Dancing for Rain! A Colorado Wildfire Photo Essay

My husband Danny and I escaped from the scorching temperatures in Boulder, Colorado and drove to the mountains. The temperatures at 2 miles high still reached the high 80’s! This time of year the wildflowers bloom, but it has been too dry. I need to start doing a rain dance.

We stopped at a car show in Vail. Some of the colors reminded me of Popsicles. Which color Lamborghini would you choose?

 A Lamborghini traffic jam.


I kinda like the white one!

Most buildings don’t have air conditioning and have to circulate air the old-fashioned way.

Pretty quiet in Vail for a Saturday.

Not too much was happening so we traveled to the tiny mountain town of Minturn. The people were very friendly and Danny pointed out a great “rest stop,” but we forged ahead.

We stopped at Redcliff which can only be entered by a narrow mountain pass. The sleepy town had a few wonderful photo opportunities.

“His” and “hers” snowmobiles. Check out the recycled fence!

The Pit Bull behind the ski fence didn’t seem so friendly.

I had to pull over to take some shots of the trout stream. You can see the devastating effects of beetle kill.

These were lodgepole pines. The beetles have left the other varieties alone, so far.

Around each corner was another grand vista.

As we continued our day trip, we noticed smoke ahead.

We worried that the fire was in Leadville

We were somewhat relieved to see it was in an underpopulated area on Highway 91.

Trees went up in flames like torches.

We said a prayer for the families being evacuated and fire fighters risking their lives.

The helicopter carrying the small red pail full of water seemed so useless against the spreading wildfire. We stood helpless with several others on the side of the road. Although this fire was in its very early stages, we could see how treacherous fighting these types of fires can be.

When we arrived back in Breckenridge, we pulled out a chess set and sat on the deck. Ash began falling from the sky.

Later we found out that 5 new fires broke out in the State of Colorado on Saturday. The one that we witnessed is called the Treasure Fire and has burned 320 acres. A fire outside of Estes Park has already consumed 22 houses and has grown to 6000 acres. By Monday it was 100% contained. Whew! While another blaze started at the Garden of the Gods (a rock formation), outside of Colorado Springs. It has been almost three weeks since the High Park fire started. It has burned over 83,000 acres, destroyed 248 homes and is 45% contained. We haven’t begun the dry month of July and our State is on fire, burning over 109,000 acres.

Ash-filled clouds

We could use a soaking rain. A few drops pattered on our car’s windshield while driving down the mountain. I mentioned my idea of rain dancing and hoped the Wiccans and Native Americans in the area were out there in full force! They have danced for rain during  past droughts.

While sitting down outside on our deck for a late supper, the wind kicked up. I walked to the front of the house and saw a massive thunderstorm raging over the wildfires in Estes Park and beyond in Fort Collins. Maybe they are dancing!

I am neither Wiccan nor Native American, but am going to keep on rain dancing! It can’t hurt.

“Oh really?” Roxy thinks, “It hurts just to watch you.”

How does she get in every one of my dances?

At 2:10 into this video there is a short and very old authentic clip of a Sioux tribe rain dancing. It is worth watching! I think those are old Ford automobiles in the background.

How to do a rain dance.

Will you be taking any road trips this summer? Do you have fire restrictions in your area?

This is the worst year on record for Colorado wildfires. Please keep the victims and firefighters in your thoughts and prayers.

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A fire broke out in the foothills around 2:00 this afternoon and is threatening the city of Boulder. There are 1000 people on pre-evacuation alert and my daughter Courtney packed her car and is moving home.

 The “Flagstaff Fire” is being fanned by high winds.

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  6. Incredible work, Susie.

  7. These fires are just devastating.. I wonder if the dead beetle wood is so much drier it just explodes and spreads the fire more quickly? I’m glad you’re doing a rain-dance.. we all need to join in!! xo

  8. Wow. One of my friends lives in Boulder and goes to University of Colorado. That’s some scary stuff but be careful. I always find myself astounded by the natural beauty of the place.

