On Birthdays, Socks and Underwear


Not another birthday!

I often hear people moan about birthdays. Don’t you? It is s conundrum. If you want to live a long life, you have to weather milestones and put up with a few gray hairs. I tell people to suck it up! Smile! Be glad that you’re around for another year. Many don’t have that luxury.

And then mine comes around.

When I was a child, my special day was celebrated with family, a few friends, cake and ice cream and bubbles. Adriaen_Hanneman_Two_Boys_Blowing_Bubbles

When I became an adult it meant going out at night and partying at the bars, shots of tequila and morning-after headaches.

When I became a parent, it meant a night on the town with my husband while we paid someone to watch the kids.

Now, the trick is to take responsibility for my own birthday. But what does that mean?

How about splurging?

Hmm. I could schedule a massage, get a facial or go shopping. Sheesh! I have a shirt to return from Christmas! I do need basics. We are talking socks and underwear people.

How about relaxing for a day without the internet?

I shudder to think about avoiding my blog, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t think I could do it. That wouldn’t make me happy and this is all about me, right?

How about taking a day off from work?

With a lot of professions, you leave your work behind when you leave the office. As writers, we take our job everywhere we go. Forget the computer. While in a traffic jam yesterday, I jotted down notes for this post on the back of a scrap of paper! I’m always on the clock. Writing is my passion and an obsession. I…can’t…stop…myself…

How about engaging in a crazy adventure?

Cold weather will prevent me from hot air ballooning, learning how to fly an airplane or jumping out of one. I will wait for a warmer day…

hot air balloon

Now that my kids are in college, my birthday has come full circle.

I look forward to a day spent with family, cake and ice cream and bubbles. I have already heard from a few old friends through Facebook. I’ll share a meal with my family and order dessert. Then I’ll poke around my favorite shops and purchase a few pair of socks and some cute panties. Afterward, I’ll slip into a tub full of bubbles. I’ll look back on this year’s accomplishments and smile.

hot tubbing


A Colorado bubble bath

It will be a perfect day after another wild year. You have come to expect no less from this Wild Rider, right?

What would your perfect day include?

Do you look forward to your birthday?

Wikimedia Commons

Soap Bubble – Wikipedia

Fay Wray photo copyright-free

167 thoughts on “On Birthdays, Socks and Underwear

  1. Hmmmmm….my perfect day, now that my young’uns are scattered? Sleeping in, giving in to a massage, nail fill, pedi, and lunch that involves steak and lots of chocolate shared w/my sweetie. Just celebrated a milestone birthday, last year.


    • Thanks Tori!
      You have to be proud of your age. I got over that when one of my son’s friends died in a car accident before her 20th birthday. I am so grateful for all the years and live each day like it’s my last! It’s only a number…
      It’s funny how meeting my family for lunch is absolutely the best birthday I could have! Now that my kids are in college, it is quite a feat.


  2. Happy Birthday … You are living the good life and & it’s obvious that you are smart & cooool enough to celebrate each &
    every day! Keep up the writing as you have a gift which so many are lucky enough to enjoy.


  3. Go Susie spend relax dine out :)
    You deserve all the pampering Girl.
    You are such a lovely gifted golden heart…
    Wishing you a fantastic. Day on( naughty too)
    my B day is on 16th may, i hear some hush hush planning going on lol


    • Thank you so much Soma! I think it is important to do something a little different to celebrate the day, even if you have to plan it yourself. Sounds like something special is in the works already for yours!


  4. Today, another day older, sitting on a mountain in the Autumn rain. Risen up from a creek in the valley just before. Up here with the coastal winds, just running through my mind. The sea it’s just out there, on another short step to reach. Here was my day for another year, dreaming without a thought of sleep. Wide awake to the stories, little talks, just to listen to each free living moment… Well, that was my day for another year today… Happy birthday, Susie!


  5. You should be careful about mentioning a need for underwear in the presence of a smut-writer. I’m going to spare you the dirty joke, but only because it’s your birthday.

    Hope you have a good one!


    • I’ll celebrate for at least a week Ted! Wouldn’t it be great if we lived each day like it was our birthday? I mean the happy, set aside some time for ourselves, part. I am going to take notes today and see what I can do about that…
      Thanks so much!


