This is so Hideous!

Are you sick of the word awesome? I use it all the time in comments, posts, and daily life. I also overuse amazing, fabulous and fantastic. Some words start to feel worn out after a few years while others still remains fresh. 

The word cool has been around forever! William Shakespeare used the word a few times in describing someone who is absent of emotion. In Hamlet he wrote “O gentle son, upon the heat and flame of thy distemper, sprinkle cool patience.” How cool is that? William was saying, “Dude. Chillax!”

You know William was cool by how he rocked his earring!

I can imagine William hanging out with his friends and saying, “Gentlemen. I was thunderstruck by an idea for a new stage. I call it, ‘Theater in the round.’ It’s going to be totally cool!” Who knows? We weren’t there.

Gnarly was a popular word in the 1980’s after the success of the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High along with rad (radical), and dude which is still used today.

Spicoli is thinking, “Dude! Check it out. These babes are fine!”

I did not get sick! I mean I got sick, but I didn’t get what the word sick meant until I heard it overused during a snowboarding competition when a competitor launched him or herself into the air. The commentator said, “Dude! That is some sick air!” Sick=Good. I heard it used at this year’s Aspen Winter X Games, so sick is still around.

When I first heard bad, I didn’t get that one right away either. I overheard my kids saying the French electronic group Daft Punk was “bad.” I asked, “Well, why do you keep listening to them if they’re so bad?”

“No mom. You don’t get it. Bad means good.”


They are so bad!

I consulted the Urban Dictionary and typed in the word awesome looking for some new words to replace this ancient superlative. It is defined as, “something Americans use to describe everything.” Duh! I know. That’s what I’m talking about!

On the list of synonyms were amazing (also overused by me), cool (still love it), good, and brilliant. Brilliant is good, but good isn’t awesome.

I researched further. When I looked up the word cool they used neat-o and swell. Seriously? This is THE Urban Dictionary? It sounded like the words you would find scribbled in a 1956 high school yearbook!

“Gee. This softball team sure is going ape! They’re unreal Daddio!”

Recycling words isn’t a bad idea. Groovy made a comeback for a short time – with my kids when they were in middle school, so maybe that doesn’t count. How about terrific! That’s a pretty good word. Or splendid! It may be overused in the UK, but not in the US. Superb, stupendous, and spectacular are great words, but perhaps a bit stuffy and over the top.  How about marvelous, magnificent, or stunning? I kinda like stunning!

You must be as sick of fantastic as I am. I mean sick in a bad way, not in a bad means good way. Anyway, I made up the word fantastical. I also put the words fantastic and fabulous together and came up with fantabulous. I thought they were original, but both words were listed in the Urban Dictionary. Dang!

What if I start using the word hideous instead of awesome? Hideous=awesome.  I could leave a comment like, “This is really hideous!” I need to get the word out, so everyone knows the hip new lingo. Hey, maybe my new meaning will catch on. That would be awesome!

What words are you sick of?

Here is a splendid word from Professor Elemental

1st three images from Wikipedia, last one from Free Pages at

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164 responses to “This is so Hideous!

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  5. Gaze – loathe the word!

    In romance writing they gaze at nothing. They gaze up and down and into the distance. They gaze into eyes, at mouths, hands, hair, legs, breasts, nipples – get the picture? I HATE the word gaze. It’s totally overused in the genre. In 70,000+words I used it twice in a story and that was difficult but deliberate.

    LOVE hideous. It might cause issues until it catches on, but nothing ventured!

    Great post!

  6. Horrible! Ghastly! Terrible! Awful! (Are not those words of high praise?)

  7. This reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine has the same feelings that you do, only she’s tired of this dude using the word “breathtaking” to describe everything …first her and then an “ugly” baby. It was a pretty funny episode. Crazy Elaine.