    • My daughter Courtney lives on campus and moved home for a couple of days. They thought they would have it contained and there wasn’t any smoke coming up behind the Flatirons last night, but it is smokey today. I was so worried that it would burn Chautauqua. I am so glad that it is at 90%. Boulder is a beautiful place!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  10. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Popsicles – absolutely. I can see that, popsicles on wheels. Oh, I have no idea what colour I would choose, but that lime is… how to say it… DELICIOUS! :)

  11. I watched the news about it and I am praying for your safety and your family, How I wish I can send the rains here in my country to Colorado, take care and God Bless…

  12. you are so full of life! love it! Keep on dancing! I’ll do a dance for CO as well!

    ps – thank you so much for your comment and suggestions … I had no idea about the tag thing…. i was tagging away : )

    el xoxo

    • Thanks so much El! I have been amazed at the weather here. They didn’t predict it and the rain keeps coming! Dance on girl!
      Being blocked in the reader happened to me too! Just go back a couple of posts and take off the extra tags and you’ll get out of WP jail. At least your comments aren’t going to spam like mine were!
      Have a great weekend!

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  15. Your pictures are awesome. Such a beautiful State.. fire is awful. Sister lives in Denver– she sends daily pics of the fires. Devastating! Your East Coast pals willl keep dancing and keep praying for rain!

  16. very funny post (loved that recycled fence ), amid all the frightening fire stories-stay safe

    • With all that dancing, we have gotten a lot of rain that wasn’t predicted and lower temperatures. That has really helped the firefighters.
      The road trip had many photo-ops. Glad you enjoyed them!
      Thank you so much!

  17. Just wanted to say that you are still in my prayers, and thanks for the “like” on my photo blog. BTW, regardless of the circumstances, I think that your photo called “Ash-filled clouds” is quite beautiful, and excellent photography.

  18. We’ve been getting the updates on the news here, those fires look terrifying. I hope you are safe, as it sounds like you are a bit too close for comfort…

    • It is so dry and we are getting thunderstorms producing lightning strikes every afternoon. I just hope that moisture will come up from the south. It is supposed to be dry and hit 100 again today. Unprecedented temperatures!
      Thank you so much Alarna!

  19. I love your photo essays. :) The Lamborghini traffic jam was too funny. I’ve never seen something like that. Great pics. Great! Love the Highway 91 pics.

  20. I’ll choose the bright green car…my daughter’s favorite color. Except she can only look at it. When I get her a vehicle, it’s going to be a tank. :)

    You and your family stay safe. I have just been stunned at the number of fires out west, especially in Colorado. Believe me, you have lots of prayers for them to be put out.

    • Thanks Kristy! I would get her a car and strap a tire on the front and back bumper! Then she will bounce if she hits something! Good luck. Teaching the kids how to drive was soooooo stressful.
      The Flagstaff fire is 30% contained! Yeah! My rain dancing must be helping!
      Thanks so much for the prayers. So many homes have been lost already….

  21. You cover like EVERYTHING in this post. Ms. Versatile Blogger of the Year is what you is. I was going to ask you about the wildfires, but those pictures really say it all. It’s such an incredibly massive event, it looks as if the sky is drowning, wow.
    As for the other pics, that ski fence is an amazing shot, love it.
    And my color Lambo? Green or caramel. Wouldn’t be caught dead with those colors on my current ride, but a Lambo is an altogether different beast.

    • A BEAST is right!
      Thanks so much Cayman! I just checked and I can see smoke coming from the side of the Flatirons which isn’t good, but it rained and the temps are finally in the 80’s. Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 100 again! Crazy weather….Co. Springs is a different story. 257 homes lost so far and not close to being contained. It is so early in the year for this!
      Glad you liked the tour! You’ll have to come to Colorado to see “for real” sometime. :)

  22. I live in Tennessee now but I’m a native of Colorado, born in Denver. I talked to my mom this morning. She said the Boulder and Colorado Springs are in danger right now and evacuation is in process. Stay safe.

    • Thanks for that! We live across the valley, but I don’t think anyone is safe this summer. With all the dry lightning it could start a fire anywhere…. I hope your relatives are okay too!

