I Will Follow You!

There are a lot of reasons why I follow blogs. I subscribe to those that exhibit excellent writing or inspiring photographs which take me along on adventures around the world. Other times, because I can relate to the writer, the posts are informative or I want to make a connection with one of my own followers.

I just checked and have subscribed to 270 blogs. That is crazy! I seldom follow those that blog every day or more than once a day since that is a lot to read. I try to comment or at least “Like” everyone’s blog sometime during the week. It’s how I get to know everyone!

So I have to ask the question. Why do so many subscribe, but never come by to read again? I am not getting a thousand views every time I post a story. I realize that some accounts are no longer active, but where are the majority of you guys? (((ECHO))) ((Echo)) (echo)

It's a long way to the top

It’s a long way to the top

Some sly bloggers comment consistently and as soon as I follow back, they never stop by again… “Hey! Where did you go???”

Do the beginner bloggers freak out when email alerts start coming and they suddenly realize the consequence of hitting the follow button on 100 blogs in one day?

Do they follow and then turn off the email alerts? I know. Why bother.

Are they trolling for followers?

Do they think numbers are the most important part of blogging?

I have never followed random people with the hope of having them reciprocate just to build my numbers. To me, that is such a strange way to build a community.

A few bloggers stand on mountaintops built on their accomplishments. They expound knowledge or give us a slice of their life with very little interaction and good on them. I may always trudge along the rocky path.

The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson – AKA – The Bloggess 

She sneezes and gets 1000′s of views.

If I ever reach the summit, I wouldn’t want my own voice to echo back to me from the empty abyss. Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Right?

across the abyss

Hello out there! (((Out There))) ((out there))

Lecturing keeps distance between a writer and their readers. Many have a small clique of those to which they will respond. I HATE CLIQUES. Hate is a pretty strong word. Okay. Dislike… 

There are many types of readers. I have family and friends who click over from Facebook or email. Many loyal bloggers stop by and comment almost every time I post. There are the skimmers who may be in a hurry and hit, “Like” to let me know they stopped by my place and those who press “Like, Like, Like,” on all the blogs they follow through the reader and hopefully click over to read once in a while.  I love all of you! Really!

The blogosphere and specifically WordPress is an amazing community of people from around the world. I have made a lot of real friendships through the interaction of comments. I plan to meet up with more of you over the summer! Get ready!

Two years ago, I was told that if I planned to publish a book, I needed to blog in order to build a writer’s platform. I wondered what the heck that was. It is the group of people that follow you over a period of time that will be interested in buying your book (crosses fingers) when it is published (crosses fingers again). I learned that a rickety platform built with straw-like hits or views and can be worthless. One created through communication, connection, and relationships built with mutual respect is rock solid or at least a lot more solid than straw. Cue wind machine…

Once a month, my blog becomes a house party. Readers have the opportunity to meet my friends and  build their own community. The next Use Me and Abuse Me Party starts April 25th. Yep. It’s official. It is no longer one day. The last one was a rager and lasted nearly a week!

I will continue to construct my community brick by brick and hope that others will keep stopping by my Wild Ride, if not to comment or like a post, at least to peruse my latest adventures for a few minutes.

It’s my dream that someday, I’ll shout from my own mountaintop and a crowd will respond, “FOR GOD’S SAKE, WE’RE RIGHT HERE. STOP SHOUTING!”

Where are all you guys

Now that’s what I call a following!  Woo! Woo! Woo!

Are you selective when subscribing to blogs? Do numbers matter to you? 

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288 responses to “I Will Follow You!

    • I was Freshly Pressed a couple of weeks ago. Every day and sometimes a couple times a day, a woman has come by and liked my “Open Letter to My Boobs” post. At first I thought she was having a problem with her “like” button which has happened to me, but after 10 days, I knew she was trying to get attention. I don’t have a problem with that so much, but it became annoying to see her gravatar pop up every day. And no, I didn’t run over and Like one of her posts. It became a stand off on the Wild Ride!!!

      I posted about it on Facebook and said that if she kept it up, I’d hit 1000 likes really soon! I have to admit, when she didn’t come by yesterday, I was bummed. I thought she could be following me on Facebook and saw my comment. But I woke up this morning, and there she was! I don’t understand her motivation!!!

      I don’t have a problem with people liking to get attention and drawing me to their blogs. I have made friends by checking back to see who the person is.

      People pay for blog hits all the time. It’s their choice. Like you, I am here to develop my own community. Lesley is here to make money. I originally started blogging to build a writer’s platform. I never would have dreamed how many REAL friends I would make! I’m heading to Cali and will more of them this week!

      • great outlook ! my like is disabled for a reason … trying to figure out why is it that I have over 100 likes on each of my stories if they can’t “like” it anymore.. does this mean over 100 people just “clicking” like on reader ? … where else would they get a “like” button? I only pay attention to those who comment, especially if they did that several times.. clicking a “like” doesn’t get you a response from me… this “like” situation painfully reminds me of facebook and all other social companies that I want nothing to do with…

        • ps – with my site if you want exposure, you’re gonna have to actually comment and engage in the conversation.. i love that you have “use me / abuse me” days … )) very cool!

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your
    site. It seems like some of the written text on your content
    are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and
    let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This may be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this happen before. Thank you

  2. I’m guilty of sporadic reading myself…I usually come to the blog world when I need inspiration (which you are a great provider of btw). I think the bigger problem is that, as you’ve pointed out, these are human connections and take time and energy. And truthfully not everyone’s optimizing their communication online either..

    • Thanks so much Joe!
      We are all motivated differently to read blogs. Some bloggers have become good friends of mine, others I read for entertainment or inspiration like you.

      Maybe some do bite off more than they can chew and then pull back a bit. I don’t think they realize that building a blog’s readership takes a lot of time and commitment to reading others. I have found that it is worth the time!

  3. I agree. I may not get to read every post a blog I have liked publishes, but I try. The reason why I “Like” a blog is because it said something I resonated with. That makes me want to come back and read more, empty/hallow likes and follows don’t do anything. I am writing to share a piece of myself, if you aren’t interested, that is fine, but don’t give a shallow like to boost your own follows.

  4. I read your article when I read one of blog that I follow, Elena Levon blog, I read over and over this article, Feels I can connect, I not yet subscribe many like U did 270 whew… U must be read a lot! I did follow blog when I read their blog more than one time and curious coming to see more, At first I felt very slow, but then since this my 2nd attempt to blog I don;t wanna feel intimidate anymore by awesome blogger out there. So I just read read read and follow when I can connect. It will be lying if i didn’t happy seeing new friends in my blog, but what matters is more to what I want to share trough my blog and what I can connect when I follow other blog :) Like this article of your, greetings :)

    • Thanks so much for coming by from Elena’s blog! She is the best. :) Welcome to the Wild Ride!
      I think it is intimidating at first. I was very careful about who I followed since we get email notifications. Then it sort of snowballed. I do love to read others and I don’t usually follow those that write every day or more than once a day. Most post 2-3 times a week or less.
      Seeing friends stop by to read is the best part of blogging.
      Thanks so much Bless my journey!

      • Welcome Susie, I’ll come back to look more on your blog. I’ like what U write coz part of what Ur write indeed I feel too and it’s easy to read since my English not so perfect even if my grammar not really awesome please understand :P

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  6. Hey Susie! I really enjoyed this post and am a new follower. You are a rare breed and your blog is fantastic. I will be stopping by whenever I can. For the record, numbers don’t matter to me. It is the quality of connections that I make, not the quantity! Have a fantastic weekend….Tim

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  8. Eric Lindau

    Hi Susie,

    I read a few of your articles – good for you! Keep on writing! : )

    Two of my favorite books about writing, are “Zen and the Art of Writing” by Ray Bradbury and I also love “Martin Eden” by Jack London.

    Hope all’s well with the family.


  9. You are such a whiner… you have 134 people ‘liking’ your blog, and a bunch making comments that don’t bother to click like in their rush to comment. I would suspect many read and don’t bother to either, but just enjoy your writing. Send some my way!

    • I did include that I am grateful for everyone that comments and Likes and views my posts, but that’s not what I am “whining” about Ted. I am getting tons of new followers, but I don’t think a lot of them stop by again to even view my posts. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced that. Judging by all of the comments, it hit a nerve and almost everyone wondered the same thing.
      Thanks for weighing in…

  10. Richard L Wiseman

    I don’t write the kind of blog that people want to read nor the kind that I like to read so I don’t expect readers or followers if I’m honest about it. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and after a while I get bored with most of them. There are a diamonds amongst the gravel and I stick with those, but tend to save up the e-mail alerts for a couple of weeks and sit and read a bunch of posts all in one go. There’s a lot of good stuff to read on the internet and not enough time to read all of the stuff I’d like to read which makes it hard to be a regular blog reader. Many writers take a lack of responses personally, because many writers are sensitive and thoughtful people. Personally after 20 years of having my writing rejected I’ve got rhino skin on the lack of interest and I’m amazed when people take an interest. I’ll be following your blog from now, but I’ll be a sporadic commenter. Finally on the issue of the birthdays post – I haven’t celebrated my birthday since my mid teens; nothing sinister in that just that as far as I’m concerned celebrating my own birth seems a bit egocentric, though I gladly celebrate everyone else in the family’s birthdays, especially my kids, but no-one mentions mine and I don’t think the kids even know when it is, in fact I forget when it is myself sometimes. It takes all sorts I guess. My perfect day is making someone else happy.

    • Richard L Wiseman

      Sorry about error,in above comment, should read ‘…when it is myself…’ not ‘…when it myself…’ I just ‘really’ read the comment prompt above… Wild thoughts? No. Wilderness thoughts? Yes.

    • You sounds like quite an interesting guy and have me very curious as to what you write that could be so awful! I will look forward to your occasional comment. :)
      I guess you will have to check your driver’s license to keep track, but I love your idea of a perfect day!
      Welcome aboard Richard!

  11. In a great twist of irony, I clicked follow after reading this post.
    I have to admit that when I started blogging, I was looking to it to help “build my audience” in the event I ever did get around to publishing the novel I’ve been working on for six years, or use as a platform to get that elusive fame or book contract. But in the time I’ve been doing it, I’ve found that I just enjoy blogging. It gives me a creative outlet, it has allowed me to meet some amazing folks I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise, and I just outright enjoy it. Whether I have 10 followers or 10,000, the fact that there are people who read and enjoy what I write is enough. It is absolutely enough.
    Although I will admit that getting likes, comments, and seeing that bar spike with all-time high visits is a nice benefit.
    Thanks for posting!

  12. I stumbled on this post by tapping your gravitate in like list. Wow, what energy! I am reading more and definitely following. How do you do it? I’m a new blogger and looking for inspiration. My tap was a good serendipity me thinks. And Happy Birthday!

    • I am so glad! Thank you so much!
      I was wondering where all the new subscribers were coming from!
      I have a blog party once a month where you can exchange links. Just have fun writing what you are interested in. That’s what I do!

