Striking Gold – A Photo Essay

We left late on Sunday afternoon for a hike in the mountains. We drove on Canyon Road which snaked from Boulder up through the foothills to  Nederland and then past the entrance to Eldora Ski Resort.  I had never hiked in this area.

Gathering clouds threatened rain, but that didn’t stop our merry crew.

After bumping along the dirt road through the tiny mountain town of Eldora (which I didn’t know existed), we finally arrived at our destination.

Our first encounter was with a couple of serious hikers with a not-so-serious-looking dog. Check out her shoes. They were fancier than mine!

Roxy was so jealous!

We struck Colorado gold along the way.

Chills ran down my spine not only from the drop in temperature as we gained altitude, but from a short story I wrote over a year ago. I had created the setting without knowing a location like it existed near Boulder. I experienced deja-vu while we hiked. Everything I had imagined in my fiction appeared around us.

The story begins when a young woman drives into the foothills to clear her head. She camps out for the night…..ALONE……I know! I love setting up my unsuspecting protagonists. I will post the short story on Friday.

The trail meandered along a river.

After hiking for an hour and a half, we arrived at Lost Lake.

We would like to hike it again sometime and camp out.

Taking a break.

On our way back down, we happened upon an old hiker standing along the trail. He mumbled something and then trudged behind us. It occurred to me that it was getting late and we had no cell service and there was no one else on the trail and he was kind of creepy and we had no idea what he was carrying in his pack and then he stopped to take a break since he was an older gentleman and we never saw him again.

Roxy is camouflaged by the five pounds of dirt she picked up in her fur.

I think she was disappointed not to catch up with her hiking-dog friend. I bet Roxy would like to find out where she could buy those fancy shoes!

Roxy loves her “ghetto mittens.”

She can’t wait to put them on.

“I wonder if Mom will let me hike in my ghetto mittens next week. I feel a video coming on.”

Where do you like to go to escape?

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101 responses to “Striking Gold – A Photo Essay

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    • Thanks Angela! That means a lot coming from you!
      I am an amateur, but am really loving photography. Coming from an art background, I really love capturing these moments and places. It is a lot faster than drawing or painting the scene.
      I think I may add a photography category!

  2. Beautiful photos! That crazy dog with the shoes and love the mittens!

  3. Crazy deja vu indeed. The creepy man behind you, in the woods, alone (or at least with your dude and your dog with mittens) … yeah that sounds like the beginnings of an episode of the The Closer. Love your pictures though wish I had something forestry with a lake nearby but it’s over a two hour drive here. :)

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  5. Love the paw fashions!
    That’s such a beautiful area – fall definitely there.
    There are always characters on the trails – I hate to get practically run over by the ones that are actually running the trail…especially if I’m doing good just to scramble along.
    Thanks for the Rocky views

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like another lovely hike. Why do they call it Lost Lake? Do you have to be lost to find it? :D

  7. I love the photos Susie. The autumn colours are lovely. But I think your dog stole the show with those mitten shoes!! ;)

  8. I really loved going along your hike with you today, Susie! It was so sweet to see you with your hubs and pup in that photo.. very photogenic family!! Love those dog shoes… but I love your ghetto pup shoes more:D Glad you made it out safely without incident!!

    • Thanks so much Barbara! Roxy is a hoot! I just blogged a video of her in them. She thinks she is a star! Hahaha!
      I always think of how vulnerable campers are and then up walks the creepy guy! I guess hikers can be too although he was probably just an old timer.
      Have a great day!
      BTW-My son just got a job at Johnny Carino’s as a saute chef! He is a senior in college. To think I worried about him starving when he moved out of the dorms! Hahaha!

  9. All the photos are beautiful as usual. OMG! But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the Ghetto Mittens..I’m crying…hahahaha! Before I even read your caption about the other dog, I gasped and said “Roxy must had been so jealous” Lol!

  10. For a second there, I thought Rox was striking the pose of a VERY serious four legged person. And then I looked down. On the serious(er) side, what a beautiful collection of images.

  11. love all the vibrant yellows.. and really that poor poor dog :)

  12. Looks like a fun time was had by all. :)

  13. Looks like a beautiful hike. And I’m sure Roxy wasn’t too jealous… I don’t see any photos of another dog rockin’ ghetto mittens! She’s a trendsetter for sure. ;-)

    • She is a trendsetter! I think I’ll share the video tomorrow showing how excited she gets when I pull out her ghetto mittens! Hahaha!
      It was a gorgeous place. There are so many places I have yet to explore out here. It does make it easier when I can take these photos with my phone!
      Thanks so much Jessica!

  14. So the day after this idyllic hike with eerie old guys lurking and a peacock disguised as a dog in fancy footwear, was Roxy subject to a visit at the groomer’s to alleviate her of the five pounds of dirt stashed in her fur, or did she just deposit her haul on the sofa for you to Dirt Devil?

