Hanging Out with The Saturdays as a Fly on the Wall

When my daughter Courtney won a trip to New York City to see The Saturdays, I said, “Who?” She informed me that they are an all-girl pop band similar to The Spice Girls.

My second question was, “Can I go?” I frantically tried to fold myself into her carry-on bag to no avail, so I got another idea. I could be a fly on the wall!

a fly on the wall 1

With my new transformation, I easily crept into Courtney’s bag. She never noticed I was there! Can you find me in each of these photos?

Courtney takes New York

Courtney and her friend Allie (who entered her email in the contest) were flown out as guests of the band and E! Entertainment. They stayed at the very fabulous Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

I couldn't help myself!

The Mercer Kitchen in SoHo was So Delish!

times square

The girls explored Times Square after scoring tickets for a show.


Waiting in line for the Broadway musical Newsies and taking in the atmosphere.

We are Winners!

Another exquisite meal, this time at Becco while Allie and Courtney express their winning attitude!


After party-busing to the concert, the girls enjoyed VIP treatment. They met the eight other lucky winners.

into the light

All close up and personal with The Saturdays! It was no surprise how many guys were in the twenty-something audience.

Dancing on the ceiling

Courtney and Allie’s favorites – Mollie and Frankie.

The Saturdays 1

Vanessa, Allie, Courtney, Rochelle, Mollie, Frankie, and Una

Courtney and Allie are surrounded by The Saturdays.

The British/Irish pop band has been together since 2007. They have 11 Top 10 Singles and 3 Top 10 albums in the UK. They hope to achieve the same success in the United States. The New York performance coincided with a media blitz including an appearance on Chelsea Lately, (love her!) Jay Leno, and The Today Show. They have their own reality TV show, Chasing the Saturdays which premiered on the E! Entertainment Channel, Sunday night. The series chronicles the girls while shooting a new dance video, recording their first internationally released album and of course all the drama that unfolds while residing in California. Five hot UK girls living in Hollywood. What could possibly be interesting about that? *wink to all the guys out there*

After arriving home in Boulder, I slipped out of Courtney’s bag and transformed into my old familiar two-legged self. I’m glad to be back, but my arms are sooooo sore…

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I am a Boulder, Colorado writer and artist who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride!
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92 Responses to Hanging Out with The Saturdays as a Fly on the Wall

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  2. mabukach says:

    Now that’s funny!


  3. Phoport says:

    Humorous imagination…I love it.


  4. bronxboy55 says:

    I’m glad they had fun, Susie. New York is a great city, and this post was an excellent way to share the experience with everyone. Good thing for you they didn’t score tickets to Spider-Man.


  5. ROFL! I love the way your mind works! You could do a regular “Where’s Susiefly?” post!


  6. OMG hilarious. And I need to check out this band – I love me some pop music!


  7. What a great prize to win!
    And as for that fly…. ;)


  8. Debra Kristi says:

    Haha! You are too funny, girlfriend! You make the cutest bug ever. That is one amazing trip your daughter and her friends are sure to remember for a long time to come. Thanks to CC for that HOT board link. *fans self*


    • susielindau says:

      Courtney had a blast. It was a huge confidence builder for her. They navigated NYC like it was a second home!
      CC cracks me up. I think I had a dream about that guy last night. Hahaha! Yeehah!


  9. claywatkins says:

    you are so clever, I would never have thought of that! Sounds like they had a good time and a memory that will last forever…. I bet your arms wer tired!


  10. timethief says:

    Hey there,
    You are my favorite funny lady. I love your spunk.


  11. What a concept Susie! Glad you could experience all the fun with her…But, be careful, what you turn into should she perchance win a trip to Africa!!! :)


  12. filbio says:

    LOL! This gave me a good laugh. You are one crazy lady Susie!

    You are too fly!



  13. You are, without a doubt, the cutest fly I’ve ever seen! I’m so glad your daughter got to go and so much fun. The pictures are great. It was sweet of her to take your flyness along with her (even though she didn’t know she was taking you).