  13. For me, I follow blogs that I enjoy. I tried to stay up on them all but when 5 hours a day went to blog reading, I knew I needed to retool. I make sure to read and comment on everyone who takes the time to read and comment on mine. :) When time permits, I check out the other talented writers I know and like. A follow is my way of saying, I like your stuff and I want to be aware of it, even if I don’t get to read every post. :)

  14. Amen! I’ve noticed the same lack of activity, but I have to admit I’m guilty as well sometimes. I don’t know how you keep up with 270 of us, but I’m doing my best to keep up with as many as I can!

    Looking forward to reading more wild adventures.

    • Hey thanks Jessica!
      I do my best…
      It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months and if these new followers become more active. I remember when I was new to blogging, I hung out and observed for while before commenting. It made me nervous at first! Not anymore!

  15. filbio

    As a relatively new blogger of less than a year I like to follow and read different kinds of blogs to pick up tips and learn. Plus, I have met some great people out there through blogs. Sure, we all look at our numbers and appreciate when we get new followers and comments on our posts.That is part of why we blog, but I also like when people appreciate what I write about, and I also love to read fun posts out there.So many great writers and interesting blogs that I am subscribed to now – it’s hard to keep up!

    • I agree! I do look forward to great posts especially the ones that make me laugh! You always write something that makes me giggle…
      Thanks so much Phil and for being such a great supporter!

  16. I think if people subscribe they get emails and can read the blog on them, so don’t always click on the blog. I’ve had a few blogs where I’ve had more likes and comments than views on stats. Which in theory should be impossible!

    • You can change what people see in an email in settings. Mine only shows about 55 words.

      The Likes are a rip off. They used to give us a view for them, but they changed that and people can click Like from the Reader so we don’t get a click. :(
      Comments do! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

  17. laketranslations

    Oh, Susie! How could I have missed your comment on my post http://laketranslations.blogspot.com.ar/2013/02/amazing-and-enlightening.html It was the first one ever! Thanks so much!

  18. I wonder why there’s such a drastic difference between subscribers and views, too. Maybe they just read the email instead of visiting the site.

    • You can change your settings so your email only shows the first 55 words. It does make a difference.
      I did have a few newbies leave comments, so some are around. The rest, who knows???
      I just got a notification that it’s been 2 years since I became a WordPress user. It took me until May before I posted, so some may be brand new.
      Thanks for coming by!

  19. You can weave a great write up on any topic Susie..this one is close to heart cos i have experienced the same…the followers were there but comments started dwindling. ..anyways i have been absent from blogosphere for some time so am. building the road again .
    And hey we really are here. :)
    Love ya :)

    • Thanks so much!
      I am so glad you are a part of my community Soma! I think that viewers do fall off after being gone. I have seen that happen on other blogs. It takes a lot of effort, but your posts are always fun! They’ll be back!

  20. My blog started at the request of some friends when I moved to Alaska. It was just for a few family & friends. Then it started to grow, then I got Freshly Pressed. But I’m still relatively small (300ish followers). But that’s OK – I’m not on a quest for thousands of followers. Not my thing.

    I’m also selective about which blogs I follow. I only follow those that I actually do read. Limited time and too many competing interests!

    In the end, people do whatever works for them, and that’s OK. (except for the spammers – that’s definitely not OK!)

    • 300 is great! My numbers are misleading. I have 1500, but have been doing this for two years and have spent a lot of time building my community.
      I have a blog party once a month where bloggers come and subscribe to each other. The last few, I felt obligated to follow too and boy did my subscriber list blow up! I had to manage those that blog more than once a day or every day while I try to make the “rounds!”
      Thanks for coming by!
      Spammers suck…

  21. Well, to me, you are on the mountaintop already!

  22. Ok.. my fingers got tired scrolling to the bottom here, sweetie. SO I think you must be getting quite a few “hits” here on this post:) I have found switching from wordpress.com such a struggle. I only recently discovered that I can still log on here to see the reader and my Follows. And just tonight, discovered that I am able to log in to my wordpress.com account and have my image show when I comment. All of this after I began setting up a Blogger’s Folder in my Safari Bookmarks so I could just go down the list and make sure I see my “regulars”, like you! My new blog doesn’t show my replies right after your comments.. which annoys the heck out of me, because half of the point of blogging is conversation, right? Anyhooo.. enough of my rant, I loved your points.. your posts. I too, wonder how other people get 1,000s of views. There must be some trick I’m missing. I don’t think it’s just about good content. I see lots of amazing content that doesn’t get seen. Maybe it’s that sneaky SEO stuff? xx Barb

    • I have to ask. Why the move? You had such a great community here..
      I don’t think many people get 1000′s of views unless they are super people that are published and have a following of over 20,000 or more.
      I posted this after getting a lot of subscribers and not seeing a corresponding rise in views. It all comes down to percentages. I learned through the comments that there is a burn out factor as well as a limit as to how much time people will spend reading. I am in the minority! :)

  23. I just want to look back and be proud of every post. In some way I am creating a legacy for the cherished part of me that does not get public exposure during the rest of the working week. I unashamedly recognize that my blog is in part, a crusade, a small, but red hot iron to forge a better future. Lastly I really enjoy the role of being an intellectual gadfly, a socratic pest that makes readers uncomfortable, that makes them think. It’s definitely not for everyone and that’s OK.

    Of course I support my loyal community first but there is so little time and so much to do. I work on myself not to fee guilty that I don’t have the time to visit other blogs as much as I would like. Thank you for this excellent post which made me stop and think about these issues.

    • Thank you so much Malcolm!
      I am glad it made you think.
      This post really hit a nerve for a lot of people and there is a lot to be gleaned by reading the comments. It is different for everyone.
      There are times when I can’t do it all either.
      I agree that a big part of blogging is to create a body of work that others may enjoy years from now.
      It sounds like you are very busy, so I really appreciate that you took the time to read and comment on my post!

  24. OK – I’m a “liker”. If it makes you feel better I only press the button when I actually like what you have written…. Admittedly, when I travel I can’t always keep up.

    • I think many only have time to like. For me personally, if I read the post, I want the reader to know that I did. The Like button is an amazing tool when I only have time to skim!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  25. Oh, and one day I’d like to join your blog party. Just gotta find time when I’m not so busy with my three munchkins. :-)

  26. I’m still learning how to connect to the blogging community. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of blogging etiquette yet. Slowly, I’m catching on. Good point about blogging everyday. Some like it, Some don’t. I’m still not sure if I should blog everyday or three times a week. My husband warned me everyday is excessive. Lol anyway, hello. I’m here. :)

    • I am so glad to “see” you!
      Think of it this way. Every time you post, followers get an email. The more people you follow that post every day, the more email you get. It is a lot to keep up with if you miss a few days. I would rather spend more time writing quality blogs and post 2-3 times a week. That’s what I hear from others too, but it’s up to you!
      Thanks for commenting!

  27. Great post, Susie. I’m one of your followers who doesn’t comment your every post but come back regularly to check out what you’re up to. I follow a lot of blogs as well and I simply don’t have enough time to read and comment on all the posts. But I make sure to click ‘like’ after reading a post I like, and to leave a comment every once in a while- I know how good it feels to get a new comment!
    Sometimes I unfollow blogs after a while because I lose interest in the contents. I keep on coming back here because your posts are always well-written, interesting, and even funny sometimes. Keep up the good work, Susie, and I’ll be curious to read your book when it comes out :-)

    • Thanks so much Cecile! I love reading about your life too! How is NZ???
      I have used my blog as a place to practice and there is always room for improvement. I love the friends I have made here and you’re included in that group!
      I do fall behind in reading. I just try to do my best and that has to be enough.
      I was thinking about you. We are coming to Nice this summer!

  28. Interesting post. I was skimming when I read it, haha. I find your words inspiring. I have had many stops and starts, always having trouble finding a focus for my blog. Hopefully now I have settled on one (first steps). Of course I want to be heard but I now do believe what you say is most important…creating a community through blogging, piece by piece…not being obsessed with how many hits etc… I guess that’s why so many other social platforms fall short…keep writing and good luck.

    • Thanks for coming by!
      I learned a lot from these wonderful comments. Everyone has a different voice, but all want to be heard. You are right about social media, but in combination with other communication, it can provide another way to build community.
      Good luck to you too! Thanks!

  29. Susie, this is so topical for me at the moment! Maybe it always is for bloggers. You are someone I admire greatly for how you do what you do… Me. I’m easily overwhelmed, and so I find I have to be choosey about how many blogs I follow or read. It’s less about numbers and more about quality interaction for me. I guess that means it’s going to be a slow, long build… But I’m okay with that.

    • That’s what I was doing. But when asking everyone to follow each other during my Use Me and Abuse Me days, I felt like I was being hypocritical. The last one engaged so many new readers, I had to put on the brakes! Screeeeech!
      So here I am and boy did I learn a lot through the comments!
      Thanks so much Alarna! Slow and steady…. :)

  30. I used to subscribe to lots of blogs but I had to cull the list recently as there were not enough hours in the day. I put the long list down to my beginners enthusiasm. Now I try to just follow those that really interest me. And Ms Lindau, you were on the original long list, and still on the short interesting list. So you must be doing something right!! :D

    • That makes me feel so very good! Wow!
      I love reading yours since you take me right along with you and I feel I’ve had a breath of fresh Irish air!
      After reading these comments, I cut back to 247… Hahaha! I can’t help it!
      Thanks for stopping by and for being a part of my community!

  31. It says mine is the 185th comment. I’d call that an accomplishment, Susie. I usually get more like 4 to 6 – maybe 2% of my blog’s followers. I also wonder where the rest of them are. Glad you wrote this.

    • Thanks so much David! I guess the readers had a lot to say. Many of the comments are like blog posts!
      When I find those missing subscribers, I’ll let you know! I do think a lot of them are brand new and have to get their bearings. It took me a while to start reading the blogs I followed.
      Big snowstorm tonight and the ski areas close this weekend! The moisture came in so late this year…Dang!

  32. I am selective when I follow a blog on my own, but I follow someone back if their blog is along the lines of my interests or whose voice really engages me. I was following everyone back who followed me, only to discover many bloggers were padding their numbers and had no real interest in me. So, I decided to follow people who are genuinely looking to build relationships and be part of a community. I don’t care about numbers. In the beginning I thought I had to care about numbers, but over time I realized that what I want most is realness–or as much realness as you can get out of blogging and virtual friendships! But I think you know what I mean, there’s a difference between a true follower and a fake follower. :)

    • Absolutely!
      This is a strange world where we communicate through keyboards and connect with people all over the world. I really didn’t know anything about it when I first started. I have met the most wonderful people here and don’t think I will ever give it up. I have already met several people through blogging and felt like I already knew them!
      Because we write about ourselves, thoughts and feelings. we may be more revealing here than with some of our real friends.
      Thanks so much for being a part of my Wild Ride!

  33. numbers mean shit if you can’t back it up with a soul … you have plenty of both! And I would buy your book! There’s nothing wrong with trying to get your numbers up, but if that’s your only goal, then you will fail in the long run.. ( on one condition – you have to sign it ! ; ) People comeback to you, because of how and what you write. “Bloggers” should ask themselves a question, once in awhile .. “Have my website/blog/post change someones life for the better or made someone, laugh, cry, think and question?” Those who make people FEEL are a true success, not the ones with the the highest Alexa ranking. By the way, that blogger woman is hideous, like some others, whom I won’t name here ))

    love you Susie!


