Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

This is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day! I hope you will participate in this virtual blog party as part of my blogiversary week! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers. Come back here and post one link (URL), in the comment section of my blog. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other readers to your blog. If you have a book to sell, go for it!

 Welcome to my place. My guests would love to meet you!

That is when the party begins! As others post their links, peruse the guests and check out their blogs. You may see a writer here that you are not familiar with. Say hello!

I have a pretty long comment stream allotment, so feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog! Jump in and introduce yourself. This could be a great opportunity to make some connections and new friends.

Remember to only post ONE link or you’ll end up in my spam file. One is all you need to transport your new guest to your blog and then you can show them around your place!

Make sure that you help yourself to the drinks and the hors d’eovres. The champagne is flowing, I’ve tapped the keg, and the sodas are chillin’. The coffee will be fresh brewed all day and can be made anyway you like!

There has been some talk about creating a video for the occasion. I have to admit that I CAVED!

This is my personal VLOG debut and it does include some DANCING! The best parties always include dancing. Do you remember me saying in more than a few posts that I have no shame?

Roxy snuck in. She loves to mug for the camera.

Dance with me!


Here is my barely seen blog post from August that I thought ROCKED. One of the three comments was sooooo sarcastic. I love sarcasm! The third comment posted last night. How random was that?

The title sells itself: Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…

It would be awesome if you considered following my blog. It is always an adventure!

Go ahead and abuse me! Have fun!

The doorbell is ringing. Gotta go!

Since this has been such a huge success, I am going to host another blog party on Wednesday, June 6th!

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270 responses to “Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

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  2. Dacianx

    ohh God ..the world is changing so fast … article

  3. Love how you encourage us to find blog friends “down there” (see your video). Um down where? Oh right, blog roll. The long scroll stroll to this spot must qualify! How did I get to be a day late?

    Once I was invited to a party that started at ten o’clock, and showed up at 10 a.m. to a house full of bleary eyed — they meant 10 p.m. I’d post a link to my blog, but I’m way too serious for a party, so will just pick up a few stale cheetos off the dance floor and start reading. Thank you. Cheers!

    • You haven’t missed this month’s party. It starts tomorrow at 7 AM Mountain Time. It will last a couple days I am sure!
      This was the original party last month, but I am sure that bloggers will be happy to “see” you!

      The Cheetos bags will be opened soon!

  4. Thanks Susie!
    “Dear Diva,I had to come to Phoenicia!”

  5. What a great idea! I just started blogging and I am loving it. I write about everything, but I love to humor, opinion, sex/relationship topics. My most recent post was on 5 Truths About Men. I also did one on what I call the ‘Sex Window’ (the small window of time that sex is actually a possibility).

  6. Hi Susie! This is such a fun idea. I have seen your name pop up on comments of numerous sites I visit and FINALLY decided to check out your blog. I figured this would be a good post to comment on, since you are basically inviting self pimping! :)

    My name is Misty . . . and I take pictures of crazy people/things I see and post them on my blog. (Hi Misty!). This post is by far the most viewed one on my entire site, although I don’t think it’s my best. But all those views can’t be wrong, so here you go:

  7. Great idea! (Are you a masochist?)…

    Here’s my recent poem about time running backwards in Chicago, with good environmental consequences (but bad ones for the main character!):

    • Excellent! Nope! I just wanted to get bloggers together to read each other’s forgotten posts! Thanks for coming by and stop back on June 6th when I host again!

  8. Had a fun ride. Will visit as often as possible.

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  10. danielabea

    Awesome blog post! I always love reading about your adventures, and it’s really nice of you to give us all the opportunity to post our blogs.

    Here’s mine, about paper writing from the perspective of the Multiple Intelligences:

    • Thanks so much!
      Just so you know, I can’t post comments since WP decided I am a spammer. I am trying to resolve the issue and will come and read as soon I can leave a comment. Sheesh!
      The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is June 6th so I hope you will come back and party with us then too!

  11. Susie, Loved it… Thanks to my friend Rose and her follower El Guapo for pointed me this way. I am now going to make my own and dancing clip and join in the party, although mine is going to be music from my CD collection, maybe a bit of vintage 1980′s disco, maybe Saturday Night Fever… Hope that’s not too scary… Ok here is my forgotten hardly seen blog entry…

    Thanks for the party invite, I had a ball!

    Capt. Savage
    (Lost in the 1980′s and never been the same since)

  12. Move over Ellen.. Susie’s in town and she can dance better than you can!! Hey.. can I play?? I’m bringing my famous pink ruffle rainbow cake!! I’m baking another pretty fancy cake but it isn’t posted yet.. but if you stop by I’ll give you a poem and a slice of that one too:) I love you Susie.. you’re so bubbly and full of awesome ideas!! I’m off to see who else is here… got to mingle:D xoxoxo Smidge

  13. Hi Susie! Great video, and even better dancing! I’m very late to this party, because I just found out about it from a reblog. But this is one of the more original ideas I’ve seen on WordPress and I’d like to join in. So here is my link to a post about what happens to a guy who’s been married for over 20 yrs, when he’s left wifeless for a few days, and suddenly has to fend for himself.

