April 2011, 2012, and 2013 – A Photo Essay

someone give me a sign!

This morning, I watched these robins ruffle their feathers to keep the snow from accumulating. Poor birds…

In March of 2013, a cycle started with snowstorms arriving every Monday. Mother Nature must be on steroids because this has continued for seven weeks!

This is last year’s post comparing April of 2011 to 2012.

A Heatwave Cometh Early 

April 13th, 2011

A lot has been written about global warming and it has become a hot political issue. Pun intended. Regardless of your stand on whether it exists, it has been a warm spring here in Boulder, Colorado. Last year there was so much snow in the mountains, we worried about flooding. This year it was warm and dry. Snow totals are 39% to 49% of normal.

March 23, 2012

This is the first year my wisteria has bloomed. I am amazed that it has survived our harsh winters here over the last 10 years. This is Colorado not California for God’s sake. I love it!

I am kinda digging this warm spring.

April 24th, 2012

Temperatures reached a very hot 88 degrees today and it feels more like June 24th than April 24th.

I have already battled ants this season. The miller moths that usually migrate in the millions at the end of May became the next unwelcome early arrival. I can hear them flapping their wings in the night above our bed. They are one month early and they never knock before coming into the house…So rude!

This foreshortened photo of my legs is really weird and so attractive!

In April 2011, we had a seasonal snowstorm that set back the spring foliage and nipped our fruit trees. The pruned die-back on the rose bushes filled a humongous trash can.

April 24th, 2012 – There is very little die-back and that will save me soooo much time!

April 13th, 2011

An icy garden

April 2011

April 24th, 2012

These are the last of the tulips in 2012 and it isn’t even May!

Last year in April the snow slowed down the tulips and this year they have already bloomed!

This year our spring is so summer-like.

Last year was like an ice age. What a difference!

Lilacs are in full bloom on April 24th, 2012. I have similar photos from last year  in the middle of May!

We are not out of the woods for freezing temperatures until May 15th, but if we continue with this warm weather, we will have amazing fruit this year!

I have already made fresh rhubarb pie and the raspberries are about to bloom.

Raspberry rhubarb pie. Yum!

This is the end of a very lean ski season.

Avoiding the rocks.

Climbing them instead!

If it does threaten to freeze, I will be the crazy lady in the yard protecting everything with sheets like a Hampton’s homeowner covering furniture at the end of summer.

It is a good thing that weather isn’t like a bell curve or we would hit temperatures in the 140’s in July. It is supposed to chill out at the end of this week, but I have lost my faith in weather forecasters.

In the meantime, I will take advantage of the nice weather!


April 2013? Not so much.


We’ve had over 40 inches of snow this April and it ain’t over yet! Last week’s snow melted over the weekend. Another 8 inches fell overnight and it is still snowing…

Scientists are scrambling to make sense of the strange weather. A press release from CU-Boulder yesterday, announced findings that climate zones will shift faster as climate warms. This was the result of a joint research project conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and CU.

All I know is every inch of moisture is welcome respite after a long dry winter. We won’t have any forest fires as long as snow is on the ground.

Breckenridge and Vail Ski Resorts reopened for three days last weekend due to the enormous snow totals. Maybe ski areas should start opening in December and close in June!

Do you think we’ll ever be able to work in our gardens here in Boulder?

Will Harry ever regain the respect of his flock? 

All photos by Susie Lindau

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89 responses to “April 2011, 2012, and 2013 – A Photo Essay

  1. Pingback: The Bright Side Top Ten List | Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

  2. Saw the news tonight about Colorado. The Ice Man returneth !!!!??!! Feel so sorry for you guys. Just think though…, one more trip down the mountain!
    Stay warm.

    • Those were almost my same words on FB and Twitter! We are done skiing, but we need the moisture, so I can’t complain too much. I wasn’t going to blog until Saturday or Sunday, but I had to write something funny about this crazy weather!
      Thanks Paul! It is still snowing.

  3. Just wandering around again today – looks like more snow in Denver from the TV pictures – poor plants!

  4. What a great set of pictures – it certainly has been an odd year…(hmmm rearranging the ski season…travel agents are rearranging the “off season” price lists.)
    We’re expecting temps in the 40’s later this week? Odd odd odd….maybe ice flows instead of rising water along the coast? giggle on!

