Use Me and Abuse Me II – A Virtual Blog Party

It’s virtual blog party time! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers. Come back here and paste one link (URL), in the comment section of my blog. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other readers to your blog. If you have a book to sell, go for it!

That’s when the party begins. As others post their links, peruse the guests and check out their blogs. You may see a writer here that you are not familiar with. Say hello!

 My guests would love to meet you!

Here is my new VLOG that does involve some other types of “abuse.” My son Kelly created the music so of course there is some dancing.

What do you think of this abuse?

I have a pretty long comment stream allotment, so feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog. Jump in and introduce yourself. This could be a great opportunity to make some connections and new friends.

Only post ONE link or you’ll end up in my spam file. One is all you need to transport your new guest to your blog and then you can show them around your place!

Help yourself to the drinks and the hors d’oeuvres. The champagne is flowing, I’ve tapped the keg, and the sodas are chillin’. The coffee will be fresh brewed all day and can be made any way you like!

But don’t just eat and run. Make sure to stay and chat up a few new bloggers.

Here is a post from the Wild Ride archives about my true life experience with Victoria’s Secret Angels. Do You Believe in VS Angels?

It would be “hideous” if you considered following my blog. It is always an adventure!

Go ahead and abuse me. Have fun!

The doorbell is ringing. Gotta go!

Since this has been such a huge success, I am going to host another blog party on Wednesday, July 11th!

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317 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me II – A Virtual Blog Party

  1. Aloha, Susie–
    I don’t know where else to reach you with my ‘Mahalo’ (thanks) for your one word (wow) review of my Fiction Friday short story: ‘Portraits of a Young Artist in Istanbul’. I invite you and your fellow bloggers to additional ‘wows’ at
    ‘Portraits’ is part of a collection titled ‘The Little American Blonde.’ All the stories in that book are set in the MIddle East.
    A hui hou.
    Gene J. Parola


    • Fantastic! Thanks for stopping by Gene!
      If you click on Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride on the black bar, you will get my home page.

      Be sure to leave a link on July 11th, my next Use Me and Abuse Me day!
      Thanks again!


  2. BLOG “Design & Details Matter
    I’m currently discussing Cottage Kitchen Design – From my book with the same title.

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.
    I’m currently finishing off the writing of two books; The Nature of Golf (NOG) Fox Harb’r Walking Tour, and Cottage Kitchen Design. Both are the first in a planned series. The first one is about my love of photography and my second one is my love for architectural design.

    I’m a Design Builder which means I work with clients to design their homes and or business facilities than I help them through the building stages until the keys are turned over. An end to end service.
    Have a great day.


  3. Shake it, mama! I love a woman who is not afraid to post video of herself rocking out with wild abandon. ;)

    Ok, so I totally tried to remember about this when you mentioned you were doing it again, last month. I am obviously really good at remembering things.

    This is my latest . . . it’s a transcript of a texting convo between my blogging buddy, Jen, and myself, where we basically turn the entire mall into one big porn shop. Please to enjoy!


  4. Yep, I’m late to the party as usual. Or am I fashionably late?? :)
    In Husker-land, I’m right on time. Not sure about Buffalo-land. hehe

    Thanks for hosting. and for strapping yourself to a bed in the process. Very daring of you.

    Hmm, a post. This is a challenge. Okay, Got it.

    This was a love letter to my wife – in blog post form – that I wrote right after I started blogging.

    She’s quite the love of my life.


  5. OK better late than never? Thanks for this, Susie! You’re a wild one, and a woman of fabulous courage too. I haven’t read 50 Shades either, and I don’t really plan to…but man, I would love to sell 10 million copies of ANYTHING! So for my link I have an excerpt of my book, a sexy, suspensful contemporary romance set in Italy and titled The Vendetta, currently available at your favorite digital bookstore.


    • OOOooooOOh! It sounds wonderful Kecia! Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you click on a few links and check out a few new bloggers. Grab a plate of appetizers and a glass of wine too!


  6. My post to promote is already a fan favorite on my blog but for those who don’t know me, it’s a great way to get a taste for my blog style and tone. It’s a humorous post about my wanting a trailer hitch stripper pole for Christmas…yes…you read that correctly! LOL!

    No word of a lie, I’d kill to own one!
    I can’t wait to swing around and meet y’all and make new friends! I’ll be flying by your blogs today and over the weekend so don’t be surprised to see a newbie commenting and liking your stuff.
    Thanks for hosting such a FAB partie Susie…can’t wait to meet all your fab peeps!! Happy weekend…


    • Thanks so much for stopping by Lance! Help yourself to the snacks and the bar is open! Have fun meeting the guests!
      It deleted the whole comment thread… :) Mine weren’t even being moderated. They were going straight to spam! I found a link to fix it so you are seen in the reader again… Let me know if you need help with that.