  14. oops! I got here late! I just found out about your’ party from ‘butimbeautiful’ who found out about it from ‘El Guapo’. Can I stay? I brought rum!
    Here’s a link to my favorite blog post so far
    I just started writing again in December, after a 26 year “hiatus” (I graduated from fashion design school thinking “I wanna be a writer!” Then I thought “Oh, that’s just silly!” and a few years later gave up writing “for good” to concentrate on career
    About a month after I picked it up again, I remember that in February 2011, a psychic told me I was going to be writing and would be very successful at it…I argued that I already had a career and I didn’t have time to write, then promptly forgot about it…until 11 months later when I realized I was doing it! Prescience or planting of a seed? Who knows? (and who really cares? I’m enjoying the hell out of it!)
    Oops, look, I’ve almost written a whole post here! I tend to do that! (hence the name Blatherbabe!)
    Anyway, GREAT party! Love so many of the bloggers I’ve met here!

    • That is so great! I am glad that you made it here to my blog! Thanks for the rum. Have fun checking out the guests.
      I will be hosting again on June 6th!
      Thanks so much!

  15. NicolaB

    Hey Susie! I got directed here from a re-blog, and was wondering if I could still join the party?? I brought homemade cake! Hope you enjoy. Congratulations on the anniversary! Quite the achievement. I actually have many neglected posts, but here’s one of my favorites: Hope you enjoy!

  16. As ever, Susie, a unique post!
    Good job!

  17. Reblogged this on An Etiquette Guide for Sluts and commented:
    Loved it, esp the dancing. And yes El Guapo steered me here.

  18. Brilliant! Love the dancing, love the vlog, love the idea. I’m one of those party guests that come to dance and don’t bring any nibbles – so sorry no neglected blog post. Maybe NEXT party! Go Susie! Oh and Guapo also sent me.

  19. Yawn! Sorry I passed out in Susie’s closet after too much wine and chocolate! Here’s a little piece that kick-started my writing cycle.
    Being a Science Fiction means writing not waiting!

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  21. Guapo said to stop by. Very creative … dance dance dance! (but I do ballroom). ;) … Ok … here’s a fun link that didn’t get much traffic.

    And yes … I will be visiting many of the links above! Congratulations on your Blogoversary!

  22. Kanerva

    What a great way to spread the love! 2012 is also the year for presidential elections in Finland: this was my summary of the candidates in round one.. Now to have a little sticky at the other links and your archive! Hope you have a danc-tastic weekend :)
    (btw: the winner has been on the job two months already…)

    • How cool is that?
      Thank you so much for dropping by! I am so glad that you are saving this. It is an amazing group of bloggers and their links are well worth a visit. Maybe you will make some new cyber friends!

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  24. LOL…you go, you dancing maniac, you! What a cute doggie you have and it’s lovely to feel like we had a live chat. :-)

    Huh…a post I liked that got little attention…How To Build Your Writing Team.

    Happy Blogiversary to you, Susie! May you have many, many more!

    • Thank you so much Jenny! I am so glad that you came by to leave a link! Have fun checking out my friend’s links. It is a virtual party that never ends so help yourself!

      • Of course I have to stop by! I’m totally checking out those links. There’s some really great ones. :-)

        • I have spent soooo many hours looking for new blogs to follow over the last year and I knew that this was a very talented bunch. Some don’t get viewed by many so this was my way of connecting everyone! I am so glad!

  25. And meant to say that I’m pinning this – now that’s a place I understand!!

  26. I’m LATE to the party! That’s what I get for being diligent and hard working – it never pays off!

    Wow! Just wow! What the hell are you like, woman? You are crazy. Great moves but where was the voice? And unphotogenic my ass! You’re gorgeous!

    Oh and my book goes free today on KDP for forty eight hours from midnight Pacific standard time. Amazon tell me it might take a couple of hours for it go live. So please feel free to enjoy a Reckless Sexy Night in Rome. Hehehe!

    Loved this, Susie. You seriously rock the blogosphere!

    • Thanks so much CC! I am so glad that you made it! The post will always be up and I will include it my blog for a while to get more readers to check out these amazing links.
      Congratulations on your book! It sounds awesome!

  27. Hi Susie, As promised here’s the link for the Tyler Durden and Kristin Lamb post titled ‘Jobs’. What a great idea this is :)

    • Thank you Barry! It worked out really well for everyone. I can see all of the links out of my blog! Help yourself to a drink and have fun meeting some new bloggers!

  28. Hi Susie

    Ha! It’s going to take a lot more than mention of a couple of digital drinks to make me dance in front of a camera. In fact it takes a lot genuine drinks to make me dance at all (and then it’s more of a case of random staggering).

    I worked very hard on clean interpretations of “Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow! Please…” but it was a waste of time and I certainly didn’t thinking of whistling! Maybe I should have had another of those drinks…

    Here’s my sad and neglected link, which does happen to mention Old Crow, but I’m not an alcololhic. Alholic. Allo-colic. And I don’t drink too much either.