  8. Hahaha! Susie you gave me a good “chuckle!” My kids despise that word. :)

  9. HAHA This was a great post, and then you went out with a bang! Its SPLENDID! Yes Indeed! :-)! Everything moves in circles in life. I honestly think that the old style earings and ridgemont high fashion trends will be coming back around soon. If not then we may be fashion-time-traveling back to the 70s! I have seen a couple of women down here in south florida wearing the fringe vests – here is a picture for reference
    Good post overall! :-)

    • Thanks for coming by Michael! Those hippie vests look authentic! I am imagine everyone is flocking to buy one “to keep warm” down there in South Florida… Hahaha!
      Stop by again soon and have a truly “hideous” day!

  10. Brilliant post, with uber-hideous humor of epic proportions… Frick! I do need new words! This was truly funny- thank you! :D

  11. So love this post. I dear mentor of mine would gently mock whenever my friends or I would use the world awesome and ask if it literally struck us with confoundment of God-like proportion.

    • I have to remember to say that the next time my friend is literally struck by confoundment of God-like proportion! Hahaha! That is totally “hideous!”
      Thanks so much for coming by to read!

  12. rgayer55

    Great commentary, Susie. I wrote an essay entitled “Classic, the New Old” ranting about classic cars, classic movies, etc. This means Dirty Old Men can now be referred to as Dirty Classic Men. Sounds better, don’t you agree?

  13. Roshni

    I use a lot of ‘awesome’. Every time I appreciate something, ‘awesome’ has to be part of the sentence! And the weird part is that I like the word. So, I just don’t want to get over it. :) I know it’s super-overused now… Exactly why I switched to super-awesome! And your post is not just super-awesome, it’s super-hideous! :P

    • Wow! Thanks! You are super Hideous too! It’s been really hard, but since I wrote this, I haven’t typed it or said it, that I am aware of. I love the word too, but I thought I should start thinking out side the “a*****e” box… Thanks for coming by to read!

  14. I way overuse both awesome and epic. And with my group of friends, fantastic doesn’t mean something good or great. Fantastic tends to be used sarcastically, as in “The cat puked on the Egyptian sheets again? Fantastic.”
    When I was a teen and the valley girl rage was all the thing, I used awesome even more than I do now (if that’s even possible) and my grandma and mom would respond by saying “Groovy!” “Cool!” Every. Time. I got over that pretty quickly.
    I like hideous. I also think we should bring back the cat’s pajamas. This blog is totally the cat’s pajamas!

    • Thanks so much Blissflower! I didn’t know about fantastic, but that is really funny!
      I remember overusing the word “awesome” in the 80’s. That is hilarious how your mom and grandma responded!
      You are the cat’s pajamas too!

  15. I think you should be able to make up all the words you want. Poe was known for it, and gave us such greats as phantasmagoric. At our rate in changing language these days, hideous seems a logical next step!

  16. I DEFINITELY think you could make “hideous” work. And I do love when words get recycled; I toss in a “dope” or a “fly” every now and then for good measure. I’m at the point now, though, where sometimes I’m not sure if my slang is outdated or not. Luckily, I happen to think the use of outdated slang is mad funny, yo ;)

  17. “cool” kids here say things are “sick” or “ill” which is good. Very confusing!

  18. fivereflections

    very very very nice (awesome) ;P
    David in Maine USA

  19. Cute post, Susie! I suspect the word I overuse the most is ‘cool.’ Second in line would be ‘sweet!’

    At least it’s not as bad ad some I’ve heard. I think it often depends on where you live but ‘squirrely’ and ‘bat sh**’ were really popular when I lived up north. Amazingly enough, no one down here used either. :)

  20. Hmm, very good topic. Having an MA in English and coming from a teaching background, I have seen almost all of it. However, not everyone appreciates “slang” or terms we like. I was always taken by the phrase “Far Out!”. John Denver used it a lot and I really liked his music. It was, well, awesome! Anyway, one of my night professors gave us an assignment to write about a particular phrase we liked and why. I chose “Far Out”, wrote it and received…drum role… a 0 over 0 %. I, of course, argued this with him. I asked him how he could give a 0% on effort (at least) when I followed the assignment’s guidelines. He would not budge and that remains the lowest grade I have ever gotten on a college level or higher assignment. By the way, I figured out what he liked to hear and pulled an A- in the class, so there!