    • Lena you are the best. A world traveler and you still have time to stop by my place??? Wow! Thanks so much for the friendship. I always look forward to your stories about your latest adventure!
      My brand is a lot different than most of the big bloggers out there, but it is who I am. I do love adventure and people and life and I hope that comes through in my writing…
      I can’t wait to have my book published and would love to sign a copy! You made my day! Hopefully it will be out sometime soon, but I still have to have it professionally edited and find an agent. We’ll see! It’s all very exciting…
      Love you too Elena!

  34. Susie – This is a terrific subject and I’ve wanted to ask you often how you managed to keep up with up with so many followers and always comment back to each one of us. I too try to be selective with the blogs I follow and consider myself a beginner. You are indeed a blogger on the way to the summit in my estimation and I applaud your many efforts with glee.

  35. Really interesting post. I’ve kind of just started in this whole world. I used to use Google Reader to “follow” all my sports blogs and stuff (stopped long before google junked it), but it became too crazy to keep up with. I have a fairly small core of blogs (like this one) that I’ve started following through the WP reader, and I’m sure that’ll keep growing at a pretty good rate, but I think mostly I’m going to have to keep relying on things like Twitter to point out the gems I really need to read. There’s just too much stuff out there.

    • Thanks Bill! I am glad you are a part of my Wild Adventure!
      The other way to find great blogs is through the Recommended Bloggers or Freshly Pressed. My commenters are fabulous writers and worth checking out too! It is a lot to grasp at first, but WP has come a long way in building community around its Reader and its still pretty new.
      Thanks for stopping by to read!

  36. Yes…and yes.
    I am very selective, not only with subscribing but with reading. There just isn’t enough time in the day. Sometimes my dilemma is visiting loyal readers whose friendship I value, but who aren’t especially good writers.

    I don’t have near the followers that you do, but I ask myself the same question – why do so many bother to subscribe if they don’t want to read me?

    As to the second yes; numbers do matter to me. Maybe they shouldn’t, but they do.

    I also have a problem with the whole “I’ve Got A Book” thing the way some bloggers approach it. Not you, Susie, and I’m totally in awe of someone who has the drive to complete such a project. It’s just that on some blogs it’s obvious the writer is not interested in building community as much as building a block of buyers and it makes me feel manipulated.

    • You always have such great insight Peg! I agree with everything you said. I have almost 1500 WordPress followers, the rest are Facebook and Twitter. I just checked and you have almost twice as many…
      The book thing really throws me. I figure, if it’s good it will sell itself and by word of mouth. Period. Not by hitting people over the head with it. I have almost unfollowed people who kept posting about their latest. It’s a tricky thing and I will announce it when it gets published hopefully sooner than later. I’m still learning the process!
      Thanks so much Peg! I am so glad we met!

      • It IS tricky with the book thing. Of course anyone would tell their readers about writing a book. People want to know that, and the occasional gentle plug is great! It’s when they’re “hitting people over the head with it,” as you say.

        Me, too with the gladness!

  37. Awesome post, Susie. Just this weekend I went thru my Google reader because (wah!) they’re doing away with it this summer and I found SO many blogs that haven’t been updated in months or even a year. I think you’re right, some people are no longer active bloggers. I tend to follow people that I have something in common with or am entertained by. :) Like you, Susie! Although I will have to figure out what to do with all my faves before my reader disappears… Oh and I think the clique thing happens everywhere—school, work, the blogosphere. It’s no fun. Me no like either.
    But you are doing a super cool thing here with your site. If someone asked me how to run a fun, successful blog, I’d send them here. :)

    • Wow! Thank you so much Coleen! I love your blog too. :)
      It has been great to meet so many wonderful people here like you!
      Just an idea. You could start a WordPress shell blog and not use it, but use the reader. You can add any url to it. You won’t get email alerts, but it is updated as people post with no delay and you can check on it when you like.

  38. I’ll NEVER understand how The Bloggess can post a pic and few paragraphs and generate a few hundred comments and more than a million hits a month, but she has a HUGE publisher behind her and all its resources to draw upon.
    And her site generates advertising revenue, so someone is running it for her while she tours. You’re on your own, Susie! I think you should be damn proud of your success so far.
    I know I am.
    And don’t expect your followers to always show up to the party, so to speak. People get crazy busy – as I can attest – but they if they love your work enough to follow, they show up sooner or later.
    Hang in there, cutie!

    • Thanks so much Hook!
      Even you left a long comment! This post really struck a chord with people.
      I agree about being crazy busy. Between my Scarred post and this, and answering comments, I am waaay behind on reading blog posts. Sometimes I have to just catch the new ones!
      The Bloggess had timing on her side. I didn’t even really know what a blog was when she was already posting. What surprises me is the shock jock factor of a lot of popular blogs. I have to be careful what I comment on since it really isn’t my brand. Not that I don’t use a wide range of “colorful metaphors” in my real life!
      I remember the first time you came to my blog and I watched you check out my posts one after another, like them and leave a comment. I kept saying, “Danny! He’s still checking out my stuff!” I love this Hook guy!
      I love your blog! Your stories always crack me up. Thanks for being such a huge supporter. I always look forward to your visits and I am really glad that you are a part of my community!

  39. Really thought-provoking post, Suzie. I “liked” it yesterday from my phone as I was riding in the car on the way to somewhere else. I hate to try to comment from my phone, particularly when I have more than a quick line to say. As a relative newbie – I haven’t quite reached the 1-year mark yet, and I started out testing the waters with about 1 post/month – I’ve noticed a lot of the things you describe. I’m also with you in that I’m all for building a community and I don’t blindly follow other blogs just for the sake of raising numbers. (Although, I hit the Freshly Pressed page on Friday & the traffic to my page was thrilling AND overwhelming. I’m working today on replying to my comments and checking out others blogs.)

    Blogging has been an interesting learning experience. I started for the same reason you did, and now it has become about something more than just a “platform.” You are kind of my role model. Your posts are also interesting and fun to read, and I so admire how good you are about replying to comments, which is pretty incredible considering how many comments you get! And I love your parties, even when I don’t post a link (because I don’t feel I have anything new that warrants reading). You are one of the most generous bloggers I know! So thanks!!

      That is a huge accomplishment and you must have gotten a lot of followers! How cool is that???
      I think you have a handle on what this is all about and it is good to stay in control of it. With my blog parties, I started subscribing to newbies, but this last one was huge! I can’t keep up… Thanks for being so supportive and a part of my Wild Ride!

  40. Wow 270 that is a lot. I don’t think I’ve even reached 50. I try to read each one during the week and it’s tough to catch up because there’s a lot going on, plus I like to pop in on some of my followers. But it takes me a while to follow someone and I’m sure it takes some time for people to follow me. I’m one of those postaday people … well at least I was in my first year. Now I’m a Monday through Friday but it may still be too much for people :) … And me I don’t follow too many people … I like to make sure that it’s something I’d want to read for a while. This of course means humor, any kind of funny in there, things I might relate to, and some awesome photography. I don’t get 1,000 views or likes a day, not even 100, but as long as I can connect with a few peeps I’m all good.

    • I think you really hit on what’s important. Community. I am so glad that you are a part of mine Guat! You always make me smile… :)
      I have learned a lot through these comments. Everyone handles blogging differently! I tend to jump into things with both feet and here I am!

  41. 270? Holy freaking cow!! You amaze me. Seriously you do! And you comment back to everyone, that’s some fabulous commitment, my friend. I try to read every blog I follow, but some weeks I just get knocked back and now that I’m dealing with some wicked nasty medical crap (that I haven’t really made public), it’s been a huge challenge. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about what’s been making me dizzy and bring it all out of the closet. :) But I have about 20 that I get through each week for sheer pleasure, yours included. They make me smile, laugh, cry, or think. I consider you all my friends and in some small way, I hold you all close in my heart. There are about another 30 – 50 blogs that *if* I can get through each week I feel a sense of accomplishment. But those first 20, they are my *musts*. Cause I lurves you.

    • Ohhh! Thanks Tameri! I lurve you right back!
      What the heck is going on? Sounds rotten and ominous…
      I just motor through and do my best. I have always been a collector and now I collect blogs! Hahaha! I feel the same way about all of you. I feel like we have already met and hung out on several occasions!
      I hope you are okay…..

      • Oh my goodness, that was rather cryptic of me, wasn’t it? I didn’t mean for it to sound so maudlin! I’m pretty sure I’m okay. A bit of vertigo, some nasty virus stuff going on, mysterious ailments of unknown origins and all, it’s been fun! And blurry vision, so if there are typos, blame the dizziness… ;)

  42. 270 blogs!!! Holy smokes, I follow about 30 and can barely keep up with those.

  43. I can be selective when it comes to blogs I follow. I do look at the numbers, but that is not the main reason I blog. I have a few blogs that I check into daily (about 10 to 15). Like your blog because I love your writing flair and seeing what you are up to:) Happy Monday!

  44. I’m constantly checking out new blogs to find those I will really enjoy. To some of them, I return occasionally. But there are very few that I visit regularly, i.e., every time there’s a new post.

    My reason for being so selective is simple: I don’t have time to read more than a handful of blogs on a daily basis. So I have my small batch of favorites, and for the rest of the blogosphere, skimming will have to suffice.

    My criteria for picking favorites are similar to yours. I like really funny writers and really good photographers. I’ve made friends with a few bloggers, and will keep returning to them even if their material is not the best in the world. And a few just fill some niche that I find interesting.

    Speaking of filling a niche, I think the most important thing in blogging (and perhaps any writing) is to find your own voice and develop it. Once you do, your writing will always be attractive to those who identify with that voice. This will not include everyone who stops by, but a precious few–perhaps a few dozen or a few hundred–will become forever-loyal readers and potentially great friends.

    That’s what I think.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that we all have to find our voice. People know what they’ll find when they come here. I do find it hard to go to other blogs that are all over the place. I don’t generally comment on political or religious blogs.
      What I have learned through all of these comments is maintaining blogging relationships is as individual as the writers!
      We all do what is best for us\…

  45. I follow blogs that are interesting to read, in addition to the ones that post weekly challenges so i can be inspired. I don’t look for numbers, if someone wants to follow my blog, that’s great. I mainly write about travel or post pics taken on my travels so if it inspires someone to take their own journey, so much the better. I comment now and then and try to “like” most of the ones i follow though i don’t get in to check every day. I appreciate every like or comment and try to reply to all the comments too.

    • That is a great way to go about it. I am finding that many only have time to Like a post. I have to resort to that on busy days like this one.
      I guess we all know what goes into writing a post so we do our best to make the rounds. I am glad that see how important it is to comment on comments. I do look forward to your visits. :) Thanks for commenting!

  46. I have read about 85% of of all the post here. DAMN!!!!! It took me over an hour to get through it. I am happy to say though it has boosted my hits being involved post Bonanza !!!! I want to thank you Susie for that personally, and it shows me what to work on. I hope you never stop this kind of networking because it has helped all of us here. Thanks again and take care. Robert Niswander Aka PLot121.

    • I am so glad to hear that! That makes my whole day! Once you start clicking and saying hello, bloggers will respond in kind. It is a really cool community!

