Surrounded by Eye Candy – A Photo Essay

Here are a few of the 400 photographs I took while hiking in Summit County, Colorado last Saturday. I know. 400. I couldn’t help myself. Everywhere I looked was another breathtaking shot.

It occurred to me why Pinterest has become so popular. With the advent of digital photography, there’s an explosion of new photographers on the scene.

Gone are the days of being limited by film with only 36 shots per roll. Back then, I had to pick and choose my subject. Film and processing could be pricey.

Now I snap away. I have no idea how many photos my phone will hold in its memory, but there are over a thousand saved so far. I also use my Nikon Coolpix and blow through memory cards. I don’t reuse them, but store them in small envelopes and then save them in a fire file.

Just below the narrow dirt road where many drove, hiked and biked to enjoy  the autumn vistas, I found the remains of a log cabin. These homesteaders had a room with a view!

While hiking on Boreas Pass in Breckenridge, the elevation started at 10,000 feet. The aspens were at their peak of fall color.  With a slight rise in elevation, many had already lost their leaves. The few that remained clung to stark branches and whispered to each other in the light breeze.

When I was growing up, our family  went on Sunday drives in the countryside outside of Madison, Wisconsin. With the variety of deciduous trees, the vibrant color blazed in the rolling hills and valleys.

Here in Colorado, aspens dominate the landscape. Instead of a warm palette of golds, burnt orange and crimsons, we have the indigo mountains, purple sagebrush and towering evergreens for contrast.

Hey! The photo bomber Roxy along with Danny take break and enjoy a Colorado view.

Later in the afternoon, we hit the Eaglesmere Trail which is around 8,000 feet in elevation. At this altitude, the fall color will probably peak in the next week or two.

As the shadows began to lengthen, we headed back down the trail.

The ground cover and fallen leaves are as festive as the trees.

As an amateur photographer, I am always discovering something new like the panorama feature on my Droid phone. This is my favorite photo of the 400!

I plan to back up my phone’s photos so I am ready to capture more Colorado color next weekend.

Click on photos to enlarge.


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150 responses to “Surrounded by Eye Candy – A Photo Essay

  1. Fabulous photos — love the leaves-in-the-sky shots!

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  3. Good stuff, Susie! You’ve got the whole composition thing locked down.

  4. Wow, your photos are so lovely! I’m like you – I blow through 500 or 600 photos in no time. But I just can’t help it. Or rather, I see no need to help it :)

  5. Stunning and Beautiful photos, Susie.

  6. Your photos are stunning! A wonderful reminder of the beauty around us! xo, jan

  7. My comment is not just about this post, but about your blog: you are doing such a great job here!
    That’s why I thought of passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you! For further details:

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  9. Blue skies, Aspen trunks with golden leaves. Can’t get any better. (I bet it was hard picking out the ones to post!)

    • It took over 15 hours! I thought creating photo essays would be faster way to post. Hahaha! The flash fiction I wrote for tomorrow, took an hour!
      Thank you for coming by to take a peek!

  10. Thank you for brightening my day! You’re such an amazing photographer, and oh wow, how this reminds me of my middle son, who was born the first week in November, when all the yellow leaves in our backyard fall. Lovely work!!!

  11. Beautiful photos! Thank you for stopping by my blog to visit.


  12. AMAZING – Makes me want to RUN to the Great Outdoors – ha!

  13. Spectacular vistas and your photos do it full justice!

  14. Darn! I thought summer was still here but your fabulous photos are telling me different. Keep snapping away and sharing with us!

  15. Wow, great shooting! The fall in your pictures is so beautiful, Colorado fall is so charming.

  16. I so love the colour in your photos Susie. Lovely autumn tones.

  17. Stunning shots. It appears that autumn has arrived and I love autumn. It’s my favorite season.

    • It’s one of mine too! I just can’t decide on my favorite! They are all magical in their own way.
      Thanks so much! It was a gift just to be there to photograph such fine scenery!

  18. Beautiful, gorgeous scenery! One thought…it is much, much cheaper to download the photos to a laptop or pc and then copy them the folder out to a blank DVD or put them on a CD to be viewed on your TV or some such. My camera will hold 4200 pics, but I keep it as empty as I can and download it all.
    Just a thought.

    • That’s a great idea. I will experiment with the DVD.
      I love the idea of getting a back up or two or three or four. Okay four is too many!
      Thanks so much Scott!

      • Personally, I would say copy them twice to DVDs, test the DVDs, then you could reuse the memory sticks.
        You really want another backup? You can buy a 2 Terabyte external Hard drive (USB connection) for about $98. That will hold more than 2million DVDs worth! And you can turn it on, copy the pics, then when done, just release it from the computer, then turn it off. Easy! That with the 2 copies on DVDs will mean almost impossible to lose. Heck, put one set of DVDs in a bank lock box. (Can you figure that I use to be in charge of backups for computer info at a courthouse?)

