Our Secret is Out!

Like most children, ours asked how we met. Over the years, the story came out in bits and pieces. There was a reason for that.

It all started years ago, back in Wisconsin, I had my wisdom teeth pulled. While high on Tylenol 3’s, I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show for the first time. She interviewed several contestants competing to take over the job of Dear Abby; an advice columnist.

Every time someone asked a question, they came up with varying answers, until a young woman phoned in. She asked what she should do with a boyfriend who wouldn’t commit to marriage after 2 years of dating. Every panelist said, “Give him the ultimatum,” and then they cut to a commercial.

While higher than a kite, I had a Eureka moment! When my boyfriend of nearly three years stopped over an hour later, I gave him the ultimatum! Of course I gave no thought to this momentous occasion, my chipmunk appearance, or my dragon breath that could have dropped mere mortals to their knees.

Needless to say it did not go well. A month later, I told him to make up his mind, so I could enjoy my summer which was always short in the land of cheese.

To get my mind off the inevitable, I called my mom. “Let’s go to a Brewer game this Saturday!”

“I just had bridge club with Marilyn Lindau,” Mom said, “Danny is coming into town from Colorado for Memorial Day weekend. Maybe they’d like to join us.” The Lindaus were family friends and my sister Patty and I knew Danny’s brothers, Jamie and Mark.

I flashed back to the first time I met Danny. I was entering high school as he was entering college. Our families went on a camping trip in Door County. Danny drove up in a Volkswagen convertible and then played soccer with his brothers. I remember saying to Patty, “I didn’t know the Lindau boys had an older brother!” He only remembers my sister because of her cute freckles.

My sister and I gathered our friends and met the Lindaus at my parent’s house. We caravanned in a couple of carloads to the baseball game in Milwaukee.

Danny was on crutches after breaking his leg while skiing cornices at Arapahoe Basin. I used it as an excuse to take care of him for the day. He told me all about life in Colorado. I hinted about how much I would love to visit his State someday. We shared the same silly sense of humor.

Danny flew back to Denver on Monday.

My boyfriend and I broke up on Tuesday.

A few days later, I received a letter from Danny inviting my sister and me to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival June 19th.

I flew out to Denver for a three-day weekend. He wined and dined me in Denver. Then we drove to Telluride. I enjoyed the amazing music while relating to someone I felt I had known my whole life.

We got along so well that when he flew to Madison to see me over 4th of July weekend, we got the priest, the church and set the date to be married on October 10th.

The priest insisted we state that we began dating on Memorial Day.  A three-day-weekend in Telluride only two weeks before, wouldn’t fly with the Catholic Church.

Thank you Oprah Winfrey!

Twice I tried to contact her with our story, but I guess it wasn’t dysfunctional enough.

Flash forward 25 years. Our children are twenty and twenty-two-years old. I think they have heard the complete story by now and realize that we took a leap of faith after dating for a very short time. They also know how much we love each other. They would say, “It’s all good.”

Talk about Wild Rides!

Happy 25th Anniversary Danny!

More secrets will be revealed on Friday…

148 thoughts on “Our Secret is Out!

  1. Congratulations! I absolutely love your story and I’m sending good wishes for many, many more happy chapters to your book. By the way, you reproduced beautifully…your children are such combinations of the 2 of you. Cheers!


    • Oh! Thank you!
      I gave up on Oprah. Maybe if I had written long ago, but the competition had become fierce. We would never have connected if the timing had been different. Danny only came back to Wisconsin once a year!


  2. I wish you had a L-O-V-E button instead of like for today’s post. I love that you both had the spunk and carpe diem to make that leap after a short time dating.

    I got a mixture of teary-eyes and “WOWZA! LOOK AT THAT SEXY CHICK” when I saw your pics.

    Enjoy your 25th.

    More deets on Friday, you say? Woot!


    • Wow! Thanks Gloria!
      As much as my parents knew and loved Danny, they were shocked at how fast we moved. Hahaha! I barely got a dress in time. My mom did a fantastic job of helping with the wedding. It was a blast!
      My friends were all shocked too. When I told them I was getting married, they said, “Oh! You and **** are finally getting married.” I would say “Nope. Not to him.”
      Friday’s post is funny!


  3. How great is that!!??!!! I’m going to pass this along to my daughter….she gave her boyfriend a ” Half-way” ultimatum while not on drugs…and two months later…nada…from him…..your story is enough to give one courage!

    Happy Anniversary! True love :)


    • It was the best thing I ever did and the timing was perfect! Funny how life can be like that. My friends and family were in shock. I went from a 3 year relationship to 3 days and look at the result!
      Thanks so much and for passing the story along! Good luck to your daughter. She deserves the best…. :)


    • Thanks so much!
      Success is right and she was just starting out! Good thing I had those wisdom teeth out. It couldn’t have been timed any better!


  4. Congratulations on 25 years! My 21st anniversary is coming up this month, and I can’t believe we’ve married that long. LOL Sometimes you just know. My husband and I have had our wars over the years, but I think some subconscious part of our brains knew we were right for each other. I suspect the same is true for you and your husband. :D


    • I had always crushed on him. He made his decision at that Brewer game! How crazy is that??? A whirlwind romance that has never ended!
      Thanks Catie!