      • laketranslations

        I am so unknowledgeable about the blogosphere and blog etiquette… that I read each and every comment right from the notification email! Until just a few minutes ago, when I bumped into your comment, Susie. So it all comes down to “clicking and saying hello and bloggers will respond in kind”.
        One thing I am pretty sure of now is I could write a post off each comment read here. The only thing is, my blog is about translation and while many of you may find it useful, how could I add a new post about just anything else? Would an “off-topic” tag do?
        Have a great week!

  47. Great post Susie – Interestingly, WordPress encourage following and commenting to build a blog’s following so perhaps this may explain things – until people feel themselves into what they want their blog to be. Many of the blogs I follow (ed) have been silent for a while now and a few others I have just grown tired of and have stopped following, but never have the heart to press delete on them. But we still find great insights from new faces everyday and I guess that is the transformative beauty of all these words and images spilling around.

    Numbers aren’t important (if it were – every blog would be of a cat asleep on a velvet cushion with a crown slightly askew). Being true to yourself and building a following based on quality, honesty and originality (and in my case stupidity!) are always the way to go.

    Anyway lunchbreak over – but like I said at the top, great post.

    • Thanks Jim! I don’t know how you do it with working full time! I appreciate our friendship and all the comments you leave as well as the effort!
      Love the metaphor with the crowned cat! I have to admit that it makes me smile and curious every time I get a new follower. But I would rather put them on the velvet cushion with the crown. I used to stress about every post I wrote until I realized they are like yesterday’s newspaper…..
      Thanks so much for being a part of my Wild Ride!

  48. Susie… thanks for hosting the monthly party.. my circle has expanded since our paths crossed and I follow about 60 different blogs and I just don’t have time to read them all much less see them all. Of course, there is that guilt that I must read (and comment) and then write… and then, do I follow or not. Like you, I try to follow blogs that are similar to mine and those that i feel i would know in the real world. I find myself conflicted because I would rather spend more time on the blog, but I don’t have the time. This past weekend I wanted to write a post, but didn’t – didn’t have time, time got away from me and my laptop. Again, thanks!

    • You work full-time! It won’t be long and you’ll be on summer holiday. Maybe you can write a bunch and store them up! I always think I can do that, but if I have extra time, I have a book I am finished with but needs tweaking…
      We all just do our best and that is good enough!
      I am glad to hear that the parties are working for you. If I were you and teaching all day, I would just go to the Reader and hit Like to let them know you made the effort!
      Thanks Clay! I am so glad that you are part of my community!

  49. I enjoyed reading this post because so much of it rang true for me too. No need for me to repeat it all here. But I do like to feel a personal connection after a while with my blogging community so if we don’t comment at least once in a while, why bother following?

    • Exactly! And I wonder if many even go back to view the blogs after following… so weird. I do think that many only stop by once in a while since they have a lot on their plate, but there are many that are new bloggers. Maybe it takes them a while to get their bearings… who knows??? I would love to hear from one of them!
      Thanks for your comment! It is always nice to “see” you here!

  50. Given the number of comments this post alone has got, I’m pretty sure that we’re hearing your voice! :)
    Seriously, I follow your blog and I read practically all posts and I try to read the posts of all those blogs I follow. Sometimes, the sheer volume of comments intimidates me (‘how many times can she be interested in hearing that people think this is interesting?’) and then I don’t write a comment, but in future, I will!
    If I find that I never read the posts of a blog or that when I do and comment and I never get an answer to my comments, I stop following that blog, but then I actually click ‘unfollow’. I don’t see the point of letting someone believe that I follow them when I don’t.
    Having said all that – I love your blog and you always manage to make me smile and most of the time feel more energetic. Plus, I love how community-minded you are. You rock!

    • Awww! Thank you so much for that!
      You definitely should leave a comment. I wondered where you were….
      I actually feel guilt when unfollowing, but I have to start doing that with those I don’t read and that don’t stop by…I learned a lot thought these comments and I realize I do get overwhelmed by how much reading I have to do in a week. And then I have to leave a somewhat intelligent comment! Sheesh! That is why I am so grateful that you and others take the time!
      Thanks so much for reading!

      • I totally know what you mean, it can get overwhelming. I had to take a small time-out in the last few weeks because it felt like too much. But weeding out those blogs that I really don’t feel connected to is helping. As well as allowing yourself to not read every single thing that pops up in your reader. I do try to read the posts of my friends, but if I can’t manage, then I can’t manage and that has to be okay. (Alright, I’m still working on that…)

  51. This is a crazy cycle. I follow a bunch of blogs that I really want to stay on top of. The thing is, I can spend all my time reading blogs and never move forward on any of my own work. Stop reading the blogs and I lose the connection. It’s a catch 22. That’s pretty much where I am right now. Your stamina and endless well of post ideas never ceases to amaze me. You are so loved here, chickie!

    • Awww! Thanks Debra! See! You are who I was talking about! I have made real friendships here and you are one of them.

      As far as the tightrope walk we all do between blogging and our own work, I don’t know how you do it with children at home! I couldn’t get anything done the first summer when my children were here. Too distracting for me, but you have cranked out work!
      I am so glad that you are a part of my Wild Ride Community and hope to make a trip out to Cali again soon!
      Thanks for making my day Debra!

  52. I decided initially that finding good followers that you can bounce ideas off of or share whatever with are better than masses of followers. I’ve never really campaigned, and I’m kind of bored with those that do. I’m still trying to figure out if people are actually community building or hoping enough hits gets them advertisers. That, perhaps, is the answer to several of your initial questions here.

    • That’s a good point. I never thought about that. The advertising on my site is WordPress’s not mine. I would love to make any money doing this! :)
      If you read the comments, it is different for everyone.
      It’s the people that make blogging such an incredible place to connect. I have friends all over the world!
      Thanks for your comment!

      • Yep, no prob. Just an idea. Some people are quite cynical about the whole thing. For me it is just about finding cool people with like ideas about photos/writing, etc. All the best.

  53. Susie, you are one of my favourite bloggers! Your posts are always so upbeat and fun … even when you are talking about something serious. In my books, you are the real deal and one of the first blogs I look for when I am catching up. I’m seriously backed up with my blog reading as I’ve been caught up in the chaos of releasing my new novel but I’m here to tell you this right now – you can go to that mountain top and shout, because we are already here! Keep doing what you are doing!

    • Awww! Thanks so much Patrica! I really appreciate that. Wow!
      I am so grateful for the friendships I have made here and am glad that you are one of them! I always look forward to your posts since I am whisked away to one of my favorite places!
      Congratulations on your book! I plan to download it today since it is the last day at the special price.
      Thank you so much Patricia and a big **muah** to you!

  54. I agree with many of your comments. I decided some time ago that I would rather have a few consistent followers than a hundred who just drop by.

    • The comments are very eye-opening! I am so glad that it touched a nerve.
      Community is everything. I love the friends I have made here. Some of my real friends are skeptical of the process, but in some ways. you guys know me better!
      Thanks Sage-master!

  55. Thanks for initiating this wonderful discussion! I have been wondering about many of the same things. (BTW I will follow you to the end of the earth, Susie!)

    • Awwww! Thanks Julie and we would love to come and meet up with you some day! Got to save money for that air fare… :)
      I am so glad that you are part of my Wild Ride.
      You made my day!
      I have learned a lot from the responses!

  56. I see Rene and Val follow here. Now that’s quality network.

  57. I’m selective when I follow blogs…days are sometimes too short…actually MANY days time is too short to check in on the blogs that I follow…but I do my best…

    • That is a great way to be. Then you can build your community with real communication. I am in awe of people who work and blog and those that have children, wow, I don’t know how they do it all!
      Thanks so much! I always appreciate your comments!

  58. I love the echo echo echo.
    Your posts are fun.
    I subscribe to way too many blogs (100+++) but even at that number, those have been selected because of content and personality and I do my best to keep up – but life intrudes and sometimes I’m reading really fast – or so many comments have already said what can be said, so there’s “like” as a business card. (It’s hard when some post so frequently – I tend to leave fewer comments on those- it’s a time thing)
    I do sympathize with writers who are trying to finish/publish as well as blog as well as build a readers’ community – hard to prioritize.

    • I think that Like button is really a Godsend. I do like to leave a comment if I take the time to read just so they know I did since many Like from the Reader.
      I think routine is key! Today I will finish these comments, this post really struck a nerve with bloggers, then I will read posts and comment. I will work on a couple of revisions on my book this afternoon and hopefully get out to enjoy the day and buy some socks and underwear. We are in for a huge storm tomorrow!
      Thanks so much for weighing in! I am glad that you are a part of my Wild Ride!

  59. Hello, Susie. *waves* Numbers once meant a lot to me. I spent quite a lot of time doing “like parties” on the social networks, but finally realized that it was all just one big time-suck. I don’t do these anymore. Now, I want some sort of connection, not just everyone liking each other’s pages. It could be anything really, but there has to be something. I just changed jobs and this has really messed up my routine. Hopefully things will begin to calm down soon. In the meantime, I try and visit with my friends regularly; however, sometimes that is only once every couple of weeks on blogs. My hope is to stay connected in some fashion of another. I’ll look forward to the event this month. Will there be dancing? Ok, you called my bluff. I still don’t dance. However, I will sit near the bar and cheer you as you do though. ;)


    • I am glad you came by today, well yesterday… :) I will look forward to seeing your “moves” on the dance floor on the 25th. Everyone becomes an excellent dancer during the Use Me and Abuse Me Parties!
      I try to stay away from the social media time suck, but get pulled in like everyone once in a while! We all put a lot of time into building communities and there is a certain amount of maintenance required. I am grateful for everyone that stops by and try really hard to stop by others as well!
      Great to “see” you Jimmy! You were one of my first followers!

  60. Great subject Susie! I don’t follow many blogs because I don’t have enough time in my day to commit to the reading. I love that I always get something back from those that I do read and if I followed too many it wouldn’t be as enjoyable for me.

    • I started out that way and then I felt like I couldn’t host subscriber parties without subscribing! Oh well. All that reading keeps me out of trouble for the most part!
      It is overwhelming especially on Mondays! Wow! I wonder how many new posts are in my inbox right now???
      Thanks Lisa! I am always glad to “see” you here!