  23. I’d like whichever Lambo is colored Free.
    Hope your daughter has made it out of the danger zone. I’ve been reading that this fire has grown at an unprecedented rate. Hoping they get it under control and the rain comes to help…

    • I want a Free one too!
      It’s thundering right now and we got a little rain today already. CU is still pretty far north of the fire thank God, but I love having her home!
      Thanks so much!

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  25. I wouldn’t pick any of the colors. I don’t care for the car. lol
    By the way, I nominated you for an award – drop by my site today and see.

  26. Thanks for the coments you just left on my blog, it made me realise that I had missed a few of your posts too! The WordPress Reader isn’t working well lately, I keep on missing posts from wonderful blogs…
    Anyway, gorgeous photos here, Colorado looks amazing, I hope I’ll be able to see it one day :-)

  27. Susie, I’ve been worried for you, Piper, and all my family in Colorado with these crazy fires. I hope everyone is keeping safe and ready to evacuate if necessary. Fires suck. Be safe! I’m hoping your rain dance works. Keep dancing!

    Love the pictures. I’ve never been to Vail, but now I want to go just to see the sweet buildings. The landscapes around there are breath taking.

    • Thanks Tameri! I actually rain danced yesterday since I had the link posted on my blog on how to do it… :) Well right afterward we got a soaker here in Niwot! I ran out and videotaped the storm and lightning struck here and in Boulder. Unfortunately it started that horrific fire…they only got a few drops there.
      Anyway I went to the grocery store and began talking to a lady about the fire and how the lightning struck while I was rain dancing and she looked at me like I was OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND! Hahaha! I should have explained it better!
      There are a lot of wonderful places to visit here in Colorado. Thanks for day tripping with me!

  28. My son would have been in Lambo heaven and would like to chose all three. How he will find his Lambo passion has yet to be determined, but as a mother of a teen I’ll take Lambo desire as motiviation. Is it possible to move Colorado closer to Florida? I hear they have plenty of rain to spare.

    • Your son would have loved seeing them in all the bright colors!
      There are two storms coming in this afternoon and there are flash flood warnings out so they will be soakers. That should help!
      Thanks so much for reading!

  29. I really enjoyed your photo essay Susie. Until I glimpsed these beautiful pix, the closest I ever came to seeing your state was whenever my teams play the Broncos or the Rockies. These wildfires sound so dangerous and devastating. I’m glad Courtney got out, but that’s harrowing and depressing — the thought that your home might be reduced to ash. Great music in the rain dance video. Nice to see Roxie and glad she opted to skip being in the shot with the guard dog!

  30. Forgot – Doing a Rain Dance too. My family has too much moisture and here on the West Coast need the MOISTURE oh so bad!

  31. Sending thoughts and prayers concerning the wildfires; have had our share here plus a mild earthquake too. Great Post – loving your photos! Have a Great Day – Take Care:)

  32. That was quite a road trip, and thanks for sharing your photos here. Wow! That’s a lot of Lamborghinis in Vail! I guess I’d take the blue one. But only if someone gave it to me, so I could then sell it and use the $250,000 for a six month long vacation exploring many of the incredible places in the world that I’ve always wanted to see. Seriously.

    But I don’t think that someone is going to give me a Lamborghini – unless I carjack it, and that would be bad Karma… and probably result in a stay in prison too. Where I’d probably have to start a new blog called “My New Life As Big Bubba’s Wife”. And you have no idea how often this thought has inspired me to remain a law abiding citizen! (shiver… shudder!)

    Okay, enough foolishness for a change, and I mean it.

    The awe inspiring natural beauty of the landscapes shown in your photos is in stark contrast to the massive scale of the natural disaster devastating vast areas of Colorado, as so much of Colorado burns in wild fires. It’s deeply disturbing that so much beauty is going up in flames, and that so many homes are either already burned down or threatened by the fires.

    It’s enough to make a very irreverent guy like me, pray for a deluge of rain lasting a week in all of Colorado, and pray for the safety of all the people threatened, including you, but I hope you aren’t in danger.

    Thanks for sharing your photo essay and please stay safe.