  19. Beautiful shots! Our colors haven’t come out yet (I’m in Newfoundland Canada) but soon! I can’t wait!

  20. Great photos Susie – the first one is like a frame from Lord of the Rings.
    By the way the BBC showed the Denver Bronco’s game on TV last night against the Atlanta Thingy’s – “holding 5 yard penatly third and nine” and “pass interference – five yard penalty – a flag has been thrown” Didn’t have a clue what was going on but enjoyed big lads in helmets running into eachother. Best wishes!

    • Thanks Ginger! I am so glad you came by for the hike in Hobbitland!
      The Broncos were incredibly sloppy. I have no idea how to play cricket so can relate to your enjoyment!

      • Your coach was doing his nut – 12 players on the pitch when there should be 11 – then he moaned about that! He earns millions of dollars a year and can’t add up. He should keep quiet.

        Cricket is easy. Hit the ball as far as you can – we think it is akin to Baseball. If you want a grand day out – watch a game of cricket at a 200 year old ground with some sandwiches and beer – nobody cares about the sport – just enjoying a thing of rare kinetic beauty being played out in front of them.


  21. Lovely scenes, and the panorama shot is most impressive indeed. I really must try that feature on my camera!

  22. amazing, Susie. truly amazing

  23. LOVED these picture especially the yellows against the vast blue sky

  24. Great photos! I agree: digital photography can be an amazingly addictive thing, especially when you’re surrounded by sights such as these! And I also have a droid, and I, too, am under the impression that the panorama feature is basically too good to be true!

  25. You perfectly nailed exactly how I like to hike! You do all the hiking in all these sky high nose-bleed inducing elevations and I get to do the watching. How I define win-win. That panorama feature is very picture postcard-like, but I’m always a sucker for any images featuring Roxy. Overall, great pix!

  26. Amateur, shmamateur. Your photos are great!

  27. Susie your shots are amazing, and so very colorful…thanks for sharing!

  28. Breathtaking photographs, Susie.

  29. I love digital cameras for the same reason. Film and developing were pricy! But with digital, I can shoot to my heart’s content.

  30. Stunning photography. I don’t blame you for snapping so many with such incredible vistas and color. Thank you for sharing…you are quite talented!

  31. mysocalledDutchlife


  32. Looks lovely – no wonder you took so many photos!

  33. Gorgeous photos, Susie! The colours haven’t begun to turn here on the West Coast yet(and with so many evergreens, the show isn’t as spectacular), but in your photos, I see the crisp, cool days ahead.

  34. Susie, your photos are wonderful. This was our favorite time of year when we lived in Western Colorado. Have fun on Color Day.

  35. Very nice job and I totally can understand taking hours to sort through photos….

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I have got to take a few less shots next time. Hahaha! I have been comparing the ones taken with my phone with the ones from my camera and it is still a toss up…Maybe after another 400 I will be able to decide which takes the best photos… :)

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  37. Of all the places corporate transfer took me over the years, Denver remains my favorite. Denver proper is a fun metropolitan area. Of course, I lived there back in my single days and had a rocking fun girlfriend for a running buddy.

    Many weekends were spent driving to the mountains. The vistas. These pictures bring it back. You are one talented photographer, Susie. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps I need another Margie Lawson Immersion Master Class. There’s the ticket back to the Rockies!

    • Come on back and let me know if you do!
      Sounds like you made some wonderful memories here.

      Thanks so much for that nice compliment! I was an illustrator, but never trained as a photographer. I have a lot to learn. Digital is a blast since there is so very little cost. Just a memory card now and then.
      Thanks again Gloria!

  38. Wow – the colour of the sky doesn’t even look real. So stunning.

  39. Wow! Stunning. You are a first class photographer (in my humble opinion). Have you ever entered any of your photos in contests? I bet you’d win something.

    Have fun on your next walk. Still too hot our here in California to do any serious walking. Soon though. Soon.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Thanks so much Patricia! Wow. I went to school and got an art degree, but never took photography or writing. How ironic!
      One of my commenters last week gave me the link to a contest and I entered the first photo and a creepy tree trunk photo. I am trying to choose 3 more for the category “discovery.” There are some fantastic photos over there!

  40. Honestly they don’t evven look real! I LOVE the shot of the ground cover, it actually looks like a painting.
    I need to know if Roxy is subjected to hiking or do you carry her…as it clearly states in her contract? Stars he “people” ya know…

    • She has a little wagon. Hahaha! She pulls us most of the way!
      Thanks so much! The top one looks painted too. The lighting was so magical last Saturday. I was freaking out while looking at the photo still in the camera!

      • Hahahaha! I actually had to get close to the screen because I couldn’t believe they were photos. You should submit them to a magazine or something.

        • I entered the top one in Ron Howard’s contest because of a commenter on last weeks photo essay, but there are already 9,000 entries, 1 prize and most are pros! Maybe I’ll try a magazine sometime. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment!

          • I’m so gad you entered!!! I was sharing your photos with my co-workers today, they were amazed at the beauty. Of course Roxy was immediately recognized and I had to share her story…including her staring role in Ghetto Mittens.

            • Oh my gosh! Thank you.

              You are so sweet to do that. I am sincerely flattered.

              Roxy is a hoot! She is sitting up on the very top of the arm of that fainting couch in the videos. I think she is waiting for an unsuspecting squirrel to scoot by! She should start her own fan club!