  5. Your photos are beautiful – especially Spring 2012 around your house. Love the flowers! And it’s amazing how you don’t let those freakishly foreshortened legs keep you down. You go, girl!

    • Hahaha! I will be foreshortening them again soon! I can’t wait to get out there. It is already 64 outside and it’s 10:30! That’s Colorado for you. Once the sun shines, it warms up!
      Thanks Peg!

  6. Oh, you had me at rhubarb pie, Susie!!!

  7. Brilliant! Let’s ski together next year.

  8. Great photos and the captions were so right on. I loved the way you presented this photo essay.

  9. Hilarious captions, Susie!
    I love that icy pond pic.

  10. Mother Nature is in need of some serious menopause treatment…perhaps a natural supplement to take the edge off would bring you some green. We’ve been on a weather roller coaster here as well … it’s getting old.

    • It is getting old!
      She needs a vitamin B and estrogen shot STAT!!!!
      Warm weather is on the way. I figure it has to come eventually since the sun is getting higher in the sky and we are a mile high after all!
      Thanks Lisa! Stay warm….

  11. I don’t want to alarm you Susie but since you sent the sunshine the weather has been lovely over here. Like you spring has sprung late this year – i think our weather patterns are changing – interesting that the state of the economy is such that the green agenda has slipped of the radar.

  12. Hilarious photo essay, Susie! Yes, I woke up this morning and thought: “WTF! another day I have to leave early to get there on time!” And everyone of my clients is being wonderfully positive and talking about how much we need the moisture. And I’m thinking: “When will I get to plant my peas?” It has certainly been an interesting “Spring” so far!

    • Thanks so much Cathy!
      I can’t believe it either.
      I haven’t even been inside a gardening center and last year I went out and bought all of my annuals early. Can you believe it was 87 degrees a year ago???
      The moisture is great. Maybe we won’t have the water restrictions they were predicting.

  13. Love those contrasting photos of your feet: Susie’s suntanned and pedicured toes, and then Susie’s snowboots! I have a friend who just returned from the Arctic where he has been conducting research for a number of years. He is very worried about how fast the ice is melting up there.

    • Thank you! I couldn’t have taken a photo of my bare feet yesterday. I am in dire need of another one of my semi-annual pedicures! :)
      The trickle down effect takes on new meaning when talking about global warming. That’s what I suspected. The jet stream is sweeping more southward and we have had Canada’s weather. So weird, but we are supposed to bounce up to the 70’s by Sunday!

  14. Tonight, we were watching the news, and I said: “Wow, my friend Susie is getting hammered.” Hubby said: “Your blogging friend?” I think he’s getting the hang of this thing. And speaking of hanging… Hang in there, Susie. Spring is coming. In the meantime, it’s a good thing you love to ski.

    • I read this while I was at the Nuggets basketball game and thought, “Wait. I am only drinking Sprite!”
      It is finally warming up with 70’s predicted through the weekend! Yeah!
      We needed every bit of the moisture…

  15. Great pictures! It’s awesome to look at the differences between different years. I really enjoyed this.

    • Oh thank you!
      I was shocked at the difference. I could have planted tomatoes in March last year! No lie. It was so hot by April and the complete opposite of this year. :)

  16. I love the nature around your home. Beautiful. How do you put the comments on your photo–I really like that.

  17. Nice post politely illustrating a very real problem, Susie. The snow season is over out here, but spring has not been around much. It was so chilly today the heat came up in my building. Weather has been so wacky. Climate change is as real as death taxes and middle age weight gain — but the last seems to elude you. I suppose skiing, hiking and playing tennis also help.

    • I never want to be too political, but I did see that article in our paper and it inspired looking up last year’s photo blog. Now they are predicting 70’s on Sunday! Just in time for an outdoor tennis match on
      Monday. I am crossing my fingers….
      I gained the classic freshman 15 and then 15 after college. I lost all of it with by biking to work and by working out at a fitness club back in the 80s. Now fear keeps me from putting it back on. If I could just figure out to use fear as a motivator to get all the honeydo list stuff done, I would be in reeeally great shape!!!!
      Thanks V!!!