  21. I confess, I feel guilty when I use awesome in a tweet, like I should find some other word. Too funny, I love the hideousness of your post. :-)

    • Thank you so much Serena!
      I too have been trying to find better words and it does take longer, but I am so sick of using the same superlatives!
      I hope it catches on. :)

  22. lynnkelleyauthor

    Totally hideous post, Susie. I’ve been trying not to use “awesome” and “amazing” so much in comments lately, but they seem like the perfect words at times. ‘Wicked’ seems to be another word that’s used for awesome these days.

    It’s so funny that you brought up the new meaning of ‘sick.’ When it first became popular a few years ago, my one daughter told me that my top looked sick. “It does?” I asked, feeling awful. “That’s a good thing, Mom,” she said. “Sick means good.”

    Slang is something else isn’t it? I didn’t know ‘groovy’ made a brief comeback. That’s really swell, neato, peachy keen! This is a marvelous post, darling! (Did you pick up on the movie star voice there? LOL!)
    Oh, I found out that surfers were saying “dude” back in 1970, and they also wore board shorts then, too! My novel takes place in 1971,
    and I’m digging all the old slang we used back then! Even though ‘bitchen’ (yep, I know it’s spelled wrong but that’s how everyone spelled it in their yearbook comments) was popular back then, I never liked it. I used to say, “Far out, man!”

    • Remember “right on?” We also said, “Choice!” but I don’t know it it was regional. It occurred to me that there has to be “that” person that introduces a new word to a group.
      TV programs really help to get slang out there, but back in the day, it was really by word of mouth.
      I just thought of “dope” which means good! I have heard “wicked good.”
      Good luck with your book! I bet it will be bitchen and hideous!
      Thanks Lynn!

  23. Wait so is this word okay for guys to use… some of them are reserved for the ladies, ya know?

    • Hideous is a uni-sex word so put it out there, use and abuse it, make sure you throw it at someone so it “sticks!” I am hoping to make it mainstream so one day when it is on TV or in a movie, everyone can say, I was there when hideous ( = awesome) was introduced for the first time!

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  25. I had my eyes on ‘Great’ until down the thread someone burst my bubble! I must say i am so ‘flabbergasted’ at this hideous atrocity!

  26. Don’t forget “epic”! And Project Runway’s Christian, who used “fierce.” Fun post, Susie, and the beginning of a new hideous trend!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read it! Epic and fierce are like “sweet.” Never got into either of those words. I felt that I needed to be under 25-years-old! :)
      I hope it is a truly “hideous” trend that ends up in a movie or skateboard video. You could say that you knew who started it!

  27. I treat my words a lot like my closet, I go with what feels right, critics be damned. Except for corduroy, that ain’t happening. As far as new slang, I learned “beast” last year. It’s supposed to mean excellent. But I cannot imagine ever telling a waiter that my steak was “Beast”. . . cause like, that would be redundant, wouldn’t it?
    Love this post, Colorado. Very cool . . .

    • I never heard beast except in exaggerated terms like, “You are such a beast!” After opening up a pickle jar… I guess I can see it since they just added an “a” to best. Like you are an A+ best of all authors=beast! Or someone with a really strange accent. saying best. Hahaha! Thanks so much Cayman!

  28. Although I’m technically part of the generation that would generally use these words, I can’t tell you how SICK I am of most of them! Not to mention, they tend to come in and out of trend, so you might sound “cool” using them one day, and then completely stupid the next! (Or completely stupid all the time, depending on your vantage point! Ha!)

    Great post! :)

    • Thanks Lilly!
      I wondered about that since I seem to start using a word well after it is cool. That is what I love about cool! It never goes out of style! Some of them do sound stupid like some of the new “shit” sayings. I think we are all get desensitized, myself included!

  29. If I am sick of a word, does that mean I am tired of it or that I think it is good? I am so confused now. But, if there is one word, or group of words, that I am tired of, it would be the overuse of swear words in this day and age. People have overused them to the point where they are losing, or have lost, any shock value, which tends to render the words moot as they no longer serve the function they used to serve, which is to give notice that you are very upset or otherwise have strong feelings about something.

