I Am So Hot!

DSCN6723Colorado gets around 300 sunny days a year and this summer could be a scorcher. After skipping springtime we have leapt into mid-July weather. Boulder is one mile high in elevation and with the altitude comes thinner and drier air. It can be a very good thing (my hair and humidity hate on each other), until it gets hot and by hot I mean blast furnace heat. I don’t mind working up a sweat, but man, playing tennis in 100 degree blistering heat can be miserable.

I try to ignore the threat of being literally cooked on the courts by looking on the bright side. That is what I do best.

Here is my top ten list of reasons why I love playing tennis under the sizzling summer sun when it hits 100 degrees.

#1. Warming up will be no problem.

#2. My hair won’t fly into my eyes when it is soaked with sweat.

#3. Speaking of hair, I can massage some conditioner into it and can get a hot oil treatment!

#4. If I am low on protein, I can fry an egg courtside.

#5. I won’t get cold.

#6. Being covered in sweat is nature’s air conditioner. When the air hits my wet skin, it cools me down.

#7. I can easily lose 3-4 pounds of water weight.

#8. I can “bring the heat”every time I hit the ball. Really.

#9. I can sweat the toxins out of my body from all of my wild weekends.

#10.  When it drops to 90 degrees it will feel like a cold front.

How do you handle the heat?

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138 responses to “I Am So Hot!

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  2. Hi Susie. Thanks for the positive outlook on these days ripped from the bowels of hell. Maybe I’ll take up tennis. :)

  3. Sitting in a bath of cool water does the trick for me! But I think I must be wired wrong. When I’m hot, I have so much energy (like the 41 degree celius (105 F) day I chose to clean all the windows in the house). When it’s cold, I simply cease to function…

    • Good for you! I went out and picked raspberries yesterday when it was 102 and then played tennis! I would have preferred it a little cooler, but oh well!
      Thanks Alarna!

  4. I just played tennis for the first time in a year. Started at 9:00 a.m. No matter, here in Oklahoma City it’s already 90 degrees with humidity. But you are right, good for the body to release the water and toxins. So after a dip in the pool and a few toxins later from cold Mai Tai’s, it’s time to schedule the next match. It’s nice to be in the “hot” club.

  5. Well Sussie,you know i’ve always stood by you but this time round i’m afraid you’re rather fried! Happy Season!!!

    • You should see my hair today! It looks like I put my finger in an electric socket~
      It was satire for sure, but I have to admit to getting used to our blast furnace heat. I freeze when it is in the low 70’s now! Good thing since forecasters are predicting that the heat wave will continue!
      Thanks for coming by to read BT!
      Stay cool!

  6. I melt in the heat! A SoCal native, who worked outside in San Diego for ten years, I can say that I have had enough of 90 and 100 degree days. People think I’m crazy, but I love my Pacific NW. When it rains, I get a ton of writing done. Winters are pretty; enough snow to go ‘awww, isn’t that nice’ and then it melts. Summer, delicious! Sunny and 70’s are perfect, with blue sky and snow-capped mountains to gaze at.

  7. Send some off that excess heat down here to the Southern hemisphere, it’s like living in a fridge in Canberra in winter! Love the post as always Susie and I think you are, well Hot too!

    • You are so funny! Thanks!
      I will send some your way! whoooooosh!
      We had a two day respite and now temps are going to soar once again.
      Thanks for reading Capt.Savage and stay warm!

  8. Sigh.

    We wish. Here in the UK we’re having Monsoons, 14 degrees and it’s not pretty. We’ve only had two weeks of sun in May. Please send some over to us. I love hot, dry weather. What I can’t stand is humidity unless there’s a breeze from the ocean.

    And I’ve fried eggs on stone in Kenya.

    Great post!

    • Thanks! Wow in Kenya no less. What a great memory. It must have been dang hot!
      We missed out on our usual wet season in March, April, and May. Last year June was wet too. Not this year!
      A reader from Germany sent clouds my way and I will send you the sun!
      Thanks CC!

  9. Great attitude! I’m going to remember some of these points when I’m working out in my non A/C’d gym and I’m going to point out your fabulous points to my clients as well. They’ll LOVE that! haha

  10. lynnkelleyauthor

    Oh man, tennis in 100 degree heat sounds like torture! Leave it to you to see the sunny side! I have a handy dandy little spray bottle that comes in quite handy when I get hot, and a little shelf fan next to the bed helps, too!

