Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Snow Edition

Frolicking in the snow last year.

It is time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day here on the Wild Ride. This is my way of thanking all of you for reading my blog. It is like having a huge party so all my friends can meet each other!

This is your chance to pick up a few new friends and gain some new subscribers. Abuse me by bringing ONE link to your blog post. If you bring two, you will end up in Spam Prison. Pick an article you think everyone will enjoy reading. After pasting it, write a small hook to entice  us to your lair blog.

If you have a video or book to promote, go for it!

Feel free to introduce yourself to others in my comment section. Say, “Hello! You seem pretty cool! Do you mind if I stop by your place and check it out?” You know what the answer will be. “Of course! Make yourself at home.”

Subscribe to a few blogs and they may subscribe to yours. Tell them, “Susie sent me.”

The virtual party has begun, so socialize! Mingle with the guests! Every sumptuous entree and decadent dessert is here for your virtual pleasure. The drinks are on the house. Indulge! Everything is calorie-free!

The regulars know there is always some dancing involved.

Colorado seems to be in a drought. Do you remember our wildfires this summer when  I taught you how to rain dance? It reeeeeally worked, so I am giving SNOW DANCING a try! I even got my kids to help!

All I ask in return for this virtual party day is that you consider following my blog! Thanks! Now have fun clicking on the links chatting up my guests!

I have never been able to pick and choose a blogroll (I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings), so I’ve added the random Wild Riders section chosen by the computer. Yep. That’s my mug too since I comment on your comments! Keep ’em coming!

157 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Snow Edition

    • No worries Julie! If life slows down for you, you can come back a week from now and leave a link and click on others. The post will always be here for you. Just tell them, “Susie sent you!”


    • I definitely will Catie!
      Everyone should know that Catie has a series about infamous killers on Fridays. I love reading about them since so many of us are writers and the truth is usually stranger than fiction!


  1. Hello Susie and abusers. I am a serial abuser and have found other abusers to my liking. Now on to the really wierd stuff. The following is a link to the beginning of a series of posts that is not yet finished. We are half way through. Each post stands alone but in conjunction they tell the story of “FRED”, a rather wierd individual who speaks in – – – well – – – I’ll let him tell you how he speaks. ENJOY!


  2. Hi Susie! Thanks so much for this great opportunity – I’m going to use it to promote my poetry book, and here’s the link:

    Make sure you stop by my blog on Saturday, December 1st and check out Muse-Sings Guest Feature; it’s a double-header, featuring two fellow writers and bloggers: Jenny Keller Ford and Jennifer Eaton! I’m kicking off their blog tour for “Make Believe” – Random commenters during the tour will receive ebook copies of Either “For the Love of Christmas” or “Make Believe”, and there will be a Rafflecopter, too for extra chances to win!

    Also coming up in December is a special gift from me to everyone who has supported me by following my blog, buying my book; and all my friends and family – it’s going to be an exciting month!

    Thanks so much again, Susie and wishing you excellent results from your Snow Dance – I’m off to check out some links! ~ Julie :) xox


    • Thanks Julie and congratulations to you and your new book! I will try to stop by on Saturday, but am going on a girl’s weekend.
      I bet your book IS beautiful! Thanks so much for dropping off the link!


  3. I always hate it when my picture shows up in my “people who follow me” section. It’s not like anyone notices, but it always makes me a little self-conscious (You know who loves my blog? Me!) …

    Anyhoo… my instinct is always to go to a post that no one’s read, but for some reason I kind of went the opposite route, to one of my most popular posts – my open letter to the person who un-followed me. I had a number of people think it was serious and/or targeted to an actual, specific person, which was hard to reply to. It’s a post I’ve been nothing but pleased with. Hope you like it!


    • Love this post and it is the one that was Freshly Pressed! My numbers change occasionally and I have often wondered why WP hasn’t come up with a way to click on an avatar to see if the blogger is following. Every so often I am surprised that a regular commenter finally follows. I assumed they were already!


  4. Thanks for the opportunity Susie! I enjoy meeting new people. For those who don’t know me, my name is Nick Humphrey and I’m an undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies major at South Dakota State University. My degree is focusing on Environmental Geography as I have quite a bit of background in meteorology. My blog focuses on literally All Things Geography…physical geography, human geography, mapping and even geographies of other worlds.