    • Oh Nigel! I am so glad you came by! I taped my own dancing without any imbibing or I would have really rocked out. Hahaha!
      Have fun reading the links and making new friends!
      The drinks are flowing and the party seems to be revving up once again!

  29. Wow…landed here today quite by coincidence, and it looks like I’ve stumbled into quite the gathering. :) I suppose here is my hello:

    It takes place in the strange hours of Daylight Savings.

    Now to start following the clickable path…

  30. Just stopping back to check in…(oh, you’ve already cleaned up the place? Good timing on my part!)
    Seriously, Will be interested in you de-briefing/ reflective comments over the mania you created.
    Great idea…(hope you’re not suffering from clogged blog hang-over!)

    • Clogged Blog, yep got that! Hahaha! Everything is cleaned up, but there are still a few checking in to click away which is awesome for everyone!
      I was going to do a short recap in my blog tomorrow and go into more depth on June 6th when it will be time to Use Me and Abuse Me once again!
      Thanks so much for making it a Wild Blog Party!

    • Actually the number is still growing of clicks out to other blogs! I will have to update it before I blog tomorrow…It is really awesome to see everyone making new friends!

  31. Yawwwnnn…what time is it? I have a throbbing hangover from yesterday. Your party was waaayyyy too much fun. I read far too much, eyes really hurt. Didn’t get my client’s job done either. But gotta admit it’s the best blarty (blog party) I’ve ever been to. Crashed before I got to meet everyone, but I’ll get to that. You have ubercool friends. Some sarcastic, some enlightening, some just nice people. The guy throwing up in the corner you could have done without. Used very poor grammar. When my head is clear (and my client stops screaming at me) I’ll have to design an AmperArt piece with your event in mind…party, friends, blogging, virtual vodka, whatever. Thanks for the invite. Next time I’ll wear shoes. Just shoes.

    • And a hat. A Blarty Hat! Hahaha! You are so funny! “Very poor grammar.” :)
      I am so glad that you enjoyed the festivities. I am exhausted today, but will do it again next month! I really enjoyed seeing all of the links out of my blog. I think I had 180, so that was a lot of blartying and it is still happening! The nice part about having all these in the comments, is you can come back anytime for some new pals!
      Thanks Chaz!

  32. Hello Susie – i found this through our superhero Aquatom and love the idea…will be doing some perusing over the next few days fo sure.
    So here is my link…if I am not too late :

  33. I am late to the party!!! I hope you are still serving champaigne or, at least, some sparkling water :-) I love love love your vlog. You can dance, girl!

    As for my blog post… hmmm… okay, here’s one that I am very proud of but never gotten a lot of comments on. A while ago I have been contacted by a fabulous musician, Russ Hewitt, and asked to write a review for his, then, first CD. Russ has been one of my favorite guitarists for a long time so I was very excited about the project. And here it is:

    • Thanks so much Angela!

      The drinks are still flowing and the guests will be so happy when you click on their links! Just make yourself at home and mingle (click) away!

  34. Such a generous idea! I’m copying one of my Top Tens of music – not the air guitar which made “Freshly Pressed” to my delight, but one I did on some of my favourite reggae music from the 70s and 80s. Some quite well known, some fairly obscure, but for me some of the greatest music ever made.

  35. Congratulations beautiful Susie on your one year blogiversary! I’m sorry I’m late to the party. Yesterday seems to have gotten away from me. In honor of your anniversary and in explanation of how my days seem to get away from me I have decided to share “Don’t put it off, procrastinate now!” I’m sure I’m the only one who has days like this, I just wish they didn’t happen so often . . . . LOL

    • Thank you so very much! I am so glad you made it! The list will always be up so readers will come by to click away!
      I love the idea of a procrastinating post. How did you ever finish it??? Hahaha!
      Click on a few links and mingle!

  36. Hi Susie, sorry I’m so late, but hopefully fashionably late to your lovely partay! Thank you for doing this very kind and generous thing. Here is one of my first posts: “Trust: The Most Important Tool in a Writer’s Pencilcase” I needed to re-read it myself.

    • Thanks Rachel! I am so glad you came! It is always a party here at my blog!
      All you have to do is click on a few blogs and say hello in their comments. There are some awesome posts to check out! Enjoy and help yourself the the drinks and appetizers!

  37. Hey, Susie! I’m late to the party, but maybe only fashionably late! :) Wow, some really great posts there, and I’ve had a great time with my morning partying. :) Happy Blogaversary, Susie. May you have many more. Oh, and here’s my link on a blog I did on grades on my author website before I got on WordPress:

  38. John Hardy Bell

    Awesome party, Susie! Just wish I had gotten here a little sooner! Thanks for keeping the keg tapped… :)

    I included a long forgotten post from the days when I was a regualr poster! :) I’ll get back to it one day, I swear!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  39. What a fun party, Susie! I’ve been popping in and checking in on many of your guests There’s some great stuff here! Woot! I’m heading to the bar! Loved your dance, btw. Made me want to get up there and join you. We just need some cool party lights. :D

    • I am so glad Debra! I am glad that you danced with me!

      Reading new blogs is what it is all about! You should still leave a link since people may use this list of posts to look for more people to follow for a while. I am going to include the link in Friday’s post.