    • Thanks so much Chris! Another fire broke out in Boulder this afternoon and is threatening to come over the foothills into Boulder. The winds have kicked up to 50 MPH with dry thunderstorms. It is not looking good. My daughter lives on campus and she has packed her car and is coming home just in case. At this point it is about 2 miles south which is nothing.
      I am going to keep on dancing and I think it worked! A thunderstorm came through and dumped a lot of rain here in Niwot, but a lightning strike started the fire. I better be careful!
      I will probably end up with a houseful of displaced students by the end of the week….I am praying for rain…

      • Been watching the increasingly serious situation with the fires, and how it’s now bearing down on Boulder, and I’ve been thinking of you with some concern. I saw your update and I’m not surprised, so please do all that you can to stay safe.

        I’m sincerely praying for you, Susie Lindau, and I don’t pray very often. To the point that I had to start my prayer with “Hey God! Guess who this is? Even though I know that You know All, it’s been so long since we last talked, that I thought you still might not recognize my voice. But I’ll bet that You know now, cause who else that You created starts a prayer like this?

        Yep, it’s me, God, your repeatedly prodigal son, Chris! And I’m sooo glad that your only Holy Son told that parable, cause it’s good to know that You’ll take me back.

        Although I have a feeling that if your only Holy Son appeared to me right now, He’d have some very stern words for me, about how the prodigal son in His parable came back and then didn’t go away again, while I’ve turned going away again into a routine habit. So if You see Him around, please tell Him I’m sorry, and I’ll really try to do better.

        Anyway, since it’s been so long since we last spoke, You are probably wondering what kind of trouble I got myself into this time, to get desperate enough to actually pray to You, and I don’t blame You for thinking that.

        But the the truth is, that I’m doing fine, and grateful for the good life You have blessed me with. No, it’s other people I’ve come to pray for this time, and it’s those folks in Boulder, Colorado, who are in dire straits right now cause of all the fires that are getting closer, and putting them in harm’s way.

        So here’s what I was thinking God, and just my humble opinion here, but wouldn’t it be fun if You caused enough rain to get those fires under control? I just know that if You did that, it would just ruin Lucifer’s day and and seriously bum him out, instead of him being all happy, like I know he is right now. I’d be eternally grateful if You brought on lots of rain and ruined all the Devil’s fun, and saved a lot of good people too.

        You know how much Satan just loves a really big fire, so just imagine the look on his face if You sudden put it out! I’ll bet that even You would be laughing when you saw his expression, cause I know You have a sense of humor, since you created me, and also Robin Williams too.

        So anyway, that’s what I wanted to ask You, and as always, I know that Your Will be done and not mine. And I’ll try to keep in touch more often this time, and not be a stranger, and to not act so strangely so much of the time, unless it really makes people happy.

        Thanks for listening God, cause I know that You always do, and in the Name of You the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, Amen.

        • You are hysterical and have written another blog post! I think you better copy and paste this one Chris. Thanks for the prayers! I am glad to know that today, I brought one person closer to God :) Who would have thought that was possible? :)
          By the way my daughter said to tell you that she and her boyfriend call “Family Guy” their show and have never missed an episode!

          • Thanks, Susie. :-)

            It’s copied and pasted, but I don’t think I’ll use it as a blog post, cause along with the intentional humor, there’s genuine sincerity in my prayer, and although it’s intention is honest here, it might be less so, if I put it out there in the rest of WP public for the sake of entertainment. Jesus had some harsh words for those who turn their prayers into public performances, and I’m reminding only myself of that, rather than directing it towards you.

            Oh, and please tell your daughter “Thanks!” ;-)

  33. The bright green Lamborghini looks really cool. I’d take that one!

  34. These are phenomenal photos. I love our beautiful state, and it breaks my heart to see it ravaged by fire AND by pine beetle. I’m going to try your rain dance!

  35. Susie – fire started by lightening just west of Flatirons? Lyon’s elk meadows, too?

  36. Hi,
    Looks like you had a wonderful road trip, great views, lovely little towns, and I love the ski fence, you certainly don’t see one of those everyday. :D
    Great photos, it is devastating what the beetles have done in that area, I hope the powers that be are trying to work out some way of getting rid of the pests.

