A Leap of Faith – 100 Word Flash Fiction

“Follow me,” said Tucker.

Kristie held the heavy backpack close to her cold body as a shield against the biting wind. The wet snowflakes nipped at her face leaving it raw. She tried to keep up while trudging through the deep snow. Her legs quivered with exertion. Am I ready for this?

Kristie followed him to the edge where a swirling white cloak enveloped them.

“Kristie! Can you believe we’re here in New Zealand? Let’s do this!”

After unstrapping her board from the pack, she clipped on her boots. “Here goes nothing!” Then she sailed over the cornice into the air.


This is the time of year I begin having skiing dreams. I stalk follow celebrity snowboarder Louie Vito on Facebook. He is on his way to New Zealand to snowboard. I can only imagine, hence the flash!

You may remember my humiliating experience with Louie.

Do you look forward to the change of seasons?

Feel free to leave the link to your flash fiction in the comment section!

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76 responses to “A Leap of Faith – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. LOL! Did Louie ever reply to your X games post? I loved that post. :) And great flash fiction piece! I’ve never tried a 100 word challenge. The shorter they are, the harder they are. Well done. :)

    • Louie retweeted the link so he must have read it! Too funny!
      I love writing flash fiction. They are such good practice for me in concise writing. I have another teed up for tomorrow. It’s a twisted fairy tale…
      Thanks so much Sophie!

  2. EllieAnn

    I love your writing, Susie. You’re just so darn talented.

  3. oh I love the changes of season Susie, ready for it… ;-)

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  5. I remember my first (only) attempt at snowboarding. My sister and I took a one hour lesson, during which time I impersonated a human catapult. One hour and one minute later, I was back to skiing for good.
    Love the flash.

  6. loved the story…you always weave amazing fictions :)
    i would love it if seasons would change like my blog header…that way i wont get bored of them and crib less..
    i love spring and fall :)

  7. Awesome! I flew over the Alps en route to Naples last year… breathtaking with an urge to snowboard.

  8. I don’t know what a corniche is but I wouldn’t want to ski off one into nothing!

    • A cornice is a wind swept frozen wave at the top of a mountain. You have to ski off it to get into the “bowl of champagne powder.”
      I think Kristie got some major air!
      Thanks for reading!

  9. Part two depicts her as racing through the mountain with one foot bedcoming dangerously unattached with broken bindings. The man whom she knew as Tucker was really an assassin with a venomous motive. His avalanche wish came just as the chll crept up her spine and paralyzed her momentarily. Lol just kidding, but great post. You are getting enamorably articulate!

  10. I live in LA, and there isn’t much change between seasons. I lived in Boston for a while, though, and I loved the fact that the view outside my window changed throughout the year (trees with green leaves -> trees with mutli-colored leaves -> trees with icicles and no leaves).

    • It really helps to mark time. I almost moved to LA in the 80′s. How different my life would have been! I can’t really imagine any other life! But I LOVE traveling to LA and Santa Barbara! My favorite places!
      Thanks Laura!

  11. I always love the change of seasons. They’re perfectly timed that I’m just getting really tired of the current season when it changes.

    • Really? Mine aren’t. I am always anxious for fall and ski season. I think it’s because I grew up in the land of 4 distinctive seasons and Colorado has over 300 sunny days! I love it here, but also can’t wait for the cooler days. Maybe I am also looking forward to the wardrobe change. Hmmmmm….. Shopping time!
      You should splurge on those hipster skinny jeans Byronic Man…

  12. Yes, I look forward to seasonal weather chnages but I can’t say that I’m enamored with winter. The only time in my life that I had skiing dreams was when I lived in the mountains. Here on the coast I tend to dream ocean dreams.

    • Ocean dreams are fantastic! I haven’t had any for quite a while although a couple of months ago, I dreamt that there was a tsunami here in Boulder. Does that count? :)
      I grew up with bitter winters in Wisconsin before the days of global warming, so winter here in Colorado is nothing in comparison!

      Are you feeling a little better?

  13. Perhaps you need to go on a pilgrimage to NZ?

  14. I’m sitting here dying in the sweltering So Cal heat and this actually felt so refreshing. Loved your description, Susie!

    But I SO am not a cold weather person. You’re far braver, my friend.

    • Really! I wouldn’t have guessed that. I pictured you as a guy who had a special relationship with his snowblower and maybe had a pet name for it… :)
      I heard SoCal is sweltering right now. Oh yah! It was in your post!
      Thanks MJ!