      You are right about the party lights! I will pick some up for the next one on June 6th!

  40. Susie
    You threw one hell of a party. The dance video set the stage, as I imagined a hundred people in that room with a full bar and booming speakers, freaking out Roxy. I sure enjoyed reading through the replies today and going on tangents with some of them. I never did finish that project for my client, which means I never did read through all your party guests’ posts. I will, though, as they are very interesting, funny, profound, or otherwise entertaining and enlightening.
    This was a splendid idea. Thank you.
    One question: did you hopefully have a few people over so you could “really” party, like with real flesh and bones in your house? That would be a lot of fun, sharing the posts with some non-virtual guests.

    • The comment section became an amazing list of awesome blog posts so stop by anytime to read them!
      I didn’t party with any real people, but I am afraid I wouldn’t have been a very good hostess since my nose was glued to my computer screen the whole time! :)

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the party. You did exactly what I was hoping. The point was to click on links and search for new friends and that’s what you did!

      Anyone who stayed at their own place and waited for a guest to arrive may not have had the same results.
      If you look at it this way, what kind of fun has anyone had when they came to a party, dropped off their bottle of wine and left…. :)
      Thank you so much Chaz!

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  42. Wow! This is going to take some time – hehe – how lovely of you!
    My link is
    I think!

  43. This has been quite a day!! Did this turnout beat your two FP days?

    • No, but it rocked! Thanks Yatin! I love being inclusive, it made me feel so great to get so many of my friends together to check out each others blogs. I am going to host another on the first Wednesday of next month!

      I think that you should go get your link to your last post. It was hilarious! People are still arriving and I think there will be some readers tomorrow.
      Come back and add that link!

  44. Hi, Susie. What a great party, and what a great idea. As an old 80′s headbanger, I must tell you that I don’t have the first clue about dancing, although your dancing was great! So if somebody wants to see me dancing, they’d better hand me a stiff drink first! It’s sad, I know!
    I only post once a week, but I thought I would offer this week’s post. I read and write horror, but this week reviewed a romance book that I loved!! Yes, that right. Romance!

    Thanks again,


    • Thank you so much!
      I danced yesterday without alcohol. I know I am crazy! Hahaha!
      I am so glad that you joined the party! Grab a virtual drink and check out the bloggers that you are not familiar with. Have fun!

  45. Oh my… I totally spaced about this this morning and I have been going about 90 kilometres an hour all day!

    I think… wow, so many posts I could link to… I think I will post to the excerpt of my novel – currently in its third draft – it could use a little love.

    Thanks for the champagne, sweetie… is there any more of those green olives with the baby onions inside them? :)

    • Cool! I will check it out! I am so glad that you came! Just help yourself to the bar and check out some of the links! I hope you will have a lot of fun meeting new bloggers!

  46. Corey

    Use Me and Abuse Me Day…Sounds like the first post of yours that I read (the sexy flash fiction one)

    One of my favorite posts got only 20 or so views. Though I’ve only been around a few months, it’s one of my personal funny favs.

    It’s the true story of the rise and fall of a young back-to-back-to-back spelling bee winner. True story.

    Loving reading all the new bloggers and way to break it down in your first vlog. (I’m sexy and I know it) Happy Blogiversary!

    • I hardly know it! Hahaha! I was worried you would be a no-show and I almost tweeted you!
      I will check out your post. It sounds like it may be written in first person….. I hope you make some new friends! Grab a cocktail or a beer before you go back to reading!

      • Corey

        Haha I was trying to find time to stop by after work…I also somehow got conned into babysitting the past 5 hours. Blog fodder? Possibly! I’m enjoying a bunch of new artists.

        Knew it would be a great turnout!

  47. Just got done working and thought I’d check to see if the party is still going on…

    This place is packed! Stepping over passed out bodies and Balashi beer cans. I can’t find the guest of honor… wait… what’s that glow coming from the back room??? Who’s that hunched over her computer screen reading blogs? It’s the Wild Thing herself! She’s muttering… “just one more, just one more”… I’d better go now and leave her alone… have to check them out on my computer now.

    Awesome turnout, Susie!

    • Ted you crack me up! I am so glad you are back! There is a lot of new blood with great posts to read. Cayman brought a video to rock out to, so JumP and have some fun! I know you will!

  48. givingnottaking

    This is a link to a link from my blog promoting women writers, I often read Susie’s blog and although I don’t agree with some subject matter such as superstition, woo, star signs, karma etc I do appreciate her right to have a voice in a male dominated world and communicate to others her experiences and talents as a writer, please support equality for all.

    • That is great! I am so glad you came by! So grab an appetizer and start mingling in the comments. If you see someone new, click on their link and leave a comment on their blog! Have fun and maybe you will get some new people to your blog! Thank you!

  49. Hi,
    Seems I’m arriving a bit late for the party, that is only because I am on the other side of the world. :D
    Loved your vlog, fantastic.

    If you love weddings, and you love whales, then I’m sure you would enjoy this post:

    • I am so glad you made it Mags! It wouldn’t be a party without you! Grab a drink and check out my friends and MINGLE! It has been working really well if you click on theirs, they will almost always click on back to yours. Tell them Susie sent you!

