Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

Colorado received several inches of rain in the first days of July. Fire restrictions were lifted and it’s greening up!

Hello to all of you Wild Riders out there! It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Here is your chance to join the virtual party, meet new writers and learn some dance moves.

Choose a link from your blog and paste it in my comment section. Go ahead and sell it whether it’s a post, a video or a book. That’s when the party starts.  Click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you and they should click back. Feel free to have a conversation right here on my blog too. Virtual champagne toasts will ensue and friendships will be made. I hope you will subscribe to some new blogs and get a few new subscribers too!

All I ask is that you consider subscribing to my blog.

Just remember your manners. No one goes to a party and fills a doggy bag and leaves. Make sure you check out a few new bloggers by clicking on their links and saying hello!

The party wouldn’t be complete without some dancing. Roxy and I had fun making this video for you! It’s pretty short and includes an instructional video on how to become a Dance Bomber. I got the idea the night after our hike in Breckenridge. We were passing by a wedding reception…..Well, you’ll see.

So get ready to mingle, chat up your new friends, and hey, maybe you will get lucky and go home with some new subscribers!

Be sure to get off your chair at some point ….. and DANCE!

Photo of Breckenridge Ski Resort by Susie Lindau

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207 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dance Bomber Edition

  1. Took a two week WP vacation, so I wasn’t around for this one. But I still wanted to stop by and check out your dance moves, and believe me when I say that you did not disappoint… :-)

    Your photo of Breckenridge Ski Resort is just beautiful, and I’m so glad that Colorado got some much needed rain in the first week of July.

    So what can I dredge up from my archives to put here? Hopefully something that you’ll like… Okay, I think you might like this one – It’s called “I Was A Child Groom”.



    • Oh, it’s late and I’m tired…the contest is the Seven Deadly Sins series. Each round centers around one of the 7 Deadly Sins – 600 word entries. Check out the winners in the previous rounds – it’s not too late to jump in.


    • Thanks for coming and subscribing! I am glad you had a great time! The cool thing is, the party is always rolling so you can stop by anytime.
      I am looking forward to your lusty contest! It should be a blast!


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  4. Well, THAT was interesting. As always on the Wild Ride Express. I tell you what, Colorado, you have some very interesting blogging neighbors.
    As for the link-share thing, I’m going with the one I just wrote up about the Freeh Report.

    It’s not to be a downer, I just feel very strongly about what’s going on in my back yard with the football program I grew up loving. We need to rethink what success means in sports and in life.
    Keep on dancing, lady.


    • Thanks Colin! **blush**
      Great contribution! Love the Stephen King quote! Hilarious!
      Help yourself to the bar and have fun mingling with the guests! (clicking on links) Tell them Susie sent you!


  5. Hey Susie,
    I’m playing catchup, but I know you’re going to forgive me cause that’s how you are. And while we’re on the subject- of your special you’ness- I’ve got to thank you for being there in a moment I wasn’t able to process to save my life. I had no wit, no banter. I was simply a mess. And you punched in with a comment and you let me know that when corners get chosen, I’m looking to be in yours as well. It’s a right back ‘atcha kinda deal.
    Now, I’m gonna mix for a tad before I get back at you with my links. But I did bring music. Some Nick Waterhouse, in fact. Cause you is trouble, lady. Of the best kind and always.
    It’s how you roll.


    • This is so great Cayman and so are you!
      I rocked out to it! OoooooOOoo Trouble!! OooooOOOoooo Trouble!
      Life is full of surprises….

      Come back anytime and leave your link. Help yourself to the bar!


    • Thanks for stopping by Heather! Your fan fiction was hysterical and probably true for a couple of people I went to school with! Hahaha!
      Here’s a mimosa. Have fun clicking on a few links and say hello! Everyone brought their best links!


  6. Wild! All the fun of the fair. Thank you for this, Susie!
    My writing home is at
    There you will find the meanderings of an octogenarian, who is too full of life for his own good. He calls himself a ‘gog’ (Grumpy ol’ git), but I find him endearing.
    He also thinks he’s funny and a timeless hit with the ladies, due to his deathless charm and wit. His modesty becomes him!
    Loads of love,


  7. You are too funny…. way to work the stairs baby! Love the doggy bag comment too :)
    awesome idea and I am glad I stopped by to click some links


    • So happy you stopped by! Help yourself to the buffet and here’s a mimosa for you!
      I am glad I wore flats or there would have been some outtakes. :)
      You forgot your own link! Go and grab one and come back. The party has become a rager that could go through the weekend!


      • Thanks but I’m currently on the wagon. At least while attending one of your parties. They tend to get a bit too wild and I’d rather not embarass myself again. I have a vague memory of dancing on a table with a lampshade on my head, singing “I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts…” whilst in my skivvies.


    • Thanks for coming to the party. It has become a rager! Help yourself to coffee or a mimosa and have fun meeting everyone. Rub some elbows (click on a link) and tell them Susie sent you!

      Loved your review!