  15. You and your Louie crush are so cute! This scene made me nervous, obviously I won’t be doing any dangerous skiing anytime soon. Loved it, though!

    • I am so not crushing! Hahaha! He’s my son’s age! Ew!
      I am hoping for a great ski conditions this year so I can try snowboarding again. The last time I went, I dressed like a human canon ball. I was so padded I could hardly move. I still bonked my conk and had a slight concussion and whiplash! Probably from having too many clothes on! Hahaha!
      Thanks Tameri!

  16. Stalking is a good way to gather information. ;) You sure made it sound cold. Now excuse me while I bundle up in this blanket. Burrrrrr.

  17. Great story! It is nearly spring over here!

  18. Ah, I can feel the cool. Yes, it’s that time of year – it’s coming. Hurry up!

  19. I love the season change, it’s a good thing. As for mountaintops…my story would have a different ending. She took out her board, looked down and cried like a big ole baby until rescue came to take her back to the lounge.
    I will have to live vicariously through you on the slopes!

    • Hahaha! I have seen a few come back down on chair lifts!
      I love the season changes too. Finally we have gotten some cooler weather.
      Hopefully this year’s ski conditions will be better and I will have more adventures.

  20. I’ve had pretty intense lower back pain the past few days. This flash was so vivid I just popped two more Aleve.

  21. Cool! Why didn’t I do that while I was in NZ? I did ski for the first time and water ski though, not a total wuss. If you sell lots of books you could do a book tour over there and take your skis!

    • You’re not a wuss at all Catherine!
      Wouldn’t that be amazing? My husband Danny tells everyone that he wants to be known as Mr. Susie Lindau and have the job of carrying my bags! Hahaha!
      Thanks Catherine!

  22. So glad I’m not the only one looking forward to fall and winter! I was feeling a little guilty, especially because our summer started after the 4th of July. :( But I can’t wait to click into my cross country skis and explore! Love the 100 word flash fiction. If you, Michael Housewright and Cara Olsen published novels I’d never need another author to read!

    • Wow! Thank you so much Karista!
      I am working one that takes place in the South of France, but if it becomes a trilogy, the next one takes place here in Colorado and will definitely include a few skiing scenes!

  23. I live in New England and can’t wait for fall. Winter? Meh.

    • I can imagine that winter would be rough. Out here, the foothills are usually mild and we travel to the mountains for all the snow. I would love a cool crisp fall!
      Thanks Tom!

  24. I was deprived as a kid. Just because I grew up in Southern California doesn’t mean I didn’t have access to the mountains and snow. But, alas. And if I tried a snowboard now I’m afraid I’d hurt something. Still, your short fiction gave me the impetous to try. Just for fun. So what if I get hurt? I can always blame you! Nice piece. I almost feel cold!

    • I’m glad that you’re temporarily in the deep freeze! Go for it!
      I have tried snow boarding and plan to give it another whirl this winter. The conditions were too nasty last year. If the squirrels are any indication, we are in for a cold snowy one. Yes!
      Thanks so much 8teen39!

  25. Ooh, loved this one. I am so ready for fall to get here. My fave season by far. The apple picking, pumpkins, football…what’s not to love? I do get sick of snow once February hits and that’s usually when we get inundated with it.

  26. That was exciting… good build-up…I could see her take off… loved the use of cornice.

  27. Very kool, Susie. I’ve always wanted to visit really cold places, and to skii too. Planned a trip one time in college, but it never happened. I’ve always lived I warmer climates, and after all these years, I think such cold weather will scare me!

  28. The change in seasons won’t bring cold weather, but lots and lots of “snow” birds…so I actually dread it. I liked your flash, though – very nice.

    • Thanks K8edid!
      I never thought of the dread of snow birds. With all the students coming back to Boulder this week, I did pick up on some angst, but I love their energy! I grew up in Madison, a much larger college town.
      I hope you are feeling better now!

  29. When she pulled out the board, my eyes widened and I started smiling.
    Not quite ready for winter, but yeah, I’ll be looking forward to it soon.

  30. Susie, this story reminds me of the thrill-seeker in you. Cold maybe but right down your alley! :-)

  31. I got chills reading that story—literally. Were you cold writing it?? Sounds like a scene out of my childhood in Minnesota.

    I do like seasonal changes, though I prefer the mild shifts in LA to the extremes in the midwest. :)

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