  11. Redheads and heat are not natural bedfellows Susie. At the first hint of hot weather I head for a damp mouldy corner, sprecially retained in the house for such purposes and cower for a few hours.

  12. This summer is going to be brutal. As I write this it’s nearly 9 in the p.m. and it’s still 101 in Las Vegas. Try and stay cool in the heat Susie and don’t step in any fried eggs while you’re on the court.

    • I think you are right!
      If you check out the comments, we visited Vegas when it was 115 degrees at night!~ whoosh!
      Stay cool and hydrated this summer Brian. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Wow…tennis in 100 degree weather. I’m impressed. I’m also glad I’m sitting in my air conditioned office…and that our mid-90s are leaving for several days. I don’t mind anything up to low-80’s but wilt when it’s hotter than that.

    By the way, did you know you can bake cookies in your car when it’s that hot? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0lgg_qKaqw :)

  14. Oh no, 100 degrees is way too hot for this northern-climate gal. Hope you drink lots of water, Susie, and find the occasional shady tree to hide behind!

    • A shady tree is the way to go! I am drinking a lot of water too! We are getting a respite tomorrow then back to the high 90’s Friday through the weekend! To the mountains I say!
      Thanks Sheila!

  15. I hate the heat! It gets 108 or so here in Central California. You will never hear me complain at any point during the winter because I know 100 degrees is around the corner. I’m keeping my mouth closed right now because it is far too early to complain about how hot it is. My youngest was complaining recently and I told him I had one word for him: Halloween. I let him stare, dumbfounded, for a few moments before I explained. I told him, “Dude, it’s gonna’ be hot until about Halloween. Pace yourself!”


    • Jimmy you are so funny! I just read your comment to my daughter and husband and they loved it! I can just see the look on your son’s face. Priceless! That is hot! Be cool my friend!
      Thanks for stopping by to read!

  16. Haha! I love the picture of the sweaty hair. This really resonates with me as I bike to work daily and am constantly dealing with helmet head. I have the following conversation with myself on a daily basis: “Sophie, do you want to look extra cute today? Or do you want to have helmet head? If you ride the metro, you will be unhappy, but have great hair. If you bike, you will be happy, but have flat hair. What should I do?” I’m sure you can guess, now that you have gotten to know me. I bike and I smile my way through the day with flat hair. :) Play tennis, Susie. Sweat. Look ridiculous. And smile your way through life. Happy Summer Solstice!

    • Thanks Sophie you marathoner triathalon girl! Of course you bike, but that DC heat and humidity is too much! I just about passed out the last time I was there and I was just walking from one building to another!

      We can start a new trend of slicked back hair!

      Happy summer solstice to you too!

  17. You are a gamer, Colorado. In the truest, boldest, baddest sporting sense. I have to admit, my tennis game gets called on account of the rain coming off my head when we experience these scorchers. Umm . . . does playing Wii tennis count?

    • Definitely! It is good to have a built in sprinkler system like yours, unless you have a downpour during a job interview….
      You have the horrid humidity which is non-existent here. We have to be careful of heat stroke!
      Thanks Cayman! I will be over to read the latest installment of your flash!

      • I’ll have you know, you served as my inspiration for getting out there yesterday evening in 90 plus degrees. It’s all about pacing yourself and listening to your body when it says “Slow the hell, down!”. But it’s worth it, definitely.

  18. Chris sent me Susie — it’s great to have a “fan” in this heat.

    how do I beat the heat. I go north to Maine. Where the water stays too cold to dip in, but sends lovely breezes my way. It’s perfect in the summer. Less so in the winter!

    Great post. I could feel the sweat.

    • Thank you Chris!!!!
      I am so glad he sent you Elyse! He is an amazing “fan!”

      I have always wanted to go to Maine. It sounds perfect for the summer. I always picture “Murder She Wrote,” renting a bike and then tooling around to all the little towns…
      Thanks again for stopping by!