    On the flip side, I would vote that we bring back “copacetic.” I think even Shakespeare might approve as it’s a pretty cool word.

    • I agree about swear words and you are right that they have become a part of the every day vernacular.
      My mom used copacetic back in the day. I bet if you started using it, then people would pick up on it, after a trip to the dictionary! :)
      Thanks for coming by to read!

  30. Holy Crow! Look at the responses! That’s HIDEOUS! :D The word completely overused in our house is EPIC. Damn! Just like this post! ;)

    • I LOVE epic! I am going to start using that word! I have been so good in not using my overused words. It does take more time when commenting, but I keep trying to channel the Brits who seem to have a much wider vocabulary!
      Thanks Debra! You are so Hideous! (awesome) REALLY!

  31. Has “sweet” been added, or is that a Canadianism, eh? Loved this today, I think your blog is totally awesome, way cool, and smart!! xoxo Smidge

    • Thanks so much Smidge! It is definitely lingo used south of your border too. I feel like I am too old to use the words “bad” and “sweet.”
      There are a whole bunch of new ones too!
      By the way, I made your crostini yesterday and it was delish! You are so good at what you do! xxoo!

  32. I think you have to be under 18 to use “sick” as good. Otherwise it will not be, like, cool.

  33. B. L. Crisp

    This post was Buddha! Haha… beat that word! Made me smile and laugh! Thanks! ; )

  34. Epic post. I love the word epic, though that might be from too many nights of playing video games. I try not to use it in situations where I might look like a complete gamer freak.

  35. I think the English language has been in freefall due to our steady diet of pop culture reducing us to a herd of yammering idiots. Coincidentally, when someone drop-dead gorgeous I never thought would possibly be attracted me because I’m:

    an autumn chicken
    light on income
    and just this week I noticed (joy of joys) that I’ve sprouted my first gray eyebrow hair …

    Well, this fantasy declared that I’m awesome! I could not have been happier if I had won the Power Ball lottery. Therefore, when said by the right person with intriguing all natural body parts, ‘awesome’ measures on the Richter scale in my world.

  36. Word Up! I’m getting jiggy with this post :)

  37. GROUSE post! That was one of the popular Melbourne words in the 80’s…when I was in about grade 4 we thought it was the ultimate COOL (he he). So sick of that one :)

    • magsx2 is from there too! I love the lingo from down under! I have got to travel there some day! I bet you have loads of alternative words for awesome!
      Thanks Alarna!

  38. I’ve taken to using words that are more commonly used in Britain (or British TV) so that I don’t drive myself crazy saying things like “Awesome”. For example, gorgeous. I love that word.

    • Gorgeous is a really “hideous” word! Love it! I think you could use it in the same way. I have often thought the UK has the widest vocabulary and they seem to use a lot of dated words like brilliant and terrific too!
      Thanks Amber!

  39. I love the word hideous, it always gets a reaction. I despise the overused and abused word…..LIKE…nails on a chalk board to my ears!

    • So true! I sometimes use it for comedic effect in my writing, but I dread the times when it slips out in conversation.
      One of my daughter’s friends has always overused “like” and it is so irritating!
      Thanks for driving by~

  40. Hi,
    Oh yes, I also tend to over use these words as well, it is hard not to when you see “fantastic” photos, or an “awesome” post because they are fantastic and awesome. :D
    I agree though some new words would be nice, the Aussie slang for awesome or great is “Bonza” very tempting to use except nobody outside of Australia would know what you meant. :)
    Loved the video, that was very funny.

    • I LOVE Bonza! You should use Bonza! I bet it would catch on…
      I used stunning today in a comment about a photo! I am going to see how long I can resist the word awesome……………………………
      Thanks Mags!

      • I think I would giggle the whole time I was in Australia! The words I have heard seem so completely different from their meanings! You should do a post on that!

    • I LOVE Bonza! You should use Bonza! I bet it would catch on…
      I used stunning today in a comment about a photo! I am going to see how long I can resist the word awesome……………………………
      Thanks Mags! That video cracked me up too!