  50. Okay, since the party is moving into the PM hours here on the East Coast and I ain’t yet had a drink (and it ain’t looking good on having one), I just had to plug in something that made me want to jump without an 80 proof excuse. So there’s this.

  51. Darn, I forgot to come with a link, but I’ll be back. Looks like this has been a massive success today. Congrats, Susie!

  52. How well does your government protect you against having your benefits such as social security fraudulently taken from you. Check my post “Your Government at Work” ( from a little over a year ago.

    • Hey David! Glad you stopped by.
      I hope you take some time to read some new posts by checking out the links here. The stories are amazing!

      The idea is to go to their blog and introduce yourself! Have fun and enjoy meeting my guests!

  53. OK, I told you this idea would rock! Look at all these comments. I thought hard about this and decided rather than introduce your readers to my more cerebral musings I would go straight to the depths of my edgy sense of humor.
    I only had 15 views of this and I considered reposting on my vacation. Let me know what you think…
    I will be looking at many of your other posts today.

  54. Oh NO, you DI’ INT! Wowza Colorado, you DID go full out on this little party.
    Well, you’re a doll. I just want to say, how much I appreciate having you as a blogging partner in crime. You’re a genuine bit of adventure. And we are the better for having ventured down your path.
    Happy Blogaversary.
    And here’s my link to an old post I had bunches of fun with. If not for my pal RJ, the crickets would’ve eaten this one into rumor.

    • Thank you so much Cayman. I am so glad you have arrived! Thanks for the nudge. I did go for it and danced under duress to get the silly thing done! Hahaha! Next time I will drink a shot of tequila first! :)
      Have fun clicking on my friend’s links. Most will respond and click back to you. Party hardy!

  55. Happy Blogaversary! You got some jamming dance moves there. Love it! You should be on the Ellen DeGeneres show jamming it. :)

    As for my long lost post … ahhhh I thought this one was pretty funny but I wrote it early in the year and had like two visits that day. So thanks for bringing the laughter to everyone Guat Style. The title tells it all…true story. Hope you get a laugh.

    My Near-Death-Pinkberry Experience

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you liked my silliness! Hahaha!
      I will check out your post. :) Have fun meeting some other bloggers and click on their links! Don’t forget to grab a drink at the bar!

      • Way ahead of you chica. Got two drinks under my belt, read some great stories, and met some cool bloggers like Blissful Adventurer and LameAdventures. Thanks for the introductions! I continue reading …

  56. Happy Blogiversary! I absolutely LOVED your video, your dancing was wonderful and Roxy’s bewildered face was priceless. This idea a brilliant and a wonderful way for all of us to connect. Thanks for the opportunity and by the way you are very photogenic.

    • Thank you so much! Roxy thinks she is going to be a star! Hahaha! I took 100 photos with a hat on and none of them turned out. Not so photogenic, but thank you! That was the only one that I liked… :)
      I am so glad you are taking advantage of this blog party and I hope you’ll make lots of new friends!

  57. Thanks! That would be “The Epitome”…

  58. Happy blogiversary, Susie. Love the video and how generous you are to celebrate your special day with us by sharing all of these wonderful posts. My post is the one I did to celebrate August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest. :)

  59. Karen McFarland

    Happy Blogoversary Susie!!!!! I’m dancing right with you! Yay!!!
    I do love parties! But what I want to know is, where’s the Champagne? :)
    And if you all want to come get to know me, this is where I can usually be found See you there after Susie’s party!

  60. B. L. Crisp

    You’re quite cool and you’ve got some moves. So full of Spirativity! Impressed and kudos (appreciation) all round. This is a great idea! And congratulations on your bloggerversary! : )

    As for my intro… I host a blog space known as ‘SPIRATIVITY’, which is a group of creatives across a band of skills, demographics, and faiths united in a common goal to creating thought inspiring and evocative content and community projects which create ripples from a micro-to-macro scale through highlighting the beauty as well as the social/environmental issues within our respective local communities.

  61. Looks like the party’s going down well, Susie! Happy Blogday 1! :D
    I’m Flash Mobbing all by myself here in the Mansion, in your honour, Susie, of course, and also along with you in your great Vlog! First Flash Mob I’ve ever been part of so that’s special in itself!
    I’ve been looking for an early post of mine which isn’t rubbish, but I’m in the process of either deleting or reposting my earlier ‘masterpieces’ so haven’t got that many left. And the others are just waffle. Waffle and rubbish. I’m not selling myself here, am I? My later posts are much better, if I say so myself. But, rather than post a general link to my blog, I’ll add this link to one of my more commented on posts (if that’s OK). It’s still random madness, but never mind…
    I’m now going to start mingling…

  62. EllieAnn

    YAY! So glad you and your blog are still living happily together. I must say, blogging becomes you very well, Mrs. Lindau. =)
    Here’s a post I wanted to share, about advice for new parents and the only three things I have to tell them..

  63. Thanks again for this great idea, Susie! I have a blog post that’s dear to me, and I’d like to share it with you all:
    Fun party!