  41. So much beauty, how awesome is where you live!

  42. So, so, so beautiful! I want to be there hiking with you! Way to get out and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. :)

  43. You definitely have an eye for nature’s art work! Beautiful pics.

  44. They are amazing! I love taking photos too :)

  45. Another round of beautiful photos! I can’t get into Pinterest, but to each their own. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Doesn’t get better than that :-)

  47. Beautiful Susie..
    I know just how you feel.. I love taking photos..

  48. I love digital photography.. it’s opened up worlds of creativity! But my computer hard drive keeps crashing.. I have so many photos on it:D Love your hike and all of this fall beauty here!!

  49. love those pics, in fact, I pinned 4 of them-thanks for sharing your beautiful views

  50. These are great. We have late autumns here – and right now it’s just hot with forest fires – but these are getting me excited for the season change.

    • Thanks so much “The Man Byonic!” We are seeing only the start of the season change at a mile high.
      Forest fires are becoming so prevalent. We had them here earlier and had feared that we would be fighting them late in the summer which is our “fire season,” but so far so good….

  51. Beautiful photos, Susie! Love the yellow. You really captured the fall feel in these. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thanks Stacy! It was magical in the mountains last weekend. It is rare that we have a window of time to get up there and enjoy the fall color. Now I am hooked and want to escape as much as I can before the snow flies and brings down all the leaves!

  52. Wow. Gorgeous! I love the yellow. I needed these to gaze at these morning, really helped calm me and clear my mind. Thank you!

  53. Wow, Susie! In my opinion, these are your best photos yet. This is the stuff that will inspire poetic thoughts. It’s hard to single out one but that first image with the lighting and composition is stunning!
    Congratulations for having the eye for good images!
    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Rich! For some reason, what I see in the camera never translates to the computer so I have to edit all of them.
      I was really pleased with these too Rich, but I have to give a lot of the credit to my “muse.” :)

  54. Susie, your photos are gorgeous. You’re making me want to pack up my hubby and pups and move even if that means we have to sleep in a tent and eat beans and rice until we find a home and jobs! ;-)

  55. Geez, I am drooling! What a beautiful vista! LOVE that the colors are so vibrant already. I am the same with photos. Hey, it’s free so I snap, snap, snap away. Digital Photography is amazing. Your photos look pro! You are a natural. Love!

    • Awwww! That is so nice of you to say Angelia! You made my day.
      I am a frustrated artist (used to be an illustrator) so capturing beauty instantly really fulfills that need I have to preserve a moment. Back in the day, I would have taken a few photos to paint from. This is so much easier and I can edit to make it look more like a painting!
      Thanks again!

  56. Julie Catherine

    Susie, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I always want it to last longer … Thanks for sharing your awesome photo journey with us! :)

  57. So lovely that it looks fake!

    I was thinking about getting a new camera and I was able to borrow a coolpix (that’s what I used for the CBS Preserve Nature Walk photos) and it was definitely a nice camera. Are you happy with it?

    • I love my Coolpix! There is a lag between photos while it processes much like a computer, but other than that, it rocks! I think it slows down with the number of photos in its memory. I just need to keep replacing its memory card…
      Thanks so much Katie! I know that first one especially. They look like movie sets!

  58. What beautiful golden views!

    • The views are incredible! It was hard to stop myself from taking pictures. Next time I would like to take a maximum of 200 photos. 400 was waaaaaaaay too many to go through!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  59. I love Autumn photos- the light has something magical to it and nature offers its most beautiful colours to our eyes. I can’t help but taking lots of photos of trees during the fall as well :-)
    Thanks for sharing yours!

    • Thank you Cecile! The sky is really blue this time of year and gives great contrast to the shots. I bet the South of France is spectacular in fall. I will get there one of these days…. :)

  60. The LensMaster

    These are magical photos!!! Can’t help myself from staring at it over and over again…

  61. OMG Susie they are breath takingly beautiful.. the first one doesnt even look real…kind of out of some beautiful dream..
    the colorado view is is the eaglesmere trail…wow..
    i bet you had hard time selecting and posting just a few..
    amazing shots :)

    • Thank you so much Soma!
      I figure it took me about 16 hours to select, edit and write this post! I always think that posting a photo essay will take less time! Hahaha!
      Good to “see” you!

  62. That countryside is just beautiful, your lucky to live among such beauty! Yay for digital cameras. :)

    • I love digital photography!
      I spoke with a professional photographer over the weekend and he said the digital SLR is the best for taking close-up “macro” and telephoto lens shots. For what I do with this blog, my phone and Coolpix camera are enough. For now!
      Thanks John! It is beautiful out here.

  63. Beautiful! I’m waiting for the leaves to change color here in the Berkshires. :-)

    • Thanks Elisa!
      The leaves haven’t changed much here in Boulder yet either. We are around a mile high in elevation here, so we have to drive up into the mountains to see the change in seasons.

  64. omg! These photos are amazing! Stunning.. I love all the yellow. This place is now on my bucket list! Thanks so much for sharing, Susie. :D

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