  18. As long as the rhubarb pie turned out okay…no probs.

  19. You have nice feet. They looked good in the hot tub picture a while back, too.

    I’m not a weird foot person, I promise.

  20. Last year’s spring just spoiled us. Stay warm.

  21. Gardening for me will take place the end of May, beginning of June – cannot get too excited or you will be replanting. The spiders are coming in the house without knocking – thank goodness for glue traps. The birds are ga-ga in love and ready to nest and have a clutch of eggs. I just enjoy the nice sunny days for now and go with the flow when it comes to the rest of the weather changes around here! Have a Great Day:)

  22. I’m salivating like Pavlov’s dog after seeing that pie. We have 85 one day and a frost two nights later. The morel mushroom season has failed to materialize. I almost hate to wish for warm weather because it will probably go directly into hot/dry mode with temps over 100. Oh well, it gives me something to whine about.

    • Hey Russell!
      Where are you?
      The pie will have to wait since it is under a pile of snow!!!
      I too am afraid we’ll jump right into furnace heat. You never know and it gets more unpredictable every year!

  23. Oh I forgot about those damn moths. We get sooooo many. They drive me crazy!

    • I remember one crazy summer when we were inundated by them. Every time you opened a door a hundred would fly out like bats!!! The worst is they stain every surface….
      It’s too cold for them so far! :)

  24. Man ! Winter is still clobbering you guys. Yesterday and today it was finally warm enough here that I actually went outside without a winter coat. 65deg both days. It will get there, Susie…., maybe by June !!! What scares me is the possibility of a shorter summer than usual. That would be tragic !!!
    Stay warm…, drink lots of hot chocolate (or buttered rum…or both). Here’s a WARM hug for ya.

    • Ha! That is funny Paul. I just finished a mug of hot chocolate! :)
      This weather pattern has been very strange. With no leaves on the trees, it could be January!
      Enjoy your warm weather! I am sure we will warm up this weekend like always, but I hope it is not followed once again by a Monday storm!
      Thanks for the hug!!! :)

  25. I sympathize, Susie. No snow here, but it’s been an unusually cold spring so far. One thing’s for certain, though – your garden is gorgeous in bloom or covered in snow. You have quite a lovely sanctuary there! :-)

  26. I really hate to say this (OK actually I like to say it) but the cherry blossoms are almost in full bloom in the orchards near us. Cool but still spring has arrived. I loved the comparison shots of the flip flops and the winter boots.

  27. We’re having those same worries here in Minnesota. We also received another 6-7″ overnight. My daughter has seedlings she’s just aching to plant, but we have no idea when we’ll be able to do that. In the meantime, I have no functional use of my dining room table.

    It’s our payback for last spring. Last year for my daughter’s birthday party (mid-March) we had to turn on the AC because it was 80 degrees and with all of the girls running around it was hot. This year, it’s almost May and we still haven’t slept with the windows open. ARGH!

    • You are right! It is the same crazy opposite weather. It was hot last year too at this time. Who knows what our summer will be like!! :)
      Good luck regaining the use of your dining room table!! :)

  28. Whoa! Does it have anything to do with the fires last summer? Or maybe the heavens thought you needed white, not red for awhile. Lilacs are probably my favorite flower, up there with sunflowers and rhubarb!!! Well … My mom loves you for the rhubarb.
    I think you’ll have lots of fresh clear lakes n good fishing this summer.

    • We have dammed up rivers, but I hope you are right! Fishing sounds like fun!
      What I have learned through all of these weather posts is there is no predicting it! :)
      I couldn’t believe I had already made a pie last year and it was 87 degrees! It looks like January outside. but the sun is strong and it is melting. :) ….jonesing for rhubarb pie…

  29. It’s been bare arms if not bare legs weather here today – sending you some warm vibes!

  30. Sheila Luecht

    The weather patterns are changing. Amazing difference from last year. Thanks for all the updates and photos, hard to believe it is this way now.