  61. chazdesimone

    Susie, get that book written. Because once the manuscript is ready I’ll design it for you. I’m expensive but you’ve already paid for it. Your generosity and authenticity in your blog posts and your online parties, is so valuable and appreciated by so many — including me — that it is my honor to offer my talent and expertise to you.
    Now, to answer your question about followers: Just like when I’m at the market, I might go down a certain aisle and see a product that I’d like to have. I might see your email with “new post” which I’d like to read. But sometimes I can’t buy that product because I don’t have the money, or I can’t read a blog post because I don’t have the time. (And if I do “cheat” on my schedule, such as I’m doing right now — I was looking for an email from a client but saw yours) I have to pass it up, or at least flag it for later (I did neither here; I opened it).
    So it’s really like shopping — your blog post might be in the right aisle at the right time, or it might have a subject line that is a real “impulse buy,” or it might have to be jotted onto the “do later” list which as you know hardly ever gets done later…except that’s exactly what I’m doing today, taking care of all the flagged emails.
    One other reason I don’t check out every email or blog post, especially the interesting ones, is due to what happened yesterday: I simply wanted to find out about a cat nutrition supplement and spend EIGHT HOURS following the trials and tribulations of a poor little kitten who was being fostered by a human angel by the name of Connie (http://www.kittyblog.net/). Little Schuster was brought back to supreme health and went to a good home. BTW, there are no coincidences: Schuster’s brother’s name is Simon, so there’s another cue for you to get that book writter. Simon & Schuster.
    Finally, some things are so important, but so overwhelming, that even though I make plans to deal with them thoroughly, in the end I just have to say “next time.” Such is the case with your last Use Me & Abuse Me Day. I wrote a long post in your comment section (not unlike this one!) shamelessly promoting my art series. And I was SO looking forward to reading and replying to everyone of your subscribers over the weekend…but damn if stuff doesn’t come up at the wrong time (like reading a cat blog for eight hours).
    So short answer to your main question is, it all depends on the timing of your post, how the day is going for the reader, or in my case, ADD. Next time I might spend eight hours straight on your blog. (I’d like that.)
    As for your book, I should actually give you some tips before you even start writing it. Just contact me — chaz@chazdesimone.com

    • Thanks so much Chaz!
      You can always stop by the party. If you click on a link and tell them “Susie sent me,” they will be glad you came by!
      Reading can take a lot of time and I do my best to keep up…Sometimes I can’t and I just move ahead with their new posts.
      My novel is done! I just handed it off to Danny to read. I am pretty excited about it and you can imagine it is a Wild Ride!
      Thanks for the offer and for being a part of my community!

      • Please email me when you are ready to discuss design. I offer one or two pro bono creative projects per year, and this will be one of them. That is, of course, unless you already have another designer. You sure have a lot of loyal followers. Makes me happy for you…and for them.

        • Do you mean cover design?
          I am an artist and illustrator so I planned to do my own, but if I am lucky enough to be traditionally published, it will be up to them! Thanks for the offer!

  62. Based on the number of responses you are getting, it seems you have a lot of “real” followers. :) You make some great points and remind us all about the joy of writing and being heard. Not just to play a game of numbers, but to really touch others. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! I am very grateful for my community!
      I gotta believe that most out there really enjoy writing, but there is a thrill in being heard and responded to. I was also curious about what other bloggers thought about followers and boy did I touch on a nerve!

  63. I know I have way more followers than I have views or hits each day which I guess is normal. It does confuse me sometimes as well. But I know I get overwhelmed sometimes by how many blogs I want to read each day and sometimes life gets in the way. I think that happens to all of us.

    • I agree!
      I also recently learned not to blog on holidays about the holiday. People are burned out by the time it arrives or out partying!
      I have made the mistake of using really awful titles which were the punchline for the post. I think sometimes that keeps people from clicking.
      I am working on ways to engage some of the new followers. I may have gotten a few of them interested with this title! Some are so new that they may view, but not comment. I remember dipping my toe into the icewater!
      We all get busy! I had to resort to skimming and hitting Like lately since I wanted to finish my book. Everyone is busy, so I really appreciate your stopping by and being a part of my community!

  64. If you received 70 responses to a blog you wrote today, you are doing wonderfully! Congratulations! Personally, I think there are so many bloggers out there today, that it is difficult to follow all the ones you like, and I know in my case, that the number of followers I have far exceeds the number of hits or views that I receive on any one post. Gotta’ believe that everyone is busy to some extent, and only hits us on ocassions that they are available.

    Good luck on the book

    • Thank you! I am grateful for all of the comments! This really hit home for a lot of bloggers.
      I agree that some only stop by once a week or month. I know I can’t always check out everyone’s blog every time they post. It is impossible!
      Thanks for mentioning my book! I just finished and Danny is reading the manuscript. It is pretty exciting! I expect there will be several revisions, but the monster part of the project is done. Whew! It’s a Wild Ride that’s for sure!

  65. I have about as many that I follow as you do, Susie, but only about 10-15 for which I get email notifications (yours is one of those). The rest, I visit through my reader and scan for posts that I like. I go through the reader about once a week. I do find it interesting that I get a lot of follows from new bloggers who don’t even click “like” on any of my posts, some of whom haven’t even done and “About” page. So while the numbers can be seductive, I’ve decided that I blog because I enjoy the community here.

    • I love the community too! It is amazing how the words become conversation and friendships are born.
      There is a new feature in the Reader called “You may like” on the right side of the page. My guess is your blog is featured on it and mine must be there too. I’ve been getting a lot of new subscribers that don’t check out my blog either. That was part of the incentive for this post, but they have to start somewhere!
      Thanks Cathy! I am glad you are part of my Wild Ride!

  66. For about a year, I wasn’t following hardly any blogs. Maybe about ten. Then as I got to know people slowly over time and formed lasting and real connections, I began subscribing more and more. At one point I was up to over 100 blogs I followed. It was way too much. Between my own blog, and reading others, there was no time in the day to breathe. So I scaled back a huge amount. Now I probably follow around 50 or 60.

    As much as I love seeing my follower count go up (who doesn’t? let’s be real here) that doesn’t mean I have the same number of views on a post. I’d say only a fraction of my followers actually read my posts on a regular basis. But there are people out there that I know are loyal and they DO appreciate my blog. Never in a million years would I think people would actually READ a word I write and yet, here I am. And it’s these readers I write for, to make that connection. Some of them never comment and I’m fine with that. I know they’re out there anyway. Still, comments are an addiction and I am a junkie.

    • I am still finding the most amazing writers here. I just unfollowed a few that never come by.
      I agree about loyalty. That is a huge part of blogging for me.
      Hey! I am part of that small crowd of Maineiacs that read all of them!
      This post really hit home for a lot of bloggers and everyone has left such long post-like comments. I am still working my way through! If you posted a new story, I’ll be there soon…
      I am a fellow junkie!

  67. I read all of your posts, but I’m the strong, silent type, so I seldom comment. I’m pretty selective about what I read, but your posts are always a kick. Keep it up.

  68. Sometimes this with blogging is just one big question mark … for me.
    Why do we click “Like” from Readers without even read the post … ???? Happen everyday – because the stats shows that. 5 likes and nobody has read the post. ??? What is the point with having 300 likes per day .. and not one comment ????
    As you I just wonder why follow when never coming back again?? I want people to talk to me … I have now during a week been doing the A-Z challenge and it’s nearly 2000 bloggers involved and it’s way to get connected with other bloggers .. I visit … I comment, and nothing in return.
    Maybe my blog isn’t interesting enough … can force people.

    • I think your blog is great! One suggestion. I would start leaving comments on blogs you follow consistently. It will take time and they will click back. The other thing is you’re from Sweden, but most people don’t know that. Introduce yourself in the comment!
      With those huge parties, a lot leave a link and don’t come back. My parties are of the few that people click around on. It all takes time. I felt ignored at first too!
      Hang in there girl!

      • I’m not that … worried about getting more followers have over 300 and I quite happy that they are not commenting all of them, but why click follow when nothing is said after that … I want more connections. It shouldn’t really matter where I’m from. Thanks for your advice I will take them on.
        Internet is internet. *laughter

  69. Hi Susie,
    People are far more important to me than numbers any day, every day. I like to follow people who want to share a dialogue on things posted by each other, not a mutual admiration society per se, but with those who will leave honest opinions and remarks. I know I’m not always right on things I write and I appreciate it when someone calls me on it. That’s called friendship. I don’t blog for numbers, or just to be nice all the time, but to be me (most of the time). I only follow you for the parties. You always have the best ones, except you always manage to hide the pizza and the beer where I can’t find them.

    • Oh man! The beer and pizza have been at the bar all along! If I wasn’t building a writer’s platform, I wouldn’t be as concerned. Okay. Yes I would be. It is part of my nature want to create or build something and right now that is this community. I am so glad that you are a part of it Paul!

  70. I am definitely selective. I’m very new to this and don’t have a lot of time – you can get lost while you’re on here (my husband will attest to having lost me a few times ;-) ).

    • My husband used to come home from work, say hello, peek into the empty fridge, look back at me and then look in the fridge again and then finally say,”Are you going to eat dinner tonight?”
      I’ve gotten slightly better…
      Selective is good. I have these huge blog parties here once a month and started following everyone since it is really a subscriber party.
      Thanks for coming by!

  71. So true! I am darn selective when it comes to following. Probably because I don’t sit on my blog dashboard. Often I read blogs I see tweeted out on Twitter, like this one, or most recently in my triberr stream. But really, I have somewhat of the opposite problem you do. I get lots more views than I get followers. That would hint to me that my blog either isn’t worth following or is being seen by the wrong audience except I know I get repeat visits because of some of the comments I receive. However, I don’t get many comments, either. It’s something I’m working on.

    • You could be getting followed through other readers. There are a lot out there. Very nice to meet you! I am glad to see that Twitter is working.
      Your SEOs may rock and that may get you viewed. For me it’s really about reciprocation and reading those bloggers that leave comments. I still go to Freshly Pressed and the Reader to find new bloggers. It takes time and a lot of effort. Come back to my Use Me and Abuse Me day April 25th and you’ll “pick up” some new bloggers! You could also check out my friends that left comments here in this stream. All great writers…
      Thanks for coming by!

  72. Love this post, Susie. Especially the last line. I think there are a lot of us who feel this way. I follow a ton of blogs, but only “subscribe” to about a dozen. That’s about all I can handle in my inbox. I love the blogs I subscribe to. I read them all on my iphone and get a laugh or learn something out of each one. I try to comment when I can, but I seem to do a lot more retweeting and chatting on Twitter or FB about blogs these days. I guess it’s a time thing, but I should comment more. I agree that a comment definitely deepens the online relationship. I know I love comments as much as any blogger. :)

    • With all the successful books you have published, you must be very busy! It is hard to comment on phones. I have tried! I am so glad that I met you here in the blogosphere.I do really appreciate your retweets and comments! Thanks Sophie. :)

  73. Val

    I have similar reasons for following people as you have, Susie. That said, there are only so many posts I can concentrate on reading each day and lately I’ve skipped reading daily as my health just isnt up to it and I get tired ever so easily. I used to be a very good commenter – commenting on nearly everything I read, but I’ve slowed down on that too.

    One thing to bear in mind about the wordpress.com Reader is it’s not been going for very long and most people who use it to follow a blog don’t realise that its only function is to provide a central point for RSS feeds to be seen, it’s not really a social stopping point as some people think. So while one person may follow a blog, there is no need or requirement to follow the same blog back. And yes, a lot of people do use it for publicity – spammers as well. And on again – the wordpress.com Reader, is not the only way people read blogs. They read them via bookmarks, via non-Reader email subscriptions (and by the way, the Reader has the option to be read onsite or via email, but not everyone signs up for email notifications, and some people never read onsite). They read via other, external feed readers, such as the nearly defunct Google Reader, Feedly, FeedReader (which I’m just about to try) and many otherse. So having any number of followers is pretty meaningless – you might have much more than you know about, it’s very possible.

