Roxy, the Bravest Bichon in the West?

Fierce Bichon1My Bichon Roxy has many talents. She has mastered all kinds of tricks (anything for a treat), pulls us along while hiking snowy mountains and rocks her Ghetto Mittens. But last week she impressed me as the fiercest Bichon in the land when she came in contact with a coyote.

Of course I reacted like anyone with a computer and added an update on Facebook. In my defense, it did ask me, “What’s going on Susie?”

Roxy and the Coyote

Coyotes have been very aggressive here in Boulder County. Several people have been attacked and nipped on trails during the day. It is not unusual to lose a small pet to a coyote’s insatiable appetite, but they no longer have any fear of humans.

In response, the Police Department began patrolling the Boulder Creek Trail in an attempt to scare them off.

When I heard that there may be a logical reason for their strange behavior, I wrote an editorial for the Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper. It was printed today!

Susie Lindau: Fine Residents for Feeding Coyotes

Posted:   01/24/2013 01:00:00 AM MST

Last week, my 15-pound Bichon Frise started yipping outside. Our Niwot backyard borders a pond and open space. I raced to the window and watched her chase, yes chase, a coyote across the lawn. It stopped on the property line while I ran out in stocking feet and screamed at my dog to come inside. This happened at 11 a.m. That coyote cruised our property for three hours.

They used to be more aggressive during dusk and dawn, but now they’re active throughout the day.

I mentioned this story to my daughter’s friend whose family lives in Longmont. Last summer, she stepped into the backyard with her Chihuahua. A huge coyote charged them. She scooped up her petite pooch and raced inside. Her parents called their homeowner’s association. Apparently, someone from their neighborhood had been feeding them. They were informed that the pack had gotten used to people and were no longer afraid.

This could explain why one followed a woman “like a dog” on the Boulder Creek Path.

I know the location of coyote dens in my neighborhood and believe they have every right to be here. I’m responsible for my little dog’s safety and take steps accordingly, but feeding them is changing the coyote’s natural behavior. This could result in more attacks on pets, humans and overpopulation. It’s cramping my style since I can’t let my pup run out her doggy door during the day without the fear that she could get munched.

Here’s a big shout out to everyone who thinks that feeding wild animals is helping them. You aren’t! You’re messing with the ecosystem! You may even be indirectly responsible for the harm they are causing humans and their pets.

Maybe there should be a fine imposed for feeding coyotes. What do you think?



Fierce Bichon2

Danny and I woke up at 2:00 AM this morning to a wildly howling coyote on our deck right outside our window. It screamed its unearthly yelp for a minute as if to say, “Roxy. I know where you live. I’ll be watching.” Okay. That’s normal behavior. Now, for God’s sake, sleep during the day so she can go back outside!

Fierce 3

What do you think about feeding coyotes or any wild furry creatures?

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123 responses to “Roxy, the Bravest Bichon in the West?

  1. Phoport

    She’s got to be the baddest. May I borrow her…I have bobcats. ;) I think her suit and mittens may do the trick here to.

    • She is the baddest. I bet the outfit would do the trick! I just looked at the newspaper and they are posting signs informing people that feeding wildlife is against the law!
      I think my editorial made an impact. How cool is that?
      Thanks for coming by and following!

  2. Send Roxy outside in that outfit and the coyotes will die from laughter… problem solved.

  3. Those hot pink mittens crack me up. Maybe coyotes are scared of pink.

  4. You go,Roxy!
    And … excusez-moi? Who in their right mind feeds coyotes? Good for you for writing the article, Susie.

  5. I agree…don’t feed them! A large bear stuck its nose in our car window at Yellowstone many years ago. It smelled the Honey flavored graham crackers!
    Just not a good idea!

  6. Forget the coyotes.
    I’m worried one day Roxy is going to snap at the ghetto mittens!

  7. Haha… your dog is cutely ready for its dance with Coyotes :)

  8. Ditch the mittens for Roxie. It’s time to go to those fingerless Rocky gloves.

  9. First snakes and now coyotes. They could’ve used Roxy’s help in Tokyo when Godzilla showed up.

    We have coyotes here, too, although I see many more foxes walking around. Some of them look as though they haven’t eaten in weeks, and it’s tempting to feed them — but definitely a bad idea.

