Frozen Words – A Photo Essay

snow sculpture 1

As writers, we cast our words into the world.

snow sculpture 2

Like the snowflakes in these sculptures, each letter of the alphabet gives our imagination the structure in which to escape, gain new knowledge and connect with the vast universe.

snow sculptures 3 We all use the same twenty-six and yet the mastery of the craft can amaze and even change time-honored perceptions.

snow sculpture 4

In an attempt to engage, we write and then hope that others will take the time to view our work.

snow sculpture 6

Success can be determined by the reaction to our effort.

snow sculpture 11

Sometimes crowds linger long enough to leave their own impression.

snow sculpture 7

Other times readers pass us by and our efforts melt during the heat of the day.

snow sculpture 10

We have a choice. We can question our own abilities, lay exposed, vulnerable, pack up our tools and give up.

snow sculpture 9

Or we can absorb the criticism, hone our skills and try again.

snow sculpture 5

Eventually our words evaporate on the breath of a new day to form new snowflakes.

snow sculpture 8

Breckenridge Snow Sculptures

Why do you write?

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107 responses to “Frozen Words – A Photo Essay

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  2. If you could carve something out of snow, what would it be Susie?

  3. While you enjoyed snow sculpture art in your area, we enjoyed ice sculptures in our area….in the Rockies. It’s my latest blog post. It’s in a National Park, which somehow I don’t think they would be taking huge chunks of snow from the wilderness to do this. Just a gut feel…we want our wilderness to look lusciously snowy which it was.

  4. My favorite image hands down is the one of the clean field of snow. Cool essay and very fine images Susie!

  5. Cool pics… wish you’d keep the snow there, but unfortunately, we are due for 14-18 inches of it Friday.

  6. Susie! These are amazing! The artist must freeze their fingers off during the creation process. Hell, I freeze my fingers off while writing. And why do I write? Because the words won’t stop coming and I must get them out. GET THEM OUT!!!! Speaking of automatic writing – I actually have. Cool, right? I cut it out of the MS though.  See all this sparks me desire all the more to go see the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Let’s plan a field trip!

    Seeing all these pictures reminds me of our conversations of photos, blogs and wordpress. I’m envisioning you sitting at your computer for half the day putting this sweet little piece together. Thank you.

    • Yep! You’ve got me pegged! It was a fun project. Better than the ones that get the same views and take two days of writing and editing!
      I agree with you and I can’t….stop…writing either! :)
      That festival looks amazing. Let’s go next year!
      Thanks for stopping by Debra!

  7. Beautiful sculptures. With a snowstorm on its way threatening to drop over a foot, I wasn’t really looking forward to more winter. But your pics reminded me how beautiful winter can be. Maybe that’s why I write, too. Even when the forecast is bleak I still feel great joy and pleasure when I create a story.

  8. Very nice blog you have here. The pictures on this page almost make me like snow. Almost, but I am still in the middle of winter. During the summer months I will be more inclined to look wistfully at the cold snow and wish it was colder. But now………….. Great pictures, you have a great eye and obvious talent. I look forward to looking around and seeing what adventures you have been up to. Grateful for the share!

    • Wow! Thanks for making my day!

      I’m a big snow lover so get ready… :) You must live in the south or somewhere brutal. I will check out your blog and find out. There are a few flakes in the forecast today so I will get my snow dancing on!

  9. So beautiful, Susie. Love the parallel you drew between writing and snowflakes…
    Why do I write? Because there’s no other way I can say what I need to say.

    • Thanks so much Alarna! It was a fun comparison to write.
      I agree. I seem to have a lot to “say,” but sometimes a message translates so much better when thought out and written down.

  10. Lovely post, Susie. Our winter has been very very mild. I miss the snow, so your snow sculptures were balm to my soul. I write to inspire, to show hope, to entertain and because writing makes me whole. I suppose I could survive if I didn’t write, but I’d rather _Live_.

    • Nice! I think there is something about writing that does opens us up to the world while it opens up a part of our mind.
      We are supposed to get more snow… I am snow dancing!

  11. Beautiful post, Susie. Both the photos and the words. You’re very talented at crafting both.

  12. What beautiful art! But I could never work in snow, sand, cake or chalk sidewalk pictures. To spend all that time and effort on something that will be gone tomorrow – the ephemeral nature of the media seems somehow wasteful.

    That’s why I like words. They can dance around the limitations of time: can be timely, timeless, last until the end of time.

    As long as I can get them recorded before they melt away from my brain.