    • I am just so glad for all of these new features. When I first started here, you could only be seen in a specific topic and only for a short time. The Reader rocks and I use it to check out other blogs through topics.
      I wonder how many other subscribers are out there are and yet I am very grateful for the interactive community I have now! Like you! Thanks!

  74. I wrote about this a few years ago. I think people’s needs change after following someone’s blog for a while. A few people who I follow, I squeal when a new post arrives. i devour their writing and always comment. However there are other folks that I follow and their posts sort of one note. By that I mean that they write about the same topics all the time and when I see that I don’t feel like I need to read the same old same old. But i hate to unsubscribe and miss that one awesome post that comes along once in a blue moon. I don’t know how you manage to follow over 200 blogs. I have just come to accept that many people are reading on mobile devices and it makes it really hard to tap out a response. Some people are afraid of joining the discourse. Don’t take it personally! But if you want to write that book, eventually you have to shift your time from blog to manuscript. I think a lot of people are working on their own projects, trying to figure out how to balance writing and living. You seem to be able to do both easily.

    • Well it wasn’t easy, but the book is done! 413 pages… Whew! Danny is reading it right now… I just am doing a little tweaking!
      I know what you mean about the internet. It is difficult when traveling too. That’s why I appreciate the Likes.
      It is funny how we are drawn to some and not to others. I just follow my heart. Throughout this almost 2 year process, I have met the most amazing people like you!
      Thanks Renee! I always look forward to your comments!

      • You’re DONE? Like DONE DONE! I’m on my 7th freaking draft! Oy! I’m excited for you! Hopefully, I’ll stop fussing with things. Eventually.

        • It takes a long time. I don’t know why so many are in a huge hurry. Some books I have read recently seemed pretty bare bones to me. I like to paint scenes without going too crazy with description, but when I read, I like to know where I am.
          It was funny. I have rewritten it 1000 times, well at least 84 times. Last week, I added a couple of things to the first page and then had my daughter (21 years-old) start reading it. She zeroed in on those two things. Honest to God. That’s when I knew I was overworking it.

          Danny is an excellent (non-professional) editor and started reading it yesterday and found two paragraphs to rework in the first 40 pages. It’s still a process, but the monster part of it is done.
          It took a year and a half to write. I had to stop writing flash fiction. Then it really sailed. We’ll see what happens!
          Just keep working on yours. It isn’t a race, it’s your baby and it needs to be nurtured! You’ll know when it’s done… :)

  75. I only follow those of interest (like yours). The comment area is dicey. I usually come back to review for replies but I can tell you I never hit the “notify me of follow up comments via e-mail ” box. I did once for a day and had over 100 emails from just one blog. When I leave a comment I try to check back, but sometimes it is not always possible. Short of not commenting I don’t know of another way. Anyway thanks for bringing this subject up. it is a good one. – John PS… I will check back

    • Don’t subscribe to comments! I know you won’t ever again. See that orange comic comment bubble in the right hand corner? If you click on it all your notifications will come up. You can comment from there. Also if you click on the W you will find notifications there. You will love it! All of your comments as well as the ones that others post will show up there. Let me know if you need help!
      Thanks so much!

      • Wow, Susie–I learn something new every time I drop by for a visit…I didn’t know about the comment icon (notification notice) until now…but will certainly use it…thanks for the info.
        I think many of us become overwhelmed sometimes by the sheer number of good blogs there are that deserve not only to be followed but to be read consistently and it is difficult to keep up with all the ones we enjoy…I know that I always read a select few (including yours, of course), and read other good ones as time allows. If I read all the blogs I like every time a new post comes up I wouldn’t have any time left in the day to eat or read books or work on my own writing, so it is indeed a balancing act. I suffer from insomnia and quite often it’s when I can’t sleep that I catch up on my favorite bloggers…that’s why I’m commenting now at 2am!
        Love your posts and look forward to more of them. Cheers.

      • Thanks for the tip. I still do not have 100% grasp of WP. I’ll let you know if I am still in the dark. – John

        • You can always email me at susielindau@gmail.com. I think WP has a new site with terminology somewhere probably in support. I could not figure out what a tag or a category was in the beginning!
          Another tip. Don’t add over 15 tags. I stick with 13. Going over makes you look like spam and could pull you from the reader!

  76. I don’t read every blog every day — it depends on what else is going on in my life. Sometimes I’ll go for weeks without reading a blog I’ve subscribed to and then either read the most recent post or catch up on all the old ones — but I tend to comment less when I do that.

    There are some spammers that subscribe to blogs. I moved my blog off WordPress for about a year, and during that time I got about 10 spam subscribers (“people” who signed up to get email updates with addresses like cheapviagra12345@hotmail.com) for every real subscriber. That doesn’t seem to happen on wordpress.com for some reason, but lately I’ve gotten a few new subscribers who have real blogs, but all their posts are about how to make money blogging.

    • I would imagine there are some that are just fronts for companies. Anyone can start up a WordPress site, but I don’t like when they like a post or subscribe just to get hits on their own site. I think they are in a small minority thank God!
      The great thing is that you can control how often you read. There is a lot of freedom in all of this. I am trying to make up for lost time since I just started writing 2 years ago. This is where I practice!
      Thanks Laura!

      • I must say that I’m happy to read you only started writing 2 years ago, since I only started a little over a year ago. It seems as though you’ve accomplished a lot in those two years.
        I have to say, I agree with everyone about the time issue…I’m back in school (for writing. Yay!) so, between that and trying to make a pittance of a living, it’s hard sometimes to read any blogs at all.

  77. Fuhgeddaboudit! I think we should just get lost in all the serendipity that blogging has to offer. A like is a like by any other name. A follow, no matter the circumstances, is a display of devotion. Stay in your moment and enjoy the especially spontaneous ones that have you smiling at each of their life turns. It’s breezy in here! :-)

    • Hahaha! I LOVE this! Serendipity is right and I believe that is how we are all brought together. Lots of happy coincidences! I am happy with all the ways that people let me know that they were here. It is breezy and I love it!
      Thanks for stopping by Sweetspot!

  78. Susie, I’m kind of an odd follower. Sometimes I read, comment and like, sometimes I just read and like, sometimes I just read, and sometimes (when time’s short) I quickly skim the post with the intention of returning later. I know that I miss posts, and am usually in ‘catch up’ mode. But I post every day, and that takes up some of the reading time available. I’ve recently written a post about how I’ve noticed that my visitor numbers were down, and a lot of the bloggers I follow were taking a break… and I thought I needed to take a break as well. I’m not bothered about figures and stuff, but when you realise the trend you start to think about it… well, I do anyway.
    I am still here, though, even if it doesn’t seem like it… so you won’t need to shout too loudly from your mountain top for me to hear!

    • I am so glad that you are here Tom!
      If I could make a suggestion. With the WordPress Reader and the ability to follow and read so many, would you consider posting 3 times a week instead? A lot of commenters here today mentioned they can’t follow those that post that often. It’s always the first thing I check out when I go to someone’s blog. I have so many that it is hard to commit to reading 7 a week.
      Then you will have more time to read others and build your community. Just a thought! Thanks for coming by!

  79. I agree with you about the random liking and hoping for reciprocation. I could probably never do that. After all, you do want to build the right community. I’m actually very judicious with giving out even ‘likes’. Maybe that works against me in a way, since not that many people will see my name around, but after all I do only want to click Like when I truly Like it. And hopefully one day that will mean I’m part of the exact blogging community I envisaged.

    • You will! That is the cool part. The blogosphere is limitless! There are millions out there and with WordPress you can add any url. I have people that stop by from many different blog sites and from all over the world! Just keep doing what you are doing and it will slowly build. The key is to comment on your comments which I am sure you do already and then go to their blogs and check them out.. Thanks for coming to read and comment!

  80. People blog for different reasons. Some people blog because they have something to say, others have something to share and others want to be a part of a community to interact.

    I’ve found that I follow blogs that have my same interests, have great photography and have bloggers who are willing to interact with their followers, (like you, Susie!)

    It’s funny, I’m not a writer, I’m just a girl who talks about dogs, food and random stuff that happens in my life. It’s about the adventures in life and that’s why I like your blog you are honest and you write about what’s going on… and you host awesome parties! ;-)

  81. Jerry

    I started blogging as a amateur photographer hoping to get feed back from those that are much better than I so I may pick up and learn tricks of the trade. Unfortunately, comments short of paying for them, I get very few. I follow others because there is an interest with a particulr blog. If a blog is mostly writting, it really has to catch my attention which your’s and a few others do. I won’t set down an read hours on end because my lack of time and patients won’t allow. Others I follow out of, I guess I’d call it courtesy for following mine. However, if it does have to do with photograhy I’ll follow because just seeing others photographs gives me ideas. To be honest, clicking the “LIKE” button on my post really doesn’t give me info to learn from, especially if it is being clicked to get traffic back. Not matter what I post, photos, helpful info, humor, humorous writting, contreversial articles, conspirecy articles or come right out and ask for some type of reply, replies are lil to none. I don’t do the award thing because it didn’t take me long to realize, they are not legit, they are no more than traffic generators for those that send thm out. In my opionion, the best traffic generator to one’s blog is participating (reply or posting) in fellow followers blogs. .

    • You figured it out. The more you comment on other blogs the more likely they will come back. I think in any blogging community, readers are shy about criticizing. Just keep asking for it, but be careful what you wish for! It all takes time…
      I will be sure to stop by and give you my 2 cents!

      • Jerry

        I make a lot of comments, none bad. All I wish for is honesty and that comes under each individuals own truth. I’m thick skinned enough ;) to take it. :)

  82. I’ve lost track of how many I follow, but I’m pretty sure it’s too many. I try to read everything that gets posted, but like you, the every-single-day posters are too much, and the quality often suffers. I’ve also shyed away from the preachier bloggers. It’s ok to have a cause, and I support your cause, but could you please write about something other . than . your . cause?!

    My number of followers has creeped steadily upward after the massive spike caused by being Freshly Pressed. I try to keep them happy, but often there are arguments in my head because of that. It goes like this:
    “I need to express myself dammit!”
    “If you keep writing these 1200 word treatises on your trivial issues, no one will read them”
    “Screw them! They need to accept me for the blithering wind-bag I am”
    “I give up – Even your comments are rambling messes!”

    It goes on and on…

    • I stay away from hot topic political posts and seldom comment on religious ones.
      Your conversation with yourself cracks me up! Some of mine have rambled, then I edit. I try to keep mine under 800 words or readers don’t come by and after all the work that goes into them, I want them to be read!
      The other thing I always ask myself is, “Is anyone going to give a crap?” If I answer no, the sentence or paragraph gets the ax. A lot of my posts are about me, but they are usually pretty self-effacing like my terrible haircut, with pictures!
      Thanks 1Point! Your comments are always appreciated!

      • If you can’t write about yourself, then you’re stuck writing about everyone else, and then you run the risk of looking judgemental. Since I’ve already got the robes and powdered wig, I can get away with it.

  83. Yes, I am selective. I don’t care about the number of followers or comments I get on my blog posts. I blog because I like to communicate my thoughts and experiences. I like to meet people and I appreciate the meaningful connections I make.

