Guess What? A Contest


One of my annual holiday traditions is creating our family Christmas card. In the last couple of days, I have drawn and copied, cut, folded and stacked all of the parts that will be ready to glue and assemble. With around 24 hours into this art project, I would guess that I am just about half way to finishing them. I am hoping to make 90 cards. I know. I am ridiculous.

This year’s card is another pop-up, meaning there will be folded paper inside that will have some dimension after opening.  Last year, I added beads and half of the envelopes were returned before Christmas with postage due. Ugh. This year, I avoided any extra dingle dangles that would mess up the otherwise timely delivery.

Christmas 11 061

Last year’s card. Those beads cost me!


Another pop-up from two years before.

I thought it would be fun to  run a contest for those of you interested in receiving one of my homemade cards. No matter what your faith or how you celebrate, this is a card made with lots of love for you!

All you have to do is guess what my family is doing in this year’s illustration. 

In the past, I have drawn my family participating in all kinds of holiday and everyday activities. Click here to see more examples of my cards to give an idea of what we may be doing.

chraistmsa 11 003One guess per person. If you guess more than once, I will only take the first one. My husband Danny will draw from a hat if there are more than five winners.

I will announce the winners on Friday, December 14th. I will post a link to your blogs too!

I have to go back to work. Really!

Do you send holiday cards to your family and friends?

I hope you will consider following my Wild Ride!

The contest is over, but you can see the finished result and the contest winners here!

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116 responses to “Guess What? A Contest

  1. Dude so glad you had another post on your greeting cards I remember telling you how cool it was that I ran into your other Xmas card post and loved your creative idea. I have absolutely no drawing skills, so I send the regular photo one, but that’s become the same old same old so I might have to learn how to draw because this is an AWESOME idea. Just thought I would tell you again!

    I’d like to say that the Lindau clan is snowboarding and skiing off a major Rocky Mountain and decided to stop in mid air to do one of your Wild Ride Flash Dance Mobs in mid-air … you got the moves :)

    • Thank you so much!
      Too bad you didn’t guess sooner Guat!
      You should make your own. These days with home printers it is so much easier.
      I used to go to a printer and drop off my drawings!

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  3. I love your homeade Christmas cards Susie. I rememeber seeing your post last year and thinking ‘what a creative person you are!’ My guess–and I’m sure I’m right, LOL–is that your family is DANCING in your Christmas card this year! :)

  4. Yep we all love giveaways…but home made Christmas cards takes the cake… I do hand made gifts each year. I wish I tool photo’s along the way. Now I have to tell my sister to get all of her years gifts to take photo’s so everyone can see what I made. Great idea, great blog.

  5. Something technical… everyone with a smartphone?

  6. Hmm…I’m gonna go with snowshoeing. Have a happy holiday, Susie!

  7. I LOVE the pop up idea.. I Hope I remember it for next year. My Guess is you will be doing that Lindau’s do every year.. SOMETHING DIFFERENT. ( cheep guess, huh?)

  8. Susie, you never cease to amaze! Your fantastic artwork makes those cards extra-special. I was going to guess snow dancing but see it’s been a very popular thought. Might we find all of you in the kitchen whipping up some festive culinary creation?

    • You are so nice to stop by Patricia! Thanks so much. I was an illustrator back in the day and my card is about the only artwork I do these days!
      Thanks for entering! That means a lot to me!

  9. Good grief! You are insanely creative! ;-)

  10. You are way too cool! Absolutely fabulous greetings, Susie. Wow. I’ll guess that you’re all flying high over a beach-y ocean setting, hopefully landing smack dab in Los Angeles. ;)

  11. Whoa! You DRAW those pictures? Dang girl, you are talented! I love handmade cards and usually make my own (I haven’t tried pop ups, maybe next year!), but this year I sent out store bought and it nearly killed me. They were pretty, but they weren’t mine. You probably get what I mean.

    Let’s see… what do I think you’re doing this year?