    • Nice word dancing. I like that!
      Recording them is the tricky part. I am starting to keep a pen a paper around just in case!
      I guess the other thing I could compare it to is a gourmet meal. Some of them have taken so many hours, just to be devoured in minutes…. :)

  13. What a lovely essay, Susie. I write because it’s when I feel most at peace. It fills my need for creative expression. I didn’t really start writing until my 40′s, so I think maybe I worry less about what others think. But I definitely don’t have the confidence yet to think about publishing beyond my blog…

  14. Of course, the picture and word combination, as you have illustrated here, is the ultimate!

  15. Wonderful work, and to think that it will endure only for such a short time! At least words have greater potential longevity!

  16. LOVE those snow sculptures. Gorgeous. I write because i have to. My right hand forces me to. Also my eyeballs. Blame it on them. ;)

  17. Beautiful words to accompany these beautiful sculptures.

  18. Beautiful sculptures and beautiful words :)

  19. This was a really cool poem/post to accompany all those ice sculptures. Very cool parallels.

    • Thank you so much and for reading it! It was a fun little exercise in metaphor…. I think as bloggers, we can relate to the colossal sculptures as well as the puddle days later.. :)

  20. Thanks for sharing those amazing sculptures!

  21. Since you know me fairly well, Susie, you know exactly why I write. I can’t sculpt in snow. Great pix!

    • Yep! You are an entertaining one that is for sure. You take a lame adventure and make it hilarious. One of the first ones I read was about going to the store!

      I’ve never tried more than a snowman, but I could describe something more complicated! Does that count?

      • If the more complicated tale that you describe involves a block of ice that’s half the size of the Titanic and the end result is a power saw induced sculpture that is a dead ringer for Roxie (standing in mini-mittens of course) with leftover shavings heading straight into the family’s Hawaiian punch bowl, I do hope that you do write it!

  22. Beautiful ice sculptures, Susie! Thanks so much for sharing ;-)

  23. Sculptors blow my mind. Using ice as the medium? Crazy. Here in Montreal they’ve built an ice village complete with an ice hotel that you can sleep in.

    • Well, these were made of snow. They start out as an enormous block.
      I would love to see the village! It has been too warm to create anything out of ice that would last for any length of time. Even in the mountains!
      Thanks for coming by Mike!

  24. filbio

    Those are amazing sculptures. I can barely make a snowman.
    I write because I like to be creative and entertain! I like to make people laugh.


  25. Totally cool! I especially like the bull rider.

    And your lovely poetic captions are perfect and inspirational. I feel as though I must leave work immediately, go home, and write like the fiend I am.

    But, alas, this job pays the bills and so I must wait for the 5:00 whistle before I can go home and create.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  26. These sculptures are awesome! And, great photos too!

    I blog as an outlet, a way to connect and share with others.

    • Thanks so much Emily! Those are great reasons, especially in blogging. I think the people who use blogging as a journal or diary for themselves are probably in the minority.
      The sculptures are amazing..

  27. Therapy. It makes me happy. Period.

  28. Susie, I write because there are stories constantly growing in my brain. I tell them. I don’t have a campfire so I blog and write. Freakin’ awesome photos. Snowed yesterday and might tomorrow. It won’t accumulate. It lookslike April outside.

    • I love that “stories are growing in your brain.” Mine too! Good thing it’s not fungus or mold…Hahaha! Sorry. I am punch happy since I have been rewriting aaaaalll day!
      It is super warm here too. 50′s. I want snoooooowwww!
      Thanks so much! It was a beautiful day for photos except I had a hard time seeing the viewfinder or screen…

      • Snow is nice, especially in winter. Last year’s warm winter and the roller coaster temps don’t bode well for the Northeast. There’s a good chance we’ll get our collective a** kicked during hurricane season.

        • I bet you are right about the hurricanes. The storms seem to keep escalating in size.
          I wish we would get a good snow storm here. So far we are in a drought it seems. There are parts of Colorado that are above normal for precip! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Liked the photos, but even more than that, I liked that I finally got an email notice of your post. Ever since I changed my email address three months ago I’ve had trouble getting the notices. Maybe I’ll start getting yours regularly now. I’ve missed you.

    • Wow! Hey! I wondered where you were. Great to see you again!
      That happened to Ellie Soderstrom’s blog emails. It was several months after the auto-follow comment debacle so I don’t know why I stopped getting her emails. .
      I had accidentally unfollowed a bunch of blogs back then thinking I was unfollowing their comments… oops.

      The sculptures were huge and well worth seeing!
      Thanks David!

  30. I write to share thoughts and ideas with others; to inform, amuse, even scare (horror writing) others, but only if they want any of that.
    PS – I liked the big bear one the most.

  31. Sculptures like these always knock me out. How the heck do they do that?! I enjoyed your ‘frozen’ words – so true.
    Why do I write? I do it, because I can’t seem to not write. I’ve written since I was a little girl. It’s the sharing it with others that’s hard! :)

    Thanks for sharing your words (and the awesome photos)!