    I will send some rain your way, it has been lightly raining here for 4 days now, and we are in Winter so it has been cold, you are more than welcome to have as much as rain as you would like. :D

    • I will gladly take the rain! There isn’t anything they can do with the beetles. They will eventually eat all of the Lodgepole Pines and start dying out. We had hoped years ago that the winter would get cold enough to freeze a lot of them out. Unfortunately, our winters keep getting warmer…
      A wildfire just broke out here in Boulder this afternoon on the Flatirons behind NCAR. My daughter is packing up since she lives on campus and is moving home. I am sure we will end up with a houseful of displaced students.
      Enjoy your wet winter!
      I am so glad you liked the road trip!

  37. Was reading about all the fires in Colorado this year, so terrible. Roxy is a top notch photo bomber! And I’ll take a red Lamborghini, please! Great photos as always, love your dance move there. :)

    • Thanks John! Love the expression Photo bomber. That she is!
      A lightning strike started a huge fire in the foothills behind NCAR right in Boulder, so my daughter who lives on campus is packing up and moving a carload home.
      The red Lamborghini is on the way! Thanks! I will have to be more careful the next time, I dance so we don’t get any lightning!

  38. Roxy is a professional Photo Bomber..love her little face. Again, you live is such a beautiful place. I always enjoy your photos, even the ones without Roxy. Dance your ass off if it’s going to help…hey, it can’t hurt and at least you tried!

    • Photo Bomber! I LOVE it!
      Well I danced and brought in a big ole thunderstorm, but a lightning strike started a fire behind the Flatirons and they are evacuating in Boulder. My daughter is packing up and coming home probably with many of her friends. We live across the valley so are in no danger here.
      Thanks so much for reading!

  39. Wow! Lovely photos… so vivid and bright… What a great journey… I think I need to take a visit to Colorado someday! You’re doing a great job with the Visit Colorado Campaign ;)

  40. Beautiful photo essay Susie. Those fires are something else. So glad you are safe. Every few years we get them over here because of where we live with the brush and dry heat. It can get nasty. One year they evacuated.

    Love the little town of Boulder! So cute. I went there my last stop through Colorado. And the cars! Woo Hoo! Did it take you long to set the pictures or is that just me?

    • Thanks so much Debra! They are so fast and furious. The fire we witnessed was in its early stages and yet the tiny helicopter looked like it was no match for that fire.
      Did you have to evacuate? How frightening. We have been close, but the wind changed.
      Set the pictures? Explain? I didn’t get much sleep last night… :)

  41. Okay just so you know, rain dancing can really make you dizzy so be careful! A few drops are falling. I guess I better keep dancing!

  42. So glad you and yours are safe and sound, and making fire-ade out of fire? (Sounded better in my head. LOL) A few years ago, fires raged in Griffith Park and damaged so much wildlife. I do worry about the critters.

    My favorite road trip had nothing to do with fire, thank goodness, but it was lots of fun. Hubby and I drove his grandmother’s piano from Texas to our place in California. Long trip and well worth it. :)

    • Thanks August! We are safe. I worry about the animals too. There may be more human/animal encounters this summer because of the wildfires.
      That road trip sounds mahvelous! We take one every year to Wisconsin!

  43. Everyone is certainly in my thoughts and prayers, Susie! I will also scare Uncle Jesse with my best rain dance.

    The pictures are truly stunning; I hope no more of the Colorado beauty is affected by fire!

    • Thanks so much Jules as are mine….
      Scare the bejesus out of him for me too! I am keeping an eye on the foothills. It is just so hot and dry.
      Keep on rain dancin’ Jules! Go Jules Go!

  44. Awesome car and fence pics! I love the green one. Terrible about the fires though.

  45. You really do live in an amazing part of the country. The forest fires are scary, especially this year – glad you got to escape to the mountains for a break from the heat! Vail is one of my favorite places, so beautiful!! Love the photos, Susie! :)

    • Thanks Audrey!
      I do feel lucky to live here and it is still a wild place. I just found the remains of a dead (rabbit?) in the yard from another coyote kill. We live across from the foothills because of the fire danger and the crazy snowstorms they get.
      The mountains were cooler in the high 80’s considering that it was 103 down here!

      Thanks again and stay cool!

