Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Meteor/Asteriod Crashing Valentine’s Day Edition

meteor 4

Happy Valentine’s Day! The party is in the house. The tunes are cranked and the doorbell is ringing. It’s time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! 

It is time to spread the LOVE! Who knows what tomorrow will bring with super winter storms and asteroid/meteors raining down from the sky. Here’s your chance to mingle and make some new friends!

I have some new blogger friends who are dying to meet you! Just bring a link to one of your posts and leave it in the comment section along with a short hook to entice them. Then start mingling/clicking on the guest’s links! Say, “Hello! Susie sent me.” Hang out at their place for a while. Check out their digs. Subscribe to a few of your new friends. Maybe they will subscribe to your blog!

The more links you click, the better the results!

Only post ONE link from your blog or you’ll end up in my spam filter. The spammers have been slipping past the bouncer lately. Stinkers!

It is better to bring a link to a specific post than just your blog URL. It’s the difference between being welcomed at the door and opening it up to find no one home, so you have to peek into their bedrooms while shouting, “Hello???”

Remember that the party always becomes a RAGER, so if you want to stop back in the next day or two, there will be more bloggers to check out!

The food is catered from the finest restaurants in Boulder. The barista is already concocting cappuccinos and the bar is open.

To get you into the Valentine spirit, you gotta stop by and say hello to Lola! Leaping for Love, Lust, and Lola for Valentine’s Day 

Thanks to all of you for your blog love. I hope you stop by again before the next day of abuse!

Please consider following my blog. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Tweet me!  @susielindau

Spread the word. The more the merrier.

It’s time to mingle!

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175 responses to “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Meteor/Asteriod Crashing Valentine’s Day Edition

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  5. Susie, just a party favor for the hostes.
    You have been nominated for the 2013 Most Influential Blog Award.
    Please come to to accept this honor. Each deserves it for your everyday contributions to making life in our world a better place. Please accept my thanks for being such wonderful friends.

  6. Hello Party girl! Hope things are good with Susie. Great party! I try my best to keep my world, so here is a link to the latest poem I posted on my blog:

    • Love this Paul! The poem has some haunting qualities that are wonderful!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! I hope you have fun clicking on a few links. Tell them “Susie sent me,” and they should click back!
      Have fun!

      • Thank you Susie. When I have time, I will be sure to check out the other party people’s websites, and I will make sure that they know you sent me! Oh, by the way. That meteorite in Russia, was a separate thing to the one which was passing by close to the Earth. Maybe, they thought it was too small to warn about, until the pieces landed!
        : ) Lots Of Love OXOXOXOXOXO

        • That is exactly what happened. They don’t track the small one’s even though they have the ability to take out a big city!
          Have fun! My friends are the best!

          • Didn’t they say that the impact created enough energy, as a nuclear warhead too. I wonder how that will affect the town’s people for a radiation point of view! Have fun my friend. Always great to hear from you Sweetie. Glad we reconnected again! : ) Big Hugs Paul OXOXOXOXO

  7. Wow, Susie! You really know how to throw a party! What a great collection of links.

    I’ll add The Happy Man Manual–Valentine’s Day. Thanks, Susie!

    • Thank you for coming Piper! The way that it works is you click on a couple of links and they will click back! Lot’s of mingling and hooking up going on at this one… It is still rollin’!
      Loved this post. Super hilarious and true about men! Hahaha!
      Have fun and help yourself to the buffet and the barista has been a magician with the drinks!
      Have fun!

  8. Wow, this was one awesome party Susie! Are there any stragglers left hanging out around here? Sorry I’m late. I’ve been knee deep in with personal issues the last coupld of days.

    Just in case someone needs a little writerly pick-me-up, I’ll leave the URL to my post this week, “To Write or Not To Write.” You cannot go wrong with advice from James Scott Bell. :)

    Thanks Susie! Stay safe. That was a close call today.

