Heavy Headed Hijinx – 100 Word Flash Fiction

After she plopped down in the recliner and rubbed her tired feet, the hallway clock chimed twelve times. What a crazy day. So many friends had attended and she smiled knowing new acquaintances had been made. As she looked around at the empty wine and champagne bottles, beer cans and glasses, her heavy eyelids shut.


She found herself floating away in a dream, as light on her feet as a ballerina. She flitted among the clouds until a faraway voice pulled her back.


“Susie! Look at these views!”

She had drifted off while checking out her blog on an I-pad.

I am hosting virtual blog party this week, so leave a link in the comment section of Use Me and Abuse Me Day II and meet a few new bloggers by checking out theirs! Make sure to introduce yourself and tell them Susie sent you!

I gotta try this-

For more flash fiction check out this link

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95 responses to “Heavy Headed Hijinx – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. I’d have to remember to let go if the blimp started gaining altitude.

    • Your first clue would be getting air off the wake and not coming back down… :)
      Thanks Cayman! Any tennis matches in your future today?

      • I walked ten miles for Relay for Life on Friday night despite an ongoing battle with plantar fascitis. Needless to say I was laid up yesterday. But thanks to a lot of ice and ibuprofen, I will be back on the courts today.

        • Are you watching the French Open final?

          I have an exercise for your feet that may help. You stand next to the counter and on a count of 5 go up on your toes, hold for 5, then come back down on a count of 5. I only had a problem with one foot so I hooked one foot behind the other and put all my weight on one foot.

          Such a great match!

          • Yes, thank you. I actually do that one. And yes, I’m watching this heavyweight tilt.

          • That Djokovic is amazing. Two sets down to Nadal on the clay and he picks up steam to cut the lead in half? The Audacity of ‘Nope’ . . . gotta love it.

            • I love it too! He never gives up! I can relate to that kind of optimism.
              I set the DVR and hope it records the match since it will be 5AM here.

              I have a singles match tomorrow night and am hoping for an overdue win… wish me luck! I may get thrown in at #1 again to guaranty a team win with our stronger singles player at #2. I can’t wait until I am a solid 4.0 player and these matches get easier… :P

              • Oh, I’m wishing you all kinds of luck, Colorado. Fix things up for the other side of better, will ya? I’m sick of these kids acting as if they invented the sport along with Sharapova.

  2. Well, I’ve only “blimp-skiied,” as we blimpers call it, once. I just couldn’t hold the handstand as long as I wanted, so I gave it up. I continue to wake board with stealth fighters pulling me, though. :)

  3. Honestly, some people are so myopic! Going on about scenery when there are stats to check out. Get some perspective here!

    Watching that video, I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to water ski behind a light plane, or possibly a helicopter? Could be fun, although the second option might get messy if there are any ramps involved…

    I decided to do something a bit different this week. Hope you enjoy!

    • Hahaha! Jake how are you! Danny and I are hoping to get to London in September….
      Myopic? It was only fiction Jake! I don’t even own an I-pad! Hahaha!
      Love your plane idea. Gotta try that one! HIT IT! YEEEEOOOOWWWWWWW!

      • The myopic remark was aimed at whoever was talking about the view, not the Ipad owner! As a confirmed nerd and TV addict, I’m well aware of the hypnotic power of the humble screen.

        London’s a fun place, but occasionally difficult to navigate. The last time I visited, about four years ago, I got completely lost trying to locate my hotel after spending the day out. Took me about two hours to find it. So much for Google maps!

  4. Madison Woods

    Haha, that ski trick doesn’t look like anything I’d want to try! I love your blog block parties!

  5. Hi Susie,
    Great opening paragraph with sharp descriptions drew me in and created momentum. Seems we both used the dream sequence to get the blimp into our stories!

  6. Flippin heck I’m not sure I’m that brave … nice take on the prompt and the video is just brilliant. Nice :-)

  7. I’ve been on a Hot Air Balloon Ride.. and it’s almost as fun as reading your blog:) Glad to be back and reading your posts!! xo Smidge

  8. I always get party jitters and don’t know what to say. I swear, the cat got my tongue. :-| Great party, as always!

  9. The best thing about parties at Susie’s house is that they go on for days! I’m looking forward to meeting more of your interesting guests over the weekend. Thanks for the great party!

