The Visit – A Photo Essay

California girls

Hanging out with the California girls – Debra Kristi, Debra Eve, Lynn Kelley, August McLaughlin and me. We can’t keep our hands off Thor.

I found Debra Kristi’s blog through her Immortal Mondays where she covers many different types of legends, myths and folklore. I met Debra in person while visiting California. She introduced me to Thor. He has been on a world tour ever since.  When she asked if I would like to host her little friend, of course I jumped at the chance. I planned to show the God of Thunder a great time in Colorado!

After Thor arrived, my daughter Courtney introduced him to the village. He didn’t waste any time.

Courtney and Thor1

Thor met Roxy.

Courtney and Thor3

Kelly could stand-in for Thor if he ever needs a body double.

Kelly and Thor

Thor rocked the Denver Mall on New Year’s Eve.

Kelly and Thor

Thor was a thirsty little man.


Thor really is the God of Thunder!


We took Thor skiing, but I’m not sure he enjoyed the brisk Colorado air.

Thor and the family

I hope Thor had a good time. I know we enjoyed every minute with him!

Make sure you check out Debra’s fantastic blog!

If you could be a mythological figure which would you choose?

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96 responses to “The Visit – A Photo Essay

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  2. BTW – tell me how to put those thought bubbles on images, you do it so well!

  3. This is my kind of post! I love having the traveling inanimate and anthropomorphic character in tow. The second most compelling thought I have is how much I would like to BE Thor and traveling with all of you attractive ladies. Cheers to super heroes!

  4. Posseidon – I would be God of the Seas… though Zues is pretty cool, too. I enjoyed reading The Lightning Thief a couple of summers back and enjoyed it. I rented the movie for them and they rolled their eyes until they started watching it and then it was quiet! Have a great day..

  5. Great pics with Thor! Hmm, if I could be any mythological figure I think I’d be Athena. She always appealed to me. :)

  6. Looks like Thor had quite the harem when you were with the California girls. :-) How could he not have a blast hanging out with you? You took him everywhere! (Good thing, too…gives him more reason to keep Loki in line and away from earthlings)

    • Hahaha! He was in the midst of some adoring and swooning fair maidens! :) We took him everywhere but on the Polar Plunge. We left him home with the Hairy Beast!
      Thanks for stopping by Kitt!

  7. Too much fun! Thor had a thor-oughly fabulous time, I see! Your captions are the best. That Thor is going to be exhausted from his time at your house ~ I hope the next stop allows some rest for the poor guy!

  8. You have been served. So when you get back from the internet Alcatraz of Wisconsin, please visit up.

  9. filbio

    LOL! Thor is the man!

  10. Thor is my favorite! Glad he had a good time on the adventure! ;) The beast is adorable, by the way!

  11. I never realised Thor was so Titchy, Susie. At least he can ski though!

  12. Did you see the Thor movie last year? Natalie Portman stole his thunder, no kidding.

  13. I always enjoyed Athena. The gal had some balls.

    Looks like Thor enjoyed Colorado. Is this is his first time in cold weather? Or maybe it’s not so cold in CO right now. It’s been positively frigid here in NH. 2 degrees or less every morning for the past week!

  14. Susie, I’m so pleased that Thor behaved himself while in Colorado. Too bad you don’t have pictures of him dancing Gangham Style with you at New Years!

  15. I’m sitting here, spending waaaay too much time thinking about which Mythological figure I’d most like to be. I’ll throw out King Arthur and Apollo and be done with it.

    • There you go! Eh?
      I traveled to WI since I posted this and the accent is already rubbing off.
      Those are great choices. They are two really amazing dudes although I will always be partial to Arthur probably because of the movie Camelot. Now I must get back to that cheese platter….

  16. Roxy probably wanted to chew the whiskers off of Thor.

  17. Thor rockin’ it in Denver! It looks like he had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing his adventures, Susie. :-)

  18. Despite all the innuendo, he sounds quite proper.
    Must be the accent…

  19. No doubt Thor will be talking about his time in Colorado for quite some time! Roxy’s face is priceless….hahaha!

  20. what fun…looks like you had a good time with Thor. since he left Calgary, we’ve had barely any snow. yay for Thor being in the US

  21. Thor’s journeys are always so exciting. So glad you got to host his hotness this winter.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  22. I’m dying laughing at the adventures of Thor.

  23. And so Thor came down and ravished the ravishing maiden. Afterwards, he announced, ‘I am Thor!’
    ‘Tho am I, but it wath worth it, wathn’t it?’ she responded. :)

  24. Hilarious pictures, Susie. Thor sure is a charmer with fair maidens. Fun post!

  25. Hi,
    Thor is definitely a ladies man, he knows where to go for warmth. :)
    Great photos,and I loved the captions as well.

  26. You lot certainly know how to show a god a good time!! ;)

  27. Don’t let the long blond hair fool ya. The dude’s a thousand if he’s a day. He plays the Good Demi-God but he’s a cad. Cold temps make him stronger. He’s from Scandinavia and Colorado is a perfect place for Viking debauchery. Don’t buy the comic book and movie image. He’s a cad of the first water. Just sayin’.

  28. So funny! You are so great with the multimedia! Thanks for the awesome tweet today. How did I miss your “Use Me & Abuse Me” Day? #Duh!

    • Thanks Renee. I am still learning as I go…:)
      When I didn’t see you at UMAAD, I figured you were a busy lady! It is ironic after “talking” to you, but I think I had the most new people ever and they were in a subscribing frenzy!
      It’s not too late to click on a few links and say hello. There are some great posts over there!

  29. Awesome! I think it would be fun to be a mythological creature that can fly! :)

  30. Julie Catherine

    Hahaha, loved this, Susie! You guys always have the greatest time and most fun! I do believe I’m going to have to hunt me down a character prop to help out with my book – it’s a fabulous way to self-inspire! :)

  31. Your creative vision knows no limits, Susie! Well done!

  32. You will have Debra peeing her pants over this one.

  33. Too cute! Thor is quite the world traveler now. I think he’s getting quite spoiled at all the female attention hehe

  34. Glad you had fun. He got into a bunch of trouble at my house, but perhaps all the travel has tamed him a little? *giggle* Fun pics.

  35. I can tell it was fun!
    I just finished reading Kelly’s post on Thor!

  36. Looks like Thor had a great time in Colorado… I wonder if the next place he visits can even top it?

  37. So funny… when I saw the goddess remark i was going to frown.. I am reading 50 shades of grey and if I hear the words inner goddess one more time.. well..:)

  38. Haha. I love the fireworks picture and the little village. The picture with your son is great. Too funny. Glad you had fun. :D

  39. Very fun, Susie. I’m glad you showed Thor a good time!

  40. Hi Susie,

    Even the god of thunder must have blushed from the attention of the fawning maidens in that first photo. Hey, that doll has seen more sights that I have so far this year.

  41. Haha! Good one, Susie,

    And he behaved himself! Great post!

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