    • I don’t count the number of comments, but boy am I happy when friends stop by!
      When I first blogged, I got a couple of comments and didn’t know what to do at first. It didn’t take me long to realize that everyone welcomes thoughtful engagement. You are right. The connections are priceless!
      Thanks for coming by Julia!

  84. Susie, I only subscribe to about a dozen blogs (with yours being one of them) because I know I don’t have a lot of time in my day to read. I blog because I want to get my writing out there for others to read, but when I have the time, I like to read ones that catch my attention. I have almost 1200 followers, but I never get 1200 views every time I post something new. I know I have a certain amount of regular readers, and I value their input and write to make them laugh. I wish I had more time to read more blogs because I know there’s great writing out there. Since I don’t have the time, I limit my follows and always read those blogs whenever something new is posted…

    • Wow Austin! Thanks so much! I feel all special-like!
      I don’t know how you write such amazing posts every day and work??? I can see where you don’t have time. I really appreciate your Likes and comments.
      Isn’t it weird how so many disappear after signing on? 1200 followers is a lot!

      • You should feel special. I wrote a post today that’s gotten over 600 hits because a local radio station put it on their site and their listeners think it’s real. I do love writing my fake news! :)

        I’m not sure where the followers go, but I do appreciate that they want to follow my blog…

  85. Great topic, Susie. I follow about the same number and on WordPress I keep wondering why it’s the same few blogs listed. With the pictures and first para it takes forever to scroll down. I daren’t subscribe by email on every single one I’d gey overwhelmed but I did recently clean up my subscriptions. It might explain what you are talking about. Your mountains are coming in so useful :)

    • Thanks Catherine!
      Cleaning up subscriptions is key to streamlining. There were a few that had quit a while ago! You are great about commenting on others and responding to your followers.
      You go girl!

  86. This is not an easy thing to address because there are so many fabulous bloggers out there, including you. On the one hand we (if we want to be writers) need the support and the practice, the discipline that blogging brings. However, if we’re published or about to be published then we need to use that discipline to write. As well as learning our craft, looking after families, the home, the yard, the husband, etc. AND we want to support new writers on the journey. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed by our inbox.

    For me these days, it’s not about numbers who read my blog. My focus is on the readers of my books, who lurk rather than comment and that’s fine too.

    But as JWo says, I read you because you’re fun! That’s it!

    Great post!

    • Thanks so much CC! It has been challenging to write a book through all of this, but my kids are in college. Danny is reading it now…
      It does get overwhelming. The next step, “when” getting published, (positive attitude, always), will be a new page in blogging, but exciting as well!
      A great example of a blogger who cranks out books, promotes, interview, and appears at conferences is Chuck Wendig. That guy must really be organized!

  87. Subscribing – well, sometimes a blogger I already follow links to something that I find interesting. And from time to time I go back through my email notices and check out the blogs of people who commented or “liked” my posts. If what they say strikes me as interesting or funny or interesting or useful or interesting, I’ll sign up. (And just because I didn’t sign up doesn’t mean their blog is bad – it just didn’t push my buttons.)

    As for numbers – I won’t lie, I get a kick out of each new follower. And I’ll also admit that when my offline life goes nuts, I don’t have time to read every post on the various blogs I follow. But I definitely treasure my regular (and not so regular) readers and commenters, so I make a point of replying to comments, even if it’s just a quick “Thank you!”

    • I agree! It is a thrill when people follow or connect in a comment. It is hard to keep up when life goes crazy. When I get back from a few days off, I may check a few that I missed, but look forward to new posts when I do get the time!
      Thanks for coming by!

  88. Susie, if a blog is linked in a blog I follow, I read it, see what came before, does it make me think and does it make me laugh. I follow a lot of blogs. I have also picked up followers by proxy. Someone read me and someone read them. I try to respond to blogs I follow and reply to comments on my blog. You’re a sterling example to follow.

    • Awww! Thanks so much! I just love reading everyone’s blogs and wish I had more time!
      I think that you have a great understanding of this whole blogging thing and am so glad that you are part of my community!

  89. In the short time I’ve been around WordPress I’ve found that there are about 2/3 of my ‘likes’ clicked by what I’ve come to call ‘drive-by’s, and that includes followers too. I’m like you – I try to read, I ‘like’ only what I read (unless it’s a photo), but there are only so many hours in a day. I comment on things that relate to me (like this) and things that particularly move me (in the case of photos).
    The alternative is to stop following those who show me the occasional gem…

    • It takes a lot of trial and error. It is hard to know who has read and who is lurking, perusing or skimming. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Many are shy and don’t ever comment, but once in a while they really surprise me when I am posting a comment on their blog. Then I know they have been reading! Comments take a lot of time!
      I wish that WP would go back to giving us a click or a view for our Likes. I think all our work is worth those extra views!
      Thanks for coming by to read and comment today!

  90. Your site is fabulous! That’s why I keep following. I keep learning and enjoying :) So at first I hit too many and then I slimmed down (secretly wish losing weight was that easy, ha-ha). Now, I need to slim again, so I can focus. I absolutely love getting certain posts, writing, pictures, some poetry and my new one is a 100 word flash fiction thingy. But I can choose to participate or just read. However, now I want my emails to be done with in about 20 minutes tops and other sites 10-15 minutes, that way my coffee time is 30-40 minutes! I don’t follow everyone back who follows my blog, I hope that’s not rude but I could never read all.

    • I wanted to add a BIG THANKS to you!

    • Thanks so much Kim! You are so sweet!
      I can’t possibly follow everyone back either. It is impossible. I do hope to make a better effort in getting to those who take the time to comment if I don’t follow them.
      I think I really started subscribing when I started the Use Me and Abuse Me blog parties. I couldn’t talk about getting subscribers without doing so myself. Still, there are bloggers who burn out and new ones that take their place. There is always room for more!

  91. I completely agree with Audra about being very selective about who I follow. I do have a core group of dedicated followers that I make an effort to read regularly. They also happen to be very good writers, but if they don’t return the favor and read me, fuhgeddaboudit. I do know that there are bloggers that are nothing more than stats whores. I find them a waste of time. I am spread very thin. For me it’s a balancing act working full-time, writing my site, reading fellow blogs and trying to finish my Manhattan Project. I make an effort to leave thoughtful comments, but sometimes I am overwhelmed and it’s much easier to fall behind than to keep up. Writers that blog every day or more than once a day, are borderline sadists to me.

    • Hahaha! I knew I could count on you for comic relief!
      Borderline sadists??? :)
      All I can say is whenever a WordPress editor or happiness engineer writes about how we should blog every day, I have to leave a comment saying, “No! Don’t do it!” I try not to follow those blogs either, although there are some that are very loyal followers.
      I don’t know how you do all of this with a full-time job. This is my full time job and I work nights and weekends and with no pay! :) I am with you with those that don’t come by once in a while, unless I get a lot of info from their blog.
      I guess we all do our best!
      Thanks for coming by! It is dumping up here. The skies opened up and I am worried about getting back to Boulder! Apparently, THE BIG ONE (snowstorm) is coming in tomorrow night. With my luck it is coming in early!

      • The blessing and curse of seeing one’s following grow is that maintaining that following is so time consuming. The sites I follow are often quite entertaining, but finding the time to read and comment while keeping my own site somewhat refreshed is often a challenge. It would be a million times easier if I did not have to work a day job, but somehow I’m still making it work.

        When does Colorado get the memo that it’s April? And when does the snow stop by you? Of course, you’re probably a fan of spring skiing. My ex, Voom, used to rave about skiing while wearing shorts.

        • I think that you are right about the give and take in reading and being read. It is a delicate balance. You rock at keeping all the balls in the air!
          We made it home. We often get the biggest snow storms in April just in time for the resorts to close. Next weekend is the last for many of them. Shorts???? That would be very “cool.” :)

  92. Susie, I remember finding your blog in the early days of my own blogging journey, and being so delighted that you took the time to pop by and comment on my blog. It’s been my experience that many bloggers with really big numbers of followers don’t do that. So let’s start there: with a great big thank you!
    But I’ve wondered, as you do, how somebody with 1000 followers isn’t drowning in “likes” and comments every time they post. I suspect that part of it has to do with blogging apathy, with people who start blogging, follow all kinds of people, and then get overwhelmed and disappear.
    And I see in my own blogging behaviour over the past couple of months that there are times when I just don’t spend the time I would like to on my own blog or in visiting my favourite blogs.
    Anyway, yours is always a favourite, and I love to pop by for your humour, your adventures, and your crazy dance moves :)

    • Ohhhhh! That is so very nice of you to say! Made my day!
      Thank you!
      I am lucky in that I don’t work, my kids are in college and even though I have pretty active lifestyle, I have time to read. What I need to do is make more time for myself! Hahaha! Really!
      I think that what you say is true and there is burn out. Then there are the newbies who start up and say, “Whoa!” Many of them don’t continue.
      This has been such a great discussion! I am glad you came by!

  93. I feel ya, Susie. I’ve been particularly bad at giving love to my subscriptions lately because… well, life just got in the way. My email decided to send all WordPress messages to the spam folder so I was missing out on new post notifications for weeks. I got a promotion at work which means I’m swamped with learning new tasks. I entered into a long distance relationship with a boyfriend who calls during the times I had previously spent in the blogosphere. And most of the time when I get home, I’m too tired to turn on my laptop to see what all of my favorite bloggers are up to. I’ve definitely been feeling a little guilty, but I’m determined to get myself back on track and acknowledge those awesome writers that share their thoughts and words with the world. Thanks for the reminder and even if people don’t push the Like button or leave a comment, they are still reading. :)

    • You sound like you have a lot of great reasons for not being around. Whew! You are busy girl!
      After I go on a vacation, I read as much as I can to catch up and then just have to mark the rest as “read.” Then I try to read their new posts. I feel guilty when I have tons of unread notifications! That Like button can really come in handy in a
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post today!

  94. laketranslations

    Hi Susie,
    I, for one, am feeling totally overwhelmed by social media. Maybe it’s a common disease these days… Managing two FB pages, 2 G+ accounts, 2 Twitter accts, 2 Pinterest pages, a blog, LinkedIn, pages on several sites for translators, pages where people share blogs, posts, etc. is giving me quite a headache (and often an identity crisis – “who am I Iogged in as?”). I spend 16/18 hours a day, seven days a week, doing my networking homework. More often than not, I do not even get to choose what I am going to do five minutes from now: one link takes me to another, and yet another and I end up on Twitter or Pinterest when I was actually going to post a link to my blog on my Facebook page! Maybe this is what happens to other people as well.
    Have a wonderful Sunday (or what’s left of it, at any rate!)

    • Hey … isn’t that the cats meow!

    • Wow! That is a lot. I started blogging on other sites and thought I would cross post to them regularly. I don’t have the time. Pinterest is a once a week thing for me since I find it a total time suck, but I hit Twitter and FB daily. I have to be careful not to spend too much time on them. I check them once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening, unless I post something that gets comments. Then I am sucked right into that vortex too!
      It’s all a balancing act. When you figure it out, let me know!

      • laketranslations

        Thanks for your kind reply, Susie. When you are two months behind with the rent and the bills and literally have no money to put food on the table, you just grab whatever resources you can find.