    • Thanks Mary!
      I am late bloomer and writing is really pretty new for me! I’m coming up on my second anniversary. I have found my passion and can’t imagine stopping! Sharing has been a weird part of this experience. At first I was so excited and sent links to a few friends if I won an award. It took me a while to realize that wasn’t applause I was hearing, but crickets! :)
      I really would like to be around when they carve them next year! :)

  32. Susie, were these sculptures done there in Boulder by a local artist? They are absolutely fantastic and sadly, will only be able to be held in a viewers mind, or in photos. Thanks for this post. Ya done good, girl !!!!!

    • Thanks Paul!
      They were created in Breckenridge (up in the mountains) by sculptors from all over the world. They compete every year! Most of them get more complicated every year. There are always a couple simple ones like the egg.

  33. The snow sculptures are amazing – and yet, I bet the first five, or fifty, sculptures these artists made looked lopsided and fell apart and just plain failed. That’s what I have to keep in mind: making snowballs and chattering to our friends comes naturally. Creating sculptures or stories takes skill that’s only learned by lots of practice, and the more complex you want your art to be the more practice you need. So I better go away and write now.

    • That gave me shivers. Exactly! We have to keep trying. The thing most don’t realize is how much we need to practice anything we strive to do well!
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!

  34. Beautifully written. If only I could get over the ‘questioning my own abilities part.’ Thanks for this.

    • Thanks so much!
      We all have to silence the little voices and keep on honing our skills! I feel like I am late to the party in that I just started writing a couple of years ago. I am like a sponge and don’t have time for any doubt. Besides I am enjoying myself so much! I am sure that you are too!

  35. I love, love, love this! Those snow sculptures are fantastic ~ what talent! And the words you put together with just twenty-six letters of the alphabet are inspiring and encouraging.

    I think my favorite photo is of the pristine, unblemished snow. There’s just so much opportunity there to create whatever we like.

    • Thanks so much Tameri!
      I am so glad that you “got” the unblemished snow metaphor. We are unlimited in how we create stories with our words, we just have unleash our imaginations and try!

  36. What awesome snow sculptures, probably the best I have ever seen. I write as a form of self-expression since I cannot draw or sculpt or paint.

    • They really were cool close up. Pun intended. ..sorry..
      Some were very intricate and I have no idea how they made them. I would love to go and watch them carve the blocks. Next year.. :)

      You paint pictures with words just like I do, but I am an artist. The tools are very different, but the effect can be amazing!

  37. Beautiful, Susie. We were up in Breck last year for the snow sculpture festival. It’s an amazing event. This year, we’re skiing Winter Park. I love these and great shots along with your awesome commentary.

    • Thanks so much Cathy! I never know if people actually read them or blast through the photos. Sometimes it is hard to keep up so I can’t blame them.:)
      It was packed that last weekend of the sculptures. It is a huge draw for the town.
      Winter Park has gotten some pretty decent snow!

  38. The photos are beautiful. We never see snow. Well, every once in a while there might be flurries but that’s rare. Right now the days are in the 70s and the nights are in the 40s and 50s. Why do I write? Something in me makes me write. Something wants to express my thoughts. I’ve always liked to write. It keeps my mind active. So even when it isn’t very good, it is good exercise for my brain.

    • Thank you! It was so bright, I couldn’t see the view finder. :)
      That is a great reason to write! It can be an amazing way to release our thoughts and reflect on them. Good exercise is right!

  39. Beautiful sculptures! Are you to try one, Susie? ;)

  40. Those are great sculptures.

    • They sure are and yet they have now gone to the great could in the sky!

      • It makes you wonder. What dedication to spend so much time on care on something that is so temporary.

        • I know. It reminds me so much of blogging in that respect. We may get views and comments the first day, a few the second and after that, only if an SEO finds them.
          At least we still have the old posts.:)
          This was a contest and they come from all over the world to compete so there is some incentive to get your name out there if you are a sculptor.

          • I hadn’t thought of blogging in that way but you’re right. I get some old posts that hit a search engine from time to time.- mainly the Slut’s guide to housework for obvious reasons – but yes after a few days no hits.
            It makes sense if they are sculptors to get their names known. Like the free ones at Lapidiales .

  41. “As writers, we cast our words into the world.”
    So you’re telling me that you’re not only beautiful, Susie, you’re actually gifted as well?
    You’ve got it ALL going on, don’t you?

  42. Incredible sculpting! A tip of my hat to the artists. Hope your all well there. :)

  43. We have Winterlude here in the Ottawa area and the Rideau Canal to skate on but with -17 Celcius weather I walk to the grocery store and that is it. No ice or snow sculpture in the world could drag me out. I am that boring.. BUT that first photo is amazing…
    Great photos..

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