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The Lost City – Flash Fiction

“I’m sorry Jack. You’re too poor. My father will not allow me to marry you.” Guinelda’s words stung like a thousand hornets. With a heavy heart he dragged himself back to his downtrodden farm. Later, as he slept on his … Continue reading

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Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Time to Party!

Hello all you Wild Riders out there! It’s time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Yep. It’s that special day when you can use my blog to meet some new writers and make some new friends. Go through … Continue reading

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In Search of Simple Pleasures – A Photo Essay

When you live in Colorado, you don’t have to go far to find pleasure in the beauty that surrounds us. Simple pleasures can be as easy as taking a walk. Last Saturday, my husband Danny and I hit the Mt. … Continue reading

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A Twisted Tale – Flash Fiction

Alice hurried along the path of the ancient forest in fading light. Listening to her elders and obeying were two different things and now she was hungry and lost. As night descended, fog slithered like silent serpents through the understory. … Continue reading

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Taking It to New Heights

While typing away in my little corner of the sunroom, my dog Roxy started a barking fit in the garage. I assumed the door was wide open and a bird had flown in. Have you ever noticed that an entire … Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith – 100 Word Flash Fiction

“Follow me,” said Tucker. Kristie held the heavy backpack close to her cold body as a shield against the biting wind. The wet snowflakes nipped at her face leaving it raw. She tried to keep up while trudging through the … Continue reading

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The Secret to Slowing Down Time

Here in the sunny State of Colorado, the back-to-school blitz is on. The Target store aisles are filled with list-wielding shoppers snapping up school supplies. The days are getting shorter and summer is almost over. For many, the season has … Continue reading

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The Morning After

She collapsed on the sofa, kicked off her red boots and threw the boat key on top of the coffee table. She remembered the movie Die Hard and dug her toes into the cool carpet. I need a drink.

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Make a Wish!

When you have an opportunity to make a wish, does one pop into your head or do you have to think for a minute or two? A wish is a hope or desire and I have had my share, but … Continue reading

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