    • I am so glad that you came by! I hope you enjoy meeting my friends. Just click on a couple of links and say hello! They would love to see you too!
      Loved your post. It is so important to figure out those optimal conditions for writing! Thanks for bringing it to the party!

  9. I am a straight-up whore this time Susie. I am off to a show in San Francisco but I am taking your invitation and using you and abusing the hell out of your amazing blog to post my page for my iPhone workshop. I am teaching iPhone photography workshops that will make blogger images POP! My next one is in San Francisco and we will be doing them in Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and NYC in the coming months. Launching an iPhone photo trip to Italy in October. Here are all the details
    I promise to be back to make new friends on Monday and see all the wonderful connections Susie’s Wild Ride is known for!
    Cheers and much love Susie!

  10. Thanks for the invite, Susie. Enjoying the party already! There’s some delicious chocolate pudding to be had on my blog!

  11. Wow, you’re a witch! Did you see the meteor that fell to earth today in Russia!

    • I knew about the big one that passed by today at 2:20 Eastern, but the one that crashed in Russia was a huge surprise! I knew something was up this morning when my Tuesday “Heads Up!” post started to go viral! The reason I wrote it was there was hardly any news about it. Now there is!

  12. I’m late, but I’m still glad I showed up!
    Great work as always, Susie!

  13. Sorry I missed the party. That’s me . . . day late, dollar short.

    • I know! I’ve been following it! Apparently scientists don’t bother tracking the smaller meteors even though they have the ability to take out an entire large city. The reason I wrote my Heads up! post was because there was no news about the one that is still flying by at 2:20 Eastern time today! Now they are talking…

  14. Wow, so much fun! My contribution is a pimp and promote all in one — my Valentine’s Day post celebrating my insane love of books, with reviews for my top 5 (so far!) in 2013.

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else has posted!

  15. Hope it’s not too late for an ex-Boulderite to get in on the fun. Happy day after Valentine’s Day.

    • It is never to late here on the Wild Ride! Click on a few and tell them, “Susie sent me!” I am glad to meet another Boulderite even though you don’t live here anymore. :)
      Have fun!

  16. Hi Susie! Your parties are always a good time to meet new friends! ;-)

    Here’s a link to a fun post I had:

    Looking forward to taking a wild ride on some new sites!

    • I love this story and its message. We should all remember this when facing adversity!
      Thanks for coming to party with us Denise! It is still rockin’ and will through the weekend. A lot of hard core partiers are still arriving!

  17. Thank you so much for the invite to come over and say “Hi!” I’m looking forward to reading some great blog posts over the next couple days. :)

    My post is a regular feature on my blog, which is Funny Friday Photos. I figure by the end of the week, we all need a laugh, and my blog is one place I can share the wealth. :)

  18. Ah, Susie, me darlin’, ’twas a wild ride t’day so I’ll be leavin’ ya with a tip o’ me hat an’ a sweet good night, and a wee gift for bein’ such a grand hostess.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Susie

    Yes, this whole asteroids winging passed is definitely getting me worried. They don’t even seem to know they’re coming until the last minute. That’s not a lot of good if we’re going to send Bruce Willis up to sort it out.

    For pimping I’ll put my valentines post up,

    As for promoting, I’ll vote for Madame Weebles at, who has, apart from anything else, an awesome collection of weebles!

    Have a great valentines evening!


    • I really loved this post Nigel! It gave me shivers! This is truly a case of life is stranger than fiction!
      This is a pimp yourself party that I host once a month so my friends can get to know one another. I hope you enjoy clicking on a few links. Tell them, “Susie sent me!” and they should click back! It is a great way to pick up a few new subscribers and to find some new bloggers to read.
      The party is still RAGING so come back anytime!

  20. Susie, I don’t really have a link to leave, just wanted to tell you this is an awesome thing you’re doing. Having fun browsing some great blogs.

  21. Damn, Susie! You are a crack up. I love that picture of you on the asteroid. It’s priceless! I’ve just been so out of it lately, I’ve got nothing. How sad is that? I should be promoting my anthology that came out today and I don’t even have a post for that. Huge fail. :( Can we bottle some of your energy and organization?

