Bedtime Stories – 125 Word Flash

Kassandra slipped under the comforter. As she drifted off, a thought pulled her back. “Did I lock the back door? Oh, he’ll be home soon.”

A few hours later, she heard heavy footsteps. Her heart pounded. She peeked out from under the covers. A man wearing a black hoody ripped through their room. He emptied her jewelry box into a pillow case.

She awoke from the nightmare.

Her heart banged away as relief flooded her body. Then she inhaled the foul odor of rotting flesh.

Something weighted her down. “Dammit Jack! Get off me!” Kassandra pulled the covers off her head. Two black eyes set in a pale face bore holes into hers. She screamed.

“Jack won’t be coming home,” he hissed through yellow fangs, “ever.”

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with the feeling that you forgot to lock the doors?

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62 responses to “Bedtime Stories – 125 Word Flash

  1. Definitely deserves a reading at Sheridegrom’s (see above) Hogsbreath Inn–

  2. I always tell the wife that nothing good can ever come of meeting an actual vampire! Thank you for backing me up, Susie!

  3. Haha…. this is the adult version of a Goosebumps episode :)

  4. Doors, all the time. Windows creep me out too, ever since Salem’s Lot. Spooky stuff, Colorado.

    • I am going to have to watch that movie again. We have several doors, so I am constantly locking them as I come in, but once in a while, I forget…..
      Thanks so much Cayman!

  5. lynnkelleyauthor

    Oh, man, this is a scary one! Love that photo of the moon. Well done, Susie.

  6. I read that this is your take on a vampire. Agreed. Vampires were nasty creatures. This is the real Edward Cullen. LOL!!! Okay, sorry for that crack. I really loved it! I was thinking wolf when I read it though. You surprised me with vampire. I like being surprised. :D

    • I decided while writing the ending that it should be Halloweeny!
      Exactly what I was thinking. After drinking all that blood, they should have pretty nasty breath right???? Hahaha!
      Thanks Debra!

  7. Dang it, Susie.. I thought it was going to be her pet dog.. I knew you were going to scare me from the photo.. but I still didn’t see it coming! Well done!

  8. After reading this, I will be sure to triple-check my doors tonight.

  9. Bet she’d rather have the burglar in the hoodie! What is that creature – werewolf, zombie, or what? Did it kill Jack, or did it used to be Jack? You know it’s a good horror story when you cringe away and want more all at the same time!

  10. Argh! You always get me on these. I keep thinking it will be a nice, sweet little flash fiction. You’d think I would learn. Love it, Susie!

  11. My husband is the checker, double checker of door locks, so when he is away I usually wake up with that horrible “did I lock the door feeling.” Now that yellow fangs are in my head I will certainly remember!

    • Hahaha! This is my first crack at vampires and I just saw them as being nasty creatures and not the hot boys of Twilight…although it might have been fun to explore what she would have thought if she woke to some super stud laying on top of her! :)

  12. Wonderful short-short. Whoda thunk 125 wds.could be so potent.

  13. I thought for sure it was Roxy!

  14. Well, didn’t see that coming!

  15. Susie – With your talent – you could hang out at The Hogsbreath Inn in Carmel and people would pay you for these terrific chilling stories. I can easily imagine myself on the outdoor patio with the fireplace going and friends all around – passing the always generous basket – all the while waiting for one more of Susie’s stories. The more we drank in those days gone by – the more generous the money going into the basket. Oh, the fun of it all. There’s always the background noise of the surf, a Bach sonata somewhere, and twinkling lights strung through the trees – but once you left the comforting warmth of the patio bar – it was dark and the storyteller’s haunts would slip back into the mind.

    • WoW! Thanks so much Sheri! I can only dream of your vivid and beautiful description and can hear that fire crackling! That would really be something. I love Carmel and would love to visit again sometime.

  16. Ooooh, good one. You should write a short, scary story and tell it to your friends over a glass of wine in a room lit only by firelight and candles.

  17. The thought of the smell of rotting meat emanating from the fang-filled jowls of an uninvited guest does not go well with the rice crackers I’m scarfing here at my desk at The Grind. What a pity Kassandra’s attacker didn’t swish some Scope first, but I suppose that is not a criteria in the Handbook of the Vicious Crazed Flesh-eating Beast (available for $6.95 in trade paperback edition on Amazon). Since my garret is about the size of Roxy’s paw print, I have never had that worry about locking my door that essentially hits me square in the face on a daily basis.

  18. Yipes! I love it. Was there a rectangle involved, by chance? ;)
    You’ve got a knack for the spook factor, Susie. That’s a total compliment!

  19. Ayeeeeeeeeee *runs screaming from the room*

  20. Rotting flesh and eyes. Oh man…goopy wet flesh. I though there was going to be a dead person laying on you. Lol. Scary!

  21. Love It! I hate waking up in the morning and discovering that I left one of the doors unlocked. Fortunately, no vampires…yet…

  22. Susie i have found the main door open twice…dunno how i forgot was not a nightmare that woke me up….just this nagging voice inside telling me to go and double check doors…
    Absolutely stunning fiction Susie. :)

    • Oh thanks Soma! I pay attention to those little voices most of the time. The other night, I woke up and realized the back door was open, but just rolled over. I did not sleep well!

  23. Yikes! Noooo. But I have thought someone or something was in the room. The Black Mist. If you close your eyes, and go deep under the covers, The Black Mist loses its powers and goes away. Also, sunlight kills it. True story. :-)

  24. Brilliant! I’d better stop reading these closer to Halloween. Who knows how creepy they’ll get :)

  25. Anonymous

    Sounds like me coming in from the pub!

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