      • Sweet, thanks. Yeah, I still have some old habits from the old blogspot site I ran in college. Heavy HTML in comments is one. I’m weeding it out.

        Thanks for the help, and for the opportunity to connect with everyone–weird as some of these posts are, haha. Some are really cool. Some are downright inspiring. Cool to see everyone hard at it.


  7. Hi Lance Thanks for coming!

    ONE link is all you are supposed to bring, so I had to fish you out of my spam file. I thought you would like to know since you won’t show up in the WP reader once you are considered a spammer. I know all about this since I myself have been in spam jail for using too many tags.

    I hope you check out several other links while you are here since you brought so many!
    Have fun and have a great weekend!


  8. Pingback: Heavy Headed Hijinx – 100 Word Flash Fiction | Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

  9. Yet another thanks is due to Madison Woods for helping me find you here! I know I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to participate. Thanks for hosting this! I’ve so enjoyed many of the bloggers that have posted here! I can’t wait to get around to all of them! I wanted to post this one that I wrote just a little bit ago. While mortifying, it’s funny now! It’s titled, “Yes, son, that’s a vibrator.” Ahhh, single mom-hood….what fun! :)


    • Hi Diane….great site and so many books, good for you! I want to ask you a question. How did you decide to use a different name and should someone do this? How do people really know you? Do you decide that right before you publish? Thanks for reply! Kim


  10. Hi, Susie! *waves* Thanks for the invite! Still a little dazed after my first day of Fast Draft, but I wanted to pop over here, check out a few of your peeps (and, wow, there are way more than a few!), and post a little something. Here’s a post I wrote on Cross-Dressing in 3 major films. It’s over a year old, but only got 3 dozen humble little hits, poor darlin’. Hope you all like it! Thanks for the love! –Kathy


  11. This is such a fun idea, Susie! You are a fantastic hostess :-)
    Just wanted to stop by and say, “hi” to everyone. Don’t have anything special to share just yet – still working on the rewrites of my novel, getting it ready for my critique partners, betas and then for the editor.
    Have a fantastic Friday and the weekend!


  12. Fantastic ride. I’m doing a virtual dart throw, spinning the scroll button and visiting one or two party-guests a day. Ought to keep me busy until I’m 90. Here’s a post about trying to keep my hair dry during in this year’s quest to commute by bicycle at least two times a week. I know, two times a week is wimpy, but it rains a lot here:

    Thank you again for the rollicking. Regards to your musician son. I hope for his sake one of the big record labels attended the bash.


  13. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful party. Still cleaning up? Need any help? I’ve been awake for almost two hours now, just reading and commenting on new posts I like. Thanks for helping me make some new friends.


  14. This post is missing! But I went to your site and read the post on diet. It was so funny! I subscribed to your blog, it’s so nice to meet you. =)


  15. Hi Susie. Have I told you lately how great you are? Because you are. Thanks for hosting this awesome party and introducing me to all these great new friends!
    I recently witnessed the birth of my niece. There was a lot of freaking out, yelling, and trembling involved . . . until her husband told me to pull it together. This is my satire on the experience:


    • Thanks so much Ellie. After the rout in tennis this morning, I needed someone to pick me up!

      Such a hilarious post as usual Ellie! I love the knitted toilet paper blanket idea! You have one of the best imaginations out there!


  16. Susie, you are an awesome lady. My oldest daughter has sung the praises of the VS “super bra” as she calls it. For those of us with more cleavage than should be legal, it is great to have such good support.

    I love reading the posts of your friends on here. I have found some of the best blogs this way. Here is one of mine that explains why child proofing is totally bass-ackwards.


    • HI Serena!
      That is such an interesting post, and something I’ve thought a lot about and practiced. I’m really interested in your point of view, and will subscribe to your blog asap! I’m looking forward to learning more from you.


    • Thanks for watching my dorky video! Love that post. I cracked myself up when I reread my comment. “dairy products?”

      I hope you have some fun clicking on a few links and there is no expiration date on the post so everyone can come back when they want!


  17. Hey, Susie, thanks for throwing this party! What a great idea. Sorry I’m so late and will you forgive me if I nibble and run. Oh, and I’m taking home a doggie bag (I cut and pasted a whole bunch of links into a Word doc to enjoy later. Can’t wait to check out Understanding Texicans since one of my characters is from Texas).