    • We have a wide variety of wildlife out here. Last year two moose paraded by the lift on Peak 7 in Breckenridge. I fritzed out and couldn’t snap a picture in time.
      Amy Shojai is an animal expert and said that coyotes are the most adaptable of the mammals. My guess is they are eating really well, but they have a high metabolism like Mick Jagger.

  10. Don’t feed wild animals!! I’m with you 100% on that. Except like maybe ducks.

  11. Roxie rocks, she is sooo fearless, I love her outfit too, you are right in your article, they should not fed the coyotes….

  12. here in northeastern Illinois we have plenty of critters, too. Coyote have been munching on little dogs and Ivy my 45 pound Britanny Spaniel has been barking at night, I suspect from hearing things patrolling ‘her territory.’ I’ve been letting her out early in the morning worrying she’ll encounter a pack.. but folks here haven’t been feeding or at least don’t think they have. but to answer the prompt, NO, HECK NO! If you feed ‘em they won;t be wild and they’ll become dependent on us…..

    • Exactly! They are usually more active at dusk and dawn so be careful of your Spaniel. One can “draw” them out of the yard to the pack. Thanks so much for coming by Clay!

  13. Awww I have a Bichon Frise too. They indeed are brave little fellas :)

  14. Your Roxy is so freaking cute. We’ve got coyotes here and several of our cats have gone missing over the years. Sometimes I’ll see them slinking up the street, but it’s usually early morning or dusk, like it should be. Only a few times have I seen them in broad daylight, but they were always by the canyons, never in someone’s yard!

    As for feeding them? Nope, not a fan. Wild animals need to stay afraid of us and we need to let them stay wild. Like you said, it’s messing with the ecosystem. If we’re feeding them, they have no inclination to hunt, which only serves to increase the rodent population. Not good.

    Keep Roxy safe! I’d hate it if anything happened to the ghetto dancing queen.

    • I am keeping Rxoy safe. Now that I wrote the article, I feel watched by my neighbors if I let her out to run, but I am careful.
      I had no idea that anyone was feeding them. Their aggressive behavior and being out during the day makes so much sense to me now! Hopefully those idiots will come to their senses. Thanks Tameri!

  15. I totally love your attitude, Susie. I agree that coyotes have every right to live where they live, and that humans need to leave them alone. This includes killing them for sport as well as feeding them. We also live in an area that is populated by coyotes, bear, fox, fisher cats — but it’s crucial to let them be so as not to mess with the natural balance.

    I’m proud of Roxie for standing her ground.

    • Thanks so much for reading! It was great to have the opportunity to get the word out there. Most people didn’t realize they were being fed.
      Roxy surprised me, but I think you’re right. She stood her ground! I don’t know how long that would have lasted, but she could have dived through her doggy door if it came back.

  16. My parents’ last dog was named Roxy. She was gorgeous. Missing her…

  17. Roxy is a star! 86 comments and counting! Did you know that I have a Bichon named Buddy that lives with my Mom? :-)

  18. Check out today’s post on my blog for a shout-out directed your way, Susie!

  19. Roxy has the greatest fashion sense. We have coyotes as well. They come up in the street, although we haven’t had them in the yard yet. Good for you for standing up. I agree, it should be totally out lawed. It does far more harm than good. People are clueless that do these things..

    • I am sure the coyotes are all over the place since they jump fences and are more active at night. You are right. Some people are clueless!
      Roxy is one fashionista!
      Thanks Debra!

  20. I admire Roxy’s inclination to guard home and hearth, but she’s no match for a pissed off coyote. I sure wouldn’t want her to end up in the jaws of death. I agree with your editorial observations that dolts that feed them are making this problem much worse. Would they also feed bears, wolves and serial killers? I kinda wish you had photographed the coyote howling on your deck, but that might only encourage them to want to have their picture taken and posted on your site. It sounds to me that there’s already far too much messing with natural order and we don’t need wild beasts clamoring for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame unless they go by the name Russell Brand.

    • Hahaha! I agree!
      I had tried to capture the critters on film several times, but they seem to sense it and always scamper away right when I am about to click. One of these days maybe I’ll get a good picture, but I agree that we don’t need anymore wild beastly egos trotting around! :)

  21. Feeding any wild, predatory animal should be outlawed. We have coyotes on the ranch behind our home, but they have never crossed into our yard. To be safe, we shine a flashlight along the fence line before letting our dogs out for after-dark runs. We’ve seen as many as 4 running in a pack.