    Trying to think of a good post to exhibit my blog, I figured this brief analysis of Hurricane Sandy might be nice. I got thousands of hits in just a few days from outside of WordPress because of Sandy:

    Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


    • The one on the left is my son Kelly! Hahaha! We had a blast but still have no new snow. It’s been dry for so long now. I am hoping that big Pacific storm comes our way.
      Back to snow dancing!!!!


  5. Hi, I was hoping to catch some of the party animals. You know, the ones who come early and stay late. Or, am I the only one? I brought wine. Thanks for doing this Susie, what a great idea. I’ll be sure to say hello to all of the guests.
    My blog, Marry Me Knot is about our culture and marriage. My latest post is for the single people: I don’t want people not to get married, I just want them to think about it.


  6. As I made coffee this morning, something to do was nagging in the background of my mind. The incessant yipping brought it slowly into focus, after the first sip… I had a date in the Snow Capital of the USA…Colorado! Oops… where’s the snow, and what is that women doing down there with those two kids cringing behind ski goggles? Oh, the plane is landing? I grab my laptop and make my way to Niwot, and there she is to greet me… Hi Roxy! She yips “I hope you brought a copy of TedBook with you”, and leads me to the kitchen where the guests are sipping coffee and watching Danny install a new pole in the rec. room. Seems the old one got bent pretty bad during the ‘rain dance days’. Today, I have brought a chapter of TedBook I wrote for the Friday Fictioneers a few weeks ago, titled ‘Thieves in the Light’… … I hope everyone likes it. And speaking of the Friday Fictioneers… we have all been singing “Come Back Little Susie” lately… we miss you. Well, coffee in my mug, I’m going to check out some new blogs, while we wait for her to finish with the phone call from Michael Flatley. And, since I don’t want to go to Spam Prision I won’t mention my PhotoLog…


  7. Hi all! *passes tray of healthy cookies and soy nog* Susie, you throw the best blog parties. :) Make a snow angel for me, will ya? Are we allowed to share adult-rated links? Hmm… In case not, I’ll share my post on dealing with food stress and anxiety during the holidays:

    Looking forward to checking out everyone’s links!


    • Hahaha! I would love some eggnog! Thanks for being so thoughtful!
      I wish I could make a snow angel, but alas all the snow is man-made on the mountain. No lie. No snow.
      Sorry it took so long to get back here! My phone rang off the hook this afternoon. It seems that my entire family is playing the Powerball tonight! :) One of us is sure to win. Right?
      Thanks for bringing a link and a healthy one at that!


    • Hahaha! That Donner. Always looking for attention. I bet he took forever to housebreak….

      Thanks for coming to the UMAAMD! I think I have read all of my guests posts and they are fantastic!


  8. Hey Susie…just thought I would stop by and check out the party. I could definitely use a few laughs and your parties are always great for meeting new peeps.

    Here’s a funny post for when people are having just one of those days and can’t ever get out of the house on time. If you’ve got kids … dude … a definite read. I wrote a while back. Hope you guys get a good laugh :)


  9. I’m always late to these parties! I’m sorry, the traffic was horrible and you know how Kathy from H.R. can chat, well, she caught me in the parking lot and I couldn’t get away from her!

    Anyway, here’s my link: My apologies if you’ve read this one.

    Thanks for the invite Susie, I promise to try to get here earlier and wipe my feet next time!


  10. Hey, everybody! Hi! *waves* Sorry I’m late… Friend Jenny’s toddler had a little accident on my party dress; I had to go back and change!

    Wow! Look at all the wonderful posts! I better get mine up before I forget. This is from my ‘poetry’ blog “It’s Not Iambic Pentameter”. When you read a couple of the poems there you will understand why I named my blog what I did –

    Okay, I’m gonna grab some ‘punch’ and mingle!



  11. Some wonderful links here, Susie… I’ve popped over to a few and will try to get back. I need to go update my NaNo count and schedule some more posts for One Word Blog Day.

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful ‘bash’… always so much fun to see what everybody has. :)



  12. LOL @ Kelly and Courtney. I like how they kept their identities under ski hats and goggles. But they DID the dance. Hope it brings you SNOW. I truly do. Colorado isn’t the same in the winter without. I still fondly remember spending Thanksgiving weekend skiing Monarch with my brothers and sister. :-)

    I’m throwing this link in, because I already had it copied in response to a comment on my Christmas tree. If you love Christmas miracles, you will love this one written last year.


    • Sounds delish! Thanks so much Patricia! I hope you find a lot of new friends. I love your French/travel blog and I am sure that other’s will too!
      Keep on dancing girl! We need to bring on the flakes!