  19. Shivering in winter here, so am enjoying some vicarious heat from your post. Last year we took a trip to Florida and played mini golf in 100+ heat in the middle of the day. Funnily we were the only ones there, but what can you do when you travel half way around the world to get to the US and your youngest get’s to choose the activity for the day? Anyway, swinging by on Chris’ reccomendation and glad I did. He told me that the secret code word for entry to your blog was “hot stuff” and to knock three times slowly and I would then be admitted. And now following :).

    • The door is wide open! Thank you so much! Chris is the BEST!
      I have been there with kids choosing activities. We call my daughter “the fish” because no matter where we go or how cold it is, she wants to be in the water. There have been many times when we froze while she frolicked!
      You never know what you are in for while on a family vacation!
      Thanks for following!

  20. Here’s a thought – take up swimming!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  21. Hi,
    Loved the post, and had a laugh when you mentioned your hair, this is just so true in summer heat here as well, it can get uncomfortable, I just couldn’t imagine playing tennis when the temp is so high, good on you. :)

    • I LOVE that expression, “good on you.” You should blog about all the down-under terminology!
      It must be cold there now.
      I didn’t have a choice although I guess I could have made up an excuse. I just don’t do that. It would feel like cheeeeting!
      Thanks Mags! Stay warm!

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  23. Loving your post – anything black is off limits and too hot to touch (i.e. pavement, car interior, etc.)! Have a Hot Day You Sexy Thing!

    • I came up with that title right before I blogged. I thought it would be more catchy. Then I realized some people may think I am soooooo egotistical. Yikes! Too late! My true friends like you, know that I am the “Pun Queen!”
      Definitely am staying away from black. I grabbed a black water bottle the other day. What a mistake!
      Thanks Renee!

  24. 300 days of sunshine?!!! Didn’t even know that was possible!!! ;)

    • We sure do!
      You get the opposite kind of weather, but it is green there all the time. If the heat keeps up, everything will burn up! We all have sprinkler systems which is something I am sure you cannot fathom! I came out from the Midwest almost 25 years ago and couldn’t believe how arid this part of the country is.
      If you ever come my direction, let me know!

  25. It is steamy over on the east, too!! You wouldn’t believe how we feel with spring just 1 day ago!! :D Great post, by the way!! Oh, and since your blog is FABULOUS, would you mind signing up on my blog, ahdorediorofficial.wordpress.com , for July’s Covergirl of the month? Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hah. I handle the heat by staying inside… I’m sure those wildfires aren’t doing much to help either… And they say climate change doesn’t exist…

    • Seriously. I can’t believe anyone still thinks that!
      I seem to be more acclimated this year, probably because the heat came on so early. Normally, I would hide inside as well. As long as I am prepared for it I am good to go. I hate getting hot and sweaty when I am all dressed up. That is so uncomfortable!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  27. #11 You wont have to spend money on a tanning studio or cream

    #12 You can sing “feeling hot hot hot” while playing, or any of the other gazillion fire / sun songs.

    • I LOVE it! No tanning studio for me!
      I looked for a good rendition of “Hot Hot Hot!” and had to settle for this other “Hot” video! Great minds think alike!
      Fantabulous suggestions! Thanks Shantnu!

  28. Ms. Lindau,
    Very educational. I have never been to Colorado. I drove through on a Greyhound Bus while on my way to Death Valley, California. If you think it is hot in Colorado in the summertime, you should try Death Valley. I was an electrician in Death Valley National Park. One day it was 131 degrees outside and I was working on a huge electrical distribution panel. I literally felt as if I was outside of myself, watching myself work. At the end of the day, I was seeing double and talking to Elvis. I went directly into the swimming pool at Stovepipe Wells for rehydration and rebirth. Tennis anyone? I think not. Great story though. Thank You,
    Wayne Baker

    • Thank you Wayne! Hahaha! Talking to Elvis! Been there! Our family drove to Vegas once when it never dropped below 115 degrees even at night. I thought the desert was cool at night. LIARS!!! The difference is, I didn’t have to work for 8 hours in 131 degrees! I didn’t know that thermometers went that high! That’s like 12 on my speakers.115 would have felt like a cold front!
      I have never been to Death Valley nor will I make the trip thanks to you Wayne!