  6. A very, very good post. You managed to get through the whole thing without revealing your age. But that’s cool because the real thing is to learn whatever you are supposed to learn for that year age. That could be anything.

    My wife frequently comments while watching TV, “Man, they sure are old.” I reply in kind, “We’re all getting old. Even newborn babies are getting old.” Somehow she(as well as others) thinks some people are aging faster than others and that’s not true. We’re all ageing together, collectively, all at once.

    When I had my birthday this year, 58, I was asked how it felt and I replied “It feels a lot like being 57.” The change in imperceptable. Anyway….this whole “time” thing, we can’t stop it, we can’t slow it down, it just keeps charging ahead.

    It was only 8 years ago with my kids that I rode the most exciting and dangerous rides at Cedar Point, Ohio, an amusement park. It was tough then and I had to space my rides about 2 hours apart. I rode six rides that day and the last one was the fastest, highest, swingingnest ride around. I don’t think I could do it today without major hospitalzation.

    I grapple with it. I adjust my reality. While in my youth I use to think don’t trust anyone over 30 I find myself now thinking “…..what I wouldn’t give again just to be 40.” Anyway have a great birthday.


    • I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subject!
      It is true that age is relative. In some ways I am in better shape now than I was when I was younger. I know a lot more about myself and what I like. I don’t take anything or anyone for granted. All of this comes with age and it is all good!
      Thanks so much!


  7. Great post. It’s my birthday on wednesday and I can’t wait. Like a big school kid. :) I’m going to be 35, though my younger kids think I’m 21, so all is right with the world. Especially when they believe their dad is 104.


    • Hilarious! Poor dad…
      Happy 35th Birthday early!
      Make sure to take some control of the day and do something for yourself. I used to wait around to see what my husband would come up with and that was too much pressure especially when working all day. He has always done something wonderful, but it is good to slow down the day a bit and take stock.
      Thanks so much!


    • There is nothing more relaxing that’s for sure… :) This is a Colorado “bubble bath!”
      I am really looking forward to meeting my family for lunch and catching up with everyone!
      Thanks so much August!


  8. It is nice that friends and family remember you on birthdays, but, in reality, aren’t they just like the other days in your life…, wake up – eat – work – eat – go to sleep… and then do it all over again tomorrow? Nah !!!!!
    Have a great birthday, Birthday Girl. Best to you and enjoy the day to the max.


    • It’s not anything like a regular day! I love the energy of it and would love to carry it through every day… What has made it so much better was writing this post and really thinking about how I want to celebrate. It made me think about how little time I take for myself outside of writing, which I love.
      Lots more adventures to come!
      Thanks Paul!


  9. As I approach the big 62 this July- it is just another day. I won’t be with Steve so that makes it a sad day in itself. I can’t eat cake because no one in my family seems to understand I have had celiac disease for almost 6 years and wouldn’t think of looking for a gluten free one.

    But- that my friend is nothing- I have you- my computer and my life.
    That is way more than enough.
    Happy Birthday my dear friend.


  10. I am sure you are having great times, as testified by the the jaw-dropping picture of the bathtub! May the string of happiness last for ever!

    In my case thought, the elation is overcome by a depression the following day. Nothing can capture it better that Paul Simon’s words:

    ‘Yesterday, it was my birthday
    I hung one more year on the line
    I should be depressed
    My life’s a mess
    But I’m having a good time

    I’ve been loving and loving
    And loving
    I’m exhausted from loving so well
    I should go to bed
    But a voice in my head
    Says “Ah, What the hell”

    Have a good time….’

    PS: Sorry for disgorging those lyrics at your serene blog.


  11. I actually enjoy the quieter celebrations as we get older. Although this year my brother and husband pulled off a surprise party. They got me good, too.

    Happy Birthday, Susie!! Here’s to another year on the Wild Ride. *lifts virtual wineglass*


  12. Happy birthday to youuuuuu *singing slightly off key* – Birthdays are the perfect time to celebrate our good fortune to be here celebrating! Party on in whatever way pleases you … can we all fit in that hot tub? Here’s to another year of taking us along on your wild ride through your wonderful life!