    You’re all slack-lining over the tops of Aspen with Roxy hovering above you from a helicopter while filming you with a camera. :)

  12. Coleen Patrick

    Dancing? I always get a kick out of your dance videos! :) Awesome cards, btw!

    • Thanks Coleen and thanks for stopping by to guess!
      I am thinking about taping a take off of a commercial I just saw. There isn’t a lot of dancing but lots of mugging for the camera. I thought it would be a hoot! I will see if I can pull it off….

  13. How about baking? And yes, I do send cards, although not for Christmas but for New Year’s. Not handmade though, but custom ordered via tiny prints.

  14. I love the illustrations on your cards! You have such amazing talents! :)

    I think I shall guess… Christmas caroling… at a senior center or assisted living facility?

  15. Your cards are treasures, Susie. I imagine that people look forward to opening them every year. So here’s my guess: Susie is out front in a dance party moment, busting a fabulous move, while Danny, Roxie and the kids are dancing back up….

  16. How about sledding? Wild guess, I know…

  17. Wow…finally! A contest that won’t lose me hundreds of millions of dollars and make me feel lousy for having flunked math…. (Sorry, I’m still stinging from that Powerball loss)
    Okay, I’m gonna take a stab at it. In this year’s card, your family is gathered around the fireplace as Roxie comes down the chimney.
    Hey, I might be wrong on the card? But when you go paydirt on Youtube . . . we can talk.

  18. Susie you are quite the talented woman. Your pop up art is amazing. My daughter makes origami cards.. pretty cool.
    I have cannot venture a guess.. just saying hello

  19. Wow, love your drawings! i’d love to see more of your art here :-)
    My guess is: the family in a snow fight…

  20. Okay, my guess is Forrest Rangers as in firefighters. It’s a wild guess but hey you’re on a wild ride! Didn’t you go camping or something? Am I supposed to be looking at a card above or just wildl guess , cuz the one pic looks like snowboarding.

  21. You’re very clever! Yes, I send cards. I bet it’s snow dancing!

  22. Yes, I still send cards. This year, only a dozen to the closest members of my posse, but in years past I don’t think I ever sent out more then three dozen. I’d like to quit, but I have a reputation for sending “alternative” holiday cards, but this could be the last year I send. One year I sent one showing adult Jesus standing like a doofus inside an open door while it was snowing hard outside. Menopausal Mary screamed, “Jesus Christ, shut the door! Were you born in a barn?” That card was a big hit. Another popular one was a cartoon drawing of the Mental Christmas Choir singing, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” When W was president, I sent one showing him sitting in the front row before Pope John Paul II, wearing a red robe, lying in state in an open casket. W looked perplexed. The caption read, “What happened to Santa?” My boss’s favorite was a photo of a kid standing in the snow with his tongue stuck on a metal pole. Inside the caption announced, “Theethons Greetings”. I’m under pressure to outdo myself. It’s a challenge.

    Hm, what could your pop-up card be? By process of elimination, I’d guess that the Lindaus and Roxy are not gathered together in the driveway shoveling snow as they dance and sing carols … or are they?

    • Hahaha! Love these cards and can imagine the drawings. Hilarious.
      I would think you could make up your own!
      Thanks for participating. I was worried that maybe no one wanted one…. :)

      • About 25 years ago, before I let my drawing skills completely whither and die, I did write and design one myself. That was a year when I did send out a shed-load because I was working freelance. I sent it out with cookies I baked (something else I don’t do anymore, too) in tins called “Santa’s Helper”. It did the trick and got me hired. I thought of one this year and my graphics designer friend wanted to do it, but it was too much hassle since, you know, the Manhattan Project is my priority these days …

    • you are way too funny.. awesome cards

  23. Wow, your cards just blow me away! What talent! These are so amazing! I’m going to guess that your family is sitting around the dinner table, holding up glasses for a toast! What a great contest. I want to win one of your cards! Cheers!