  64. Fun video and Roxy is one cucumber cool hound — nothing like Thurber the Maniac in my family! So here’s my contribution to the party, my second Lame Adventure (excluding the decades I’ve quietly lived them before writing this blog). It’s the story about an encounter I had with the Earl of Douche Bag, someone most of us have met at one time or another:

    It’s very cool that you’re doing this. I intend to mingle with more guests later now that my boss is back in the office.

  65. Lol. Just went back and watched the dancing video. Great job! And love the comments from your pooch. You really know how to bring fun to the blogosphere, Susie. :)

    • Thank you so much! I don’t know what came over me yesterday except if I get an idea in my head, I have to do it!!! I am really glad came to the party! Have fun meeting some new bloggers!

  66. Such a cute idea and I loved your 1st Vlog post!
    You know how to throw a party too and I am loving the posts I am reading so far.

    I thought I’d share one of my posts that still cracks me up when I read it!

  67. Wow, this party is rockin’! Good fun stuff.

    Here’s my link. It’s not that I had a bad turn out for this one, it’s one of my favorite posts! I hope you’ll enjoy it ya’ll!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  68. Happy Blogoversary! This is such a fun idea, digging the party! :)
    Here’s a post on one of my favorite adventures:

  69. JWo

    I love the idea and can’t wait to go visit some of the blogs listed above.

    I decided to go with my post about the day I found out about my wife’s collection of panties.

    Getting Into My Wife’s Panties:

    I still don’t know if she’s normal or not. hahaha…

  70. Happy Blogiversary! You are so amainzingly fabulous. Love your house, your sweet dog Roxy, all of your vlog!

    I’ve got my tiara on and we’re dancing away here in SoCal! I was going to cheese out and just pop in to say Happy Blogiversary, but I think I’ll post a link to one of my favorite blog posts ~ it’s about my darling daughter and how tough it is when kids grow up. Especially when they grow up and decide they don’t need us mom’s so much. Anyway, hope you have a splendid day and keep dancing!

    • I have no idea what amainzingly means. Dumb fingers typing made up words!

      Should be amazing, but I think you know that already because you are super amazing and fabulous. ;)

      • You are so awesome Tameri! I am glad you came to dance with me today! Woohoo!
        Grab a glass of wine and have fun mingling in the comment section. If you see someone interesting, pop over to their blog. Have a blast!

  71. Susie, this is such a cool idea. I recognize some of the bloggers who have already offered up links and others I’ve not yet visited who wrote great teasers. My link is from back in my Glob days — when my brain thought blog and my fingers typed G-L-O-B. A single blog article was a career-waiting-to-happen. Faced with a one hour deadline imposed by two writing pals, I produced this:

    They put away their Louisville Sluggers and gave me a congratulatory pat on the noggin.

    Congratulations, again, and thanks for the opportunity to bring this one out of the dustbin.

  72. Oh Susie you are one cool Gorgeous Girl….beautiful and what a super cool video loved it..Hey this is the day so Congratulations :)

  73. Happy Blogoversary, Susie!! I loved your vlog!

    There’s a post from my early blogging days that didn’t get a lot of lovin’, but it really makes me laugh, in that oh-god-make-the-nightmares-stop kind of way. It’s called, What NOT to Say if Someone Asks If You Want to Attend a Week-Long Project Management Boot Camp. I like to believe my blog gives people a laugh [at my expense] ;o)

    Thanks so much for hosting such an awesome party! :)

    • I think we are kindred spirits of the laugh at yourself kind! Hahaha!
      Thanks so much for stopping by to party with me today! I hope you make a few new friends by stopping by their blogs too!
      The Vlog idea was so ridiculous, but I have to admit it was fun rocking out in the middle of the afternoon!
      I will check out your story. I can only imagine the pain of it all!

  74. Congratulations on your blogoversary, and thank you for the opportunity to post links! Here’s mine………

  75. OMG, you are the cutest thing ever! I wish you were my friend! That video was fabulous, and your home is beautiful, and Roxy! Happy 1 year anniversary and thank you for the opportunity to share and to meet new people. I’m sure I’ll make a bunch of new friends today thanks to you :)
    Here is a post from my Random Hearts blog. My daughter was playing tennis with her team and the kids started screaming, “look! look!” and there it was, a heart in the sky, above the court. She took this picture with her iTouch. Hope everyone enjoys all my hearts.<3

    • You just gave me shivers and I haven’t even read it yet! In all the years I have looked at clouds, I have never seen a heart shaped one! Wow!
      I wish you lived close by too!
      Thank you so much!
      I am glad that you are mingling and meeting some new bloggers today. It is really fun for me to read all of these posts!

  76. lynnkelleyauthor

    Congrats on your blogoversary, Susie! Great party, and you got the moves, girl! What a great idea to have everyone post a link to one of their posts! You’re full of good ideas.
    I’m going to share my post about Stepping Into Your Character’s Shoes. It seems to be my most popular post. Some people find it quite funny, while others think it’s disturbing! The male model agreed to model for me as long as I don’t reveal his identity. Haha! I seem to get a lot of Google hits from this post, too, when people are looking for hairy toes or teen girl toes and other weird things like that!