    I’m up to my eyeballs in book launch preparations or I would definitely stay and mingle for awhile. Everybody, please check out my recent Mother’s Day tribute: Do You Believe In Ghosts? (And, yes, it is a Mother’s Day tribute; sheez, why does everybody always ask that?) It’s at And stop back in to see us next week. I’ll have Ghosts, Part 2 up and the link to my new book: Family Fallacies, A Kate Huntington Mystery (book 3).

    Oh I am such a horrible guest, but gotta get back to work. See y’all around.


  18. Make yourself at home! Grab a drink and join the party! Click on some links and meet some new bloggers.

    I am working my way through all of the fantabulous blog posts from the bottom up!


  19. LOL Susie! That Christine MacKenzie said that you were dancing on the table in a bikini. I asked if there were margaritas, then she said, no, you had Victoia Secret bras! I thought she was kidding. LOL! I told her she was wicked. What a riot! Great party by the way!

    If you all want to come see me and are interested in the Olympics, then please visit at Thanks!


    • Your poor husband! I don’t have that feature on my phone and now I am so glad. TOO FUNNY!
      Thanks for coming to the party! I hope you have fun meeting and mingling others!


  20. Susie,
    Thanks again for the party invite. I will definitely try to make the next one and hopefully I won’t have to be multi-tasking during it because that’s usually not my style but sometimes deadlines win out. Thanks again.


  21. Thanks Susie. This was fun last time and this time. I want to post a link to one of my own posts that I enjoyed writing, but not sure how others really took it. It’s a post about an online game and if you have never done one, it’s free to look at and play for hours. By the time you are offered the change to pay for more, you will know if it’s right for you.

    My name in the game is “Scot Fairydreamer”.


  22. Great job on the vlog, Susie! Pretty funny about the Fifty Shades of Gray! I haven’t read it either. Yay for Chris’s music. Tell him I said he rocks! And so do you with those dance moves. If I ever get to Colorado, I’m going to join you cuz I love to dance, too!

    I LOVE your virtual blog parties. Such a great idea. My link is the post with my short, fun video, “Skeleton Walks Pet Brain,” to promote literacy.

    It also has photos of spooky props in my makeshift studio where I filmed the video. When my youngest moved out, I took advantage of that spare room! LOL! Looking forward to checking out the other links, too, starting with your Victoria’s Secret post! Thanks, Susie.


    • Hi Lynn! Just giving you a heads up that I made it over to your post, which I really enjoyed, and I commented on it. My comment is in moderation purgatory, and is scared… but I have reassured my comment that as soon as you get a chance, you’ll come along and let the little guy out, and everything will be just fine! Lol :-)


    • I LOVED that one Lynn! You are so creative! I hope you are working on some other videos…. :) You are so “hideous” at it! Hahaha!

      So glad you came to rock out with me!


  23. Okay back again, and glad to be alive after that nearly fatal misunderstanding with my normally lovely wife! I told ya Susie, that I had to be brave to watch that video under these circumstances, and I hope you appreciate it. But let’s get back to the original point here.

    I have one post from a couple months ago that is the closest I’ve ever come, to having something I did go viral on the internet. The number of hits on this thing is HUGE, getting bigger every day, and still showing no signs of slowing down. The post is called “Tina Fey, Naked Mole Rats, and Our Breast Obsessed World.” Here’s the short link:


  24. Okay, your video was brilliant this time! (or maybe hideous) I liked your last video for the previous party, but this was even better, and I had to be very brave to watch it. ‘Brave?’ you are wondering? ‘Why would he have to be brave to watch my video?’ Which is an understandable question, so I’ll give you the answer:

    My wife and I are both home from work today to deal with some personal business, but I’m taking a break right now because nothing would keep me away from your party, and I sure wouldn’t want to be “amorphous”. (good one, Susie!)

    But when I played your video, I was all too aware that my wife could probably hear it, and with the music, and a woman’s voice talking about various ways to “use me and abuse me” I fully expected to be attacked and bludgeoned from behind by a furious spouse who was assuming the worst! But thankfully this didn’t happen, and once again, your dancing was great. Wait a minute… I think I hear someone coming. “Honey NO!!! It’s NOT what you think!!! Sweetheart, Please put down the GUN! I can explain it, I really can!!!”


    • Hi Catherine,
      We have something in common. Susie said you wrote a children’s book also. I just popped over to your site. Very nice!

      I’m not being a very good party guest on here, I’m afraid because I’m trying to multi-task watching the comments on this blog and also formatting a book for another author.