  13. You know how our old friend Gustav Flaubert called the written voice a “faithful echo” of the speaking one? Yours is so lively and fun I can’t possibly bring myself to abuse you (by linkage or otherwise), so I’ll just thank you for stopping by my blog and come back to yours for much-needed smiles :)


  14. Ok so I’m a day late. Fashionably, I say.

    I’m a travel writer who recently left my successful career in educational administration to travel the world and write about it full time. I’ve been living in my Subaru wagon with all my worldly belongings for three months, couch surfing, backpacking, and otherwise adventuring!

    My blog is about keeping in touch with the wildness inside yourself, so I write about my wild adventures in travel, relationships, and wilderness. Come check me out and become a member if you like it! Thanks and happy blogging!


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    • Good old Aunty Bill! Love him! I am sure they enjoyed him tremendously. I hope that you had fun meeting some new bloggers too and the cool thing is that it is never too late to click away! Just tell them, “Susie sent you!”


    • I LOVED that poem! The only thing I can think of is some bloggers only go to blogs after reading and commenting on theirs. The old I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

      I hope you had fun “mingling” with the guests and you have found some great blogs to read and comment on at the party. It is still rolling! Just tell them Susie sent you!


  16. How is it that I haven’t followed you yet, Susie? Well, that matter is now taken care of. :)
    Love your posts! I’m in the process of reorganizing my blog and trying to find a good schedule. So I’ll just link to my books page for now, and then I’ll wander over to the bar. No snow dancing for me – I live in Florida. How about some SUN dancing?? lol!


    • Hi there! Susie Lindau sent me, and I’m glad to be here. :-) So you can legally define crazy? Cool! Are the voices in my head yelling loud enough to bother you? Cause just tell me if they are, and I’ll tell them to shut up, or there might be a few empty seats in my multiple personality office by next monday morning! Oh good, they all seem to have gotten the message and they’ve turned down the volume now. Lol ;-)

      I loved your cartoon, and you got an honest, able to be heard in the real world laugh out loud from me, so there’s a quick comic score for you! Did I go out on Black Friday? Heck NO! Cause that’s some scary retail mayhem gone mad, and I’m not sure I’d want to deal with all that mass insanity. But if I was wearing one, my hat would be off to you, for being brave enough to just go out there and GO for it!

      Me? I think I’ll just stick with free climbing 500 foot high cliff faces, cause that doesn’t scare me – it’s very peaceful up there, and if anything bad happens, at least I know it will all end very quickly.

      Hey, I think I like you! :-) I think I’ll even follow you! And since I’ll only be following you on your blog, you won’t even need to get a restraining order! Lol :-D


    • Thanks for coming to the party! I was in the mountains on a girl’s weekend!
      Very funny post! I am glad that you brought it. I hope you had a lot of fun clicking on new blogs and mingling with the guests!


  17. Loved the “Dancing for Snow” video, and you are most definitely a fun trip that I enjoy taking, Susie Lindau! :-) Once again, I’m late for my chance to use you and abuse you here, but my mother says I was born late, and I’ve been late ever since! She’s right and I’ll probably be late for my own funeral. Lol ;-) Which reminds me of something you’ll probably think is weird, but we both know it won’t be the first time, or even the second or third time… But I’ve often thought that I’d like to pre-record my own eulogy for my funeral, and put all of my very best stand up comedy riffs in it, so that for one last time, I could make my audience die laughing, even though I’m already dead. I think that I might do it! Lol :-D

    But anyway, I do have a link that I’d like to share here, and it’s from a recent post that I really enjoyed writing, because I’ve been in a comic drought for a while, and this one finally felt like my sense of humor was starting to rain again. (yeah I know – weird analogy, and I guess I’m just in that kind of mood today. lol) It’s not anything all that great, and not nearly as good as my best stuff, but hey, at least it’s new and it’s wet instead of dried out! Lol :-)


      • That’s because I have a uniquely “original” mind… and why I am much sought after by my most devoted fans – those guys in the white coats who are very insistent about wanting me to live 24/7 where they work, so I can make their employment experience more interesting and amusing. I keep telling them that I am NOT Jack Nicholson, however flattered I am that they seem to think so, but they just won’t take no for an answer, and they keep trying to make me an offer I can’t refuse. But I can and will refuse, just as long as they can’t catch me! Lol :-) Thanks for reading my post, and fun party here as always.


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