The Morning After

She collapsed on the sofa, kicked off her red boots and threw the boat key on top of the coffee table. She remembered the movie Die Hard and dug her toes into the cool carpet. I need a drink.

While stumbling into the small kitchen, her head drummed to the beat of her heart. Her clammy hands shook as she unscrewed the bottle of Jim Beam. She poured herself a triple.

She glanced at the clock and then across the room at the TV remote. No. I won’t turn it on.

She pressed the power button and smiled.


Dawn broke across the crashing surf as a bloated body rolled in with the tide. Soon, a crowd and TV crew gathered. “It’s another floater,” said the officer.


You gotta see this video. The Ukulele Orchestra “kills it!”

Are you an ambulance chaser or do you keep moving?

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Photo prompt by Susan Wenzel

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117 responses to “The Morning After

  1. Love it! Thought it was about you at first, with the red boots…

  2. I am so impressed the way the story presented, wow, there are soo much words in my mind now hanging…. ;-). well done…

  3. The before and after is left to our imagination. Wonderful writing as always!

  4. I would certainly need a drink too if I had anything to do with a “floater”…great story. I can’t help but wonder who, what, when, where, why…and how!


  5. She sounds like a workaholic like you, Susie!
    Great piece of writing!

  6. You’re one gifted wordsmith, girlfriend!

  7. Nice use of breaks in the story to stretch it.

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  9. Great character description. I wonder what happened to her as a child? A poor, sick, dangerous lady!

  10. Consider yourself nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award!

  11. Hi Susie,
    Glad you’re back! Very tasty bit of hard boiled writing from you this week. Like to see where this one goes. Nothing from me this week. Mentally on vacation.

  12. Susie- A femme fatale who rocks the red boots, drowns a triple J and has 101 evil uses for duct tape? Love. It.
    As for that David Byrne interpretation, you’re right on. The Uke!

    • Thanks Cayman! Not everyone “got’ it. I didn’t have much time to write this one and usually try to make them a little bit more obvious.
      She had to wear the boots. I would have IF I were a pyscho , hard-drinking, boat driving, crazy chick! Hahaha!
      Going out today to hit some balls around the court? I am still of the walking wounded, but am getting really anxious to get back out there. :)

      • Simpatico with you on the injury front. An old knee injury sidelined me for a couple days last month, and I’ve battled plantar fascitis for a few years now. Hopefully I can get out there this evening for a bit. Good wishes on your healing.

  13. The ride – Amazing! And, I love the new look for your blog.

  14. Enjoyed it but didn’t get any sense of danger or foreboding. Was there a psycho killer on the loose? Was she the psycho killer? Was this a suicide (my first thought)? The only reason I mention psycho killer is that it’s mentioned in your tags. Whe n you get a chance, please read mine. Thanks!

  15. Excellent writing (as always!). Love the dark intrigue to this piece. And the ukuleles make that song so creepy and good. Love it!

  16. rochellewisoff

    Strange little piece. Not much remorse there. Well written.
    Thanks for commenting on mine.

  17. Can anyone truly resist the pull of Die Hard? There’s an interesting coldness to her character in the main section, which just piles on the questions when we learn about the body later on. I want to know more!

    Brian (Here’s mine:

    • Thanks Brian! I had originally said that she was reminded of an old Bruce Willis movie and dug her toes into the cool carpet. My proof-reading-husband had no idea what I was talking about! :)

  18. Ambulance chaser isn’t a luxury choice I have anymore. When My dad was younger he used to have police radio and would show up to all the fires and big events before the authorities. You can bet he was on their watch list.

    So, was she party to what happened the night before that led to the body?

    • Hahaha! Can you joke with him about that now? Hilarious!
      I have no idea what happened. I am thinking messed up hooker or abused housewife that goes off the deep end. (pun intended) Hahaha! Either way it is not the first time she has killed… She is pretty sick!

  19. an unfortunate case of alcohol poisoning?

  20. I think this rendition of “Psycho Killer” is even weirder than the original!

  21. Good story, and reminds me of Sarah McLachlan’s Drawn To The Rhythm.

  22. Dam girl you have me on the edge of my seat. Love the temptation to watch the News. I would have to know.
    The Ukulele Orchestra is amazing. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say, but I have no choice they are great.

    • Thanks so much! I knew this would be a dark one as soon as I saw the Fictioneer’s prompt. I can’t always include dancing in my stories! Hahaha!
      When I saw the Ukulele Orchestra, I was so surprised. I had been looking for an official Talking Heads rendition of the song and used this version. They are incredible! I would love to see them in concert!

  23. Just Keep Moving – Happy Friday:)

  24. Excellent, Susie. I liked the twist of her trying to resist the TV and remote. :) I also love the new look of your blog.