    My husband, shotgun loaded. (It’s Texas! ’nuff said?) approached the fence where they lurked. They ran. Imagine if they were used to being fed & no longer perceived humans to be a threat? *shudder*

    Laughed out loud at the pics of Roxie in her winter gear, Susie. Too cute!

    • Thanks Gloria!
      They have been attacking humans. Can you imagine? I just wanted to get the word out there about them being fed since I think that is happening in several places. Your husband sounds fierce! He’ll protect you!
      Roxy is a fashion statement to behold… :)

  22. filbio

    Holy coyote! You have a vicious protector there! Hey, we just have squirrels and rats here in NYC! I don’t feed either.

  23. Oh.. we used to hear those screams at night and then silence (I think they were catching rabbits) and the silence was awful! No Feeding the Coyotes.. people!!! Your little pup looks like a rock star or a super hero in those sparkly clothes… Maybe that coyote has a crush on Roxy:) xx

    • You are so right!
      Could be that he was crushing! She is pretty cute! The shoes glow in the dark which would be great for those late night dates….
      Actually, I’ve shut her doggy door and am keeping a close eye out. It wouldn’t take much to snatch her away…

  24. I love Bichons by the way. And they can be tough little doggies. And the booties rock! When we lived in Phoenix we had Coyotes along the wash that backed up to our house. We lived in the desert. We expected it. But we now live in Huntington Beach and they are having a terrible problem with Coyotes. People are feeding them and the mother coyotes are having larger litters. But the city doesn’t want to disturb them, so they won’t chase them off. So now everytime there is a siren, a howling chorus begins. Iy, yi, yi. Who knows what the answer is. But watch them Susie. They are really smart and they do go after dogs. They know how to bark and call the dog out. And then the pack comes in. So keep an eye on Roxy.

    • That is crazy! I can’t believe they are protecting them like that. Here, they are trying to scare them and teach them that humans can be menacing too. Without harming them of course.
      I am keeping a close eye. It is lucky I was in the kitchen when it happened!
      Thanks Karen!

  25. Susie- Great job on that piece, and I agree; we leave nature be nature. As for Roxie, she’s the Baddest Bichon on the Planet. And you really should make a YouTube version of her in that “The Most Interesting Man in the World”… spot.

  26. Coyotes are not elusive here in California either. It’s not uncommon to see them during the day. It’s scary that people leave food out for them though. Really? Not cool.

    I’m thinking little Roxy would have a better chance of giving chase without the purple ghetto mittens, but, who knows, maybe it’s the entire ensemble that scares off the coyotes. Poor coyotes are in shock to see such a creature charging at them.

    Cool article too. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Susie Lindau for President!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Hahaha! Luckily, Roxy was bare naked when running off that coyote (probably just luring her to its pack).
      I would wonder what they would make of her in that get up… :)
      It has been interesting to get comments on this at the Daily Camera. It is an issue everyone can relate to in some way.
      I’ll start on the posters…. Hahaha!

  27. Wile E Coyote comes a-visiting!
    Bad idea to feed them, I suppose. We feed the monkeys in lean times, but then their environment has been messed up a lot by urbanisation. Still, probably not a good idea.
    Your Bichon looks just like what we call a Maltese poodle, and ours of that ilk have always suffered under the delusion of being lions. They would take on anything! Also reminds me of our Siamese who herded a whole flock of billy goats out of the property once.

    • Your Siamese was Fierce! I agree about the monkeys. :) How cool that you can watch them where you live!

      My brother-in-law and family just visited Viet Nam and my nephew’s girlfriend was bit by a monkey and had to get rabies shots! I think they got waaaay too close.
      Maltese poodle is exactly what a Bichon is! :)
      Thanks for coming by!

  28. My ex-father-in-law lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. One day he heard his dogs going nuts in the back yard. When he opened the door to reprimand them they came running into the house. There was a mountain lion in his backyard.

    When I lived out west of Utah Lake we had golden and bald eagles that lived nearby. People had to be very careful with their small pets. It was a healthfood store for the birds. They are amazing to watch though.

    • Wow! Now that is wildlife!
      We do have to be careful. While growing up in Madison, the only wildlife we encountered in the city was the usual suspects. Over the years, deer have become prevalent. Last year they poisoned them and this year, my brother says he has not seen one. So very sad! It seems to be so hard to keep a balance when we become a part of the animal’s environment.
      Thanks for coming by with your stories!

