Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Time to Party!

Hello all you Wild Riders out there! It’s time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Yep. It’s that special day when you can use my blog to meet some new writers and make some new friends.

Go through your posts and pick one you think the guests might enjoy. Paste ONE link (URL), in my comment section. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other partiers to come to your place (blog). If you have a book to sell, go for it!

That’s when the party begins. As others post their links, peruse the guests and check them out. Click on their links. You may meet a writer you’re not familiar with. Say hello! Introduce yourself. Tell them Susie sent you.

This is a great opportunity to make some new friends and follow a few new blogs. Hey! Maybe they’ll follow you back!

This is my way of thanking all of you Wild Riders for coming by and reading. Because you are the best, I have spared no expense. I set up the bar, the never-ending fresh appetizers, the deluxe coffee maker and delectable desserts. Everything is calorie-free and on the house!  All I ask that you consider following my blog.

Remember that no one with any sense comes to a party, fills a huge doggy bag and leaves. If you leave a link, click on a couple.

The party should rock right through the weekend. Now run along and mingle!

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About susielindau

I am a Boulder, Colorado writer and artist who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride!
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131 Responses to Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Time to Party!

  1. tedstrutz says:

    Oh my… I’m so late to the Party! Love the dress. Some Big Sky Country there… now if we could only get that dog to work the camera…


  2. Hello Susie – late as always I was making some sandwiches to bring with me – here is Bob on the Pot’s tribute to Neil Armstrong;

    Look forward to meeting the other guests tonight! Best wishes


  3. Hey Susie! I liked the logic and chemistry behind this idea and would be glad enough as one among the party members over here. :D :)
    Here is my link for one among my post, which is all about a gal with some sort of palpable thoughts. :)

    Hope you all will enjoy reading it. Have a great day ahead. Cheers.\m/ :)



  4. Hey Susie, this is my first time to your party but I’ll be back! What a blast!
    Today I want to share a post I reblogged about Song of Sahel, a very special event on Sept. 15 at at

    Song of Sahel, brings together artists from all over the world, including the UK, US, Ireland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Canada, South America, Germany, Netherlands, India and Australia to one platform in the hope of raising awareness of the plight of the people living in the Sahel. Hope you can join us!
    I’m off to mingle now, thanks! ~clink~


  5. Susie…Your video: I’m in the process of researching a Hudson River painting that may have been painted in the Rocky Mountain area. Would you let me know what mountain range is show in your panorama, please?
    Would you kindly respond to my jotsfromasmallapt…in the event I have questions…may I contact you? Thank you so much, Raye
    PS….Love your stuff!!!


  6. Cayman Thorn says:

    This is a day late, but I’m hoping not a dollar short on things.
    Nah, it’s about Mitt. The man can make up the diff inside twenty minutes. I got a good bit of love on this one, but I still hearken. I love hearkening, mostly cause it’s a lost art. I blame the apps.


  7. gardenlilie says:

    Hello…late to the party but here’s a link to my blog. Once there go to the book shelf page and check out a glimpse of my story with picture. Let me know what you think, does it make you interested?


  8. OyiaBrown says:

    What an original idea this is and how very thoughtful.

    The three pictures of you are all slightly different so I think you are actually triplets and am i am not sure which one is Susie.

    Could I possibly be allowed two links as the first is an urgent appeal? If only one then just the first. Thanks.


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  10. Always love your parties, Susie. Thanks for the invitation. I’d love it if some of your readers would check out my blog and book announcements at


  11. I do enjoy these “promotion” posts, Susie. Thanks.
    I am going back a few days to a very sharing post:


  12. Denise Hisey says:

    What a fun idea! I am looking forward to ‘meeting’ several of your party guests!

    Just yesterday I wrote about struggling with giving myself permission to let my wild self out!


  13. Sophie Moss says:

    Hey, Susie! Some friends and I are throwing a Magical #BlueMoonParty on Twitter today! Grab a pair of sparkly dancin’ shoes and boogie with us! I KNOW you’ve got some dance moves you’re just dying to break out!