    • Hi Sheila! Great to “see” you!
      It is weird and unpredictable. It makes me think that we will be in for some super storms this summer. Batten down the hatches!! Well, not quite yet… :)
      Thank you!

  31. filbio

    Here in NYC today it seems a Spring has been turned off. WTF???

    Those pics show such an opposite weather change from year to year. So sick of this. Just want some warm days. Where is the global warming anyway?

    • That article I mentioned at the end of the post talks about a shift in climate zones. The jet stream has gone crazy! We are probably getting Canada’s weather and they are getting the North Pole’s while it melts away in the sunshine!!!

  32. It is strange here in Indiana, but then, it is always strange when it comes to weather here. I am not complaining. It “appears” as if snow is done here. We might get some more cold weather, but I think the worst is over. *fingers crossed*
    PS – my tulips have been up for about a week now, though not fully opened yet.

    • I checked and only found one tulip with a bud. At least the rabbits haven’t gotten them!
      We can get snow here almost every month, but getting a snow cycle like this has been sooo very strange.
      I am crossing my fingers for you Scott!

  33. What an amazing difference. Your garden is beautiful. I keep hoping every time our snow melts there’s lovely things underneath lol.

    • Well I am thankful that the reservoirs are filling. At one point this winter they were talking extreme restrictions. I can almost see all the trees taking a nice long drink!!!
      Thanks so much Catherine!

  34. You poor thing … snow only 10 days ago. Great to see the comparison with last year. Love the shot with your feet on the garden chair in the snow.
    We have a very cold spring, last year everything was green now … this year it will take another 2 week at least. Poor nature, it doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. Last year the spring was early and very warm, hopefully our summer will be fantastic after this carry on with winter and spring.
    Thank you for an enjoyable post.

  35. it is still brutally cold in Canada when it should be 75. The difference in your yards/seasons just amazed me and rhubarb pie?? Is there anything you cannot do??:)

    • Thanks Linda!
      We have gotten a warm up before every one of these 7 storms. Last weekend, I walked through the garden and saw that the rhubarb had started coming in. It is under snow now!!!
      Canada too eh? I am not surprised. There has been a ton of rain in Wisconsin and last year they didn’t get a drop of rain!
      (((hugs back)))

  36. Hi Susie – I’m baffled by the weather also. Just when I think I might be able to do something of significance in the garden, old man winter wants to push me back into the house. Like you, our farmers are desperate for the moisuture and I won’t complain about the added moisutre but throw my hands up in joy with each drop that comes from the heavens above. This is a great post to bring awareness to the climiate changes that so many want to ignore.

    • I know! It is amazing how different our spring is this year. Usually we get late snowstorms, but not every week for SEVEN weeks!! :)
      The sun will get more direct and we’ll be outside pulling weeds wishing we were indoors writing! Hahaha!

  37. Enjoyed it! Was nice to see I am not the only one who climbs into a trash container to squash the stuff down. (or you are making rose thorn wine)

    • I have amazing gardening boots! Thanks John!
      I can’t wait to climb in this year. When I checked last weekend, most of my roses were in pretty good shape, even with all the yoyo temperatures!

  38. The weather is like that here in Kansas too! Just yesterday it was 60 degrees and today it’s barely 40 with cold icy winds… I wish Spring would make up her mind.

    • Spring seems to be a hormonal vixen!
      When I looked at that old post, I couldn’t believe it was 87 degrees last year! It is more like 27 now. This being Colorado, it will warm up. I am just hoping we don’t take another dive next Sunday! :)

  39. Beautiful photos, amazing contrasts!
    Thanks for sharing, Susie ;)

  40. You keep sneaking in pictures of your pretty feet.

  41. Terrific essay. I always mean to do before/after shots of different events, but fail miserably at it. Looks like spring might actually take hold, before summer :)

    • Thanks SF!
      I created that silly comic out of a photo this morning not intending to create a post! I was surprised to see the dates of the previous essays and had to compare them.

      With the almost 10 inches of snow on the ground, it looks like Christmas! Summer will probably arrive about the first week of July… :)

  42. Great juxtaposing! Sorry about the evil white stuff, although you and hubs like it of course. Nevada, here we come!

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