      • When the weather is extreme and the animals get hungry or cold they get in the most interesting places. Balance seems to be the most difficult thing to achieve in anything we do.

        • That’s true and yet it is going to be in the 60’s again today! They are dressed for any kind of weather in their fur coats, so when the temps drop, they will still be hunting and howling at the moon!

  29. Oh lordy. Coyotes are NOT meant to be fed. They do fine on their own, and are one of the most adaptable critters ever. That’s why they now live in NYC and other city areas, they are omnivores and can eat pretty much anything. But as you say, often they prefer small dogs and cats. Or human toddlers. Roxy was VERY lucky! Be aware coyotes have been known to allow themselves to be chased and then join waiting brethren to overpower the chasing pet (even big dogs).

  30. I think there is a good intention behind the idea of feeding the wild animals, but in reality it really is harming their natural instincts. I actually watched a group of Seagulls ignore a bucket of bait while attacking a 3 year old with cheese curls…that’s crazy. Do not feed the animals means, do not feed the animals.
    Tell Roxy thanks for scaring me, now I have to dye my hair to cover those additional grays!

    • Hahaha! You reminded me to book my own appointment!
      Seagulls, otherwise known as sky rats, come all the way to Colorado and feast in the garbage dumps. How messed up is that?????
      Thanks for coming by Lisa! Roxy rules, coyotes drool!!!

  31. Go Roxie!

    We’re having problems with urban foxes in the cities in the UK. In London they attacked babies (twins) in their cots a couple of summers ago by sliding into the house via patio doors. And it’s all down to humans feeding them and the amount of garbage left around in cities.

    I don’t feed wildlife, it’s just asking for trouble. There’s a reason country people shoot foxes.

    • We have fox here and they haven’t been aggressive at all! That is so insane!
      We all have to be vigilant about how we effect the environment around us or it comes back to bite us – literally!

  32. Hi Susie,
    Believe it or not, we’re starting to see an insurgance of coyotes here in northern IN. Deer hunters have pics of them on trail cameras and earlier this fall there was the first confirmation (a night pic) of a cougar in the area.
    As far as I’m concerned, it sounds like a well sighted, finely tuned varmint rifle is in order. That’s how Fish & Wildlife is dealing with those critters that become “problems” here. As to feeding wildlife… What are those hair-brains thinking????? That’s just a red-carpet invitation to problems, and they’d probably be the first to complain if their pet was injured/killed by coyotes. Wild is wild – they know how to get their own food without help from humans. I say FINE ‘EM…Big Fine!!!!!

    • Thanks Paul!
      I was thinking about using a cow bell and running towards them if I ever see one in the yard or on the trail again. Guns aren’t allowed in this neighborhood, but I don’t think that would stop others from using a pellet gun. We need one of those horns used during basketball games. That would really hurt their sensitive ears! I don’t think I would use it in the middle of the night. My neighbors wouldn’t appreciate that! Hahaha! But then that is the normal behavior I am looking for.
      Thanks for your comment!

  33. My ex-girlfriend and I shared a house in an affluent part of CT. We had two cats and a Bichon. The cats came and went as they pleased until Murphy had a run-in with a car. The Bichon was insane. She would erupt into extended barking at night. One night we hit the floodlights and sure as s*** there was a coyote. A call to Animal Control got us an answer that amounted to “You live next to a golf course. What did you expect?” I was tossed. She sold the house for 1M and never told the new owners. Surprise!!

    • Love your expression! “Tossed!”
      They are everywhere and are generally nocturnal so most never see them. They are out all the time now and travel in packs anytime of day. Love your Bichon. It wanted to go out there and take it down! Hahaha! They were originally bred for killing rats so they do like stalking…
      Thanks for your story Tom!

  34. That last photo with caption is priceless! Rocky lives!
    People must stop feeding the wild predators. (like those Aussie tours chumming for sharks…bad idea).
    Unfortunately, coyotes easily adapt to urban areas and living around people (we have some even in downtown Houston on occasion).
    Do you think the wildfires/drought has brought all sizes of wildlife closer to human areas? Coyotes need water and prey.
    Great article! Congrats for getting it published

    • Thanks so much! Coyotes have lived in this neighborhood since I moved in 12 years ago, so I don’t think the fires have effected them here. They can have a pretty wide range and hunt where ever they can find small animals. Now that we have encroached on their land, more pets disappear. The red flag went up when people were being hunted and nipped.
      Thanks for your thoughts!
      Roxy always makes for pretty good comic relief, but today she was the star of the story!