  14. Selden Edwards took 30 years to write his debut novel, which became a bestseller in 2008. This month, he released his second book, and I scored an exclusive interview with him about revision, rejection and the creative process. It’s here:

    Thanks for hosting the party, Susie! I’m off to check out some links.


  15. Thanks for the party Susie! I’m running a competition for UK peeps on my blog. If you want to win a Joules journal and £10 voucher, enter here:


  16. The Guat says:

    What up, Susie! I’m here to party. You got that nice party shirt on and all I brought were my jeans and t-shirt attire. :) No worries it’s always good at your shin digs.

    So here it is … my funny story. If any of you out there are married or dating someone who has a crazy hobby obsession you will definitely get a kick out of this one. Hope you enjoy!


  17. Hi Susie. This is my first time at the party. One of my favorite blogs is Diane Capri’s Reveal Blog. She interviews authors and does a wonderful of digging out new facts about people we think we know. I liked this one especially because she interviewed me.


    • CC MacKenzie says:

      Great interview, Karla,

      You’d be a star in a pub quiz. Lovely covers on your historical novels!


    • susielindau says:

      Hi Karla! Somehow I missed you in the crowd on the dance floor!
      That sounds like a wonderful post! You may want to come back and leave a link to a post from your blog so you can lure people over there too! Then, click on a few bloggers links and they will most likely click back! Tell them that Susie sent you!


  18. Hey Susie – my first time at your party :) Thanks for the wild ride – I love your posts! The link I’m leaving is my response to your Father’s Day post back in June (it’s Father’s Day in Oz this weekend). You asked about my ‘amateur inventor’ Dad…(which might have been a bit of a ‘furphy’ – Oz slang for an ‘unreliable yarn’) ;)


  19. 4amWriter says:

    Yay, so glad to mingle again with you all. :) I can’t wait to visit the links everyone provided. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this from my blog, Just a post about my personal wake-up call. :)


  20. Karen McFarland says:

    Since it is release day for Myndi Shafer’s new book “Shrilugh”, I thought it only right that I take this time to promote it here:

    It is available on Smashwords, Amazon or iTunes.

    Congratulations Myndi!!!!

    Also, because a lot of people are under so much stress right now, with some feeling overwhelmed and burned out, I wrote a post this week to hopefully make y’all feel a little bit better. This post is for all of you!

    “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Just a Little Bit…” Check it out at:

    Thanks Susie! Loved the video girl! You are so talented!
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your Colorado summer! :)


  21. Party time again on the wild ride! Although we are in the midst of chaotic packing and prepping for our imminent move, I wanted to share the first part of my ongoing story of Italy, Wine, Intrigue, Gluttonous jaunts, and lascivious human behavior.
    I give you: The Grape Harvest


  22. Oh Susie, you are so generous with these parties. I love them!
    This time I am going to share my post which contains photos of nearby Galway Bay and County Clare here in the west of Ireland. The photos are from a day trip I took with my daughters earlier this summer – hoping for sunshine – but we got Irish weather (grey skies!). Hope you like.
    Now I’m off to mingle at this party. Thanks again!!


  23. John S says:

    I wrote a few blogs on the London Olympics – from a British perspective. It’s been a hugely inspiring experience for so may of us. This is my summary of it all. All the others are on my Sportsthoughts series for anyone who is interested.


  24. charismaloy says:

    Okay, so my blog has been an honest representation of me over the last few months. This is where I decided to find my big girl panties and shape up. I chose to celebrate. Come celebrate with me!


  25. tomwisk says:

    Loved the video. You’re so lucky to have that much open space. The only green space at hand is an unused,overgrown garden patch. That and a 10 acre patch of pines planted by CCC. If you want a peek inside the mind of a developing curmudgeon visit . Enjoy.


  26. mcolmo says:

    Ok, so I will put the link to my latest post, since I am trying to help with a local charity, here is the link. Thank you Susie for letting us abuse you! LOL!