  8. First of all Susie, as I shared with my facebook friends yesterday, you really know how to throw a party! I love, love, love cyber champagne as you know from Diane Capri’s launch of Don’t Know Jack! And I love to boogie! Did you see me dancing off to the side. I tried to get on camera, but you kept on bumping me out of the picture. What’s up with that? LOL! :)

    Anyway, I want to post this blog first because it is for a great cause. And that is “Fifteen writers from The Mystery Writers of America and The Romance Writers of America have got together to include their book for Jeff’s ‘Sell Books for Steve Day’ which is happening next Monday, July 16th. ” Please join us everyone! Steve has cancer!

    Then I encourage you to hop over to my post at:
    I went a little bit crazy this week and posted about a town who has banned the F-Bomb. Come weigh in on your personal opinion. It’s been quite an interesting day to say the least. A very hot topic!!

    Thanks Susie! Enjoy the beautiful Colorado air! So happy the fires have subsided and that your family survived the chaos! :)


    • Knocked you out of the video! Hahaha! Sorry about that!
      Thanks for the linkage. :) Diane and CC posted Steve’s link too so I am sure that a few books were sold.. :)
      Glad that you came by! I will check out your post!


    • It was pretty funny. People didn’t know what the heck I was doing! Roxy loves mugging for the camera. :)
      Thanks so much for “driving” over! Here’s a glass of champagne. I am going back to the dance floor! oooOoOOO!


    • Lisa, YOU TAKE THE PRIZE for funny. I can’t figure out how to put a comment on your blog, so here it is. You know how people aren’t supposed to laugh out loud when they are alone? Some kind of human rule. Just broke it. Might just try to break the next silence the way your husband did and see what happens.


    • Nice! Hiiiiiyah! to you! sorry I’ve had my fill of virtual champagne… I am so glad you stopped by! Make sure to click on a few links and say, “Hello! Susie sent me!”


    • Thanks Sophie! I am so glad that you came! I missed commenting on your comment. ….too much champagne!…. Great story and it was so well described, I felt like I was there! Nice!


    • Hey Nick! Glad you made it! We got almost 4 inches in Boulder!
      Here’s a glass of virtual champagne. I hope you enjoy meeting my guests! All you have to do is click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you! Oh. there’s the doorbell…..


  9. With over 50 comments ahead of me, I guess I arrived late. Sorry. Just drove into town today from two-week vacation and saw your blog. will get a reader to one of my favorite posts. Actually, it could be called pimping, but we’re too polite to do that.

    By the way, I brought some virtual sugar-free brownies, in case any other diabetics attend the party. Also BTW, I’m jealous of your mountain photo. Must be nice to have stuff like that in your back yard.


  10. Oh, Susie, you DO know how to live. I love going to parties, but rarely ever host them myself (out of anxiety/shyness/fear). And I love your Dance Bombing video, it’s brilliant and very funny. I’m glad to be following your blog. Who knows, by following your example I may one day break out of my shell and take up Dance Bombing myself!

    Thanks for the invitation and the champagne.

    My burgeoning attempt at blogging can be viewed at:


  11. Hi Susie. Who does your camera work??
    I know this is against the rules, but I did two posts on two different blogs this week, both of earth-shattering significance I’m sure, and can’t decide between them. Will you pick? Shall it be: Tidy Person Meet a New Kind of Dirty: Bicycle Cleaning 101? Or Cups and Balls: the Right Reverend LIBOR?
    NOW — which of the above delicious posts shall I pick first? Thanks for the party, and glad to know you’re safely dampened.


    • I do all of the processing on Window Live Movie Maker! I use a Nikon Coolpix Camera.
      I would go with Tidy bike cleaner! Perfect for summer.
      Thanks so much for coming and I will look forward to clicking on the link!
      Help yourself to some champagne and have fun meeting (clicking on links) the guests!


  12. Oh, to be an extrovert. Unfortunately I have seen a video of me dancing (I was buzzed) and it makes me cringe. After all those years I though I had rythym. Your video should be a masterclass on Dance Bombing.


  13. Thanks for the invitation, Susie. I usually avoid parties, but this one looked like fun.

    I inadvertently sent this link yesterday, but here it is again. This was the first post in which I began to demonstrate what an idiot I am. People seemed to like it and, realizing how endless the supply of material would be, I’ve mostly stuck to that theme ever since.

    Can’t wait to mingle and check out some other blogs.

    Great dance video. No, really.


    • Thanks for coming! It’s a rager. Here’s a glass of champagne to sip. It looks like you have already met some of my guests!
      Glad you enjoyed my video. I am hoping that Dance Bombing becomes the next big thing!

      Your post about video cameras is hysterical! Boy did that bring back some memories. Hahaha!
      Have fun!


  14. It’s party time already?

    I like your parties Susie, you meet people you would never otherwise see…. so good job!