    • Hahahaha! This time Danny hosed her down in the sink, but that hasn’t always been the case! Her favorite spot to lay down on has a big fake fur blanket covering it. I bet it weighs 30 pounds by now!
      Hahaha! You crack me up!
      Thanks V!

  15. Love your photo essays, Susie, and the doggie is too cute. Thanks for sharing with us:)

  16. More beautiful photographs, Susie. Thank you! And, no, I can assure you that Roxy is not jealous. In doggie talk, she was saying, “Whoa, that is some seriously ugly footwear! I can’t believe your people thought that was a good idea! Poor you…”

    • Hahahaha! I wish there was a way that readers could hear me laugh when I read their comments!
      I bet you are right and that poor little dog was so embarrassed! Hahaha! Still laughing!

      Thanks so much!

  17. Susie – Could I just say I’m jealous of the autum colors in your pictures and my shit zue is so bummed out after seeing the hiking shoes and even more so over the slippers. I hope she doesn’t pout for long. Now I have to get my dog loving friends to check your post out -

    • Where do you live Sheri?
      We do get the gold’s out here and some brilliant colors in town where people have planted trees, but up in the mountains, the trees are primarily evergreens and aspens so it is a striking contrast!
      Your poor little shit zue! You might have to strap on some ghetto mittens and let her give them a whirl! All of her friends will be so jealous! Hahaha!
      Thanks Sheri!

  18. Breathtaking! Looks like a lovely place to hike. And how cool that you saw your fictional world in the real world?

    Poor Roxy. No cool hiking booties? Just ghetto mittens? What kind of a mommy are you anyway? I want to see Roxy in her hiking boot real soon. Maybe you could take up a collection on your blog. I’d donate.

    Creepy guy on the trail – love that! Our writer’s minds love that kind of stuff. I’m making up crap right now about who he is and where he comes from.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Hahaha!
      There is so much to explore out here. I would like to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park before the snow flies. The elk will be bugling up there by now.
      I will have to look into Roxy’s boots! With the way she took to her Ghetto mittens, she would love some real ones!
      I am glad that creepy guy stirred your imagination. Maybe he was a sociology professor and was doing an experiment!
      Thanks Patricia!

  19. Great photos and I love the doggie boots!

  20. Karen McFarland

    Susie, Colorado is such an inspiration for hikes and all other sports, be it summer or winter. I can’t wait to read your short story. Isn’t it fun to actually see in real life what you’ve written in fiction? I’ve had that happen before. It’s crazy! Now, what about those doggie shoes? I can tell that the mittens are not gonna cut it girlfriend. Roxy’s sights are on a new pair of shoes, especially if she’s walking on rocks and gravel. Gotta have ‘em! Thanks for sharing those beautiful, serene pictures. :)

  21. Damn–we are lucky to live here, aren’t we?

  22. The dog in the shoes is too cute! There are some really nice photos :) You should submit some for Canon’s Project Imaginat10n:

  23. Love the story and the pics! I also noticed that your trees are way ahead of ours in changing to their fall outfits. Guess that means (gulp) that winter can’t be too far off.

    • The photos were taken in higher altitude which has a much shorter season, but I am already seeing a change here too. It isn’t too far off at all! We can get snow here in September. It is 90 today but will be a low of 40 by Thursday morning! Yeah!
      Thanks so much Sylvia!

  24. I like hiking trails disguised as an old grumpy man and scaring folks. Other than that I sit on a bench overlooking a pond, watching Canada geese wander around harassing the the ducks. The dog must love you, if I tried putting mittens on Sophie the Cat, I’d be in need of medical attention.

    • Hahahaha! I am belly laughing Tom! That was you I saw on the trail…
      I think you may want to keep your hand away from the cat’s feet unless you hold a piece of fish in the other!
      I think that sitting on a bench in front of a pond would be a pretty great escape.
      Thanks so much Tom!

  25. Brilliant colors – and shoes, Susie!

  26. I love deja vu type stuff. Whenever that happens I start thinking about past lives and different universes and I get all shivery about what is really going on out there. :) I can’t wait to read your story. And I dig those ghetto mittens. I think you’re onto something there.

  27. looked like a good time thanks for sharing.

  28. I want a photo essay every week, that is adorable! The picture of the three of you and the ghetto look, precious! I can’t wait for Friday now, dun dun dun!