  29. I’ll take this dry heat over the heat and humidity in the midwest any day….makes for more “good” hair days :-)

  30. After having spent 10 years living in Boulder, I know just what you mean about the heat. As to playing tennis in it though – I bought a condo with a tennis court practically outside my door. I suck at tennis. A tennis-addicted friend of mine swore she could teach me. Anyone can learn to play reasonably well, she said. She gave up on me after one lo-o-o-ng afternoon!
    Fortunately, I like heat and tolerate it pretty well. I applaud your optimism on the subject!! Well done.

  31. How do I handle the heat? AC Baby… AC all the way. AC in my car, AC in my office, AC in my home office, and most of all, AC in my bedroom, cause it gets hot enough in there already, as it is…

    If I go outside for any length of time at all, it’s only to go swimming. I’m a cold weather model, cause I’m hot blooded, and 99 to 100 degrees like we may hit during the peak of the heat here today, here in steaming Beantown, just ain’t my outdoor scene at all.

    Cause I really AM hot blooded, and early in our relationship, my wife told me that she was very attracted to me, because of my warmth. But she didn’t mean my warm personality; no, she meant my hot body heat, cause she gets cold easily, and she liked to snuggle up close to the rising warmth from my high RPM high heat internal combustion engine, and I’m a hard driving 12 cylinder model of a man… with a standard but exceptional transmission and 5 speeds, driven by a smooth handling big stick that will thrust you into overdrive in 3.5 seconds, but keep you there for much longer, and always as long as you need…

    When she first told me how attracted she was to my heat, I smiled at her and said, “Well baby, you could save yourself a lot of trouble, by just buying yourself a man sized hot water bottle, and I hear that they have ‘em on sale at LL Bean right now… But I can tell that you’re the kinda woman who secretly craves my kind of trouble, so you just stick close to me, and you’re sure to find it…”

    Actually, I didn’t really tell her that, at least not that time, cause we weren’t married yet, and I was still doing my best to close the deal. I knew that soon after she said “I do.” and then it was too late, there would be time for that sort of talk, as well as all that would follow… after she put on my ring and the sale was final.

    But I do like your very positive spin on playing 100 degree tennis, Susie… It’s kinda charming in a masochistic kinda way, and me and my buddy The Marquis Du Sade would enjoy watching you play… from our plushly upholstered seats in our luxuriously air conditioned sky box, of course.

    Just one more thing… Just want you to know that this ain’t no “Fifty Shades of Grey” flash in the pan, mommy porn, ripped off from fan fiction. No way! This is Chris Sheridan from “Word Play; A Place for Pleasurable Procrastination” and when I say that I don’t fool around, well I don’t mean it!
    LOL :-D

    • And another thing, Susie… After resorting to that shameless plug there at the end of my comment, I thought that it would be only fair to plug you as well… meaning plugging you on my blog, of course! And now, since I have said it, so it soon shall be done, because just as one hand washes the other, and… Nope! Had a great joke that I was about to put at the end of that sentence, but just for once, I’ll hold back and use some common sense instead – cause I don’t want to try your patience, and end up with me being the one found guilty! Lol ;-)

  32. I am super impressed with your positive attitude. What a great way to look at the heat. Yeah, girl! Love it! I don’t know how I would handle it. :-| I’m not a big lover of sweat running into my eyes. I can see that easily happening with tennis in THAT heat. DAMN! :)

    • It is so dry here that most of the sweat wicks away, but my hair is another story! I bring a towel just in case..
      Thanks Debra! I hope it is cooler in your part of the country!

  33. The Top 10 reasons why Coloradans are pansies….this is just karma for all the locals that wear shorts when it is 26 degrees and taunt me and my thin blood :-)

  34. You play tennis in that heat? I wouldn’t even sit courtside in that heat. We are maybe going to have an official heat wave here (not a common thing) Today it’s supposed to be 95 and humid. So far I jumped into the kid’s swimming pool and promptly had a heart attack (the water was a freezing 56 degrees) Now I am sitting on my couch in front of a fan drinking iced tea and I don’t plan on moving the rest of the day.

    • But it is so much worse with the humidity! My body always gets a shock when I hit the water too even if it is around 75 degrees!
      Ice tea and the couch sounds like a good plan!