  41. I’m going to make answering your question simple, but sincere. I am sick of hearing the word “sick” used as meaning exceptionally good, and usually in the context of achievements in sports. It just doesn’t work for me when I hear a guy on ESPN who sounds like he might actually be running a fever, excitedly chattering about a pitcher “with a curve ball that is just sick!” It’s like the figurative fingernails across the chalkboard for me, every time I hear it.

    I also get annoyed with the collective and constant obsession to turn almost any noun into a verb – like when an office supply retailer announced “a whole new way to office!” during a commercial. A whole new way to “office”? Get lost!

    I know that their intent is to sound “novel” and catch your ear to make a more lasting impression, but much of the time the attempt to sound novel, just sounds stupid and annoying instead.

    • First of all I can’t believe you wrote this whole thing without a typo! Excellent!
      I hadn’t noticed the noun thing. You are right. It is so annoying when they make up new words, except for mine. I think hideous used in place of awesome could rock the world! ( or at least a few people for a day…. :) ) Thanks so much for your thoughtful and hideous comment! (Hey Chris, I’ve got to promote this word while the day is long… )

      • Yeah, not bad for a guy who back in HS used to lose a half a grade for every paper he wrote, because of a sea of red ink spilled all over his many spelling errors… But through the miracle of spell check, all that has changed now! Lol – except for those occasionally embarrassing contextual errors in which a word is spelled correctly, but the word’s meaning in a sentence is ALL wrong – like that e-mail I sent my wife late one night, in which I expressed my passionate attraction for her perfectly formed pair of beautiful “beasts”. Hey, at least she laughed, but I was feeling quite red faced about it, and NOT in a good way!

        But I digress… Of course I would be hideously happy to get on board for your inspiringly hideous campaign to turn the word “hideous” into the next big thing in hideously faux language! (what is our new meaning for “hideous” again? Oh, that’s right; we want everyone to use it with the same meaning as the word “awesome”) Which is just a hideously brilliant idea!!! Why, I’m just feeling more and more totally hideous myself, with each new hideous moment that passes, as I contemplate just how truly hideous an accomplishment this will be for us all! LOL :-D

        • You are really funny! I love your beast story! I bet that has been told at more than one cocktail party! Spell check is a miracle program. I might even call it hideous! Keep using that word Chris!

  42. “Are you sick of the word awesome?”
    Are you kidding?
    I sure am! Unfortunately, i use it all too ofetn myself!

  43. I use “Great” too much – need to start wordsmithing again:) Have a Great Day!

  44. I’m sick of the word “like,” Being from California, with the Valley Girl image, every time I hear “like,” I want to throw up. “Like this is so supposed to make me sound, like so cool.”

    I’m also getting tired of “I mean.” People use I mean instead of “um.” Both drive me nuts! Listen to anyone who’s being interviewed.

    Reporter: “How does it feel to beat your opponent by such a huge amount?”
    Interviewee: “I mean, it feels really great.”

    Reporter: “What happens next for you?”
    Interviewee: “I mean, I love that accomplished my goal but, now I think I’ll take some time off.”

    Reporter: “Tell us, Euripides, is it going to snow tomorrow?”
    Euripides: “I mean, it might snow if it gets cold enough.

    Start paying attention and you’ll see what I’m talking about. What those folks are really doing is stalling. They don’t have an immediate answer so they say, “I mean,” as if they were saying, “Um.” Both equally annoying.

    I like your hideous post!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Oh No! I hope I don’t start saying “I mean!” That would like totally suck. Just kidding….. I couldn’t help myself…Thanks for the “hideous” comment! “)

  45. We used ‘psyched’ back in my college days. I still use ‘turkey’, as in ‘he’s such a turkey’.

  46. Wow chickie, you are the bees knees. You can really riff on the lingo the weekend hepsters spout to prove they’re cool. Keep swinging kitty, see you on the flip side.