  77. Happy, happy, happy use & abuse day! YAY! So, ok, here is my link:

    Thank you Susie for letting us abuse you like this, LOL!

  78. Happy blogiversary!!! I think I’ll just poke around and check out hte faces I don;t already know…

  79. Hi Susie! This is a cool way to meet new folks. Since May is my blogoversary month, I am giving you something from May 2010. Yes, this post is two years old. I was so green at the time, I didn’t even know you were supposed to comment when people commented! And I actually received some comments. So here is my 4th post to ever see daylight. I hope someone else might give it some love. It’s about the day my precious collection of Fiestaware dishes smashed on the ground. Yeah. That sucked.

  80. My post, explained a few paragraphs down:

    You’re a great dancer, Susie. (I have less shame than you, however–I’m a nudist and would rather be dancing naked.) Anyway, congratulations on this anniversary of always amusing posts.

    I love the photo of Red Skelton on your whistling post; he was a very loving, caring, humble, fun and genuine soul. Which is what my chosen post relates to–the disabled friends I’ve known (and been inspired and humbled by) who seem to enjoy life more than those of us who have all our limbs, eyes, ears and brain cells working properly. (Okay, some people would argue that not all my brain cells function.)

    This is one of my pieces of art which features the ampersand “as fun & fabulous art” as I say. It was inspired by a new friend I made on the Internet, after his brother passed away of a debilitating disease.

    If you are an “ampersand fan” you will enjoy my series of prints and posters. Subscribe–it’s free–when you visit the blog post.

    I have already committed 2 hours this evening to read through the posts for your anniversary today and make some new friends. Par–ty!

    Next time, Susie, if you truly think you have no shame, I expect to see you dancing naked. And if anyone’s going to wear anything, I want to see the ghetto mitts on Roxy.

    • I don’t think that dancing naked is ever going to happen! Hahahaha!
      I love your attitude about the handicapped and what you have learned from them. I am a big Ampersand fan and will be over to read!
      I am so glad that you came “dressed” for the occasion! (wearing a hat!)

      • I’m with chaz desimone. You’re missing out on the naked dancing, Susie!

        • All right, had to read the bar story. LMAO! Funny, I’m a nudist but I’ve never danced naked on a bar. And I’ve been shitfaced enough to do it. Oh, of course, because I’m a nudist. I guess I’ll have to get real drunk then dance on a bar while putting my clothes on.

      • Actually I was wearing just a tie. The other guy was wearing just the hat. Although I said I’d allotted 2 hours tonight — after I get my client’s jobs finished — to read through your party guests, I haven’t left here yet. I have met several people at your party, and friends of theirs through their blogs, and my client is probably screaming by now. (I hope HE isn’t at this party!) Thank you for subscribing to AmperArt. I hope you enjoy each edition as much as I enjoy creating them. I’ll have to do one themed around what you’re doing here–dancing, partying, friends…any suggestions? You have a tremendous number of guests. Is the liquor holding out? Are your keyboard and fingers holding out? Great idea. Never had so much fun on a blog site. Er, I mean party mansion.

  81. Coleen Patrick

    Susie I love your dancing vlog. Adventurous and cute–awesome! :)
    So I just went back thru a lot of my posts–they sure could use editing! LOL Anyway, here’s one from January. :)
    Okay I’m off to get a drink, check out some posts and maybe dance to some Kelly Clarkson!
    Thanks Susie!

  82. Happy Anniversary on your blogging! I really enjoy all your blogs but the Flash Fiction is my favorite. That, and being invited to a fun party! I hope posting dancing videos on our blogs doesn’t start trending or I’m in big trouble.
    I started blogging in October last year. Here is one of my earliest blogs.
    Now if you would be so polite and point me in the direction of that keg you tapped….

    • Thank you so much!
      The keg is right over here Tim! I am so glad that you came to my party!
      Wouldn’t that be fun if dancing videos became the rage? I know that I would enjoy watching them!
      I will be over to read in a bit!

  83. Happy Blogaversary! I’m glad to be invited to the party. I’m going to list my very first blog post: I guess as it is my first it is very dear to my heart and still one of my favourites.

  84. Party. Party. Party! The video is terrific (participant performance and observer’s comments…keep feeling like I should open that special CU bottle of wine and share…but it’s really early)
    Really was going to just say “celebrate” rather than linking, (far too many posts that are too painful to revisit…) but thought maybe this one might fit your day’s theme…
    It’s a shot in the dark, but might hit the spot (recommend you duck) (no, not duck, duck, goose – duck, like get down!)
    Anyway, if you feel like playing games, try this:
    Once again, CHEERS! You’re terrific
    (and now where is that wine…it’s a little later now…See: holding a glass by the screen just for you!)

    • That is so awesome! Cheers to you too! Thank you so much.
      I am not sure what got into me yesterday when I made that video! Hahaha! I think Roxy was wondering too!
      I am so glad that you joined us!