    • Hi Debra! Great to see you! How do I not know about your Anthology???? Just post the link to the purchase site. Congratulations!
      You know how this works, click on a few and they’ll click back..

  22. Checked out some of the links during breaks from setting up my bedroom (my new mattress arrived at 7:05 am. Tonight first night in over a week not on the couch. Bug wars and odd bits are chronicled at Happy Valentines Day

  23. That’s so funny…you and I are doing the same thing today, Susie. Tameri already pimped you out at my place (we’re having Pimp & Promote – More Cowbell Style).

    So, here’s my fave post of the week: Crazy Books, Part 5 ~ A DIY Guide for Variety in The Bedroom.

  24. Thanks for spreading the LOVE today for all your followers. I had fun browsing through some hilarious posts that were shared today, but more fun laughing again at you on that asteroid!

  25. Woohoo! Love your parties, Susie, and this is the best Valentine’s Day bash I’ve been to in a very long time. I left a big bowl of Hershey’s chocolate Kisses by your door so dive in everyone! I am off to mingle! Here’s my link:

  26. Nothing like a little relexation music on valentines day or post valentines day if you’re on the other side of the Intl. Date Line

  27. I almost forgot all about this little party on Valentine’s Day. Thanks for all the great stories, here is my contribution for this over commercialized day. :-)

  28. We have to stop meteoring like this! :)
    Happy Valentine!

  29. Any friend of Susie’s is a friend of mine, although I’m a bit jealous. She’s probably skiing this weekend, and I’m 500 miles from the nearest slope. Rats. Anyway, venture over to my place and read about one of my books at

  30. Hello once again Susie (and fellow users!), I said I’d call by, and I have! The last time I took part in one of your ‘dos’ Susie, I left a link to a post where the comments had been switched off. I’ve still not worked out how to turn them back on again, so this time I’ve gone for a more recent post. As we are facing impending doom from falling rocks once again, we don’t really need any more woe, but I’ve had a woeful experience this week due to my fabulous ability of not knowing how to use WordPress properly, although I’ve been blogging for a few hundred years now, and this post describes it. Sort of. I’ll be back at the weekend to visit some of your other participants, due to time restrictions, but thanks for hosting another of these events Susie. Oh, nearly forgot the link! – I hope this is it! :shock:

  31. journalpulp

    What a great party you throw, Susie Jacuzzi. Thank you. And that picture of you — you’re like the mad one, mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, one who never yawns or says a commonplace thing, but burns, burns, burns like a fabulous yellow roman candle exploding across the stars.

    But don’t use me. Don’t use, confuse, or abuse me.

    • Oh my god Ray that is so fantastic.1 am going to copy your comment! Hahaha!
      I promise not to use, confuse, or abuse you! Just have fun and click on some links, I mean, mingle with the guests and tell them Susie sent you! Help yourself to the bar and the buffet. It’s the best in the blogosphere!
      I am so glad that you stopped by!

      Loved your post! It is such a great insight into Valentine’s Day. :)

  32. Paul, the dear lad is still sittin’ out there tryin’ ta conjure reindeer names outa th’ sky…, I’d be his evil twin – Himself. Some shindig you’d be havin’ here, lass. Where’s th’ beer tent???

    ….an’ would ya be havin’ any shepard’s pie about???

  33. Thanks for hosting the party Susie and thanks for visiting our like-in today. For those not in the know, we are having a little Valentine’s Throwdown Like-In ourselves over at the Cougar Den and you are all welcome. Here are the details, Click on today’s post to join in some blogger love

    • I love I mean LIKE your event! And I know what you mean about how many never come back!
      Thanks for coming to the party. I hope you enjoy clicking on a few links and introducing yourself!