    Today, I would like to share something serious. Due to the recession, there are thousands of bankers who haven’t gotten a bonus. Many of them are depressed, and have been forced to eat at KFC like the rest of us. I’m starting a charity fund for these poor helpless bankers.
    Donations welcome at:


  15. I’m stuck on an airplane right now. It’s been an hour. So I can’t easily provide a direct link, but I’d love it if people would check out either today’s post about a trip back to my old summer camp as an adult. Or if they don’t like that one,

    I also wanted to ask people to scroll back and write a quick note to my son who is away for a month at the same summer camp that I went to! I’ll print them out and bring them on Visitor’s Day this Sunday! My blog is Teachers & Twits. Folks can find me at



  16. First of all, Dance Bombing is awesome! You must continue this theme all over the state. Juliet and I will join you :-)

    My post today has not a single comment and it was really the beginning the Mike series of fiction that is continuing in Italy :-)

    A bit long but it has some catchy riffs for prose bombing!

    I am going to dive hard into your audience today as soon as I get back from lunch :-)


    • So glad you came Michael. How is it going out in .org land? We miss you here at .com… :)
      I just made up “dance bombing” this weekend when Danny and I were walking by that party last weekend! I had to stop and dance! I think Roxy was glad to miss out…
      I stopped by one of your posts today right after I got the email alert. I think there is a delay in alert time.
      Ha. I just got the alert about your new post and 2:03!
      Grab a glass of champagne and have fun Michael!


      • Susie,
        My posts are now alerted each day between 9 and 11 CO time so if I write a post after 11am it is not delivered till the next day. I am working on this with WP (who have become my best friends and worst enemies) I have honestly not been around much in org or com land lately and am hopefully getting back in the groove just like you and Danny at an uninvited party :-) OK, I need to meet some of your peeps here today. Cheers Susie!


    • Thanks for watching my dorky video! So glad you came to the party! It is fun to put words in their mouths.. :)
      Loved that review. Great choice!
      Here’s a glass of champagne. I hope you enjoy meeting my guests! …runs to answer the door…..


  17. what a bonehead, I posted on wrong post, please forgive me….Glad to hear you got rain, I spent the morning providing a drink for my thirsty garden and writing today’s post… it always takes more time than I budget, but it’s worth it.

    thanks for the invite, I always think my latest is greatest, but went back in time for another post.

    I’ve been following since father’s day and your post about your dad –it was great to go back in time… thanks, again. Working at Making the Days Count and looking forward to the ride!


    • Thanks so much Clay and for coming to the party! Help yourself to the drinks and the brunch.. :)
      Have fun saying hello to my friends. Click on a few links and tell them Susie sent you!


  18. You are so cute busting out the dance moves! I love the Snarky Comments by Roxy at the end of the video! Nice job on the vlog, Susie! As soon as I finish my coffee, I’ll break out the moves, too! Here’s a link to one my most random posts, inspired by a photo my daughter took on her honeymoon:
    Ugly Foot Finds Its Doppleganger

    Thanks for the yummy chips. I brought some of my hubby’s homemade salsa to share. Off to visit some of the other links!


  19. First up I’m so glad the fires are nearly gone :) and second thank you for letting me join the fun here and leave this info. My blog is and most of the posts are poems. A few of the better ones are Cascading Moon, Wind River, My Red, White and Blue, Feather Light and Kiss Ride which correlates with my book, Kiss Ride, a novella on Amazon.
    Here’s the link:
    I’m having so much fun with the poetry I would like to try writing songs, we’ll see. I always wanted to write a Romance novel and so I thought why not. I’m halfway done with the second draft and this is where I NEED opinions as I am not a student of literature. I’m going to have someone beta it and I found a publishing company to put it professionally on kindle, etc. and they will also print on demand. I know marketing, marketing, but first things first. Does this sound like a good plan, let me know.
    Once again, THANKS Susie for the party!


  20. Woo Hoo!

    You are a WONDERFUL woman for doing this, Susie.

    Instead of my blog, please may I post a link to Jeffrey “Hammerhead” Phillip’s blog that’s helping the wonderful Mystery writer Steve Brown who’s fighting leukemia? Steve’s just had a bone marrow transplant and is doing well but the bills are huge.

    Fifteen writers from The Mystery Writers of America and The Romance Writers of America have got together to include their book for Jeff’s ‘Sell Books for Steve Day’ which is happening next Monday, July 16th.

    What we need are people to spread the word and please use the #SteveBrownBMT on twitter to follow the stream.



    • What a great cause!
      Since Prudence already posted the link, feel free to add another comment with a link from one of your posts too!
      I hope you’ll enjoy meeting some of my friends by clicking on their links. :)
      Thanks for coming to party with us today!


    • Thanks Prudence! So glad you stopped by! Here’s a mimosa. Help yourself to brunch and have fun mingling with the guests by clicking on a few new links! Tell them Susie sent you!


  21. You throw the best parties, Susie! That photo makes for gorgeous decor. ;) I’ll be back to mingle later. So glad things are looking greener!

    I’ll share one of my most inspiring posts, thanks to the interviewee, Keri Potts. Keri, an exec for ESPN, fought off and fled from her rapist during an Italian vacation. Her story can’t gain enough eyes/ears IMO:


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