  85. I know what that dog is thinking… Please Rich, don’t buy that woman a pole!

  86. Hello Susie – hope the party is in full swing – a short tale for those catching the last train home!

  87. You are so cute! Dancing on the internet…wish I could join you, okay I will. Friends of Susie’s this is my blog, gardenlilie and I’m sending you the ‘About’ column. Come and visit, give me some feedback. I am loving hanging out here and meeting new people!

  88. This was one of my more popular posts I suppose, but in light of your awesome uninhibited dance moves, I will share… simply because I am not as bold sometimes. Read why here:

    Great post idea!

  89. I feel so badly doing this Susie.. but..take that and that hahaha

    How to promote a book and Annoy Your Friends

  90. Thanks for the opp, Susie!

    A gift is more meaningful when shared, so rather than link my most comment-thirsty post, I share a link in which I promote another, a young musician who showed up on my doorstep with a dream and a song and MOXIE! While you’re at my blog, I wouldn’t object if you slunk off to read, and comment on, other posts. (Note, today’s post is another Suzy. Susie Lindau. Suzy Homemaker. Coincidence? Perhaps.)

    But this share is about Scotty James.

  91. What a nice idea (and I love your home!).

    I would like to give some love to a post that just went up yesterday. It’s already had more visits than any post ever, BUT it is important, so anywhere I can get the word out, I will.

    If I can get 5000 people to donate to this cause, I will chop off my hair:

  92. We got a new Cow in our little town on the west coast of Ireland. Would love it if you take a look here:

  93. Happy blogiversary, ya crazy woman! So glad I found your blog! Going back through my archives, I found this crazy post, which might end up being part of my book:

    • Thanks Heather I am glad that I found yours!
      I will check it out! Don’t forget to check out a couple of my guests links. I have read all of them so far and they are fantastic!

  94. First off, happy one-year! Soon you’ll be referencing how WordPress used to be “before they sold out” and referencing mythic bloggers of the old days.

    For my link, I chose my single least-viewed post. I’m just getting over a cold, and this post is from the last time I had one. I used the opportunity to, well, complain, but also to ponder the nature of our body’s, um, fluid production priorities. It’s not as gross as it sounds, promise.

    • Thank you so much!
      I am so glad you stopped by to mingle with my guests! I will dance on over to check it out. I am sure it is really funny! (((sniff)))

    • Thanks so much Byronic Man! I love the community here right now and hope that it won’t change too much!
      Your post is hilarious! Only you can make super heroes out of cold symptoms…. :)
      Have fun at the party!

  95. Now I know where all that energy comes from in all your spirited posts!
    I am equal opportunity scribbler & can’t favor one post over others from my blog. :) I’ll let new readers (hope to earn few today) decide.
    Wish you a very Happy Blogaversary! Looking forward to another year with interesting posts.

  96. Yay! You did a vlog! You are awesome, just gorgeous AND you can dance? I am jealous. Loved to hear your voice, too. Thanks for sharing the bloggy love with everyone.

    Here is a little-known post of mine from awhile ago that meant a lot to me, it’s sad and emotional (now of course, I tend to write more humorous posts…)

  97. Whooo! Party on. Thanks Susie for allowing us the chance to post one link. That is incredibly generous of you. I wrote a series on how I see the Antagonist and his role in a story: Thanks again, keep rocking’!

  98. Happy Blogiversary, Susie! As one of the first bloggers I started following when I joined this blogging party last fall, I’ll do a little dance in your honor today. :) If there’s any fairytale lovers out there who want to curl up with a magical love story set on an enchanted Irish island, check out The Selkie Spell: Looking forward to meeting all your wild and crazy friends today! Slainte!

    • Thanks Sophie! You were one of my first followers! You are so awesome.
      I love fairytales and will be right over!
      Grab a glass of champagne and mingle in the comment section!

  99. How cute are you? (Yep—rhetorical. ;)) You know how to party, Susie! This was one of my early posts, seen by a (very small) handful of peeps—Writers’ Deadly Vices: I had fun writing it and so appreciate the opportunity to share. Okay, off to party with your readers/ *WOOT WOOT*

    • Awww! I was telling Rich that I had to take about a hundred photos to get one decent one. My daughter says I should practice smiling in the mirror! Hahaha!
      I will be over to read it!
      Party on August!

  100. Caerlynn Nash

    Hey Suzie!
    Looks like you’re having just way too much fun! :-)
    Here’s one of my posts that I quite liked but it got only one response. If you’re imagination could use a little side trip to a land ‘twixt faeries and reality, then read “Daydreams” at And, of course, feel free to check out any of my other posts.
    Have a great time today everyone.
    Live. Love. Laugh.

  101. Well, Happy Anniversary, Susie! This is fun! Many of my blog posts seem to fall into the abyss, so it’s hard to choose just one. :-) But how about this one? My very first blog post ever!

  102. Happy Blogday, Wild Thing!! I’ve enjoyed them all. I started TedBook in 2010 and wrote 8… 1 in 2011… and this is the blog that restarted my writing this year…

  103. do you ever take a bad picture? guess not. here’s a post about the week in which i worked for the psychic hotline.

  104. You just made my entire day! Alright, my post that could use some love is

    I hope to make some new friends today, and I will be doing the same on my blog if you don’t mind.

    Happy Dancing!

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