      As soon as I take a break, I want to read more about your book. Then I’ll send you an email. Maybe we can e-chat, author to author. :)


    • That was a blast from the past! Funny post. I can see where having little ones makes for great blog fodder!
      Thanks for joining in the fun! I hope you click on a few links and say hi! Maybe they will click on yours!


    • Thanks for joining us today! I have been reading all of them and they are fantastic! Off to read yours! I hope you have fun clicking away and meeting some new bloggers!


    • Thanks for coming by today Lily!
      Your blog post was so much fun to read. I mean it was truly hideous! :) I love your comparisons! I hope you will have fun meeting others and introducing yourself by clicking on some of their links! Tell ‘em Susie sent you!


    • I can’t wait to read it!
      I finally calmed our “noisemaker” down….”It” was getting out of hand with all the racket! I did see a like a 17-year-old boy who had a lot of energy running through our bedroom, so maybe he was throwing a baseball or racket ball….someone else must be up to bat!


  25. Well this is exciting! Thanks for doing this.
    This is probably the most topical thing I’ve written lately. It deals with DC comics announcing that one of it’s Green Lantern characters will come out as gay. I used my nerdiness to write a quick guide to the world of Green Lantern, and what this means for comics as a whole.

    Thanks again!


  26. Thanks for the invite to your party. I’m hoping to meet some moms with kids who like to draw, paint, or color because the Kids Art Contest for my second book, “Guess What is at the North Pole?” has just started. It’s an amazing opportunity for young artists to have their art featured in a children’s book.

    Would love to hear from parents or teachers.


      • I self-published the first one and each subsequent book in the series will be also. I’ve been helping other authors with the self-publishing process for years so I was super excited to finally finish my own. But like I said in the blog post, I’m not sure who is more excited–the young illustrators or me. :)

        Are you working on a book?


      • I hope so too. I’ve been writing children’s stories for years but never imagined how fun it would be to collaborate with kids on a book like this. I think what makes it even better is that by having their artwork featured worldwide, it’s given them the confidence to work on writing and illustrating their own books.

        At a school visit yesterday, one of the kids in the audience asked if I made lots of money from the book. I thought that was cute coming from a 3rd grader but I told her that I’m definitely not getting rich and if you do things in life just for the money, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. :)


  27. It’s a Party! o(^_^)o
    Many Deep and Sincere Thanks to Susie for hosting this great shindig!

    I enjoy Steampunk both for reading and writing. The other day (last week, May 31) I pondered what my definition of Steampunk is.

    Now, off to find some other blogs to read!


  28. Good Lord! And, to think… I stayed through the whole 3:25! But how could I not? Some thoughts… Kelly did a fine job on the music. The dog was excellent in the dog role. The Lindau residence needs a pole in the bedroom for her next video. Let’s all send Kelly a dollar, so he will hold Susie’s cellphone for the next taping, as… The Wild Thing never ceases to amaze me.

    Thank you Susie, for the opportunity to tell everyone about my new Photolog… TedBook’s Daily Pics. I usually use my iphone or a Lumix, but have taken the next step, and bought a Canon 60D. It came yesterday and I have now idea why I did what I did.


  29. Morning! I’m Kim and nothing can be wilder than you dancin’ for us, hey you need a partner. Thanks for having me. Champagne, well it’s been forever since I celebrated with bubbly, might try it. My link today is an author page, I started writing a year and half ago, finished a novella ‘Kiss Ride’ based on a true story, it’s on Amazon and now almost finished with a full length fiction/novel. Doing this for me and I don’t want to stop. I suppose I should begin searching for an editor or a professional. Here’s my page.


    • Hi Kim! I am so glad you came to party again! It wouldn’t be the same without you.
      Thanks for mingling with the guests and making them feel right a home!
      I hope you make a few new friends today!


  30. Susie – I love your VLOG – you always make me giggle!! :) i’ll be back to enter an old blog post :D Thanks for hosting this lovely party (….I LOVE Champagne by the way :))


  31. Now this is an opportunity that I can’t pass up. Yesterday I just updated my six books on Amazon – – – LOWERED THE PRICE – – – You can go look at my author page and from there see the descriiption of each book AND THEY EVEN LET YOU LOOK INSIDE FOR FREE (well – – – not the whole thing – – – just a teaser. Thanks for letting me post the following link to my author page Susie.


  32. Yay! Party! *throws confetti in the air* Woo Hoo!

    I’ve got to dash for the train, but I will be back later for champagne and chat. I am posting a link to a poem I did a while ago. I haven’t submitted it yet; still looking for just the right site. Meanwhile, a peek for all your fans and friends. Here is the link –

    I’ll be back later… save me some champagne!

    xx :)


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