  14. That’s great! I hope they remember this forever!


  15. You’re beyond silly Susie :) You made an excellent spy!


  16. The Hook says:

    Cool spying session, Susie!


  17. Is this what cops do when they bug a place?
    Seriously creative and funny ( hmmm, will The Fly return?)


  18. pjb1943 says:

    Bet Courtney had a great time (and her friend) while you were just “hangin’ out” here and there. By the way Susie, No more snow dancing unless you can contain it locally. We got another 6″ last nite – and 6deg this morning.
    Stretch those arms out now and relax.


  19. mcolmo says:

    Loved the fly photos. It looks like everyone had some fun and enjoyed it. Hope you enjoyed being a fly! LOL! :-D


  20. Ha! – you are such a hoot:) Glad the girls had fun in the big city! Have a Great One:)


  21. This is the first post of I have seen of you and I LOVE it. You have a great sense of humor! New follower☺


  22. El Guapo says:

    Glad your daughter and her friend has such a great time in my city!
    (Please tell me you immersed her in classic rock as soon s she got home.)


    • susielindau says:

      Hahaha! She has eclectic taste which includes alternative. Does that count?
      She loved the city! I am proud that they handled the whole trip on their own! Next time, I want to go too!
      Thanks Guapo!


  23. tomwisk says:

    Saw The Saturdays on Chelsea. They’re cute, but I’m beyond girl groups. I’ll check the show on E! but I’m not hopeful. Hot young girls in Hollywood are beyond my reach and watching might turn out to be frustrating. I’m past being a twenty-something male and might come accross as a Dirty Old Man.


  24. Rohini says:

    You are such a witty writer!
    I am sure your daughter had a great time… they are so lucky!


  25. I should have never opened this at the office! The site of you on that window caused an out loud laugh…it’s hysterical! I Coolest trip EVAH for your daughter…just amazing and it looks like they had a wonderful time. You out did yourself with this on the creativity meter. I’m scrolling back up to laugh again….hahaha


  26. As someone who writes memoir, I’m always looking for inventive ways to tell stories where I wasn’t present. Awesome job, S!


  27. tedstrutz says:

    I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist hogging your way into your daughter’s trip, just to squeeze out a post! That’s a memory of a lifetime for Courtney. What’s the channel for that show again?


  28. CC MacKenzie says:

    The Saturdays are FABULOUS and Molly used to date David Gandy :) I bet you’d have loved to be a fly on their wall. Just say’in!


  29. There is certainly a buzz about The Saturdays Susie! – reminded me of Fylie Minogue in Moulin Rouge


  30. I never heard of the Saturdays until you mentioned them to me. When they make the film “Fly-Mom” you must submit your head shot to the casting director.


  31. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha. You are about the cutest fly I’ve ever seen. Looks like such a fun trip!


  32. 4amWriter says:

    I don’t know anything about The Saturdays. My goodness. I am out of the loop. Looks like a fun time by all — even the fly. :)


    • susielindau says:

      I don’t think many do know about them, unless they caught some of the appearances last week. They are just hitting the States and have attracted an somewhat older crowd. Courtney and her friend were the youngest winners.
      I think once their single is heard on the radio, all the little girls (and boys) will go nuts!

      Courtney heard a rumor that Justin Bieber was lurking in the balcony, most likely checking out the only single girl, Mollie!


  33. Alex Khoo says:

    HAHAHA! It’s so funny!


  34. John says:

    LOL!!! You crack me up Susie!! Your daughter had a once in a lifetime experience she will treasure, and mom went too!


  35. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Very funny, Susie.


  36. Susie, you crack me up. I am putting that first photo on PInterest. Hysterical!


  37. They were so lucky and had I known.. I would have asked you to make a fly on the wall. Well done and super creative,.


  38. What an awesome trip! And how funny and clever are you? I bet you’re the best mom in the world.


  39. Chris Murray says:

    You are hysterical.


  40. Life…it’s all about the journey!!


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