  46. Beautiful pictures!

    I’ll send you our rain – we’re having monsoons and floods. Just in time for Wimbledon and the Olympics – they’ll need snorkels and I’m not joking! If it carries on like this it’ll be the wettest summer since records began.

    Hope you get rain soon and the Wiccans and Arapahoe do their thing!

    Love the photo of you dancing, that wee dog always gets a look in!

    • I didn’t even notice her while Danny snapped the photos. I swear Roxy is a camera hog dog!
      I have been watching Wimbledon. The French was wet too! Send some our way!
      Thanks so much CC!

  47. I enjoyed the pics. A saloon, eh? Perfect for quenching a drought. :-) Seriously, there are some intriguing shots in there.

    Hope the fires end soon. :(

    • Thanks so much Nelle!
      We have to quench our “droughts” when we can! :)

      I hope that the fires end soon too. They think it will take until the end of July before they can put out High Park Fire in Ft. Collins

  48. How bittersweet, living where you can escape to the beauty (and cool) of the mountains so easily but seeing large areas burning. I pray none of the fires get near you or Piper.

    No fires reported where we’re heading – stops in Missouri, northern Michigan and suburban Atlanta.

    • But no mountains to see, either. Darn.

      • We could get brush fires. There was one only 2 miles away in early spring. It has been dry for a long time now. Our homes are near fire hydrants and we have sprinkler systems so really it would be water damage that would ruin our homes. Keeping fingers crossed. You never know and I have never been more nervous than this year….
        Have a great trip!

  49. Ok now see, i read everything but the only thing which registered was Susie( Zuzzie) doing Rain dance :)
    you are definitely not of earth or venus,instead from some distant galaxy called rockstar…love your spirit..beautiful shots specially that lovely textured wall..
    but that pic of you rain dancing is show stopper ..Muuah
    hey..wait let me start it here too :)

  50. Loved the photos and the post. Hope those fires have been put off and nobody lost their homes. Also, I may need to do a little rain dance, it’s been quite dry and hot over here as well.

    • We still have around 8 fires in the state. 270 homes have been lost so far and one life. It has been so dry and windy.
      Dance M dance! Check out those instructions Clockwise for rain counter-clockwise for drought!
      Thanks so much!

  51. I loved this post… a well written travelogue, with some stunning photos. Such a shame about the fires. Hopefully your rain dance will help… can’t hurt. I think the dog is the most bemused of all… I would love to see her post a comment here…

  52. Horrid fires! Colorado is such a beautiful state! Really hoping you get LOTS of rain from your lovely rain dance. We are looking at 106+ temps the rest of the week. I think it is too hot for a fire to burn here…..yeesh.

    • 106!!!!! Where do you live??? That is unbearable.
      Colorado is a beautiful state and I hope with all the fire restrictions we can limit any more fires starting although so many start through sparks from trains and lightning.
      In the meantime I will keep on dancing!
      Thanks Angela!

    • Tried to comment says your page not found. Lotta wp probs. Many being spammed to comment or get comment.

  53. lynnkelleyauthor

    Oh, those fires are truly devastating. We’ve had so many terrible fires in California in the past. They’re so scary. I hope you get lots of rain SOON, but no lightning that will start more fires. And those beetles sure do a lot of damage, don’t they?

    I enjoyed your photo essay, and I love that fence with the skis. I saw something like that in Hawaii, but they used old wind surfing boards (looked like surf boards to me) and I thought it was such an amazing, clever idea.

    You’re so cute in the pic of you dancing! Funny how Roxy is always there watching you! Haha! Oh, I’d pick the white Lamborghini, too!

    • The fires have been the worst ever as well at the heat and lack of humidity. It is hard to keep remembering to hydrate!
      That fence was in the tiniest town that only had one road in! Surf boards would really make a nice high fence!
      Thanks Lynn. Roxy always seems to get in on the action. I didn’t notice her until I loaded the photos on the computer. She cracks me up!
      Thanks again and stay cool!

  54. My Grandparents live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada which is where I grew up. Kelowna (and much of BC) have terrible fires during dry summers and it breaks my heart to see dearly loved forest burning. Carry on dancing for rain and from the east coast of the UK…I’ll join you!