  35. I grew up in the country, and we never fed animals other than our pets. We froze any leftovers we had throughout the week and put them out the morning of garbage day. This was a strict rule. I never really thought about WHY we did this until now.

    Tell Roxy to watch out!

    • Roxy is laying on the foot of my bed snoozing!
      Your parents were very smart! Residents were having problems up in Breck with bears getting into the garbage cans left out the day before. It is always good to be thinking about repercussions of how we impact the wilderness.
      Thanks so much for your story Catie!

  36. Feeding the coyotes is irresponsible and ultimately cruel.

  37. We lived in Yellowstone for a number of years and coyotes were always around. Even if they aren’t fed they get used to humans and can be very bold. When I’d take our dog for a walk in broad daylight the coyotes were always slinking along nearby, sliding from sagebrush to sagebrush, waiting for a chance to lure her off. At night we’d often hear a pack “talking” to each other right under our windows as they hunted. Wild animals should never be fed! They lose the ability to fend for themselves and what we think is good for them doesn’t give them the nutrition they need to survive. Many will starve to death during the winter for that very reason.

    • Wow! You tell a compelling tale! I walked Roxy last night and saw lots of fresh scat. They are out there watching. My friend says that they creep along in the open space while she walks her dog. So scary!
      Thanks for weighing in. You make some great points!

  38. Glad she got away from the varmint. Around here the coyotes are buried.

  39. Coyotes are prevelent in many of the local parks here in my area of Calif. they, too have become fearless when it comes to humans. I’ve witnessed them work the local dog walkers, with one luring the free-running dog away to “play” knowing the pack is hidden just around the corner. A good friend came close to losing his Black Lab in just this manner.

    Good and timely post.

    • Thanks so much for coming by with your story. I bet someone is feeding them there too.
      Just think of how big a lab is compared to my little Bichon! She is inside with me today.

      • There is a large park nearby, with extended walking trail surrounded by low brush, but no real trees. But is it amazing how cunning these animals have become. I often sit on a small knoll with my small dog, and can see the coyotes trailing people, often within 10 feet or so. When one turns to face them, they stop, but don’t seem to shy away. Its sad to see, because in the end, the coyotes are the ones that are going to lose.

        • That is so scary!
          I think you are right and I worry about that. There is no way I will tell anyone where their dens are located for that reason. I think they have a right to live like you and I and it is a shame to see their behavior change so quickly!
          Thanks for coming by to comment!

  40. Roxy is so darling and brave:) I do not feed the birds because it draws the smaller animals that coyotes like and have seen a few in our neighborhood. I make sure to put the trash out the morning of collection too. I want to keep them wild:) Have a Great One!

    • Great ideas Renee! I am afraid that if they keep getting fed, they will stop eating the rabbits and prairie dogs and we will be over run this summer…. Hopefully they will see the article. :)
      Roxy is a brave 15 pounder!

  41. Roxy rules!
    Hey, that’s a great name for a blog. Hmm…

  42. Roxy’s braver than I am, for sure. I spotted a snack in our yard once. Wouldn’t go outside for WEEKS. Turns out it was a piece of litter, but still, terrifying.

    • Roxy was vicious! I was so surprised she didn’t fly into her doggy door. I am sure that if I hadn’t come outside, the coyote would have come back and she would have headed inside lickity split! I have heard they try to lure dogs out to their pack.
      Hahaha! I would have come and removed that snake for you! :)

  43. There’s something about feeding animals that humans find impossible to resist… I include myself among them. But you make a compelling argument why we shouldn’t! Roxy is gorgeous :)

    • Thanks Alarna! Even domesticated animals have been known to snap, so I can’t imagine encouraging coyotes to hang out in the yard…. :)
      Roxy thinks she is a rock star! Hahaha! She is safe and sound inside with me…

  44. My brother in law recently let his chihuahua out in the front yard to get some air and a few minutes later heard her screaming, a pack of coyotes was tearing at her, he was able to scare them off and take her to the vet. She’s since recovered but a little nervous to go outside. I don’t blame her, they attacked in broad daylight in the middle of a busy neighborhood.