  34. Happy Valentine. Thanks for the post.

  35. Hi Susie!! Thanks so much for inviting me, this is my first blog link party! One Awkward Link Party??

    And hello to everyone else. I’m so looking forward to spending a whole afternoon goofing around on the internet and finding new blogs. My favorite kinda day. I’m sharing a post that I think gives a prettty good idea what you might find over at my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by (er, thanks in advance? I dare you to stop by!) I am socially awkward, even on the internet! Happy Valentine’s Day to all! xo

    • Love this and all of your awkward posts! I am so glad that you stopped by! I do these parties once a month and they always attract new bloggers which is great! Everyone is looking for new posts to read!
      Click away my friend!

  36. filbio

    Mind if I join this party and mingle with all the SEXY ladies here? Cupid is in the house! You foxy ladies can use me and abuse all you want!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susie! Again, thanks for hosting this wonderful shindig. So many great bloggers here to read. I penned a special post just for V-Day.


  37. Julie Catherine

    Susie, I love these special days of yours … and I can see I’m going to need pots of coffee to wade through all these awesome links! Here’s a link to my Valentines Day post … “What the Reformed Grinch Might Have Said About Valentines Day” … Have a Happy Happy one, everyone! ~ Julie :)

    • Julie, I loved your poem so much I shared the link on my facebook wall! I hope you don’t mind. Such a sweet Valentine you wrote. I hope everyone pops over to your blog and checks it out!

      • Julie Catherine

        Awww, how sweet and thoughtful of you Tameri! Thank you! I must go and visit your facebook page. Happy Valentines Day! xoxox

    • This is so PERFECT Julie! There are so many Valentine’s Day poopers out there and you hit the reason why everyone should love it!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party!

      • Julie Catherine

        So glad you enjoyed it, Susie – and many thanks for so many awesome fellow blogger introductions! Wow, it’s going to take a few days to get through all these links, lol. You hold awesome parties! xoxox

  38. Hey Susie that picture of you on the meteor/asteroid cracks me up! HA! What a way to spread the love today. :) I’m gonna start mingling and will probably stop by tomorrow too. :)

    I found an old post for all those chocolate lovers out there or for anyone whose had a bad day … hope you get laugh :)

    • You brought the chocolates alright! Hilarious! Love this post Guat!
      Have fun chatting with the guests! There are a lot of new ones today!

      • HA! I figured you might get laugh from this post. The letter often cracks me up and sometimes I can’t believe I wrote it … but anything for chocolate right? And you’re right there were a couple of newbies at your party that I had never seen before, so I stopped by and mingled :) Good party.

  39. Excellent grog, Susie! My reflections on how to how to cope with Valentine’s Day when one’s inner melancholy-o-meter is raging:

  40. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susie! I’m here to party with a post about exploring Israel’s Golan Heights back in November:
    And now, I better get mingling with the other partiers. :) Thanks for hosting us again!

  41. Oh I love the use me and abuse me days. I have a special little Valentine’s Day post myself today. Anyone interested in guessing the degree of my naughtiness should swing by and leave your guesses. I’ll look for you there. Susie’s already been by with her guesses. She got at least one right too.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  42. How long did it take you to photoshop that picture?? Excellent. My post is about the TV show that’s bigger than Downton Abbey, a ratings monster that no one in the US will ever see – and may get the producers arrested: Now I’m off, bourbon in hand, to mingle.

    • This is a great story Colin! It has everything too..
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on some links and chatting up the guests. There are quite a few new faces today!

  43. Loved this post. And it was lovely to meet you, Val. I’m in the UK too, but Susie puts up with me! :)

  44. This party is HOPPING! Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely friend! I’ve brought four different kinds of brownies and some way too rich chocolate cheesecake. I’m a bit wired on sugar right now!

    I would love it if some new peeps got to know a writer friend of mine ~ Amber West. We took a spin on the TARDIS a while back and had a blast. You can read all about here:

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mingle and make some new friends. Love you!

  45. I may have done this one before, but it came up again as the highest single day view (over 700) and, I still think, the biggest over all viewed post of mine:
    Thanks, Susie…

  46. Hi Susie – I’ve brought the sugar free brownies as promised. Today I’m promoting my blog which tells of my husband losing 55 years of his memory and gaining none of it back.