  47. Two words at the moment Susie – “Game Changing” – GRRRRR!

  48. Yes I get sick of the word awesome if it is excessively used for my professional competitor. To use it to describe me, sky is the limit. :)
    “I also overuse amazing, fabulous and fantastic.”
    No wonder why I am good friends with you!
    Awesome post Susie! Marvelous, awe-inspiring !! :)

  49. This was a groovy post to read man…

  50. Fantastic post there Susie! You are soooooo cool!! ;)

  51. Susie, I love this post. It’s so funny how language changes over the years, isn’t it? (Like when “bad” actually meant “good” when Michael Jackson did that song.) I’m personally sick of “viral,” which just makes me think of phlegm and Vicks VaporRub.

    • Hahaha! Now that you mention it viral reminds me of them too! I wonder what the next big word will be. I hope it is hideous! :) Wouldn’t that be wild if it went “viral?” Sorry! I couldn’t resist! Hahaha!
      Thanks Heather!

  52. awesome and fantastic are 2 i’m sick of using. PUrrrfect is one I’m sick of hearing. thanks for a good read.

  53. I’m embarrassed how much I use awesome. Us writers who spend ages looking for the right words and in our lives we say the same thing over and over. Funny!

    • That is what I noticed yesterday. I got a tweet about being awesome and even though it was a sweet tweet, it gave me pause, hence this post!
      Thanks Catherine!

  54. Okay. We obviously need to coin a new phrase that means something is beyond awesome or fabulous – or even hideous. How about Totally Texan?

    • I bet that would work in your neck of the woods! I can hear it now, “That is like so totally Texan!” It would be a regional thing I am sure…
      Thanks David for coming by for some fun!

  55. I love the words awesome and awesomeness beyond awesomeness of the greatest awesome there is!
    Also, I love the combination ‘hideous fiend’ and ‘abominable wretch’ from the novel Frankenstein. Mary Shelley was so awesome…

  56. Oh we so needed this post Susie..i have used awesome, brilliant, amazing way beyond limit, if there is one..if i feel bored writing that wonder what the writer feels…I thought of using Brilliantastic to describe Rich’s ( Richard Voza) work but after one time use it didnt sound great…
    We bloggers should brain storm come up with new words
    having said that Your posts really are Amazing and Awesome ;)

  57. Whatever.

    Especially when uttered with tone by a certain soon-to-be teenager. That is truly hideous. In the “I’m stopping the car, you little pischer!” kind of way. ;-)

  58. Late 60’s we used stoked, bitchin, hot, top dollar, downtown, smokin, cool as a moose, a trip , bookoo, heavy, deep all meant cool.

  59. I get sick of words that are uttered out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth. Can we please retire: duh and winning? During the Roger Clemens trial, his accuser of using steroids repeatedly stated, “It is what it is.” Which I now here all the time. Drives me nuts. On summer family trips to the mountains I like to drive my kids crazy with my adjectives when looking at the surroundings. The one that drives them crazy is “Golden” so I use it all the time now.

  60. I would say awesome post, Susie… except, I too am so over awesome, since it was every other word out of all NACSAR driver’s mouths.
    I will just say… “That was some bad writing girl!”

    My favorite word is Fabulous. So your post is Ab Fab!

    p.s…William of Avon would never accuse you of being cool.

  61. I do believe I am going to use the word hideous from now on. I am grown tired of the other word.
    Awesome post Susie..:)

  62. This is so funny…and hideous! One (crude) phrase that always confuses me is when people say something is “the shit.” Wouldn’t that be a BAD thing?! haha!

    • You would think!
      I don’t know that one, and I just heard another one, “shit show” which I hadn’t heard either. I live in the wild west and so we are the last frontier for everything out here!!
      Thanks Awkward!

  63. Your post is so SICK! Made me smile, I like new expressions. Abbreviations also make me laugh. One day, a younger friend of mine wrote OMW in a text. I didn’t get it, I was wondering: ‘what could it mean’? Oh My Wow instead of Oh My God?! But then she explained it meant “On My Way”, which is a bit boring compared to Oh My Wow, really :-)

    • Thanks so much Cecile. Do these expressions float over there or get lost in translation?
      I like Oh My Wow so much better! Hahaha! Or Ka-SNORT like Gloria Richards likes to say or snort.