    • I didn’t realize they had drought up there. They are letting some of these fires burn since they have a lot of dead lodgepole pines in them. Luckily those are the only trees killed by the beetles and other forests have a pretty wide variety. The forest is rejuvenating itself faster than they thought. So even without the fires, the trees eventually fall and become mulch.
      Thanks Koco! I hope your relatives have a safe summer!

  55. Every single time I hear about this wildfire I think of you and hope you are okay. What is funny is I have been through most of these towns on the bus and this brought back memories.. Those narrow passes killed me..
    Like your dance.. just ‘keep on dancing’ and hope these fires stop soon..

    • Thanks Linda!
      We are okay and have fire hydrants nearby thank the Lord! I can still see the smoke from the huge fire in Ft. Collins. We have pretty good views around here and keep my eyes open!.

  56. good Morning Susie…it just so happens I’m out in your neck of the woods as in Denver. That’s where I started and am now in Wyoming! We fly back out from Denver in a couple weeks. I did see the fires, rather smoke. I’ll do ya a rain dance. Saw Red Rocks venue and museum.My friend lives in Highlands, where are you?

  57. Maybe if I ask really nicely, Tropical Storm Debby will come visit you when she’s done here? I’ll tell her how nice you are.

    Glad to hear you’re safe and thanks for the mini-trip to Colorado!

  58. i am on my road trip at scout camp in northern Wisconsin then a few weeks in northern Michigan – all surrounded by forests where paper and lumber industries were king. Last week it rained at camp and the ground is still wet but the temps are in teh mid 70s in the day and down to the low 50s at night…. no fire restrictions here, but dancing for rain for back home and for you guys! Thanks for the images!

  59. Wow – beautiful photo essay and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by wild fires. Such devastation – I can’t imagine. Here’s to everyone’s safety….and let it rain!

  60. Ah, Susie. I lived in Denver before Corporate America transferred me to Home Office in the DFW area. I miss the Rockies. My dream is to one day have a log home there. *Yours looks AWESOME!*

    Growing up in Pennsylvania, it’s a nature shock to live here, but I married a native Texan. What was I thinking? I’ve never met a tree I didn’t love.

    It makes me so sad to see pictures of and hear news about thousands of acres destroyed by fires. And the lives and homes at risk? Tragic. The burning west is already in my thoughts and prayers.

    Three weeks. Only three weeks and I take off for a driving vacation get-away to Pennsylvania and Toronto. My sister is driving with me to PA, then I’m on to visit Sherry Isaac in Toronto for a week, ten days, two weeks. I’ll plan my route and drive home at a leisurely pace. I might even find a cabin in the woods a la Thoreau.

    I’ll be thinking of you and your beautiful mountains. I am part Native American. I love to dance. I’ll help.

    • So sorry I missed your comment!
      I guess that the fires in Fort Collins consumed many beetle ravaged trees so once they got them under control, they let them furn.
      Sounds like a great road trip. I hope you find a cabin in the woods. :)
      Have a wonderful 4th of July! Thanks so much Gloria and keep on dancing! It cam’t hurt!

  61. Wishing you and the beautiful State of Colorado good rains and relief from the heat. Rocky Mountain National Parks is a favorite destination when I want relief from the heat. Guess that isn’t the case this year.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers, Susie.

    • Thanks so much Rich! It is tinder dry here. I started up the humidifier again. There isn’t a cloud in the smokey sky. We do have a chance for thunderstorms every afternoon, but with those often comes lightning strikes and very little rain….
      Let me know if you ever go up to Estes!

  62. Colorado is so lucky to not need AC most of the time – but on those occasions of extreme heat, whew, is it ever missed!
    Lots are sending wishes for rain your way. We have friends and family in a CO – so we’ve been tracking fires (and the hiking areas destroyed)
    Vail did look unusually quiet…made it nicer for you guys!
    Thanks for the pixs and info – stay cool and safe

    • Thanks so much and make sure if you come to Colorado to let me know! I am glad to know that your family is safe.
      I think it was so unusually hot that many were inside restaurants and stores, although I doubt they have air conditioning either. Because of our altitude we always get relief from low temps at night regardless of how hot the days are. It was weird to be up in the mountains which is another mile high and still be sweating!
      Thanks again P and stay cool as well!