  47. Susie, hold on to that board for dear life. Anyway Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Check my link for a book on love. Actually, Apart from Love by Uvi Poznansky,

  48. I’m laughing at you on the meteor. Very apt, babe, because you are a force of nature. :)

    This looks like another FABULOUS paaaaaarty! I’m posting the linky link to ‘I’m In Trouble’ which is apt for me too. Happy Valentines you gorgeous thing.

  49. Thanks for the party, Susie. Great as usual despite the pending asteroids and meteors. In honor of these visitors from beyond the blue I pulled out a post about dusting, my cats, why I blog, and — fittingly — sound waves in outer space. Enjoy:

  50. Thanks so much for inviting me, Susie, and hello to everyone! I am excited about checking out all these blogs and meeting new friends. Here is the address for my main blog:

  51. Susie… as always, your friends and fans appreciate the forum you provide to introduce them to my writing… Drum Roll please, D J Kelly Smash…

  52. Hi Susie … Happy Valentine’s Day! You rock, I mean boulder?! Oh my gosh you look so silly, love it. Off to get my link, a Love Palm Poem.

  53. On Meteor, On Comet, On Red Star, On Asteroid (whada heck rhymes wid dat?) To the top of the ladder, To the top of the barn, (I forgot what comes next – oh darn !!!). Happy Valeroid Day, or was that Happy Valeor Day…whatever !!! ~~Paul

  54. Hiya Susie, just lovin’ all the links–gonna take a while to check them all so will need an extra-large-caffeinated beverage. *s*
    Here’s some puppy-licious fun (tongue in furry cheek with some cute pix, too:

  55. You’re awesome Susie…
    Happy Valentine’s day :)
    Here’s one of my posts

    • Hey! I am so glad that you made it to the party! Help yourself to the beverages and buffet and click on a few links!
      Loved this post and am glad that you brought it. It is pretty eye opening!

  56. Hi Susie,

    The last time you did this, I ended up having a tab of your post open for days. So many links. Your RAGER is definitely more than a one-and-done affair.

    My post is about what we see in the mirror when we look beyond our reflection. In My Mirror I See…


  57. Thanks for yet another AWESOME UMAM day! Happy Valentines Day everyone. A little Steampunkery to make the day, different!

  58. Another fine day here at the Wild Ride!
    Looking forward to checking out the links.

  59. You are awesome as an asteroid too Susie!! :)
    Today my post is about first kisses and pancakes.

  60. I am missing my love 3000 miles away but I have all of you.
    Thank you for doing this..

    “The Tale of the Valentine Love Spud” on Zoomers:

  61. Good Morning! Hopefully, it’s a typical sunny day in Colorado. I’m loving the cappuccino bar! You always seem to out do yourself. I had to go on a hiatus, but I sure missed you guys. (Thanks for coming by already Susie!) Can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs! My post is about marriage and community.

  62. Beware – falling rock zone… :)

  63. Thanks for coming by Val!
    Loved that posssst! Hope you have fun clicking as the guests arrive!

  64. One of the first for a change Susie! here is the latest Train Travel Tale – The Knot!
    watch out for the bores…..they are EVERYWHERE!

  65. How lovely of you to host a party and on Valentine’s Day no less. You’re so sweet Susie! And, speaking of something sweet, I’ve decided to share a little post about one of my “sweetest” memories. Enjoy!

  66. Well, well, well. Isn’t this fortuitous? My new book hit the digital market today and here is our lovely Susie offering us another “Use me and abuse me day.”

    Oh yes, I almost forgot. There are two books all wrapped up in on make-believe digital cover (sorry it couln’t be hardbound but that’s the way these digital folks roll).

  67. Honestly, I’ll let you know that @JennyHansenCA is having a Pimp and Promote Day, too. So now that I’ve done the yenta thing, I’ll let you talk amongst yourselves. She’s at MORE COWBELL.

    As for me, I’m just promoting today. Love to you and Jenny!

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