Very Few Words Wednesday and a Photo

Although the Colorado ski season has been in full swing for a few weeks, Danny and I started ours last Saturday with a couple of runs at Breckenridge. Cue gratuitous cheesy ski photo…

This year, Vail Resorts (the parent company) is offering an amazing deal called Epic Mix. For $30.00, you can buy a package for an entire season of photos taken by the mountain professionals. They are considered mine to use and share with or without the resort logo. How cool is that? This includes all of the mountains they own: Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, as well as Heavenly and Northstar in California. The picture above is the first Epic Photo of the season.

Users have their own dashboard where they can see all of the photos taken throughout the season. They can be downloaded and shared. It keeps track of your vertical feet, how many runs you’ve taken, and number of days on the mountain. We went for a whopping 3 runs, but in my defense, there were about 350 skiers per square yard. Exaggerate? Me?

You can see that they were making snow while we were skiing, but we could really use a good dumping. Could it be time for a snow dance?

The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day will be Wednesday, November 28th! 

Do you record your activities in photos?

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63 responses to “Very Few Words Wednesday and a Photo

  1. Ah…. now I miss my days attempting to snowboard on Fuji-ten, Mount Fuji, Japan. You both look so comfy and warm together. Great stuff! ;)

  2. I know some people may think the photo is cheesy, but I dig it. Maybe it’s because I’m from So Cal and we get no snow down here. I have yet to go skiing or snowboarding, but they’re on the list. Which one should I try first? Oh! I have yet to take the “cheesy snow picture” either or do the snow dance. But I’ve got plenty of “cheesy” pictures of me at the beach :)

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  4. Do I record activities in photos? Oh dear girl, have you not seen my Instagram account? Fat with 510 photos of activities…errr dogs…errr drink…..errr food. :-)
    THIS IS GREAT! $30.00 for photos and all that tracking…who needs a GPS? You guys look so cute! I never liked the fake stuff to ski on. I vote snow dance. Snow dance! Snow dance! Snow dance!

    • Haahaha! Be careful what you wish for! :)
      I know that I will be taking advantage of that deal this year. Who knows what the price will be next year!
      I maxed out my phone with 1300 photos I took in the fall. I had to get an SD card… :)
      Thanks for stopping. Keep on snapping!

  5. Inspiring! We’re visiting your state this week and spent a night at Telluride, just to see what it was like (unbelievable). Not enough snow for skiing though. Good for you getting out there early, and glad to see you protect your noggin.

    • How Cool! That’s where Danny and I got together. I skied there once in college too. It is a beautiful place.

      We used to call ourselves the Helmet Head Family since we wore them waaaaaaay before anyone else did!
      Thanks so much!

  6. Time to crack open some Avalanche and hit the slopes!
    Though, the slopes in Ohio are not very good practice for the slopes in CO or Utah, and it’s not snowing here yet, so, I guess I’ll just drink and toast your pic.

    • I hope by now you’ve had your Avalanche! We have been celebrating birthdays here and I haven’t had much blogging time. My friend Wendi’s (Wertz) family used to own a ski “hill” in Ohio. I will have to ask her the name of it. She used to race for CU so she must have learned pretty well on those icy slopes. I am from Wisconsin and learned the same way!
      Thanks for stopping by! **clink**

  7. I looked long and hard and researched (for gosh sakes!) online before buying my last digital camera and memory chip. It takes amazing 5-10 mega pixel pictures and the chip allows me to take up to about 4200 pictures! All this and the only drawback I have is that the two AA batteries used for power will only last about 1/2-a little over an hour. I carry 4-6 extras with me when I go. Love the pics and love the size. So, yes, I take a lot of my life on film.
    PS – the 9 min. video of my daughter’s wedding posted the other day on my blog was done with my camera.

    • Wow! That is so cool! Congrats to your daughter! I stopped by but, it is birthday week and I haven’t had much time…
      Digital cameras are the best. When I think of how careful I was about taking photos with my 35mm because I didn’t want to run out of film and it was expensive!
      Thanks Scott!

  8. Your picture reminds me of how much I love snow and wish we got a lot more where I live. Last year I didn’t even need to get the shovel out. Enjoy it!

  9. I love reading about your ski adventures! Breckenridge is one of my favorite places to ski, mostly because I went there a lot as a kid and it feels a bit like home. Now that I’m out of the skiing race for good, I get to live vicariously through you. That photo pass sounds like a cool deal. Will you be visiting California just so you can use it here? That would be awesome.

    • You never know! You got all the snow last year and we have the pass….pretty tempting! Danny would say, “Let’s go skiing!”
      Have a fabulous Thanksgiving week and I hope the snow flies for you!
      Thanks Tameri!

  10. Looks awesome! Good photograph too. That package is a steal.

  11. Lovely photo! I can’t believe the views are copyrighted like that. Only in the U.S. I bet ;)

  12. HOLY COW! A ‘Very Few Words’ post from susielindau… who would have thought???

    That’s an Ab Fab photo of you and Danny… Blue goggles no less. Sounds like a cool program for you serious skiers… try not to break, sprain or tear anything Susie…

  13. Get Thor to come visit. since he left, our snow has melted steadily. LOL

  14. Oh to spend a winter in Colorado! I love the ski photo package idea … it would be nice to be in the photo for a change as I’m always on the shutter end. With any luck I will sneak out to Whistler for a week or two this winter. Let’s hope for a snowy winter on the slopes!

    • I am hoping for lots of snow right along with you Patricia!
      I know what you mean about not getting in the photo and my husband always snaps the picture on 2 instead of 3 so the ones I am in are not always the best!
      I would love to go to Whistler some day…. :)

  15. What a cute pair.. your smiles say it all! We have lots of snow.. shall I send some your way?! xx

  16. Oh man, my old stomping ground. (Ha! I just wrote about Breckenridge.) Jealous…just pure jealousy. The fresh air, the sun, the white mountains almost make you short of breathing just starring at them. It does seem a little chilly in the picture and they are blowing snow, so I guess there’s that. (Okay, fine, it’s great a pic.)

  17. The only problem I have is people owning mountains. Picture is awesome.

  18. “Cue gratuitous cheesy ski photo…” If the snowboot fits, I say, “Photograph it!” So can we expect to see more S&D shots on the slopes this winter?

  19. It really is a stunning picture. I can’t wait to learn to ski one day. I have NEVER been. Tell me I am sheltered one more time… someone.

  20. Bring on the Snow dance…but just there…we’re just fine here thank you…

  21. Love that. I take more photos of things (i.e. found humor) than people. This is partially because I don’t put pictures of my twins on my blog or twitter. I still have some pictures of my kids… somewhere…

    • Same here Leanne. Since I really started focusing on photography, (pun intended) I have taken a lot more landscape and architecture photos. I still take bazillions of photos of everything! Some day I will have to organize them…..some day….Thanks Leanne!

  22. I love capturing our activities – cheesy and all – ha! Great Deal and Great Photo! Have a Great One:)

  23. I saw they were making snow in the background.. I thought that was just a freebie/ add/on. You are so brave my dear and both look so great..

    • Thanks Linda!
      The resorts for years have used Sharpshooter for taking photos and they were very expensive. It will be fun to see the collection of photos over the year especially if we can ever get the whole fam damily on the hill at one time! :)

  24. What a great deal Susie, and a fab picture too. :)

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