    • I better start that rewrite. As I recall it was sort of on the long side, being a thriller and all!
      I am considering a photo essay every week. Thanks so much! They take me a while with all the photo editing, but are nice to chronicle our adventures. :)

  29. As the train weaved through Colorado I saw the mountains that you wrote about. Such beauty but like you.. where did that dog get his shoes??:)

  30. Aw.. Roxy! Such a lovely post, Susie. That shot of the three of you is way too precious.

    I love escaping into my writing and off to fun, new places. I’m actually in Seattle right now—my very first visit, and loving it so far. I’d LOVE to see you in L.A. in October! Please escape my way… ;)

    • I love Seattle, but haven’t been in years. The fish market is the best!
      I will keep you posted on my trip to LA. I’d love to meet up! Who else is in the area?
      Thanks so much August!

  31. Your doggie is so adorable and wish shoes! Loved the photo essay, keep on hiking! :-)

  32. Gorgeous pictures and hike! What an outstanding area and to have it so close to home. Love it!
    Awwww love the dog shoes. We got a pair for Tess one year to wear in the snow because she picks up and creates these snowballs in her paws from her fur. The little devil refused to wear them…but it was some cute watching her try to get them off…and walk around like she had glue on her feet.
    GREAT hike!

  33. EllieAnn

    Those dog shoes–haha! smh.
    I’m looking forward to reading your story. Those pictures of the gold leaves were inspirational for sure.

    • I had never been up there when I wrote the story, but the similarities gave me goose bumps! I need to rewrite it and make it a flash fiction.
      Those shoes rocked! I want a pair!
      Thanks Ellie!

  34. I’ll bet if Roxy had been wearing those snakey shoes, your mysterious hiker would have taken another path.

  35. Looking forward to your story. What an exciting thing to happen… out of the blue. Beautiful scenery. What was Eldora like? Any ghosts?

    I do hope Roxy is properly equipped for the next hike, so she does not have to be carried like a sack of groceries.

    • Hahaha! I only picked her up for the photo! She holds her own.
      We can see Eldora from Boulder. It is beautiful. I have skied there and had heard of cross-country ski trails, but had never hiked. There are about 5 more trails to explore. Danny did a long hike up there last year with some buddies and camped out. They had some fun when some ladies decided to go skinny dipping! Later, they complained that they weren’t young ladies…
      I will try to pare down the story. It is a thriller! Thanks so much!

    • Eldora was lush considering it was a dry year. Danny reminded me that the foothills got all the snow last year. The town was super small. Just a few cabins, but some were very beautiful. I don’t know if there is a main street or not. We just drove on the dirt road to the trailhead.
      No ghosts, but a creepy guy!

  36. That dog looks far too proud of itself for having those shoes! And I can’t help being a little worried for the high maintenance vehicle touring in those woods where the creepy hiker lurks ;) Glad you made it out safe and sound (and, on a more serious note, I hope you are on the mend…) :)

  37. Coleen Patrick

    The shoes on the dog!!! I love it, so cute :)

  38. I imagine any wolf would be intimidated by Little Blue Hiking Boots …
    I see you can rename that lake as Found. It looks lovely.
    Amazing about the story setting!

    • You are so right! It should be “Found” Lake! Hahaha! I kept saying, “Are you sure it is way up there?” I thought we had made a wrong turn until we came upon some hikers coming back down the mountain.
      Little Blue Hiking Boots. I love it!
      The setting was uncanny. It was exactly how I imagined it. Talk about creepy! :)
      Thanks for coming by!

  39. Ooh, sometimes I get creeped out when I’m alone out in the wilderness like that, if some weird hiker is nearby I get a little freaked.

    Love the doggie shoes!

    • Aren’t those shoes a riot??? Apparently they take their dog on some pretty intense hikes and her paws have gotten ripped up, hence the fancy shoes. We aren’t that intense so Roxy is safe to go bare-paw! She was really coveting those shoes…. We had to break out the Ghetto Mittens when we got home.. Hahaha! Thanks Darla!

  40. Love the photos and the Ghetto Mittens!

  41. So happy you took us along on your hike…almost like being there!!

  42. Oh, Susie – this is so wonderful. I want to come over to your place!

  43. Very cute! Glad Roxie got shoes. Glad you were wrong about the old man.

  44. Love the ghetto mits! Beautiful country Susie. Love seeing your photos out on the trails. And good job with the .gif file, works great! The other dog’s hiking boots are so cool, never saw these before. :)

    • Those doggie hiking boots must have been expensive since they were made like real high tech tennis shoes with a gripping sole.
      The gif file wasn’t working on the post so I pulled it and am waiting to see if anyone on Twitter knows how to get it to work.
      on the blog… Thanks for clicking on it and hiking today John!

  45. I clicked like, but almost didn’t in solidarity with Roxy for the mittens.
    Beautiful images, and I love the gif. I’m a sucker for waterfalls.

    Looking forward to reading the story!

  46. A DOGGEH WEARING SHOES! Thanks for making my day! Love the photos too! so beautiful!

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