  35. This is a TRULY impressive display of your inner Pollyanna. I think only the idea of eating eggs could make me feel better on a blazing hot tennis court, LOL

    A timely question, too, because we’re in the start of a heatwave right now in Jersey! It’s supposed to feel like 105-110 degreees until Friday! OMG. Unholy. I swim and stay in air conditioning. That’s it! Oh and I shun advice that says not to drink alcohol ;)

    • I had never heard about avoiding alcohol and will pretend I didn’t read that… :)

      I did hear about New Jersey getting hit with a wave. Buy yourself a 99 cent air mattress and float through it! That’s what we used to do in Wisconsin!
      There is nothing worse than that oppressive steam bath heat! “He died in a pool of humidity….” Hahaha!

  36. Darn! I thought you were going to show self-photos in your new bikini!

    Two things about your heat:
    1. At your altitude and humidity, it does get cool at night. Never happens in Fort Worth in summer.
    2. You should throw that tennis racquet away and buy some golf clubs.

    • I suck at golf! I need one of those clicker things to keep track of my score. I love it though….

      The cool nights are what saves us. Most don’t have air conditioned houses here, so they open up windows at night and close them in the morning.
      Your heat is so much worse….

      My bikini??? I have to save that one for Use Me and Abuse Me day since that would be total ABUSE!
      Thanks David!

  37. My brother and I totally fried an egg on our black-top during a hot Minnesota summer. One word—stinky! But it works. ;) I bet you could also bake cookies on car tops…

    Water, shade and spending time near the ocean or lakes helps me manage heat. Have to say, I prefer hot temps to below zero. I suppose I’m still thawing out from 18 years in Minne-arctica. Keep enjoying the heat and entertaining us, lady! You are as hot as this post. ;)

    • Hahaha! Not really! You are too funny.
      Love the idea of cookies on the car top! :) That is great that you and your brother actually fried one!
      I agree about handling the extreme temps and am a believer that getting out in the heat helps your body acclimate. Your blood cells change in size!
      Stay cool August!

  38. Loved the list! I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of heat. I wouldn’t survive in the south. My ideal temperature is mid-60s to mid-70s. Right now our temps are hitting high 90s, so you can image my grumpiness factor is up there too :) Is dry heat easier to manage? We have very humid summers so you often feel like the air is thick and heavy when you breathe.

    • It is easier to handle the dry heat. but you cook faster since you dehydrate. It’s great if you are an apricot or grape!
      I can’t stand the humidity either although I remember getting used to it in Wisconsin. Survival there greatly depends on your proximity to an air mattress and a lake or a cool basement!
      Thanks Marcy and I hope your day is super cool!

  39. Basically, I wilt, grouse and long for September. And when it’s hot and humid (as it will be today through Friday) my hair turns into a big brown storm cloud. Something else to whine about.

  40. How do I handle the heat? Usually not very well would be the correct answer to that. Fortunately we currently do not have much of it in North Germany.

    Next time I have to deal with hot weather I shall follow your example and keep focused on the bright side. ;)

  41. It’s been quite hot over here as well, and it’s only June! Some days I feel like I am going to melt, really, so I know what you’re talking about.

  42. That’s probably the most positive take on heat stroke that I’ve ever read! :)

  43. Wow, so hot! We are getting 95 here again today, but 70’s and 80’s coming very soon. ASL here is only 1000, and Michigan is rather humid in summer. Hope you drink that 2 pounds of water back, careful! Can’t imagin playing any sport in that kind of heat…

    • I did not play my best on Monday night when it hit 100, but that was my last singles match of the summer. Yeah! Doubles is so much easier on the body.
      I’m glad to hear your will be getting a little cold front too. Your humidity must be awful!
      Thanks John and stay cool!

  44. Our weather here is really similar to Colorado’s. The thing I love about it (and maybe this part’s different there), is that except for maybe 2 or 3 nights, it always cools off at night so there’s a break from the heat. Places where it never cools off? I’d go crazy.

    • It definitely cools off at night. Most older homes in Colorado don’t even have air conditioning for that reason. Vegas is another story. We were there in the dry scorching heat with our kids and it was 112 at night! The outdoor misters saved us!

  45. I dont know how you do it.. I really dont and I admire you. I am about to go back to humidity that will rival 113 degrees. No AC because someone is so frugal and cooking and cleaning. Maybe I would rather play tennis.

    • Humidity is so much worse. I hate that sticky feeling.
      It dropped 20 degrees today but is supposed to be 97 again on Friday.
      This heat is way too early and we have so many forest fires already!
      Thanks Linda!