  64. Cool post as always, really, really mean that! You rock. Let’s see I’m thinking spectacular, splendid, and stunning and then I love cool but don’t want to be uncool because it’s no longer cool, is that cool? Okay overboard, just throw me! Sorry, carried away and laughing, wait maybe crazy. tee hee. Thanks.

  65. Love Hideous as an alternative to AWESOME.

    Maybe it’s the “writing fresh” drilled into me by Margie Lawson. The bomb in writing craft instruction.

    Am I the only one who also cringes at acronyms? SNORT! is my new LOL. KA-Snort! replaces ROFL. KA-SNORT!, the hideousest expression of glee, ROFLMAO.

    You have unleashed a blog idea. Top Secret! And, it will link back to you, which will be way cool for you.

    Oh! Oh! What’s the deal with “my bad?” I can not force those two words from my mouth as a stand-alone statement.

    • Gloria! You crack me up as usual. KA-SNORT! I am so glad I inspired a new post! Can’t wait to read it. :)
      I have never said, “My bad” either. I just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Hideous does! Hahaha!
      I have a high tolerance for acronyms, but when I first started blogging, I had to constantly look them up in the Urban Dictionary! I had no idea what people were “saying!” Ka-SNORT!

  66. ROFL! I do the same thing. Overused to death! I started amping up awesome by using awesomesauce but…it’s still overused. I mean, how many ways can we say something ROCKS (another overused fav of mine). GREAT post! Totally hideous!

  67. I overuse the same positive words, but with my preschooler I often use plain old “good.” As in good job, or she has been good. It seems like these days in conversation or online good isn’t, well, good enough. It seems weak compared to fantabulous! But it’s not amazing when my kid finishes her lunch and I think “good” does a fine job. (I like “fine,” too…)

    I will do my part to use “hideous” in a sentence today!

  68. This post is hideous! Hmmm…I like that, and Susie, I will certainly do my part to help spread the word. It’s time to teach our ‘kids’ a new thing or two, and show them that parents are still ‘way cool’, right?
    I look forward to reading more hideous posts from you soon. :)

    • I think I am totally going to do that and in the spirit of this post, I am going to use my new word on everyone’s posts today! Hahaha! Thanks so much Sylvia!

  69. LOL! This post reminds me bad tasting food. Someone says, “Try this, it’s disgusting!” and so many of us do… ;) This post, however, is far from hideous. I heard a language analyst say that ‘amazing’ is the most overused word of our time. I’m definitely guilty there, though I dig the word. I get sick of hearing people cuss and complain at each other. Does that count??

    • I hope that we can start using hideous instead! Hideous now = Awesome! Yesterday I realized how many people used the word awesome and yet it is different in that no one used it 20 years ago! Isn’t that amazing???? Hahaha!
      Thanks August and for the Facebook shout!

    • Funny, August! My kids do things like that all the time. “Will you try this, it tastes bad.” Uh…actually, I think I’ll pass on that. Or “Ew! This stinks, smell it!” Yeah,…not. :)

  70. For a while my kids used the word “Random” for everything, as in “That’s so random!” meaning cool. Luckily, I haven’t heard that for a while now.

    • Random! I remember that word too. They used it all the time. My son used to call me “Dude, mom,” all the time too! Hahaha! I am hoping “hideous” catches on so we have a new word to use. Thanks Janet!

  71. I love this! I am sick of the same words you are sick of but can’t seem to think of better ones!

    • Thanks JM!
      I know. I just used stunning to describe some photos and fantabulous! I haven’t had the nerve to use hideous yet, but I should use it and tell people to come over and check out the new meaning! Hahaha!

      • I think ‘hideous’ is a great idea! It will certainly draw attention and make people wonder. I mean, why does the term ‘sick’ now mean ‘cool’ – oh it’s confusing but I love this word thing!

  72. lol! Hideous as awesome.. now there is an idea! Great post, Susie… :)

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