Resilience – A Photo Essay

My husband Danny and I decided to hike Quandary trail in Breckenridge. We were not prepared for all the downed trees due to beetle kill and high winds. Though there were many dead trees, I was overwhelmed by the signs of new life .

Click on photos to enlarge

 A beetle’s eye view


How did that happen?


Like gentle giants they swayed above us.


Carving out existence on the surface of rock.


Moss finds a happy place to thrive!


The forest flourishes.


Tiny new pine trees sprout on the dead stump of another.

This is truly the circle of life.


The protagonist in my book is a photographer, so I thought I would walk a mile or two in her shoes!

All photos taken by Susie Lindau with a Nikon Coolpix 5205 camera

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90 responses to “Resilience – A Photo Essay

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  2. Thanks for sharing the pix, Susie. I enjoyed muchly.

  3. lynnkelleyauthor

    Beautiful photo essay, Susie. What a wonderful hike!

  4. Beautiful photos Susie! Seemed like a great little adventure! ;)

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  6. Love the beautiful pictures..especially gentle giants..

  7. Do you have grizzlies there? I’d be more afraid of them than of the trees (although blow-down is not to be sneezed at – sorry for how that sounds, haha.)

  8. Nature doesn’t take a break. Love the photos. (And sorry for the mixup as per Phineas. The story is located at top of my home page)

  9. This was absolutely beautiful, like a virtual vacation!

  10. gorgeous pics, susie, mucho telented lady

  11. Very, very cool. I love the moss on the rocks! Breckenridge is one of my favorite places, but I don’t get there often enough. Whenever I visit family in Denver, I make a trip up there ~ on my own if needs be. It’s too beautiful to miss.

  12. How funny we’ve both got trees on the brain. They are fascinating even though there are millions of them. I love photo essays they are like grown up picture books.

  13. Very cool perspectives! I like seeing you diving into the photos. It looks like you had a great day with this post :-)

  14. Love checking out how forests recycle! Nice pics…

  15. You are so fortunate to live around such incredible beauty.

  16. Hi,
    Lovely photos, looks like a great place to go walking and enjoy nature as well. It is amazing how quickly new growth starts, it may look like it is all over for some trees, but others will be reborn. :)

  17. nice beetle’s eye view. The trouble with taking nature shots – there’s just much to choose from! great selection here.

  18. Thank you for today’s writing inspiration, Susie! I love the idea of the photo essay, where the photos take center stage rather than being the “Add on”. Did you gain insight into your protagonist’s world?

  19. Survival of the fittest. Nature is indeed an amazing thing.

    Good for you for getting into character!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  20. Okay, I have to know what kind of camera you use! The “gentle giants” picture in particular blew me away!

  21. Beautiful photos! It’s poetic, even. :)

    • Aww! Thanks Audrey! I thought that with summer, posting photos once in a while would be easy for reader to fly through as well as a means for me to get into the mind of my character!

  22. Loving your photos – needed a Nature Break – Happy Tuesday:)

  23. Great photos! I love taking time to living in character’s worlds and heads. Did this trip provide any epiphanies?? :) Hope you had as much fun as it seems!

    • The only epiphany we had was, “Run for your life!” when the wind picked up! :)
      I know what you mean though. I think she sees everything in a little more detail than most people and is an observer in life until…. Lol!
      It is one of my favorite places so I hope Summit County goes through and cuts down a few of those trees that are likely to topple when someone is hiking! Whew!

  24. You walk well in the photographer’s shoes. Great images, Susie.

  25. Awesome…darn beetles laying another down, nature. Hi Susie!

  26. winsomebella

    So many trees eaten or burnt up! It still makes for a great hike, despite. Walking in her shoes you shot some great pics :-)

    • Thank you! It has been especially crazy out here. I don’t think we will go back to that trail until someone goes through and makes it safer. I am sure they have warnings posted that I don’t know of since we have never seen another soul!

  27. After hurricane Hugo brushed us by in 1989, I volunteered to help clean up my favorite forest area, El Yunque. I almost cried when I saw the devastation the winds had caused. The mountain itself looked bald, most trees were swiped down and leafless. It took some time for it to bloom and flourish the way it was before. Great photos Susie!

  28. The bottom one was not showing up but I clicked on it and got it.
    Wonderful photos and my fave is the tall trees and the sky

  29. Wonderful images! Thanks for sharing some of your area with us.

  30. Beautiful Shots Susie..hope in every step :)

  31. This city slicker thinks that someone should tell Volkswagon to keep their Beetles out of the woods.

  32. Great essay, Susie!

  33. Very weird how the tree twisted as it fell. I agree with TedStrutz, lightning hit a tree about 100 ft from our house 2 years ago, it too twisted a bit but not that much. Now it’s a twisted stalk with the knots still in place. Nice shootin’ !

  34. My ride thru the forest was great! Nice post, Susie. The second photo is amazing. What could have produced that result? A lightning strike? How big are those Beetles again? It would make a good photo prompt… send it to Madison, I’m sure all those overwrought minds she employes on Friday will come up with some solutions.

  35. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a very fun hike.
    On the second moss picture, are those ice crystals around the moss?

  36. Love all the photos but the last one, caption included, says the most to me.

  37. Very interesting in light of our recent/still raging storm!

    • I got nervous after hiking for a while when the wind picked up. With hundreds of recently fallen trees, I didn’t want to be in the forest when they began falling again!

  38. pictures like yours are the best way to describe that nature doesn’t need us to survive. It is quite different the other way around. Very nice impressions, Susie!

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