  27. Audrey says:

    Susie! Your parties are my favorite, so many great bloggers to meet and fun posts to read. Thank you for opening your place to us once again!
    I wanted to share a post on the hilarities and mishaps of foreign transportation – it’s one of my favorite travel stories:


  28. mj monaghan says:

    Love the scenery in your neck of the woods. That is Nebraska, right?? hehe

    I’m dropping a link to one of my favorite writers/bloggers, Andra Watkins:


  29. becca3416 says:

    I love when you have these! I think it is such a wonderful idea. Thanks! Here is where I wrote a semi-comical list of 10 things to expect for recent college grads getting out into the real world:


  30. Laura says:

    Great party! Here’s what happens when Fifty Shades of Grey meets Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis:


  31. Fabio Bueno says:

    You know how to throw a party, Susie! Thanks for hosting another fun one! Already found (and followed) two blogs I didn’t know. I mingle much more at online parties than at live ones :)
    I’m totally smitten with the cover for my debut novel, WICKED SENSE. I can’t stop staring at it *sigh* The cover, a little bit of how it came to be, and the blurb are here:


  32. This is like that awkward moment when you show up at a house party and know no one. Ah well, I’ve had a glass of wine & now I’m ready to mingle. :)

    If anyone has ever relocated to a new city, my post laughs at the various stages one goes through within that first year. From newbie to washed up, and everywhere in between.


    • susielindau says:

      What a fun post! I gotta believe things are looking up! Or are you blogging from Paris??? Hahaha!
      Thanks for coming Alicia! I hope you make a lot of new friends here! Just click on a few links and say hello! They will be very glad you did!


  33. Hey all! I love your parties, Susie, and your blog.

    Since it’s party time, we may as well pull our pants down. (That felt more normal before I blurted it. ;)) My post, The Beauty of Blurting and Undies Gone Wild, points out the fabulousness of speaking the truth, and the hilarity that often follows…


  34. Thank you, Susie, for this opportunity to share a post with your readers. Allan

    Don’t try this at home, kiddies:


  35. Hi Susie! Thank you for hosting another fun party. (I love your party shirt!) I’m including a link to a post called “Wild and Precious Moments,” a celebration of a weekend I spent sailing in the Gulf Islands (near Victoria, BC) earlier this summer. Now, it’s off to meet the other party guests….


  36. I somehow missed that you were having a party until this morning and, to think I have nothing to wear!

    However, I can bring something sweet to the party, check it out:


    • susielindau says:

      I usually do a pre-party post, but skipped it and just included a line at the bottom of my photo essay. I will give everyone a heads up next time!
      Loved your post and copied the recipe! “Sweet!”


  37. boomiebol says:

    Hi Susie and all party lovers,

    I spent minutes trying to find something to share…I had something in mind but considering this is a party I’d rather make it fun and light :). Here’s an old but lovely (my biased opinion) poem.


  38. John says:

    That picture of you tripped me out for a sec, your shirt kind of blends with the background, so your head looked like it’s floating there!


  39. Stacy Green says:

    I’ve got to send them to Thriller Extravaganza’s awesome finale. Bestselling author Vicki Hinze stops by and gives some great advice on crossing genres in fiction.


  40. CC MacKenzie says:

    Oooooh, another excuse to get down and dirty on the dance floor? Oh, yea, baby :)

    Here’s one on the joy of being a mother to a boy (or not).

    Thank you, Susie, for hosting yet another party!


  41. Can’t dance to save my life – imagine a zombie caught on an electric fence – but I do like your blog parties, Susie.
    A little while ago a friend of mine saw George Clooney in ‘The Descendants’ and said: “He plays the part of a good man.” Soon after I was asked to be godfather to a very special young lad and it made me wonder about that … what I’d like to tell him one day about becoming a good man. Here it is:


  42. sfbell09 says:

    Dacing shoes, check. Butterfly collar, definitely. Another virtual dance party at Susies! AWWW-YEAH!

    Last week I posted about writing and the safety of the protagonist. And Kittens. Well, less so about kittens, but they are cute and worthy of mentioning. *ahem* Anyway, here’s the link: Thanks to our host, Susie. Her shindigs are always excellent!


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