  13. You are a Wild Rider Indeed – Happy Birthday – Celebrate Your Special Day!!! My birthday usually gets shuffled into Thanksgiving or even the Christimas Holiday celebrations. I remember having the flu when I turned 18 and then the flu and food poisioning when I turned 21. Really know how to celebrate my special day – ha! Happy Thursday:)


    • What a bummer for a 21st… I hope you have had many great celebrations since then!
      Shuffling gets to be routine when family is spread out. As long as you make time for yourself on your special day!
      Thanks so much Renee!


    • That is exactly what the day is for! I think the trouble for so many is when they depend on others to make the day special.. We need to eat, drink and be merry, right???
      Thanks so much Bill!


  14. First, Happy Happy Birthday!

    Second, for a good birthday you should do whatever it is that you love. For me that means, taking a walk with my hubby and pups, maybe getting a massage or pedicure and of course eating a really nice meal.

    Third, when you look in the mirror and you see a grey hair or a wrinkle or something that would normally freak most women out do what I do. Look it over and say, “I earned that sucker!”


  15. Happy B-Day to you! Here’s my birthday gift for you…I’m going to continue to follow your very funny blog and follow you on facebook and twitter because I appreciate your creativity, your fearlessness to put it out there, your love of animals, the many laughs you give me, and because I love Colorado. And if I don’t comment it’s one of those crazy days when I scan blogs, tweets, posts and just take it in, but have no time to put out cause I’m busy painting and tending to life in general but today is your special day so I’m commenting cause I have a minute to do that and you were on the top of my list. So CARRY ON Susie, even when it’s echos-I’m listening, laughing and appreciating. Have a shot of tequila for me.


  16. First of all happy b-day. I hope you get the socks and underwear of your dreams.

    My perfect day I don’t have to go to work. I sleep in with a companion and engage in morning (or noonish recreation), eat brunch with her and then go home and write for a while. Later, I hook up with Milton. We catch a play and then have a late night meal and pound some beverages afterward.


  17. Happy birthday, Susie! I’m like you, my birthday is never that big of a deal to me. With one coming up in just a few weeks (my, how the year has flown by!), I find myself in no need to celebrate. I thought about taking the day off, but I’d rather use the vacation time for something a little more worthwhile than the anniversary of my entry into the world. But with all the fortunate surprises of 2013, maybe there will be some birthday-related fun in my future. Enjoy your special day!!!!


    • It is a big deal to me, but I don’t need to do as much to celebrate. Having lunch with my family was fantastic yesterday and considering where everyone had to drive from, it was no small feat! I am so thankful for them!
      I think we do need to find some way to celebrate even if it is in stopping at a bakery to buy ourselves a special treat!
      I hope there is a lot of birthday-related fun in your future too!
      Thanks so much!


  18. My perfect day would be a day with a real camera so I could take real photos. Not that I’m not greatful for the one I have…I am. As far as looking forward to my next birthday, that’s a year away. However, I will look forward to it like the last…it’s just another day. :)


    • It’s not just another day. It is your special day!!!
      I know what you mean about a good camera. I take the majority of photos on my phone and would love a digital SLR, but hate the size of them!
      Happy belated birthday Jerry!


      • Thank you Susie. I’ll be getting a new/used Canon EOS in about a week. it has hardly ever been used. It looks like it has not been out of the box three times. I tried it out and for what I could test there at the pawn shop it worked beautifully. A late birthday gift but very thankful and grateful. I’ll be happier than a North Alaskan well diggers butt on the Serengeti. ;)


  19. BUBBLES! If there’s anything I like more than glitter and sparkly things, it’s bubbles. I love the way you think! And who knew you were a fellow Aries? Well, that’s just super fabulous.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy, happy, happy Birthday darling. I hope you spend it doing exactly what you want to be doing and if that means shopping, then go shopping, if that means watching trashy TV, then do that. It’s your day, so do whatever YOU want to do! And hey, you can always hot air balloon ride in the summer and celebrate your UN-birthday!

    The important part is to just enjoy life. And I think you’ve got that part down, my friend.

    I wish I was there to give you a huge hug. Big birthday kisses and hugs to you. Mwuah!


    • Thanks so much Tameri! I did get to see my family and it was fantastic! I do think it is important to celebrate no matter how big or small the celebration, take stock and be grateful for friends like you! **muah** right back!


  20. Happy Stinken’ Birthday! :D I for one love getting older (and hopefully wiser), but loathe parties. I think your hot tub looks like the perfect way to spend it though. Hope this year is even better than the last!


