Oh Cali, How I’ve Missed You! A Photo Essay

Have you ever traveled somewhere and felt an instant connection? I feel that way every time I am in California.

Maybe it’s because of the beauty created by its people.

On the beach in Santa Barbara

Maybe it’s because this is a place where the mountains meet the ocean.

Maybe it’s because California is full of trendsetters. Our dog Roxy may want to grow out her “do” like this fella in Malibu.

Maybe it’s because we share the same sense of humor.

Maybe it’s because there are so many little courtyards filled with gardens off the beaten path. This one is complete with a coop and chickens! One is checking me out. Do you see him?

Maybe it’s because the vegetation is so exotic.

Maybe it’s because of the ease in which new friendships can be made.

At Lucky’s in Montecito with Leeza, Jim, and Linda.

Maybe it’s because I am sharing these adventures with my best friend.

Have you ever felt a connection to a place while on vacation?

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105 responses to “Oh Cali, How I’ve Missed You! A Photo Essay

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  3. laura joakimson

    If I ever leave California, I’m sure I will miss it too. I feel the same connection you describe, so here I am, six years after moving here. thanks for the tribute to my adopted home state.

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  5. journalpulp

    Lovely photos, Susie, lovely post. You make me long once again for Cali.

  6. I left my heart…. and probably my brain, too, now that I think about it. I really enjoyed your photo essay, Susie. Though Boulder’s my lovely home, now, the Bay Area will always be my real home. You can take the blonde out of Cali….

  7. Are you still in CA? Welcome to our state :-)

  8. I haven’t travelled nearly enough to know where my home away from home would be… though I suspect it would involve lots of sunshine and exotic foods. Cali looks pretty perfect, especially with you in it ;)

    • Awwww! Thanks Alarna! We have really been enjoying it.
      I have wondered where else I would feel this bond like I do in Colorado and California. There are so many places I haven’t been!
      Have you been to Bali?

      • No, I haven’t! But it is on the to-do list…(I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only ventured as far as NZ, but this is going to change!). Likewise, have you seen Hawaii?

        • I have been to Maui and Kawaii and both are beautiful! We’ve also been all over Panama and the southern coast of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is what Hawaii must have looked like before it was overdeveloped, but it has been a few years..I love traveling!

  9. Two places for me, Cape Cod and Disney World. Lots of childhood memories that never get old.

  10. thanks for the smile. You’re posts are always so happy

  11. California is wonderful and it’s one of my favorites. but New Mexico feeds my soul

  12. Nice photos. Happy to see you having a wonderful time with your hubby ;)

  13. That dog photo makes me laugh. Is he called Dog Bon Jovi. Looks like an early Bon Jovi hairdo!! ;)

  14. Wonderful pictures, Susie! I especially love the last one. You should frame that one. It took me a while, but I found the rooster. Silly guy. I can’t believe I’m going to see you tomorrow. Fun!

  15. Okay, Susie – I decided a girl like you didn’t need the 71st comment but I kept thinking about your blog last night. I spent 13 wonderful years with Montrey/Carmel being my home base for my government work and we always thought that was where we’d retire – little did we know the gov had other ideas. Anyway, I’ve always thought of the Central Coast as ‘God’s Country’ and who knows – maybe that will become my 66th move – I loved the years I spent in CA even if I did have to fly red eye everywhere the gov. sent me from there. Oh, my heart by still.

    • Hey! I always love to hear from you! Half those comments are my own!
      We loved the Carmel area too and all the hobbit homes. You never know what could be in the future. I always dream big! We would love a vacation home here, but for the money, we should just come out here more often.
      I am looking out the window right now at the mountains and can see the ocean too!

  16. That last photo is amazing… Roxy? Lovely sentiment.

    • Thanks Ted!
      Roxy is at the puppy farm. She doesn’t go on our vacations. Believe me when I say that she whimpered all the way to the kennel and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. They love her there!

  17. loved the photo story beautiful shots Susie. :)
    i did have the same feeling when i was on a vacation in Ranikhet ( northern India) was my first visit and yet it was like meeting an old friend…breathtakingly beautiful scenery..lovely weather ,beautiful people..

  18. My connection….a few years back before it got so busy…Sedona Arizona….the place just spoke to me.

  19. I was born and raised in San Francisco, so Northern California will always be very special to me. I usually visit the Bay Area twice a year to see family and friends. When I visit wine country, I feel extremely relaxed … It probably helps that I’m a big fan of wine, too.

  20. I did when I visited the Boardwalk in Los Angeles with my hubs.. it just felt like I was home. I could sure see myself living there one day!! Looks like you felt the same!

    • I love visiting! It is one of my favorite vacation places, but I could never leave Colorado. I love that it is only 2 hours away by plane! It sounds like you have a very short warm season where you live.
      Thanks Barbara!

  21. Thanks for the fabulous photovacay! We’ve had a few wonderful holidays in CA. If the south of France did not hold my heart captive, CA might be just the right alternative!

    • I am always surprised at the similarity of the two places. Between the wine country, the lighting and all of the restaurants, and courtyards it is the next best thing to being there! Thanks Patricia!

  22. Beautiful Post:) I love the CA Coast. Have a Great One!

  23. I visited California in 1998 with my wife and son (who was then almost 3 years old – he’s now 17) . It was brilliant – we stayed in LA and San Diego. It’s one of the places we really want to come back to. Soon I hope! When you think of places in the world that are definitely up there for living in, California is very high up on the list.