    • Thanks so much! So am I! If I had hesitated, I’m not sure that it would have gotten together… Such a scary thought! Thank God for impulsivity and following my heart and not my head! Hahaha!


  5. Happy Anniversary! Hope you assured your children that it’s perfectly OK to date for more than two weeks before getting engaged. No wonder he married you. Look at the ruffled bikini. Here’s to many happy years ahead.


    • I almost didn’t use that shot from my bikini days! Sheesh! Luckily our kids have been dating longer waaaay longer than that already…
      Thank you!


    • We did hit the grassy area! So many of my friends thought I was still with my old boyfriend when I told them of the engagement. They were shocked!
      Thanks so much Linda!


  6. What a lovely story. I don’t think it’s dysfunctional at all. Things happen for a reason so I guess you had to break up with your boyfriend to marry your handsome Danny. And, you look a bit like Lady Di!!! :-D


    • Awww! Thanks so much! Actually to tell the truth my boyfriend dumped me and I instantly regretted not going to a picnic Danny invited me to that Sunday. Yes there is a long version to this story. Hahaha!


    • Thanks so much Renee! It was crazy especially when I had to explain to friends and family that it was a brand new boyfriend I was marrying! Hahaha!


      • I think it is crazy romantic. And much better than dating someone for 6 years and then NOT having it work out.

        I’ve got a post on THAT coming out.

        It’s as crazy as yours, but in an equal and opposite way. (So glad I got out of that. Took me long enough.)

        I do think it is funny that the priest made you lie. Um… didn’t he have faith in your love? Is he still around to see you’ve made it?


        • It is actually a rule that you have to be dating for a certain length of time and to take classes. I remember we skipped the class because Danny lived in Denver and I was in Wisconsin, but we took the test.
          The couple who sponsored the class took us aside and my heart fell. Then he said, “We’ve been doing this for a long time and when heard your story, we expected the worst. But you two tested highest on knowing your future spouse better than anyone!”
          I guess it was those long phone calls!

          The priest actually went out on a limb for us. No other priest would have married us! He’s no longer a priest! He was way too liberal. Hahaha!
          I have no idea where he is, but maybe he’ll read this some day!


    • Thanks Julie! He called this morning and I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to tell me and he said, “I miss you.” I just had breakfast with him two hours before. He is so romantic!


    • I think that may be the key to all of it. Allowing yourself to completely let down your guard and let someone love you for who you are and then love them right back. That is romance!
      Thanks so much Leanne!


    • I did and the weird thing is, I never had any doubt. I slept like a baby the night before the wedding!
      Thanks so much my new friend!


    • We could have sent the announcement in for our 25th, but we never got around to having a picture taken of the two of us! We have 25 years to prepare for the next one.
      His name really is Danny! My mom wanted to put Dan on the wedding invitations and we found out that Danny is his real name!
      Thanks so much Tom!


  7. Happy 25th Anniversary Susie and Danny Lindau! :-) I really enjoyed reading the story of how you and Danny met, and I’m also impressed that unlike me, you didn’t need to almost drown your future soul mate on the first day you met, in order to really impress him. :-) I’m glad that you two came together in a much more natural and far less life threatening way. Some things are just meant to be, and I am happy for you both, that you and Danny have been meant to be together for the long haul.

    Oh, and when I read what you said about how you tried twice to contact Oprah with your story, “but I guess it wasn’t dysfunctional enough.” I was grinning from ear to ear! :-D


    • Thanks so much! It is a pretty good one. If I hadn’t watched her show, things would have turned out differently!
      Thanks for reading!


  8. Ah! (sniff, sniff) What a lovely story! (slides tissue under eyes)

    Congratulations on 25 years. I hope you have 25 very happy more. (very happy more?) Whatever. You know what I mean.

    Cute couple and darling photos!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Thanks so much Darla!
      I am glad you read it! Oprah has made such a huge impact on so many lives. It’s amazing how crucial timing is to everything in life!


  9. Susie, congratulations for 25 years, believe me it only gets better, in june we passed our 35th and still young enough to keep on enjoying every moment of our lives together…in both your faces the smiles always say we are a couple, “siamese twins connected by the lips.” I pray that there will be many more to come!


  10. What an amazing and ROMANTIC story!! Congratulations to you both, Susie! Best wishes to the promises and happiness of the next 25 years!

    Tina and I have been together for just over six years and we will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks.

    Each new day with the one we love is truly even better than the day before, isn’t it?


  11. It’s always wonderful to hear a great love story with a long-term ending! Mine was not nearly as happy or long, but, out of it came two wonderful children I wouldn’t trade for the world.
    (Ah, the world’s a mess, anyway!).


  12. Ha! I think it’s an awesome story. Wish mine will last this long. Hey I also think I read your Oprah revelation with your old boyfriend when I was perusing your old posts a while back. Good one. :)


    • You’re right! The focus was on Oprah and how she was leaving her show. I took 800 words out of it! Man I was long winded back in the day and you are amazing for reading the whole thing!
      It sure goes by fast! Thanks Guat!


    • We are! I have heard so much about couples having to work at it, but I have no idea what that means… thank God! :)
      Thanks so much!


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