own name when smashing those anthills. I wonder how the response would have differed! Hahaha!
      Thanks Smidgen and enjoy the weekend. I wonder what you will be whipping up in the kitchen…

  29. Good perspective. I love ants best of all insects; they lives are complex. Doesn’t surprise me that they think!
    Also, loved the battle scene compilation.

  30. I love this -didn’t see it coming!
    I have absolutely no qualms about killing cockroaches!

    • Thank God I have never had to do that since I’ve never lived in a warm climate. The worst was when I had a mouse cornered in a pantry and my dog had wounded it but hadn’t killed it and I was afraid it would go off and die somewhere in the house. So I had to kill it. Eeuw!
      Thanks so much JM and have a fantastic pest-free weekend!!

  31. What an interesting perspective!

  32. No…killing pests is a small bit of omniscience we humans need from time to time. Very cool bit of flash fiction, too!

  33. loved your story Susie always weave great flash fictions :)
    But red ants .i HATE them and who doesnt know for every red ant you kill a fairy is born :)

    • Love that! Hahaha! Long live the fairies of the garden. They can’t possibly be blissful with those nasty creatures afoot!
      Thanks so much Soma and have a great weekend!

  34. I love your zooming in on creature stories. So fun to guess the subject Susie.

  35. Knew it was an ant obsession! Great writing. You set us up for the surprise ending perfectly. (not to mention the most appropriate – peaceful- picture!)

  36. I don’t feel guilty…because I always have someone else do it for me ;-)

  37. You’ve revealed a very dark side this week Susie – I am willing to foster any ants you come across in the future. Great Story too!

  38. This is fantastic. You completely caught me by surprise at the end. Here’s mine:

  39. I cannot even imagine… man I would be so scare.. let along live in those ant colonies..:)

  40. I love the imagry and personalization to the ant. I don’t usually feel bad when I have to use raid but I may have second thoughts. Also thank you for the many battle scenes =)

    • Thanks JJ!
      It been months since you have visited. I am so happy to see you again!
      I do feel bad with some insects, but not others like ants. There are bazillions of them!

  41. I do feel guilty-for about 2 seconds

  42. I love a good tale of the tiny creatures of this world – or any world, for that matter – and this one took me completely by surprise. The serenity of the opening, followed quickly by the tension brought on by the birds’ warning calls.

    Damn that Jimmy. I hope he gets bitten…a lot.

    Mine’s this-a-way:

    Oh and yes, I always feel bad if I kill insects and the like. Just seems unfair on them, killed purely for being in the way.

  43. Great piece, Susie.
    I feel guilty even killing a spider. When I’ve had to have pets to put to sleep, it’s made my heart ache.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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