  46. Jeez Susie you are making it very hard for me to come up with excuses for NOT doing outside activities. I’m from Philadelphia and it’s a scorcher today! Nothing turns a beautiful city ugly more than heat & humidity. Thanks for your optimistic view on heat : )

    • We were in Washington DC when it hovered around 100 degrees and we could barely make it from building to building. Humidity makes the heat 10 times worse!
      Stay cool my friend

  47. Oh hell… This is just about the weather! I got excited when I saw the title. Would like to catch that tennis match, but think I’ll skip the sidewalk lunch.

    Finally got hot here… We might hit 70 today.

    • 70 is a heat wave for you? Where are you?
      It dropped into the 70’s today, but temps will soar again by Friday. Dang!
      I had saved a fried egg for you! Are you sure????

  48. growing up in south Texas was hot, now I live in Illinois where it can be hot, or mild, or even downright chilly on a summer day. you just don’t know what you’re gonna get…. I remember playing tennis and your top ten sounds familiar. Thanks for bringing back the memory of WHEN I could play tennis for four hours on a blistering summer afternoon! The ride was great, thanks.

    • Thanks Clay! I am so glad you dropped by for a ride! The weather is all over the place these days and so much more extreme. I am not looking forward to July….our water (sprinkler system) and electric (air conditioning) bills are going to sky rocket!
      You must get used to the heat combined with humidity since I used to play for hours back in Madison. We had drinking fountains, but no water bottles! How did we survive? We must have taken in moisture through our skin! :)

  49. Omg Susie I knew you were HOT..always knew it
    it’s a gift, I see hot people
    And hey you fry eggs in sunlight too hey we should get an eco friendly egg award or something
    hitting the balls…ha ha ha
    Susie you rock babe what a super fun post
    love n hugs :)

    • Thanks Soma! You crack me up! I love to include a “play on words” in my titles. I hope it didn’t put anyone off! Hopefully they saw the photos and knew where I was going with this! Hahaha!

  50. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown and commented:
    Good video.

  51. EllieAnn

    LoL. I know the feeling! We sometimes play basketball in the blazing hot weather. I like to beat the heat by jumping in the kiddie pool with my kidlets after I’m all hot and sweaty.

    • What a great idea! I was thinking about setting one up for my dog Roxy! When we have kenneled her in the summer they set up a baby pool and she loves it! I will have to join her! It is cool today so I have got to get outside and do some gardening before it hits the high 90’s on Friday!
      Thanks Ellie!

  52. Try a vindaloo curry! Like the video.

  53. Like the forgottenwife, I’m also in Jersey. The humidity here is the true killer during a heat wave. I’ll be sweating through my clothes by the time I walk from the house to my car 10 feet away.

    When relaitves visit from places with “dry” heat, they don’t stand a chance, and spend the entire visit sitting inside looking out the window at nature’s sauna.

    • I grew up in Wisconsin and know what you are talking about. You do get used to it. After living in Colorado for almost 25 years, I am such a humidity wimp! You are right. I wouldn’t stand a chance!

  54. Good list, and hot, indeed! It’s ten AM and 85°, with high humidity. Enjoy… I’m going to settle in to write in air conditioning, after a couple of errands.

  55. We’re looking at 98 and 99 today and tomorrow in New Jersey – a heat that brings humidity, thanks to the close proximity of the ocean. I don’t have central air. Instead of bemoaning that issue, I blast the window units and thank my lucky stars that they are a lot easier on my electric bill than central air would be! Oh, and it’s a great reason to grill – don’t want to heat up the house!!!

  56. #11 I’m not in Calgary where I would be layering my clothes and paying furnace bills.
    Enjoy.. I’m jealous if that helps at all! xo Smidge

  57. Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on the heat, Susie. Last summer we had record heat and drought in Texas. It to was a dry heat which makes it somewhat more bearable. Coping isn’t that difficult if you cover your head and stay hydrated, maybe slow down some. Also a good time for research and writing!

    • And a great time to stop playing singles tennis! Hahaha! Definitely easier in the dry heat and yet there is so little humidity it gets dangerous.
      I wonder what July will be like. Oooooeeee!
      Thanks Rich!

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