  63. I want the green lime one . . .
    As far as fire restrictions near DC: none yet. I hope that doesn’t change.
    Your pics are beautiful above. My heart goes out to the folks in Colorado–hate to see those fires.

    • Hahaha! Love it!
      I am glad you are without restrictions. It is a bummer here for anyone that is going camping, but there is no way anyone should take a chance. I have a sprinkler system in the garden and lawn and it is still burning up with our high temps.
      Thanks so much EL!

  64. Lovely photos, full of colour! I’m not a fan of the lime green car :)

  65. Wow. What beautiful photos. I will send thoughts of rain your way.

  66. Perhaps I can do a rain-exchange dance for you. It’s been raining for three weeks in Gainesville, FL and we’re about fed up with it. “At least Gainesville won’t burn down this summer,” I said to a friend a couple of days ago. However, I’d rather Florida burn down than Colorado. I will say a prayer for you all as well and see if I can coerce the rain to take holiday in the mountains.

    • Wouldn’t that be great if we could all concentrate reeeeeeeally hard and make it rain here?
      I wish we could get a couple of drops from Gainesville. I had been hearing about the rain in Florida. The humidity and mosquitoes must be ferocious!
      Thanks so much Andy!

  67. What beautiful and sad pictures. Thankful you aren’t affected by the fires and praying for those who are. We need rain here as well, but we aren’t in those dire straights. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thanks Stacy! We have a sprinkler system here so we would be looking at major water damage. My husband just started going through our fire file and making space for film negatives and memory cards. I need to get all of my photos put back into their plastic containers. I rip through them for blogs every week!
      I am praying too. I can’t imagine losing everything…

  68. Dear Susie,

    We have ‘Extreme Fire hazard’ warnings posted all over West Hawaii. The place is a dry as Ethiopia. For some years there was a pyromainiac setting brush fires all over the place but the poice finally nailed him. Next time someone looks at the brush wrong its going to combust and burn for a long time.

    Loved your photo essay and accompanying rain dance.

    (Next time you’re in Vail please FedEx me a Lamborghinni. Thanks.)



    • Wow! I hadn’t heard about the drought in Hawaii. There have been some fires set by arsonists in Summit County too. Even inside my house the humidity is only 20%.
      You Lamborghini is in the mail. :)
      Thanks so much Doug!

  69. Thankfully, at this time we do not have any burn restrictions nor out of control wildfires. I live in an agricultural section of PA, along the Juniata River. We have been blessed with frequent rain this year. Hopefully we’ll shy away from the amount of rain we got last year, when both the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers slipped their banks and flooded areas from north to south. As for summer road trips, nothing is planned. We are saving our pennies for October, when we will attend a wedding in Rhode Island! Stay safe out there in CO. We’ll keep you and your weather in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks SF!
      I heard that Florida got several inches of rain yesterday. The weather has become so extreme! It is supposed to stay in the 90’s all week,but no 100’s so that’s a relief.
      A wedding in Rhode Island sounds wonderful!

  70. Photos were fantastic. Sorry Ma Nature has been screwing with Colorado. Visited back in the ’80’s, loved it,wanted to stay but I got East Coast in my blood.

  71. Was thinking of you while watching the evening news on the Colorado wild fires last night. Glad you’re a safe distance away. So sad that people have to evacuate their homes. I cannot imagine. I’ll do a rain dance today.

    • We have had fires every year in the foothills of Boulder County that I could see from my house.I can see the smoke plumes from the High Park fire, but they are farther down the foothills from us.
      We had a brush fire break out a few months ago only 2 miles from here!
      Keep dancing Sophie and so will I!

  72. We’ll send you some rain! Here in Eugene, where the Olympic trials are being held, it is pouring. Tough on the pole vaulters. Getting out the bellows to blow clouds east right now, although it’s possible that rain clouds and Lamborghinis don’t mix. Maybe if I played your rain dance video in reverse? Beautiful photos Susie.

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