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Get Your Red On and Get Recognized On the Wild Ride

I had heart surgery. Yep. It will be three years ago this April. My heart condition was congenital. My father has congestive heart failure from contracting rheumatic fever while in the Air Force. We all know someone affected by heart … Continue reading

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An Unnamed Threat No More!

Snowstorms usually squat on a few states before evaporating in the glint of winter sunshine. As if on snowy steroids, these frosty freaks have grown exponentially in recent years. While plodding along and dumping tons of snow, they have buried … Continue reading

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Roxy, the Bravest Bichon in the West?

My Bichon Roxy has many talents. She has mastered all kinds of tricks (anything for a treat), pulls us along while hiking snowy mountains and rocks her Ghetto Mittens. But last week she impressed me as the fiercest Bichon in … Continue reading

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Hanging Out with The Saturdays as a Fly on the Wall

When my daughter Courtney won a trip to New York City to see The Saturdays, I said, “Who?” She informed me that they are an all-girl pop band similar to The Spice Girls. My second question was, “Can I go?” I … Continue reading

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January Thaw – Friday Photos

It warmed up this week and temperatures rose from 9 degrees into the high 40’s. The ice on the pond has thinned.

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Prepare to Be Typealzyed!

You have got to try this! I am willing to bet that everyone has looked up their astrological profile. What’s your sign? See? Do you think it sums up your personality? Our preconceived idea of who we are may differ from how … Continue reading

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In the Land of Happy People and Cheese – A Photo Essay

Let the Wild Rumpus begin! Courtney and Kelly are channeling Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are while playing with the mural my dad painted. Last week, my family flew back to Madison, Wisconsin. You gotta love their (our) sense … Continue reading

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The Visit – A Photo Essay

Hanging out with the California girls – Debra Kristi, Debra Eve, Lynn Kelley, August McLaughlin and me. We can’t keep our hands off Thor. I found Debra Kristi’s blog through her Immortal Mondays where she covers many different types of … Continue reading

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Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Warmth Edition

Happy New Year everyone. It’s time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! It’s that fun virtual party where you get to “abuse” my blog by posting a link to yours in my comment section. I hope the New … Continue reading

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Plunging into the New Year, Polar Bear Style

There is a reason why I am wearing a red wig and am standing next to my new blue friend. I went out to the Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s Day in support of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Why … Continue reading

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