  24. Oh what fun they are gorgeous! My guess is you’ve all gone to visit Santa at the North pole :)

  25. 90 cards? I don’t even have that many friends and family to send them to. That is a very ambitious project.

    I’m gonna guess the family is doing something outdoorsy – probably in the sun – perhaps out of the state. Hmmmmm. Let me think. I know you visited California this year, but not sure if that included the entire family.

    I’m going to guess whale watching! Absolutely no idea why, but that’s my final answer.

    If your family has not engaged in this activity yet, I strongly suggest you do so.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  26. I send cards, it’s the best way to keep in touch with the family. And, it makes gift giving easy.

  27. Julie Catherine

    Awesome Christmas cards and drawings, Susie, I love them! My guess is that you’ll be sitting around the fire singing Christmas Carols with friends and family! :)

  28. Holy Christmas schnitzel, Susie! Is there anything you can’t do well?! ;-)
    Awesome cards! My guess is singing (maybe carols?).

  29. Kevin Kearney

    Since you live in Boulder Colorado and with Hickenlooper signing Amendment 64 yesterday I assume your family will be sitting around a Christmas tree shaped bong – would make a GREAT pop-up.

  30. I LOVE all of your beautiful creations…they truely are amazing. My favorite is the family snow boarding.You really captured Roxy’s expertise on that card! My guess for this year is dancing.

  31. I’m guessing you’re laughing.

    I did postcards to my blog readers last year, but not this year. I’m buried.

    I love my pop-up card from last year. Still have it (somewhere!).

    • Thanks so much and for entering Leanne! I got the card idea from you. :)
      You are a busy lady and have kids at home too! I don’t know how you do everything. A new book, a blog, writing for Huffington Post and the newspaper! Whew girl!

  32. I am going to guess Paradise; the Beach! I just sent my holiday cards out in the mail yesterday – nothing as creative as yours though – AMAZEBALLS by the way! Happy Tuesday:)

  33. Well, unless you get snow, you probably won’t be skiing…, maybe going to Florida and the beach ???
    DANCE! DANCE !! DANCE !!! (be sure it’s aimed for Boulder this time – Ha !

  34. Ok, I will pick a wild guess…. it started in Missoula, you’ll be doing some froster’s anonymous thing! LOL!

  35. Why, enjoying each others company, of course!

    Happy holidays, Susie!

  36. Hey wait a minute! How do we know that you aren’t stumped with Xmas Designer’s Block, and just using us for ideas??? Well, in the Christmas spirit, I’ll concede this may be on the level. Okay, you’ve done Skiing, there isn’t any snow anyway, Shopping, Decorating… I’m going to say… singing Christmas Carols with Roxy yipping away!

  37. Anonymous

    Have a dingle dangle Xmas Susie!

  38. How about putting stockings up by the fireplace? Your cards are gorgeous and I can’t wait for Friday’s post! Good luck getting them all done.

  39. Such a fun card idea! Way better than the regular ol’ store-bought cards. :) My guess is: Sledding!

  40. Cool concept, Susie!
    You’re one-of-a-kind!

  41. Okay, maybe this is getting too dark, but I’m being bold in my guess. Since it would have been a defining event for the year, I’m going with “cleaning up from the fire.”

  42. These are so creative and cool. You guys are talented. Drawing and popping stuff up. Awesome! I have no clue. I’ll guess hanging a wreath with no beads on it. Lol.

  43. What a great way to really included your holiday spirit in a card….I’m so impressed!!

  44. what a great idea, susie. I wouldn’t try it, but I thoroughly appreciate those who do. my guess? hmmm, you’re snowshoeing.

  45. They are snowboarding… I think they are snowboarding away from a blogging photographing MUM. I know mine keep saying,”No pictures!”:)

  46. So cool Susie! We just sent our cards out last week. :)

  47. Your drawings are terrific! Those cards are too awesome. My guess is that your family is building snowpeople.

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