    So to the people who want to feed them, don’t. I think they are wonderful creatures and I know we are moving more and more into their territories but like Susie said, don’t mess with the ecosystem!

  45. Oh the pink shoes and jacket–priceless!

  46. I think the sound of a Coyote under the window would send me scrambling for the nearest pair of clean pajamas! I think Roxy needs a few extra treats and a more ‘whup-a$$’ type outfit. Something with spikes and chains befiting her steely center.

  47. Susie – Having grown up on a working ranch – coyotes are not the friend of anyone. I rode along with my father (always with a rifle and a shotgun) to keep coyotes and other animals from killing baby calves. We didn’t hunt them from an ATV, I grew up in the days of searching and protecting your income by riding horseback. Dad never over killed, but I learned a lot about keeping the eco-system as balanced as possible. I so agree that it’s wrong for anyone to feed an animal that doesn’t belong in a populated area. Yes, we’ve encroached on native species space but we simply cannot feed these animals. It’s the same as individuals wanting exotic pets and then turning them lose for everyone else to cope with. This is an important topic and thanks for bringing it to the forefront.

  48. Oh my goodness, that is scary. i’m always telling you you live on the edge well you can’t get more on edge than coyotes. Great job with the letter. Start a cabbage toss campaign at the feeders lol.

    • Thanks Catherine! I couldn’t believe it when I heard about people feeding them. So stupid. I remember there being fines for feeding bears in other states and there are some imposed for feeding coyotes in nearby towns. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, Roxy is right here snoozing… :)

  49. jan

    i miss my bichon Nebo. he used to LOVE the coyotes and would beg to be let outside to play. i told him, they are not your friend. great article!

  50. AudioJoeM

    As long as Roxy continues to “glamtimidate” the yard, I believe coyotes will not mess with her (barring running up for an occasional fashion tip).

    • Hey Audio Joe! Great to “see” you here! I started to write about your glamorous job when I noticed my blurb had hit the papers. So true about the fashion tips!
      I think Roxy really rocks her outfit and will make the coyotes think twice about taking a bite of polyester… :)

  51. You are quite right in what you say. Feeding these animals should be illegal.

  52. LOL! Love, LOVE the booties! You go, Roxy girl. :) I actually have a Pit Bull mix but he’s scared of cats so I’m not sure about what he would do if a coyote showed up. Good for you, Susie, for letting your community know it is not OK to feed wild animals. It never works out well–from raccoons, to skunks, to deer, to pythons–they are not domesticated and shouldn’t be treated as pets, IMO. There is also a danger of coming in contact with animal-borne diseases dangerous to humans, like Lyme and rabies.

    • You brought up a great point about the disease factor. They all carry something with their wild selves. I had heard that some people allow their big dogs play with them. That is sooooo crazy!
      Thanks so much for stopping by with your thoughts!

  53. Okay I feed the black squirrels here because it is deadly cold right now.. okay I feed them in the summer so that is not an excuse. But coyotes and we have them here is not a good thing to do and glad you brought it to everyone;s attention. Congrats on the letter being published..:)

    That Roxie is like my Boston Terrier grandson.. FEARLESS…

    • You said it all with the words “Boston Terrier grandson!” Hahaha!
      My sister and I fed the squirrels on our windowsill one year while living in a rental. One day I noticed they had been gnawing on the trim and ripping it apart, trying to get inside! Whoa! That was the end of that! :)
      Thanks Linda!

  54. I don’t think they should be fed and agree with your article 100%. More importantly (or maybe not) is how stinking cute Roxy looks in her little parka and boots. Love it!

    • Hahaha! She actually loves the outfit and booties. We tried them out on her in the mountains a couple of weeks ago. I think there is a draft of it ready to post. She really loved hiking in the cold and last hours. When we got home, I took off the booties and her feet were really warm!
      I had no idea anyone was feeding them. It was an eyeopener. I will stick to feeding the birds!
      Thanks so much Ginger!

  55. My other half will LOVE this! :)

    • Thanks Stuart I hope she enjoys the photos and will find the article a bit surprising.. Who would think of picking up a few bones at the supermarket and tossing them into the yard for coyotes??? Sheesh!!

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