  21. Many Happy Returns! Hot tub? How unadventurous! Surely while waiting for summer you should have found some ice to break allowing for a place to swim? (The hot tub would be twice as nice after that!)


  22. There you go. Do what YOU want, not what anybody else thinks you should do for your B-day. Now that’s a seriously wild thought, and I like it. I’m trying to decide what to do for my 50th B-day. Probably just go hiking in the park, take a bunch of pics, and watch a movie packed with awesome visual effects. What could be better than that?


  23. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Looks like you enjoyed your day. Took the time off and relaxed. Very nice. You have lots of great ideas. I may have to link back to you next week. Maybe I should do a Bday post. What do you think? Hmm.
    I normally don’t look forward to my birthday, but Tameri is taking me for tea and I suspect it will be ridiculously AWESOME! Oh, wait, I’m supposed to say HIDEOUS! Maybe I’ll bump next Thursday’s post and make it my birthday Thursday Tea. I totally forgot about my birthday. Wasn’t going to post a thing about it. If I don’t say anything will I never age? Maybe I can be immortal! LOL.


    • Love it! Definitely post about your birthday! I write about my wild life, so I had to include it right??? I think we have to shout out to everyone out there who doesn’t want to acknowledge another year by CELEBRATING LIFE!!! It doesn’t get better than that!
      I will look forward to your post and time with Tameri! You lucky ducks!
      Thanks so much Debra! I am especially grateful for friends like you!


  24. Happy Birthday!

    Hey, having a birthday beats the heck out of the opposite, right?

    Enjoy a great meal, b-day cake, and a bottle good wine. Doing it all in a hot tub is winning!


  25. I do look forward to my birthday, but not particularly to getting older. So I decided that I was still going to celebrate the day, but not get any older. Now that that has been decided, I love my birthday days.

    Happy birthday you special wild lady you! I hope you enjoy everything on your list of pleasures. I don’t suppose we’ll see any pix of the new panties though. Some things are better left to the imagination.

    Have a good one!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Thanks Patricia!
      I had a really great day and did find some really cute panties and agree about the imagination… :)
      I think we should embrace all of our years and be grateful.. It is all in the interpretation like you said!


  26. Happy,happy,happy,happy,happy,happy Birthday!!! I celebrate somewhat you do…Birthday cake and ice cream with the family..lately though I’ve been in Florida on my day, and I told hubby what I’d like to do next year is be HOME on my birthday.

    Enjoy! Celebrate! Congrats!


  27. I do look forward to my birthday. What it would have to be a perfect day? If it is on a Saturday- breakfast in bed made by my kids, all messy and no Michelin stars whatsoever… made with love, even if the omelet have some pieces of eggshell in it… A nice ride on my motorbike with friends. My favorite meal at dinnertime. Candles and champagne when the kids go to bed…

    HAppy birthday to you- may it exceed all expectations!


    • That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate! I hope it happens this year for you….There is nothing better than being with those we love eggshells and all!
      Thanks so much! It was so much fun!


  28. happy birthday, by the looks of the picture you were having a good time. It’s still cold here, too. As for my birthday it always falls during parent teacher conference time, but I take it in stride. One year my wife and young kids showed up unannounced with cake and ice cream. It was a nice surprise! Keep writing and thinking…


    • Thanks Clay!
      Surprises are the best! Good surprises especially. I just went out to the garage and my car is deader than a doornail. Not a great surprise…. Oh well I have an hour before AAA comes so here I am catching up!


  29. The tonne of bubbles would suit me just fine. I have a birthday coming up, and no, I don’t usually look forward to it. But this year it looks like I’ll be making it to Bali! So I’m looking forward to some humid heat, a swimming pool, some fine food and lots of sleep :)


  30. Happy birthday, Susie. I had. Great birthday celebrating with 3 of my kids, their spouses and the grand kids at the Irish festival. We had a blast. I’d also love to celebrate it by playing Balderdash with some close friends and family, just a small gathering. We always laugh so hard, we cry whenever we play that game. Making up quirky definitions is right up my alley! I need some new socks and undies, too!


  31. Happy (belated) birthday!
    I moan about my birthdays in advance, but on the day itself I’m the happiest girl in the world – I adore my birthdays, just not the getting older bit. :)
    I think you’re celebrating in style! Well done and I hope you had lots and lots of fun!


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