  10. Excellent party Susie. This weekend I’m going to check out fellow partygoers links. As for your FF video, I think I’d rather be water boarded than find myself participating in that water skiing with dirigible stunt.

    • Water boarded instead of waters kiing??? Hahaha! I think it looks like a blast! “HIT IT!” As long as it didn’t get hit by a tail wind….. :)
      Thanks for coming to the party! The posts are wonderful. Something for everyone!

  11. Hope you enjoyed champagne/wine/beer! (And didn’t wake up staring at an iPad as you rode the basket of a hot air balloon.

    • I know! That would not be fiction. I don’t even own an I-pad! Hahaha! I see them hot air ballooning outside my kitchen window every weekend that looks like fun!
      Thanks Nelle!

  12. sometimes i’m stupid. were you going for the double meaning of the word “views”?

  13. Hey Susie, great story. A happily-exhausted blogger drifting off and having some good news to wake up to!

    (glad you turned me on to this friday fiction stuff!)

    Here’s mine. http://practicallyserious.com/2012/06/08/150-word-ficti…-the-spearhead/

  14. You took the photo and made it your own. Interesting approach.

    Mine’s here: http://logo-ligi.com/2012/06/08/radiant-flight/

  15. I’m sure that was some sort f extreme sport back in the day. However, I’m not past the men in one piece suits….even in black and white it aint pretty. LOVED the FF I was with you the whole time…excellent!

  16. lynnkelleyauthor

    Great virtual party, Susie. Some of the new blogs I checked out are hilarious writers. Thanks for doing this. Let me know if you try that stunt! I’m sure you’ll get a great flash fiction story out of it! LOL!

  17. I wonder what birds think when they fly past that long, long rope.

    • I am sure they think we humans have brains the size of a pea even though they really do!

      Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen???? Hilarious!
      Thanks Laura!

  18. Loving your post – Have a Wonderful Weekend:)

  19. Great flash. That video killed me! Have a good weekend!

    • Thanks! The video is solid gold. I can’t believe they did that. All I can think of is when I have gone waterskiing and had to yell, “HIT IT!” when I finally felt balanced. How did they hear them way up there?
      Have a great one too!

  20. Having growed up on a lake, we never saw that kind of tow boat!

  21. Loved the surprise ending! Which seemed quite believable even though it was fiction. I’ve only written flash fiction once – It was about a flasher in Central Park and how when he opened up his trench coat and displayed his pole, all the women were happy and used him for a game of ring toss, which just isn’t believable at all!

    Which is why I’ve written flash fiction only once, cause I think the name of the genre confused me… and my version of flash fiction didn’t go over very well.

    Blimp water skiing looks like great fun, and should be brought back. People just really need to get over that whole Hindenburg incident, cause that was a long time ago and the technology has greatly improved since then. So we should all be able to go blimp water skiing without fear, since driving to work is far more dangerous and not nearly as much fun.

    Oh, and Susie? GREAT PARTY!!! :-)

    • Hahahahahahaha! You are so sick and wrong Chris and I LOVE it! So glad you came by to “flash” a little brightness my way!

      • Hmm… “Sick and Wrong and You’ll LOVE it!” Why I might start a new blog and use that for the title! :-D

        You’re an inspiration, Susie, and thanks for your appreciation of my questionable humor! LOL

  22. Awesome as usual and how funny was that video, my kids were in stitches.

  23. Plopped is a wonderful word! I’m going to plop down meself and watch the Euro Football Championships!

  24. Hi Susie,
    I think you’re at your best when writing flash fiction. Loved it!

  25. you are definitely one of the best Friday fictioneers Susie its such a fun read..loved it :)

  26. Heights and water.. my two biggest fears.. I cannot even imagine hahaha

  27. Hi. I enjoyed the daydream and thought this twist on the prompt was very clever! cheers, Laura

  28. Aha.. I like. My kinda post.Checking the party out. Do please check out my take on Madison’s prompt, and of course, my blog :) http://niftitalks.com/2012/06/08/up/

  29. Great story and please tell me you are not doing the blimp thing!

  30. Hi,
    Loved the story, had a smile at the ending, well done. :)
    I just loved the old time video, who would of thought that people skied behind a Blimp. :D

  31. This was fun. I think you have a real knack for this FF stuff. What days a week do you post Susie?

  32. I’ve been working on backbends. Mine looks about like that. Didn’t know the secret ingredient was a blimp!

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