  25. Another fantastic story. Amazing how you can pack so much in so little words! Well done.

  26. As Boomiebol I thought it was quite interesting too. Definitely unique for this prompt. I did enjoy it very much.

    • Oh good. Thanks so much! I thought of death when I saw the empty shells. Not too cheery coming from Susie Sunshine, but I love writing about the dark side once in a while!

  27. Love it Susie!
    Great tale accompanied by great music!

  28. I heard that orchestra do Smells Lie Teen Spirit. They’re very good!

  29. I settle on only a few shows. I’ve got ADD and I feed it. I’ve burned through two remotes. Anyway, I’ve found, in my youth, certain substances can enhance the boat experience, along with the fact you become entertainment for everybody else.

    • Two?! Wow that is funny.Sometimes I think I am slightly ADD but I really like to stick with one program. I think skipping around is a guy thing too!

      Be careful not to rock the boat. You don’t want to fall overboard…
      Thanks Tom!

  30. oh man clams do bring out some dark thoughts :)
    what a brilliant story Susie…
    loved loved loved the song :D

  31. mj monaghan

    Nothing to see hear folks, let’s move along. Great story!

  32. oooh… serial killer in the house. Great one Suzie.

  33. yes, of course, I’m an ambulance chaser, who isn’t? Want to know more, you got me hooked!

  34. rgayer55

    Excellent ride, Susie. In fact, I’ll take another. The video was an awesome accomplice to the story. Your question about the ambulance brings to mind the line, “it’s interesting when people die,” from the song Dirty Laundry.

    • Thanks so much Russell! Nice to see you!
      That is another great song. That video is amazing. I have been gone all day and am just now delving into their website. Such unusual and talented musicians!
      Love that song “Dirty Laundry” too. Haunting…. :)

  35. Cool story short and sweet and most excellent. Of course I chase ambulances..:) Dont you??:)

    • My mom is an ambulance chaser and used to embarrass me. Ironically, I saw a TV crew right next door to Courney’s apt. (I was helping her move out today), and I just kept on walking! Hahaha!
      Thanks so much Linda!

  36. Love it! The story was great, and the video addition made this a multifaceted romp of awesomeness. Haha! Feeds so perfectly into my mood this a.m.!

    • Thanks Kelli! I am so glad you stopped by.
      The orchestra is a real find. I haven’t had time to see what else they perform, but I bet they are equally amazing!
      Glad I could add a bounce to your step this morning. I was out most of the day!

  37. Nice slice of Flash Susie. You’re feeling very Tales of the Dark Side.

    Love that video!

    When I see an ambulance coming I just get the hell out of the way!

    • Just wait until October! Halloween is my favorite holiday!
      The video was the best ever. I finished my flash last night and thought, “Wow, she is a psycho killer.” Then I added that she smiled and the officer said “another.” I looked for the Talking Heads version (One of my fave bands) and there was the Ukulele Orchestra!
      Getting out of the way is a great idea in NYC! I saw a camera crew outside my daughter’s apt. today (I helped her move) and just kept on walking. I am sure they were interviewing students and weren’t interested in middle-aged mothers…. :) Pretty ironic though. That seems to be the story of my life.

      • So you think you were subject to generational profiling or was it as if you were invisible? Hey, it happens, but on the bright side it’s easier to slip into another film at the multiplex when no one notices you anymore. I loved the Talking Heads, too! Are you familiar with this cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”?

        • They are so great! I love the twitching and spazzing over their instruments. It really adds to the performance. It makes me think I should have been a stringed instrument musician since I have the spazz thing down pat.
          Jimi would have loved it!

  38. What?!?!? More. More. More. Please. This was awesome.

  39. A great take on the prompt Susie.
    She sounds like a lady I wouldn’t want to meet.

  40. Great post today. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog very much!

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  41. Nice one. Cool customer hey?

  42. Hey girl…I don’t really get it?! Okay she’s wound up cause she’s the killer, the psycho killer? Help honey! I’m a good mind reader, but whoa… not sure about psychos. Oh, now I see the clam , bejezus I’m slow. ha ha.

    • The photo was a prompt and I thought “death.” The lady is a psycho killer and it seems she has killed again. I have no idea how to get into the head of a killer, but I would guess that some of them are very conflicted….I hope you liked the video! Now that rocked!

  43. Scary! Did she fall overboard? Or was there “foul play”!

  44. Oooh….very interesting take on this week’s prompt. Nicely done

    • Thanks Boomiebol!
      I had forgotten about my flash until 6 last night! It’s been a crazy week. After looking at that clam and I thought death washed up on shore…

      I hope you liked the orchestra! It is killer! Hahaha!

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