    • Hey, I just found you and I love your comments about clicking and linking. I’m a bit overwhelmed too. So accurate, I must garner more control.

  95. hmcmullin

    When I first started blogging and took Kristin Lamb’s WANA course I browsed a lot of blogs and realized very quickly that following all of would mean not reading any of them. I now have about 25 blogs (including yours) that I follow and read regularly. Any new blogs I add are usually from links suggested by the ones I currently follow. On my own blog, I’m trying mostly to work on stories of my career as a Park Ranger, but a variety of other stuff that interests me also creeps in. Hopefully I’ll develop a following as I progress, but it’s just as important to me to get the stories actually written down.

    • You should leave more comments! I had no idea! Thanks so much. :)
      I had 40 for the longest time. Then it sort of exploded with my Use Me and Abuse Me Days. I also seem to keep finding the most amazing blogs. There is a lot of talent in the blogosphere. I stopped subscribing to magazines for that reason! Hahaha!
      Thanks so much for following! I will be sure to stop by yours more often!

  96. I read plenty of blogs daily but can’t get to all that I’ve subscribed to. And I feel guilty. Silly, I know, but when I sign up to follow someone I have the best intentions and want to support those bloggers whose writing or ideas I enjoy. Then I feel pressure. Ugh. And of course I want everyone who follows my blog to read every post! Great topic and blog!

    • Thanks so much! I am the very same way which is why I am sitting here instead of skiing right now. I couldn’t believe how many well thought out comments poured in and they are taking a long time to go through. I have posts to read as well!
      I guess we have to just do our best and read our loyal followers first.
      I am glad you stopped by!

  97. Great subject Susie! I keep the blogs I follow at no more than 50 for just this reason. It’s not realistic to get back around to hundreds of websites and say howdy or even hit that Like button. Also as you mentioned, occasionally some of these sites are abandoned or set stagnant for long periods.

    I will not remain subscribed to sites like that – keeping the number low makes staying on top of this situation far easier. It’s a tricky situation, one that can tick some people off, and it shouldn’t because this is an avocation, right? If a subscriber is in it for money, I will ignore them…

    • Money! Did you say Money???? Who is getting paid around this joint?? It sure is an avocation.
      I think that is a great way to maintain sanity. I always appreciate your smiling face and comments John!

      • Thanks, Susie! Same to you!! My comment refers to a few blogs that follow my site which always have a page or pages telling you how you can make $1200 per month blogging, stuff like that. I ignore these sites totally. Rude? Maybe but I don’t see them as genuine blogs. Just an opinion…

  98. Hi Susie; Your timing is always impeccable! I just started a new blog (but not on WordPress – - – we had words with each other don’t you know). So here is the first post of the new blog.


    • You had “words????” Oh no! I can’t imagine that you would prefer Blogspot. I’ll follow you over there!

      • I think my spat with WP has come to a good conclusion. I am back on line with one of my blogs (got booted for a few days) because I properly genuflected and atoned for a violation of rules (no, nothing smutty). But I will play with blogspot for this new blog

  99. I have tried to work with others, for the most part I had some success. Still it always astounds me how some people misinterpret my passion and goal to being a paid as an author to being money hungry. I just think If you have to survive in this world you may as well get paid doing something you have a passion for. Most of those people are like finding a needle in a hay stack.
    The sites I have joined seem to cater to more of the ego poet rather then the hard nosed work horse. Most vanity presses promise alot but deliver very little. That is why I went Indie. So that what brings me here hoping to find those kindred spirits. Are you out there?

    • We are! We are!!
      It amazes me how much I learn every day! I read a lot and comment on posts. Every one forges their own way just a little bit differently.
      I have always been all about inclusivity. That’s just how I roll. There are a lot of poets around here and they have found a place in the world where their voice is heard.
      On WordPress you can go to the reader and pick out the topic poet, poem, or poetry and find tons of kindred spirits.
      I think you have to keep putting yourself out there like you are!

  100. There are always people that show up that give wonderful feedback and it’s that community I love. I view this blogging thing as you do and it’s also about support and encouragement. I don’t know how others do it but I’m like you about that clique thing. I didn’t like it in high school and I sure don’t like it, as an adult, in a community of intelligent grownups. Well, grownup most of the time anyway. Okay half the time. It’s about having fun, making friends and every once in a while receiving some validation. Otherwise why are we all doing it? I suppose I’m selective about following…I’m careful about what I put into my brain these days… :).

    • I am glad you are with me Brigitte! My husband often reminds me to save the sweet and kind comments that pick me up when I am down. I blog because of this amazing community!
      At first I was a very small voice in an empty auditorium. I remember wondering how anyone got their stories read. That was two years ago and WordPress has evolved. I am still finding wonderful people like you around the blogosphere!
      That cliquey thing follows those same people over to Facebook and Twitter. Good thing it is such a huge place and getting larger by the day!

      • Ah, Susie. Ditto to you my friend. Your place is a friendly place and God knows we need more of those. Thank you for your sweet reply. You’ve made me feel mucho better — I needed that. ;).

  101. Well Susie, once upon a time I followed a lot of blogs and then gradually found out I was reading more than I was writing. So I stopped all that and went to a place where I was comfortable and it was low maintenance.. My daily blogs on Zoomers don’t get a lot of hits when they come out but over time they do and some have up to 20,000. Does that mean people read them or is it spam bots? I guess we will never know and it is what it is. I have had a blog on wordpress for about 5 years. I think you are the only one that follows it and that is okay with me. I just keep writing.. and writing and writing hahhaa and if someone comes by they come by..:)

    • It is a tough one. I have spent the whole day so far just commenting! I need to get to work at some point too…
      20,000 on one post??? Amazing. But your writing warrants every one of those views Linda!

  102. I’m way more selective now than at first. I also already follow 100+ blogs, and no longer read those who post long, long, long essays every single day. I just don’t have time. I often read in chunks, 3 or 4 at a time that I’ve saved up in the inbox. That’s a big reason I don’t comment here much – by the time I get here, there are tons of comments posted. Even though you answer everything, I feel like I’m just adding noise.

    I also super dislike bloggers who choose who they respond to. It’s just rude, and makes me wonder why not me? Are my thoughts that boring or inconsequential? I don’t comment at all on the Mountaintoppers. Why bother? I comment to be heard just like I blog to be heard. It’s all about the interaction for me.

    • Your comment is never noise! I love hearing from you! The reason I get a lot of comments is because I spend hours every day reading and commenting on other blogs. :)
      I wrote a blog post a long time ago about “How blogging is like theater.” The first day of theater class I learned about all of the reasons why people go. One of them that really stuck in my mind, is to be seen! That is why I comment on popular blogs like the Bloggess and I see a lot of my friends over there too. I get clicks from her post every time I post a comment.
      The selective commenting thing is why I have stopped commenting on some blogs. I guess I can be a sensitive soul too!
      I am so glad you can relate to the interaction. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you!
      Thanks Michelle

  103. I had to laugh and then cry at the same time. I made an early decision to read posts on Sundays only. That way it’s a great way to read as much as I want to without feeling that I have to. Quite a balancing act! I don’t randomly click either, as I don’t want people to do that to me. But I love finding posts that for no other reason make me feel like I have a connection! Thanks for a great post!

    • Thanks Susan!
      It is a balancing act and one I have been teetering on for a while now. Usually I start my day by commenting on comments. Then I check my reader and start going though blog posts. I have everything in there since I can copy and paste my Blogger or self-hosted friends in it as well. 9:00 AM is my cut off, but just like a user looking for another fix, I will find myself reading when I take a break from final edits on my book or after writing posts! Thank you so much and for coming by again today!

      • I would have to agree with most of you. I been following this for the last several minutes. I guess it all about talking with you all to get the full picture of what it is like to blog. So here I am talking and hoping that it all comes to some good. Being new at this, I have my moments at being dull but bare with me. LoL Talk to you all soon.

  104. I have been thinking about this exact subject for the last couple of weeks. I took about two days off and fell over 50 post readings behind. I caught up yesterday. Now, I look at the ones I follow and realize that there are some that I should reduce from having email posts to not. I don’t want to stop following them as I want to remember and look back and be able to start following later.
    I have way over 100 blogs – I have about 85 sent immediately to my email for new posts. That is a lot of reading! Anyway, just to let you know that, if I don’t comment on some of yours, it could be that I am in a hurry (I will hit “like”), but I did read it.

    • Awwww! Thanks Scott! I have to do that too. Sometimes it takes more than 20 minutes between reading and making an intelligent comment.
      I looked into managing some of mine and deleted some that haven’t posted in a year. I figure they will give me a heads up by commenting if they come back.
      Most of us are doing our best!

  105. jan

    nice write, you nailed it!

  106. The range of followers we have I feel can be equated to the “friends” we have. We have friends who we will entrust to keep our darkest secrets. We have friends who we might see and interact with on a regular, while others might be less frequent, We finally we have friends who are friends in name only.
    I’ve recently started to engage in endeavoring to write flash fiction. This is great because I’ve found it helps me to increase the flow of the creative juices in the little grey cells I’ve got inside my head; and I’ll like to invite you and your followers to check out my flash fiction endeavors.

    • I think friendships have to be developed, but it is a two way street. I can’t just sit at my site and hope that people come by. I have gotten to know bloggers by what they write. Some can be more revealing than others, but in combination with comments left, I feel like I get to know them pretty well.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Precisely what I’d been trying to say. Just like friendships needing to be developed so does the relationship we have with our readers/followers. Let’s hope can/will develop into more than it is today. Have a GREAT DAY !!!

  107. JWo

    I have followed a lot of blogs that I end up never getting back to reading. I even have a folder set up in my email to catch all of the “new posts” and it currently shows 999+ new emails in it. YIKES…

    I follow some blogs because they followed me, some because they interested me and some because they are fun (you fall into the later category… haha). But I admit that I don’t get around to reading you (and others) like I should.

    Numbers were important to me at first and while I still get excited when someone new subscribes to my blog, I’m not as obsessed as I used to be.

    While I’d love to be the next Bloggess (I even have a mini Beyoncé) I know I just need to write for fun and for me instead of worrying about who (and how many) reads me.

    • You hit it right on the head JWo! I write about what interests me and am often surprised at what hits home for readers. I have to admit to wanting to see the increase in subscribers, translate into readers.

      Recently I have gotten quite a few that subscribed that I never saw again which made me wonder, hence the post.

      It gets to be a lot for everyone to keep up with. I do my best and still stress out if I have missed someone’s posts for a while…
      Thanks for coming by!

  108. I am very selective and I never click like unless I do like it. That being said, I follow to many to keep up!! Nice post

    • It does become a lot to keep up and read. I am starting to manage the ones that blog more than once a day. I guess I have pretty wide parameters and tend to like almost all of them! Hahaha!
      Thank you!

  109. I’m just starting out, trying to connect with other writers and to get advice and critiques on my writing as I pursue my novels to completion. So, I subscribe to a lot (mostly, people who have subscribed to mine), in the hopes of connecting with others.

    • Excellent! You are way ahead already! I do reciprocate with those that follow and comment. They really do become friends over time!
      Good luck and let me know if you ever have any questions… :)

  110. laketranslations

    No problem here.

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