  24. Welcome to my home state, Susie! I hope you enjoy your stay.

    My husband and I both felt an instant connection to Nashville and pretty much everywhere in North Carolina. Not sure why, but we both fell in love with those 2 states. Some day we’re going to relocate from California but we’re not sure where yet.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Cool! It is amazing how we can “feel” it. I love that we are only 2 hours away by plane and can be somewhere so completely different!
      I haven’t been to Nashville, but it is on my list!
      Thanks Patricia!

  25. I felt a connection to L.A. during my first visit, and moved here a few weeks later. ;) I love that feeling, and I’m thrilled you’re enjoying your time here. Can’t WAIT to see you!

    • I have always loved visiting here! Love “the scene” and the scenery! I would miss the change of seasons, but it is my favorite vacationing spot! We were laughing that it takes 2 hours to get to Breckenridge by car and 2 hours to get to LA by plane! How fantastic is that!
      Can’t wait to see you too!

  26. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a great place to get attached to. :)

  27. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you spot a surfer dog in Malibu. The pictures are beautiful and your smile certainly indicates the good time you are having celebrating!

  28. Fantastic! So glad you like California … where the mountains meet the ocean. LOVE that you love my little neck of the woods. And it is always better when you’re with your best friend. If you’re still here for the weekend and by the beach you could probably check out my little triathlon in Pacific Palisades :) Enjoy the California sunshine. :)

    • susielindau

      How cool Guat! We will be at the CU USC game, but if you are interested in meeting up, email me at susielindau@gmail.com

      • Colorado vs. SC Duuuuuuuuuuude how awesome is that! Seeing your team in another state. Happy Tailgating :) I know you’re a Colorado girl but as always I’ll be rooting for the Trojans. I’ll be thinking of you. I didn’t get tickets because I have the kids all day Saturday and my one year-old is only a fan of tailgating, not so much the game I know … I’ve tried. :) I’ll send you an email and see if you can squeeze me in on your itinerary. Enjoy the heat today…102

  29. Great photos Susie! I want to visit Bermuda again. That island has stayed with me all these years… Pink sand too. ;)

  30. Love that porch with the chicken coop!

  31. Beautiful post Susie! And yes, I’ve always felt a connection with London the times I’ve been there, like a strange deja vu, as if I’ve lived there before, in a previous life, it’s hard to explain.

    • susielindau

      How cool is that??? I have only been to London for a few short hours and would love to go back to really explore!
      Thanks M!

  32. *sigh* One of the places I would love to see, but am unlikely to. Ever since ‘California here I come, Right back where I started frum,’ I have fancied the state. Your pix intensify that.

  33. I loved living in New Orleans. Living there was like falling in love. I knew I belonged there. She was moody. She was dark and light. She was music and noise. She was broken down and beautiful. She was magnolia and sweat. NOLA is still my favorite place in the world. I would pick up and move back tomorrow.

  34. Places I love… San Francisco & Napa Valley in CA, and Madison, WI.

    Been to the first two something like five times, the latter, three times.

  35. i feel that connection in disney. no, really. making plans now to go back in january. lately i’ve only been going once a year, but now i want to go twice a year. also, the two times i was in the caribbean, i felt connected, and it wasn’t just the rum. i’m going back there in about three weeks.

  36. Coleen Patrick

    Beautiful Susie!
    Ireland is a place I felt a connection to.:)

  37. Welcome to Cali! Your pictures are so nice, I love them. I am so, SO bummed I won’t get to meet you on your stop in Santa Monica. Thanks for making my state look so good in pics, Susie. Enjoy your vacation!

  38. My vacation took four years courtesy of Uncle Sam. I saw the South, Japan, the Midwest and Cali. I was up north in Sacremento. I liked it, but the only complaint I have is the ocean is on the wrong side. When you face North the ocean should be on your right.

    • susielindau

      Hahaha! That is funny Tom. I guess it must be the opposite side of the country from you. :)
      I guess when they say join up and see the world, they aren’t kidding! Thanks for your service!

  39. Great photos! I have felt an instant connection with a place that I’ve been too… it’s Colorado. When I see the mountains I feel myself breathing deeper and feeling like I’m home.

  40. Napier in New Zealand, Susie – a tiny version of San Francisco

  41. Oh they are so adorable. Especially that last photo, so sweet!!!!

  42. That sun’s warmth in the last photo can be felt from here! Great shots

  43. Gorgeous photos! I, too, love California, though I don’t feel like it’s the place I’m supposed to be (darn it!). The connection I feel the strongest is for the southern part of England. The weather there is not like California, sadly, but I still feel the pull on my heart strings there. Do all people feel a connection to a particular place, I wonder?

    • susielindau

      I wonder too! I feel the deepest connection to Colorado, but of all the places we’ve visited, I can always go back to California. I haven’t been to southern England. I bet it is beautiful!
      Thanks Mary!

  44. lynnkelleyauthor

    Awesome photo essay, Susie. My favorite is that last picture of you and your hubby! Yes, I feel that connection when I go to Hawaii. I love it there! Aloha!

  45. LOVEEEEEEEEEE THAT last photo.. I always knew in my heart where I would end up.

  46. LOVE THIS POST! And I love So Cal. Miss it. sigh.

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